Glory Road

Volume II of The Army of the Potomac nThe critical months between the autumn of 1862 and midsummer 1863 is the focus of Glory Road During this time the outcome of the Civil War is determined, as the battles at Fredericksburg, Rappahannock and Chancellorsville set the state for Union victory as Getty

The Twentieth Maine

The fascinating story of Joshua Chamberlain and his volunteer regiment, the Twentieth Maine, is reprinted with a new foreword by Civil War historian and UCLA professor Joan Waugh Pullen_s classic and highly acclaimed book tells how Chamberlain and his men fought at Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Cha


A masterful, single volume history of the Civil War s greatest campaign n nDrawing on original source material, from soldiers letters to official military records of the war, Stephen W Sears s Gettysburg is a remarkable and dramatic account of the legendary campaign He takes particular care in hi

Army of the Potomac

For General George B McClellan, the dejected Union troops who poured into Washington fresh from defeat at Bull Run on Monday, July 22, 1861, were to provide the raw material which he would train, equip, organize and ultimately transform from a mere mob into an effective fighting force In October 1