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    I read the book Cracked wheat for Christmas In this book Alexander Pennington is on his way home for Christmas and then his car stops working automatically He finds the house that belongs to a sick widow and her three young children and he ends up having the best Christmas ever.Melissa Stewart and Alex are both loving Alex and Melissa are both kind Melissa is well behaved than Alex Alex is of a jokster than a well behaved person like Melissa.I loved this book because it is a great book It really gets you sucked in to the book And I love that this has such a happy ending I think everyone will love this book and I think that every one should at least test out the book I loved this book and I hope you love it as much as I did

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    I was worried that it was going to be very cheesy and it started off in a way that made me think sentiment being shoved down your throat was coming, but it was actually quite cute and nice Yes, there was a lesson to be learned, but it had a realistic feel to it than many other novellas or story books of its kind and I appreciated that.

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    My mother used to read me this book at Christmstime I sat down last week on Sunday and read the whole thing It s a quick read, and I still loved it It is cheesy and simple, but sweet It gets 4 stars because of all the lovely memories.

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    This is a horribly predictable, weak charactered little tale It was for a book club and I did not enjoy it.

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    A simple tale about a simple Christmas.

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    This book didn t work for me It was originally titled Crack Wheat for Christmas and the author said he updated it to fit it in today s modern world It might have been better to have left it in the original setting, if that was 100 years ago The premise is a rich, young doctor driving cross country for Christmas to show off his successful possessions He comes from a family of doctors who work hard at having all the right possessions, right place in society, and have been successful in this quest He is driving his expensive, new car home to show it off on his 2 weeks of Christmas vacation As someone who has driven from Utah to the East coast several times, I can t believe someone would choose to do this who had the money to fly and only had 2 weeks at homeWhy would he spent 1 week of that driving cross country 3 days each way if he drove straight through without stopping at hotels Not to mention it was Christmas time so winter storms in the mountain states or plain states would be a real risk His family also turn their nose up on eating natural foods like whole wheat This didn t work for methere is way too much out there about the benefits of a healthy, natural diet What doctor wouldn t be very familiar with this and seize on this in theoryeven if they like to eat crappy foods themselves, they would still know and understand the value of healthy eating, not turn their nose up at it In general, the educated a person is, the better quality food they eat.it s the poor class who doesn t have a lot of exposure to healthy, fresh items, and instead relies on processed foods.These 2 points were at the beginning of the book and threw me enough that I couldn t find the rest of the book believable Had it been in the 1800 s when the rich believed they were eating better by eating food that cost rather than being healthy, I could have bought into the whole never eat whole wheat and drive cross country for Christmas belief If things that don t make sense don t bother you, then you will enjoy this story The rest of it was enjoyable The devil was in the details for me.

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    A must read short, but sweet Christmas story that portrays the change brought about in one man s life by the mere coincidence or miracle of his car battery dieing on his way cross country to celebrate christmas with his rich family.Dr Alex Pennington the III, had expectations put on his head by this forebears This was the family creed 1 Only give to charity if it promises returns.2 Church attendance is okay only if it improves your social status 3 Faith in God is all right as long as it isn t overdone because that shows weakness.4.Emotions keep your heart above your work 5.Eating habits never eat natural foods because it shows that you are humble and willing to rely on others as part of your existence.All these fell by the wayside as he finds himself stuck in the middle of no where with only a small humble home of a sick widowed mother and her three children with humble resources in which to offer him in the blizzard that would otherwise take his life.He helps the mother with her illness because he is a dr and does it with not thought of reimbursement He gets attached to the children, Melissa a little mother figure that has been trained well in her duties, David, who acts as the protector and does a man s work as a 10 year old boy, and little Emmy who wins his heart with her simple beauty and pureness This is a real feat as he didn t like children at all before and now he wants to be around them.He finds himself coming around to eating the natural foods as that is all the children have He also believes in the miracle that brought him there to save the mother as he finds that his car could have died anywhere, but died at this exact stop for a reason He finds his heart lost to this family that he eventually makes his own.

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    This is one of my first read giveaways through goodreads It is a very quick read and is easy to determine what is going to happen in the end, however if you believe Christmas has become to commercialized I recommend reading this book The story shows us that the the true meaning of Christmas is the miracle of the birth of our Savior and that God brings people together that need each other and that gifts from the heart are the best type of gifts to give and to recieve This book shows us that what we think and believe may not always be right and that we need to open ourselves up to different ways of thinking If you are looking for a nice, short, and easy Christmas story this is the book you need.

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    This book was very delightful to read It was a good transformation story It was about a man that changed his life for the better after his car broke down in a snowstorm It was a very emotional book that was enjoyable to read around Christmas Especially with family It opened my eyes to read this story from a total different perspective than I usually see things It was from a wealthy, unappreciative man s view that eventually changes I recommend this book if you want to get into the Christmas spirit.

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    Miracle of the HeartHigh and mighty Dr Alexander Pennington III has planned the perfect Christmas and is driving back east in his expensive and flashy car His station in life, above others, has been bred from birth and he is coming to gloat to his family Along the way and in the middle of nowhere, Doctor Pennington III is about to be undone by a wee little girl Well written, lively and engaging, the unfolding story is sure to be a favorite for years to come.

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