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Собачье сердце summary Собачье сердце, series Собачье сердце, book Собачье сердце, pdf Собачье сердце, Собачье сердце 6fd9368953 Mikhail Bulgakov S Absurdist Parable Of The Russian RevolutionA World Famous Moscow Professor Rich, Successful, And Violently Envied By His Neighbors Befriends A Stray Dog And Resolves To Achieve A Daring Scientific First By Transplanting Into It The Testicles And Pituitary Gland Of A Dead Man But The Results Are Wholly Unexpected A Distinctly And Worryingly Human Animal Is On The Loose, And The Professor S Hitherto Respectable Life Becomes A Nightmare Beyond EnduranceAs In The Master And Margarita, The Masterpiece He Completed Shortly Before His Death, Mikhail Bulgakov S Early Novel, Written In , Combines Outrageously Grotesque Ideas With A Narrative Of Deadpan Naturalism The Heart Of A Dog Can Be Read As An Absurd And Wonderfully Comic Story It Can Also Be Seen As A Fierce Parable Of The Russian Revolution

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    The whole horror of the situation is that he now has a human heart, not a dog s heart And about the rottenest heart in all creation The recipe for success a la Bulgakov Take a street dog, hungry and flea ridden and wickedly smart yes, he can even read you gotta do that to survive on the cruel winter Moscow streets Take a brilliant and renown professor with a knack for brain surgery transplants and desire to advance science Add to the mix a dead good for nothing delinquent alcoholic s brain Add the flavor of the Soviet mid 1920s, after the Socialist Revolution but still before the iron fist rule of Stalin s terror policy Let Bulgakov s genius mix all of these ingredients together and you will end up with a brilliantly written satirical fantastical commentary on contemporary society laughter through tears piece of literary art that is Heart of the Dog.Despite its short size, this book has endless layers On the surface, it is a hilariously sad story about a science experiment gone very wrong in the direction that its creator did not quite anticipate, and all the funny antics of the newly created sorta human Sharikov Yes, that includes obsessive and funny cat chasing even when the dog becomes human. On the other level, it is a cautionary warning about what happens when power falls in the hands of those who should not be allowed to yield it, and the dangers and pitfalls of the system that allows that to happen Yes, that includes an easy step from killing cats to pointing guns at real people, and demanding sex in exchange for keeping a job, and of course the ultimate evil that was to penetrate the fabric of the years to come writing denunciations for little else than petty personal gains But just think, Philipp Philippovich, what he may turn into if that character Shvonder keeps on at him I m only just beginning to realize what Sharikov may become, by God Aha, so you realize now, do you Well I realized it ten days after the operation My only comfort is that Shvonder is the biggest fool of all He doesn t realize that Sharikov is much of a threat to him than he is to me At the moment he s doing all he can to turn Sharikov against me, not realizing that if someone in their turn sets Sharikov against Shvonder himself, there ll soon be nothing left of Shvonder but the bones and the beak. I do believe that this book should be used as an illustration of the whole laughing through tears concept It s the epitome of that concept At times sidesplittingly funny with some sad overtones, it quickly crosses the territory into the mostly sad and even scary, especially given the context of the events still to come to this world of Soviet Union in the mid 1920s Yes, it s the Stalin era and the Purges and the labor camps and denunciations and mass trials of the enemies of the people that I m talking about For the characters of this book, these events are just a few years away.Keeping this in mind, you quickly realize that Bulgakov s short novel has undoubtedly way impact on its reader now than it did back in the mid twenties when it was written Back then it was sad and funny, and held a note of warning, and shed the uncomfortable light on the parts of the pre Stalinist pre Purges society that were already beginning to feel uncomfortable However, it ended on a quasi happy note, the futility of which had only become fully visible years later And now, for the readers that have the benefit of knowing what history had in store just a few short years later for the likes of those undesirable elements described in this book, the impossibility of anything remotely good coming out of the whole situation and of the entire future for Bulgakov s characters becomes painfully clear But Philipp Philippovich, you re a celebrity, a figure of world wide importance, and just because