The Only Story

Would you rather love the , and suffer the or love the less, and suffer the less That is, I think, finally, the only real question First love has lifelong consequences, but Paul doesn t know anything about that at nineteen At nineteen, he s proud of the fact his relationship flies in

The Porpoise

I really am so very, very sorry about this, he says, in an oddly formal voice They strike the side of a grain silo They are travelling at seventy miles per hour A newborn baby is the sole survivor of a terrifying plane crash She is raised in wealthy isolation by an overprotective father She

The Noise of Time

A compact masterpiece dedicated to the Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich Julian Barnes s first novel since his best selling, Man Booker Prize winning The Sense of an Ending In 1936, Shostakovitch, just thirty, fears for his livelihood and his life Stalin, hitherto a distant figure, has taken a

Mothering Sunday

A luminous, intensely moving tale that begins with a secret lovers assignation in the spring of 1924, then unfolds to reveal the whole of a remarkable life Twenty two year old Jane Fairchild has worked as a maid at an English country house since she was sixteen For almost all of those years she

Ordinary People

You can take a leap, do something off the wall, something reckless It s your last chance, and most people miss it South London, 2008 Two couples find themselves at a moment of reckoning, on the brink of acceptance or revolution Melissa has a new baby and doesn t want to let it change her but,

Classic Love Poems

For anyone who s in love or hopes to be what greater celebration could there be than to hear the world s greatest love poetry read lovingly by Richard Armitage With 15 poems by William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and , Classic Love Poems is a listening treat