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Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury pdf Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury, ebook Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury, epub Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury, doc Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury, e-pub Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury, Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury b22484f513b From Wikipedia Lucky Starr And The Big Sun Of Mercury Is The Fourth Novel In The Lucky Starr Series, Six Juvenile Science Fiction Novels By Isaac Asimov That Originally Appeared Under The Pseudonym Paul French The Novel Was First Published By Doubleday Company In March Since , Reprints Have Included A Foreword By Asimov Explaining That Advancing Knowledge Of Conditions On Mercury Have Rendered Some Of The Novel S Descriptions Of That World InaccurateCover Artist Darrell K Sweet

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    Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury Lucky Starr 4 , Isaac Asimov 1997 1362 192 1368 192 1375 20 1380 188 9646654002 1956 1956 88 59

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    A lot of reviews for these Lucky Starr books are not favorable I presume these are from hard core Sci Fi fans who only like the heavy science science fiction which has a tendency to bore me to death Maybe that is why I like the Lucky Starr books They are fun Plus, we get to travel to different planets in or solar system Sure, some of the facts about the planet Isaac Asimov uses have been proven not to be true, but the book was originally written in 1956 That is a long time ago and we know a lot about the planet sin our solar system now Still, I enjoy these mystery science fiction books because there is plenty of action and they are an easy read If your child is looking to get into science fiction, this is the series for them You do not have to have read the other three books in this series to understand this one, but it does help Overall, I really enjoyed Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury and look forward to seeing what happens next in Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter.I rated this book an 8 out of 10.

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    3 stelle e mezza per la quarta avventura di Lucky Starr.Il quarto mistero affrontato dalla coppia Starr e Bigman si svolge sul pianeta Mercurio, dove i due sono chiamati per investigare su una serie di guasti relativi ad un nuovo progetto che potrebbe rivelarsi rivoluzionario per i Terrestri Come per i capitoli precedenti, la trama piuttosto semplice e il mistero si risolve abbastanza velocemente, per questo mi sento di consigliare la lettura ai pi giovani o a chi ha gi letto le opere maggiori, e migliori, di Asimov Incollo qui di seguito la raccomandazione che riporto dopo ogni recensione di questo ciclo.Raccomandazione se siete un lettore adulto e vi accostate per la prima volta ad Asimov, non iniziate da questo ciclo, incominciate dal Ciclo delle Fondazioni Prima Fondazione Fondazione e Impero Seconda Fondazione, l opera migliore a parer mio da lui scritta Quest opera la consiglio ad un appassionato che come me vuole leggere tutti i 4 cicli principali Fondazioni, Spaziali, Robot, Lucky Starr di Asimov riguardanti lo Spazio oppure ad un lettore giovane che si avvicina alla Fantascienza con la F maiuscola e cerca una lettura avvincente e non troppo impegnativa.

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    Novelas juveniles del Gran Maestro que suelen ser flojitas..pero que en este caso me gust bastante Y aqu tenemos una vez m s la Ranger del Espacio resolviendo problemas por la galaxia.

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    There s no time to waste as young Council of Science member and troubleshooter David Lucky Starr arrives on Mercury with his tiny but mighty companion John Bigman Jones No sooner do they land their ship inside the Dome city than lead engineer Scott Mindes escorts them outside onto the surface of the planet where he speaks of giant men in metal suits who can remain on the surface for hours despite the intense heat and deadly radiation from the sun Yet each time Mindes attempts to approach them, the apparitions vanish into the shadows.The engineer seems to be growing increasingly irritable during their discussion, until he finally pulls a blaster from his holster and fires at Lucky Fast reflexes and low gravity save Starr s life as Bigman tackles Mindes to the ground.Later, Starr and Bigman are informed by Chief Medical Officer Doctor Gardoma that Mindes, a genuinely cordial young man, has been under enormous strain due to repeated acts of sabotage against Project Light, an experiment intended to produce planet wide cooling and even disbursement of heat via orbiting space stations Worse, Earth politician Senator Swenson has accused the Council of Science of extravagantly wasting taxpayers money by supporting Project Light To that end, Swenson sent a ham fisted investigator of his own named Urteil, who has managed to bully and intimidate almost everyone working on the project, especially Mindes.Even the elderly Lance Peverale, senior astronomer of the observatory, distrusts Urteil so much that he refuses to speak of him when Starr broaches the topic.At a banquet the following evening, tensions rise as Urteil harasses Starr and maligns the Council of Science While Starr takes the comments in stride, the short fused Bigman characteristically lashes out at Urteil in a violent rebuttal that begins a savage feud between them.By way of distraction, Peverale launches into a polemic against the people of the planet Sirius, accusing them of sending saboteurs to Mercury in an attempt to thwart Project Light Although Peverale has no tangible evidence to support his claim, the Sirians have a well earned reputation as pirates and terrorists.If not the Sirians, then perhaps the perpetrator is Swenson s lackey Urteil, or someone else inside the Dome, or even the strange men in metal suits witnessed by Mindes With as many theories as there are suspects, Starr and Bigman take to the gelid underground mines and the scorching surface of Mercury to unlock the mystery.This is the fourth book in the Lucky Starr series and just as enjoyable as the previous three as long as you take them for what they are fantastic, light hearted adventures of space opera, cleverly written, but with occasional phrasing that would be considered dated and clumsy in the eyes of today s readers These stories are a departure from Asimov s usual hard SF novels and sagas such as I, Robot, The Gods Themselves, and The Foundation Series, to name but a few.Much like the previous volumes, the 1972 Signet edition of Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury includes a disclaimer by Asimov regarding his inaccurate description of the story s main planet, which was based on the best astronomical data available in 1956 when the series was first published.