of some, forgive the expression, son of a bitch Surely they can t touch you All the same, I refuse to do it, said Philipp Philippovich thoughtfully He stopped and stared at the glass fronted cabinet But why Because you are not a figure of world importance But what Come now, you don t think I could let you take the rap while I shelter behind my world wide reputation, do you Really I m a Moscow University graduate, not a Sharikov. C mon, we all know that even world class fame will never save Professor Preobrazhensky from Stalin s labor camps as eventually his higher up protectors will themselves become victims of the new regime, and likely from a gunshot to the head in the middle of the night And Bormental s fate will undoubtedly be very similar to that just as Professor kinda sorta anticipated already After all, neither of them has made their unpopular views very secret Yes, I don t like proletariat, sadly agreed Philipp Philippovich. Professor Preobrazhensky s clearly anti socialist views definitely would not make his ultimate fate anticipated by the reader after the events of this story any easier His grumpy views of a cultured and educated person who is baffled and annoyed with the new society of coarseness and rudeness and inefficiency and class struggle and the undeserved in his opinion entitleness of those who perceive themselves as the oppressed working class and whom Professor in turn perceives as lazy and irresponsible people And among the rambles of the old and annoyed man there may or may not be a grain of truth Judge for yourself What do you mean by ruin Is it an old woman with a stick A witch who smashed all the windows and put out all the lights There s no such thing What do you mean by that word Philipp Philippovich angrily inquired of an unfortunate cardboard duck hanging upside down by the sideboard, then answered the question himself I ll tell you what it is If instead of operating every evening I were to start a glee club in my apartment, that would mean that I was on the road to ruin If when I go to the lavatory I don t piss, if you ll excuse the expression, into the bowl but on to the floor instead and if Zina and Darya Petrovna were to do the same thing, the lavatory would be ruined Ruin, therefore, is not caused by lavatories but it s something that starts in people s heads So when these clowns start shouting Stop the ruin I laugh .But there is much to this book than just the condemnation of the system Had it been only that, it would have become quite dated quite soon No, just like in Bulgakov s other works, it has a commentary on the state of humanity as a whole, on what makes us truly human versus merely humanoid It is about the importance of morals and values, the etiquette and politeness and respect that make us really human, and so, civilized humans I m sorry, professor, not a dog This happened when he was a man That s the trouble Because he talked asked Philipp Philippovich That doesn t mean he was a man. And this respect for culture and etiquette and civility is what permeates the message of this book This respect for what Bulgakov sees as the essentials of being human are precisely what puts him in the conflict with his contemporary Soviet state that believed in intimidation and terror as the viable way of governing and existing the principles that newly formed humanoid Sharikov is very eager to learn and internalize And neither Bulgakov nor Professor Preobrazhensky or Bormental are having that Kindness The only possible method when dealing with a living creature You ll get nowhere with an animal if you use terror, no matter what its level of development may be That I have maintained, do maintain and always will maintain People who think you can use terror are quite wrong No, no, terror is useless, whatever its colour white, red or even brown Terror completely paralyses the nervous system Nobody should be whipped Remember that, once and for all Neither man nor animal can be influenced by anything but suggestion. Well, my review is getting long and I have nothing but the praise for this book So I will wrap up with the highest possible recommendation for any fans of Bulgakov or, really, any fans of well written literature 5 stars.

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    Sobach e serdtse The Heart of a Dog, Mikhail Afanasevich Bulgakov Heart of a Dog is a novel by Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov Moscow, 1924 While foraging for trash one winter day, a stray dog is found by a cook and scalded with boiling water Lying forlorn in a doorway, the dog awaits his end awash in self pity To his surprise, a successful surgeon, Filipp Filippovich Preobrazhensky, arrives and offers the dog a piece of sausage Overjoyed, the dog follows Filip back to his flat, where he s given the name of Sharik 1990 1368 203 1925 1987 .

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    Bulgakov bu eserinde bilim kurgu ile hiciv i harmanlayarak ilgin bir sistem ele tirisi yans tm K sa bir Frankenstein yk s okumak isteyenlere tavsiye edilir fakat israr edilmez

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    Rating 4 of fiveThe Publisher Says A new edition of Bulgakov s fantastical precursor to The Master and Margarita, part of Melville House s reissue of the Bulgakov backlist in Michael Glenny s celebrated translations.A key work of early modernism, this is the superbly comic story of a Soviet scientist and a scroungy Moscow mongrel named Sharik Attempting a medical first, the scientist transplants the glands of a petty criminal into the dog and, with that, turns a distinctly worryingly human animal loose on the city The new, lecherous, vulgar, Engels spouting Sharik soon finds his niche in governmental bureaucracy as the official in charge of purging the city of cats A Frankenstein fable that s as funny as it is terrifying, The Heart of a Dog has also been read as a fierce parable of the Russian Revolution It was rejected for publication by the censors in 1925, and circulated in samizdat for years until Michael Glenny translated it into English in 1968 long before it was allowed to be officially published in the Soviet Union That happened only in 1987, although till this day the book remains one of Mikhail Bulgakov s most controversial novels in his native country My Review Anyone who s ever read The Master and Margarita already knows that Bulgakov is a rebel, an anarchist, and damn good and funny with it His thoughts were, based on the novels I ve read, contrarian in the extreme as well as profoundly sensitive to practical concerns The rule apparently is once a social revolution takes place there s no need to stoke the boiler But I ask you why, when this whole business started, should everybody suddenly start clumping up and down the marble staircase in dirty galoshes and felt boots Why must we now keep our galoshes under lock and key And put a soldier on guard over them to prevent them from being stolen Why has the carpet been removed from the front staircase Did Marx forbid people to keep their staircases carpeted Did Karl Marx say anywhere that the front door of No 2 Kalabukhov House in Prechistenka Street must be boarded up so that people have to go round and come in by the back door What good does it do anybody Why can t the proletarians leave their galoshes downstairs instead of dirtying the staircase But the proletarians don t have any galoshes, Philip Philipovich, stammered the doctor And the simple truth about revolution that probably contributed heavily to the book s suppression in the Soviet era People who think you can use terror are quite wrong No, no, terror is useless, whatever its colour white, red or even brown Terror completely paralyses the nervous system He saw the terror around him, saw the results, and distilled a response into a short phrase That s writing that s a joy to read.But we can t leave revolutionary era Moscow without hearing from the eponymous heart haver Early in the book, we re told the sad tale of an unwanted dog whose people savvy beats that of most of the humans I ve ever met Eyes mean a lot Like a barometer They tell you everything they tell you who has a heart of stone, who would poke the toe of his boot in your ribs as soon as look at you and who s afraid of you The cowards they re the ones whose ankles I like to snap at If they re scared, I go for them Serve them right..grrr..bow wow All hail Michael Glenny, of blessed memory since dying in 1990 Without him, Bulgakov s banned and suppressed works might remain out of the English speaker s reach.

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    My favourite kind of satire is not laugh out loud funny it s unsettling, and disturbing, and beautifully weird Bulgakov brings it, with this short and vicious fable about a dog who is implanted with the genitals and pituitary gland of a deceased convict, transforming him into a bestial hybrid It s like reading an early Soviet Chris Morris script in fact, what this book made me think of than anything was this creepy sketch from Blue Jam Bulgakov seems to offer a similarly discomfiting blend of verbal dexterity, incisiveness, shock value, and utter disregard for the negative repercussions of his work, which in Bulgakov s case could have been of the most severe kind.I wonder if I would have got as much out of this if I hadn t read it soon after finishing a big history of the Russian Revolution, whose hypocrisies are so unerringly skewered here The extravagantly detailed and gory scene in which the dog is operated on brings home the nature of the Soviet experiment which its leaders really did see in explicitly scientific terms in a visceral new way And the characters are no simple allegories the doctor, Preobrazhensky perhaps partly modelled on Pavlov , may in some way symbolise the Bolshevik leaders in that scene, but at other times he is a sympathetic model of liberal Tsarist Russia Writing after waves of Red Terror and White Terror had bled the countryside, Bulgakov gives his learned protagonist a pointed speech on the subject of kindness to animals , which is, he says, The only possible way to deal with a living creature Terror s useless for dealing with an animal, whatever level of development it might be at I ve always said that, I still say it and I always will They re wrong to think