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    Recently I felt like reading something quick and light hearted again, so I instantly went to my Lucky Starr collection and tugged out Big Sun of Mercury I cannot state enough how much joy I get out of reading these adorable novels They are punctual, easy to digest, and make me smile and oh, do I laugh so much at Bigman, he is just perfection Sure, to much of Lucky Starr would get boring I can understand that people would have a gripe with the character trope that he is, but in the bite size little pocketbooks I have, they re perfect to just enjoy an afternoon in another future someplace where men zoom around the solar system solving crimes The Big Sun of Mercury is really interesting to me, because it just starts to hint at what would eventually become the Robot and Empire Series by FAR one of the biggest influences on me as a writer So I don t know, perhaps I am bias due to being a writer myself and enjoying seeing how Asimov s writing and ideas progressed, but I find it all really interesting It as also in this re read that I was struck with a hilarious thought The relationship between Lucky Starr and Bigman felt so familiar upon this re read, their barter, their friendship, the protectiveness they shared and then it just suddenly hit me out of the blue.They where Space Sherlock and Watson I couldn t stop laughing The moment I made the connection I suddenly saw the series in a whole different light.

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    The world of Isaac Asimov s Lucky Starr is a young science geek s wildest dream come true Imagine a thousand years from now, the solar system s secret agents and protectors of the weak arescientists Who don t mind showing off what they know An unknown agent is sabotaging an important, secret research project to harness the Sun s energy in a way that would sustain humankind s energy needs, with enough left over to turn the Earth into an air conditioned paradise David Lucky Starr and his sidekick, John Bigman Jones, are dispatched to Mercury to find the saboteur and restore morale among the scientists However, they soon find they have a new, politically powerful enemy who wants them off the case and a murderer in their midst The fourth novel in the Lucky Starr series, set on the innermost planet of the Solar System, is not my favorite, but is nonetheless compelling Central to the plot is Mercury s terminator the zone of eternal dawn which at the time of writing was thought to be stationary, since Mercury was believed to show one face eternally toward the Sun However, as Dr Asimov admits with some regret, Mercury is now known to turn on its axis once every two thirds of its year This scientific inaccuracy, however, does not detract from the story as Dr Asimov also points out.

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    Sirians and RobotsDavid Starr, half a secret agent and half the futuristic translation of an Old West Marshall, is the swashbuckling hero watching over our Solar System peace Stretching a bit but not too much to break it the Science to fit the Fiction of a solar system peopled by human colons and extraterrestrial intelligent life forms, Asimov cooks up a fun, fresh and adventurous space opera saga, peppering it with quite a few Western genre tropes and leaving the tone evolve to a Cold War investigations series moving with the author s times, so to say On a separate note, the saga bears the seeds of the universe explored in the Robots and Foundation series an added value for any Asimov enthusiast This adventure sees the protagonist counter Sirians plans in scientific espionage and introduces also in the Lucky Starr series the famous Three Laws of Robotics It follows Oceans of Venus and takes place before Moons of Jupiter.

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    And so I pass from forensic biographies to Asimov s science fiction This is really a continuation of the adventures of Lucky Starr and his faithful side kick this time sorting out the reason why seeming idealistic project to provide clean free energy is being sabotaged.The book like the rest of the series is aimed at the younger reader although Asimov must have felt that the reader deserved the truth in so much at the time of the writing it was assumed that Mercury didnt rotate and only one face was presented to the sun However now it is known ok it was known in the life time of Isaac Asimov hence why he felt he had to add his comments that Mercury does rotate even if incredibly slowly so Asimov being the honest writer he was apologised to the read Now I wonder how many other writers would go back and revise a book once an assumption has been proven to be false.

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