that terror will do them any good No sir, no sir, it won t, no matter what colour it is white, red or even brown The man hound himself, Sharikov, with his barking voice and rough hair, is an unforgettable creation the joke being that his appalling manners and rock bottom intelligence win him an enthusiastic welcome in the Party He ends up as head of a sub department and possible member of the Cheka secret police His name, Sharikov, comes from the stereotypical Russian dog s name Sharik it thus means something like Roverson or McFido Ultimately, the gruesome experiment does not work, and Preobrazhensky s reflection on it all again takes on the most direct political connotations Science does not yet know any way of turning animals into human beings This was my attempt, but an unsuccessful one, as you can see He spoke for a while and then began to revert to his original primitive condition As a comment on the uprising of a people He spoke for a while and then began to revert to his original primitive condition I found this breathtaking in its curt derision The target, of course, is not the people themselves, but their mendacious leaders No wonder the Soviets banned the book on sight in 1925, and it wasn t actually published, anywhere, until 1987 just ten years before that Blue Jam sketch was broadcast.There are several translations of this available, and not being a Russian reader, I compared a few of them before I ordered my copy Unfortunately, I got confused by all the different Look Inside tabs I had open at the same time, and ordered the wrong one I ended up with Andrew Bromfield s version published by Penguin, which, OK, is perfectly serviceable Here s an example of it, from the first few pages, moving from the dog s internal monologue to a description of a nearby typist Wasn t getting in his way, was I Not going to eat the entire National Economic Council into ruin if I have a rummage in the rubbish tip, am I Rotten stingy swine Just take a look at that fat ugly mug of his some time wider across than it is long A real brazen faced thief The dry blizzard witch rattled the gates and swiped her broomstick across the young woman s ear Tossed her skirt up to her knees, exposing the cream stockings and a narrow strip of badly laundered underwear, choked off her words and smothered the dog in snow.The only part of this that doesn t work is the dry blizzard witch , clearly a little personification in the original Russian which just seems confusing in this translation Otherwise it reads OK, and as it was done in 2007 it should at least benefit from recent scholarship than the other two I looked at Vintage publish the Michael Glenny version from 1968, which I prefer in many ways this is actually the one I meant to buy What harm was I doing him, anyway I m not robbing the National Economic Council s food supply if I go foraging in their dustbins, am I Greedy pig Just take a look at his ugly mug it s almost fatter than he is Hard faced crook The terrible snowstorm howled around the doorway, buffeting the girl s ears It blew her skirt up to her knees, showing her fawn stockings and a little strip of badly washed lace underwear, drowned her words and covered the dog in snow Fatter than he is seems wrong, based on the other two, but dropping the witch business and just talking about a terrible snowstorm makes for a much natural sounding English style Meanwhile in the US, the most common translation seems to be the Mirra Ginsburg one published by Grove Press, which in my opinion is rather poor What harm did I do him Would the People s Economic Soviet get any poorer if I rooted in the garbage heap The greedy brute Take a look at that mug of his sometimes it s wider than it s long A crook with a brass jowl. The wind, that raging witch, rattled the gate and boxed the young lady on the ear with its broom It blew up her skirt above her knees, baring the cream colored stockings and a narrow strip of the poorly laundered lace panties It drowned out her words and swept across the dog The wind, that raging witch is a decent solution to the personification problem But to my ear, this has several other problems Sometimes should surely read sometime up should be placed after her skirt , not before and a crook with a brass jowl is just dreadful.Anyway, your mileage may vary But whichever translation you pick, find a way to get your canines into this, pronto.

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    C mo me gusta leer a Mija l Bulg kov Me divierte, me atrae, me entretiene y acrecienta la admiraci n que siento por l Es el tercer libro que leo de este gran autor ruso, luego de El Maestro y Margarita que sigue siendo el mejor libro que le en lo que va del a o y de Los Huevos Fatales , que se asemeja en ciertas caracter sticas a la historia narrada en ste libro.Nuevamente es un experimento cient fico, un descubrimiento de la ciencia, el que Bulg kov utiliza para disfrazar su aversi n al incipiente comunismo que comenzaba a regir con mano dura la Uni n Sovi tica Coraz n de Perro fue escrito entre enero y marzo de 1925, el autor, luego de que Los Huevos Fatales , tambi n de fuerte cr tica a los soviets no fuera censurado por descuido, s sufre la censura de ste, el cual ser a publicado reci n en su pa s en 1987 Bulg kov falleci en 1940.El experimento en cuesti n trata acerca de un perro de la calle al que le implantan los test culos y la hip fisis de un hombre ste sufrir una transfiguraci n y no una transformaci n, puesto que el experimento y la evoluci n de la operaci n transcurre entre el 23 de diciembre y el 7 de enero, lo cual incluye alusiones a la Navidad cat lica y la ortodoxa De hecho el cient fico que es uno de los personajes principales del libro se apellida Transf guriev.Junto con su ayudante, el doctor Bormental, lograr n que un castigado perro llamado Sh rik, se transfigure en un hombre apellidado Sh rikov.El libro comienza con los pensamientos que tiene el perro ante el entorno que lo rodea, su encuentros con Transf guriev hasta enlazar con la narraci n ya en tercera persona de los sucesos fant sticos que vivir n los personajes Bulg kov juega con los apellidos de los personajes Por ejemplo, el apellido del cad ver del cual toma la hip fisis y test culos para implantarle a Sh rik es Chugunkin, que significa hierro fundido , mientras que el apodo Stalin , del gran dictador proviene de stal , que significa acero Nota bene estos datos est n tomados del traductor del libro, el argentino Alejandro Ariel Gonz lez.En resumidas cuentas, el nuevo ser humano , para darle una descripci n es un hombre sin ninguna moral, ordinario y de malos h bitos Un hombre nuevo , como el que intentaba propugnar la revoluci n comunista y a partir de all es que el autor toma estas caracter sticas para atacarlas y criticarlas sin piedad Como es de esperar, aparecer n personajes pertenecientes al Estado, gente inescrupulosa que intentar n sacar tajadas del nuevo descubrimiento y se enredar n en situaciones confusas y desgraciadas.El tono par dico que utiliza Bulg kov para re rse de la flamante Uni n Sovi tica post revolucionaria es evidente y para ello se sirve de un experimento cient fico a lo Frankenstein, con resultados diferentes Tambi n creo que Bulg kov se inspir en parte en el libro La Isla del Dr Moreau , de H.G Wells.Prontamente este hombre con coraz n de perro se transformar en un ser aborrecible y el final nos mostrar el fracaso de un intento de Filipp Filipp vich Transf guriev por encontrar un mejor ser humano.Tambi n nos dice que ciertos experimentos como fue el comunismo sovi tico fue algo que tarde o temprano tendr a un mal final Parece que la humanidad est un poco harta de ser un animal de laboratorio.

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    Can you say Booby Brash Bolsheviks three times fast, comrades If not, you can surely howl with laughter Ooow ow ooow owow Operating on animals to effect a transform in a humanly direction has been around for some time In novels, that is There s H.G Wells The Island of Doctor Moreau published in 1896 and Kristen Bakis less well known 1997 Lives of the Monster Dogs, a bizarre, creepy story of humanoid German shepherds strolling Manhattan as rich aristocrats.Another such novel on the list, The Heart of a Dog, is Mikhail Bulgakov s stinging satire written in 1925 but not published in the Russian author s home country until 1987 oh, those damn censors Having been censored, of course it follows that much of the heart of The Heart targets the Soviet Union s brand of communism practiced in those tumultuous years Additionally, the novel can be interpreted as a parable of the Russian Revolution And there s a healthy bit of word play lost in translation This to say, as a 21st century American, I feel confident writing a book review but I do not have the background in either Russian history or the Russian language to begin to address a number of important dimensions on display in this modern classic But still, even in English I d recommend the Michael Glenny translation , Mikhail Bulgakov s short novel makes for a rewarding read I hesitate to say enjoyable read since one is best reading the book on an empty stomach and when in the mood for page after page of unnerving, off the wall humor of the blackest variety Since so much of the bite no pun intended of this novel about an Ivan Pavlov watanabe experimenting on a mangy, stray dog by surgically implanting a dead convict s pituitary gland and testicles is in its colorful detail, I ll couple my comments with a batch of direct doggie novel quotes Some bastard in a dirty white cap the cook in the office canteen at the National Economic Council spilled some boiling water and scalded my left side Filthy swine and a proletarian, too This from the opening chapter where Sharik the dog makes pithy observations on the pathetic, viscous humans he must put up with as he makes his way through Moscow The short novel s delightful shifts back and forth between first person the dog and third person provide the narrative technique enabling Mikhail Bulgakov to hurl his caustic barbs from multiple angles, well crafted darts at a dart board filled with stupidity and arrogance of both individuals and society as a whole By kindness The only possible method when dealing with a living creature You ll get nowhere with an animal if you use terror, no matter what its level of development may be That I have maintained, do maintain and always will maintain People who think you can use terror are quite wrong No, terror s useless, whatever its colour white, red or even brown Terror completely paralyses the nervous system Our good professor s observation on how to treat dogs like Sharik Irony of ironies since humans do not possess the dignity of animals, state sponsored red terror is perfectly acceptable And effective Especially if you want to strong arm an entire population into lockstep conformity And hypocritical Professor Philip Philipovich eventually resorts to his own brand of terrorizing to achieve his selfish ends This place is indecent, thought the dog, but I like it What the hell can he want me for, though Is he just going to let me live here Maybe he s eccentric After all, he could get a pedigree dog as easy as winking Ha All those decent, starving Russians were likewise gullible in their support of Uncle Joe If they only knew what evil their new leader was capable of perpetrating, all in the name of improving human nature and society Excuse me, Shvonder interrupted him, but it was just because of your dining room and your consulting room that we came to see you The general meeting requests you, as a matter of labor discipline, to give up your dining room voluntarily No one in Moscow has a dining room Four members from the apartment committee barge into the professor s living quarters and attempt to lay down the law on how the new society will be structured Each time committee members make their appearance throughout the novel is an opportunity for the author to poke a long satiric needle into the side of the Soviets Ouch Yes, a policeman Nothing else will do Doesn t matter whether he wears a number or a red cap A policeman should be posted alongside every person in the country with the job of moderating the vocal outbursts of our honest citizenry Professor Philip Philipovich s wry comment Mikhail Bulgakov anticipates the omnipresent eye of the totalitarian state sending men and women off to forced labor camps for the slightest vocal outburst Dripping with exertion and excitement Bormenthal leapt to a glass jar and removed from it two wet, dangling testicles, their short, moist, stringy vesicles dangling like elastic in the hands of the professor and his assistant The professor replaced the membranes over the brain, restored the sawn off lid to its exact place, pushed the scalp back into position and roared Suture As a trained physician himself, Mikhail Bulgakov had the background in medicine to provide oodles of lurid details in his scene devoted to operating on the dog, Again, a novel requiring a strong stomach not for the squeamish Take that trash off your neck Sha if you saw yourself in a mirror you d realise what a fright it makes you look You look like a clown For the hundredth time don t throw cigarette ends on to the floor And I don t want to hear any swearing in this flat And don t spit everywhere The unexpected consequence of the operation the dog is now a completely formed little man capable of speaking and reading And spluttering and acting like a low grade slob Not exactly the type of person our good professor wants in his apartment But, as it turns out, he has no choice in a planned society, rules are rules.These are but seven delectable morsels Each and every page of The Heart of a Dog is filled with such supercharged passages I urge you to take the plunge into the author s short masterpiece.Here s looking at you Mikhail Bulgakov, 1891 1940

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    A Dog s Heart or, The Heart of a Dog still bites strongly with sharp teeth after so much time, and, unlike a lot of other Russian golden oldies that feel old, this could have been written yesterday Bulgakov s satire of life in the early years of the Soviet Union cost himself dear, and it has not lost any of its provocative power I even preferred this to his ever so popular Master and Margarita.Giving a reading of A Dog s Heart in his Moscow apartment March 1925, he introduced to a group of people, Sharik, the humanoid dog, and the arrogant surgeon who created him But there just so happened to be an informer in the small crowd, who took it as a threatening mockery as to his views on Soviet society Bulgakov s residence was searched and the manuscript seized Though it was returned to him, but not for another four years Sharik makes his first appearance as a mangy mongrel cringing in a blizzard after being douched with boiling water by a cook, and out of a shop pops a man with the smell of hospitals and cigars, Philip Philipovich With sausage he has just bought, he lures Sharik back to his apartment, a seven room suite in a building that has been requisitioned by a committee of zealous young revolutionaries Even early on, Bulgakov conveys so much about Soviet life in the way he perceived it After his latest experiment which is described in gruesome medical detail he witnesses what happens when the dog is implanted with the testicles and pituitary glands of a human.The creature emerges from the operating table, and soon walks, talks, drinks, smokes, and is a seasoned veteran when it comes to Russian swearwords After receiving identity papers he is placed in charge of the Moscow Cleansing Department responsible for eliminating vagrant quadrupeds, cats, etcbut not before he has turned to crime, stealing from gentlemen and comrades alike, and attempting to have his wicked way with women whilst they sleep Bulgakov, the political commentator sending up Soviet theories, was also, as a former physician, poking fun at western Europeans who flocked to a Paris based quack in the belief that he could restore virility with an injection of monkey glands of all things In his own formulation, this novella is both a scathing satire with an inflammatory gesture and a riotous science fiction dark comedy It s runs through with an energy, that, after nearly 100 years in passing, still seems freshly defiant Gets my bark of approval.

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