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A Place Called Home txt A Place Called Home , text ebook A Place Called Home , adobe reader A Place Called Home , chapter 2 A Place Called Home , A Place Called Home c8b2df When Thea Wyndham And Mitchell Baker Learn They Ve Been Named Joint Guardians For Their Late Friends Three Children, They Re Little Than Acquaintances Barely Polite Acquaintances, At That Something About Mitch S Forthright Intensity Has Always Left Ad Exec Thea Feeling Off Balance, While Mitch Makes No Secret Of His Disdain When Thea Offers Him Financial Assistance If He Ll Take Sole GuardianshipThea Is Far From Heartless She S Just Plain Terrified Of Her New Parenting Responsibilities Both She And Mitch Are Romantically Involved With Other People Yet The Time They Spend Together, The Less Certain She Is Of Her Loyalties There Are Complications And Missteps, Tears And Laughter Lots Of It And Somehow, Through It All, The Dawning Realization That The Last Place She Thought She D Find Herself Could Be Just Where She BelongsPraise For Jo Goodman S Marry Me Fans Of Historical And Western Romance Will Appreciate Goodman S Witty Dialogue, First Rate Narrative Prose And Clever Plotting Publishers Weekly Starred Review An Insightful, Gently Sensual Love Story Library Journal

About the Author: Jo Goodman

To find characters to illustrate my first family saga, I cut out models from the Sears catalogue I was in fourth grade, but it was a start In seventh grade I wrote a melodrama about two orphan sisters, one of whom was pregnant There was also a story about a runaway girl with the unlikely name of Strawberry and one about mistaken identities and an evil blind date My supportive, but vaguely

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    3.5 stars Might have been 4 if it was a bit shorter dragged a bit towards the end and saw what was coming was a bit obvious, I thought.

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    Kids made women look twice at a man Usually in a good way.For Mitchell Baker suddenly becoming a father to his friends three children is challenging for this bachelor, but he ll be sharing guardianship with Thea, another friend of the deceased couple But then Thea announces that Mitch can have sole guardianship Thea Wyndham is a career woman, but it s not her job in advertising that s preventing her from sharing responsibility of the children.With both Mitch and Thea already in relationships, three children to look after, and a secret that Thea is hiding, there doesn t seem to be much room for a romance to develop between Mitch and Thea.The beginning was slow paced, reading much like women s fiction than contemporary romance But the second half makes up for it when Mitch and Thea stop circling each other and the romance begins A Place Called Home is Jo Goodman s first contemporary, but there s such a level of maturity, experience and talent in her writing that you just know she can pull it off and she does.Though Thea isn t really the type of heroine I enjoy reading about, she is fleshed out and real Mitch though, is gorgeous with a laid back personality and great sense of humour He was adorably clueless when confronted with his young female ward s first period.The ending was perhaps a little too neat and convenient and stretched credibility view spoiler I seriously cannot see the appeal of a 61 year old man to not just one beautiful young woman but a second, even younger woman in her early twenties But hey, that may be just me hide spoiler

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    With great hesitation I am writing this review The main characters have moments of unlike ability but you soon understand their reasons for it I believe that, at this time, this is Ms Goodman s only contemporary romance Written with some darker content it might be hard for some people to enjoy.With the deaths of their married friends, Mitch Baker and Thea Wyndham are given joint custody of the couple s three children Thea declines and, naturally, Mitch is upset He has always had a thing for her and can t understand why she is behaving this way On the other hand, he has a good support system and has always enjoyed being around the children so his decision is somewhat easier to make.At the beginning of this story, each is romantically involved with another person Long story short and trying not to give away spoilers, this couple s relationship grows slowly If you have read any of my other reviews regarding this author there is no insta sex but when it finally happens it borders on erotic.My guess is that those 30 and older would appreciate this romance most If you have children you will understand better why the main characters have their moments There is no big misunderstanding but each has a few times where you d like to say, Really You want to leave it like that and knock their heads.I am giving it four stars because of the realism of the subject line Too often the hero and heroine meet, they have sex, there is the hated Big Misunderstanding , yada yada yada, they realize they love each other and we have the HEA You WON T find that here If, after reading this story and you enjoyed it, you may want to look for contemporary romances by Theresa Weir Her main characters also have depth, are not perfect, there are moments of angst and the hero and heroine have to work for a HEA In other words, the stories have meat and it is something I like.

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    Goodman s writing style is the only reason I was able to power through this long, slow paced book The blurb states both MCs are romantically involved with other people Well, in the first half of the book, the plot devices such as a 31 year old heroine being engaged with a 61 year old man or a 33 year old hero being romantically involved with a 23 year old woman held little appeal for me even though the author carefully crafted both relationships with a certain level of maturity view spoiler Strictly speaking, I really feel the main characters are cheaters hide spoiler

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    Thoroughly enjoyable contemporary romance between two people who never thought they d end up being instant parents to the orphaned children of their respective best friends Very sweet and surprisingly sexy at the same time I need to read some of Jo Goodman s other books, many of which I have on my to read shelf at home.Reviewed in the December 2011 issue of Affaire de Coeur Magazine rating 4.5 5.0

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    Jo Goodman is such a marvellous portrayer of people and she writes such authentic dialogues This book is her only CR and I don t know why, because it s as good as any of her historicals Thea and Mitchell are nominated co guardians of 3 young children, recently orphaned following the tragic deaths of their parents, close friends of both protagonists Problem was that Thea was nowhere to be found immediately after the accident and Mitchell was the sole person available to take in the shell shocked children A month later and they have just started to settle into a semblance of a routine at his house Thea finally turns up without any explanation of where she had been and seemingly reluctant to share in the responsibility of raising the kids Instead of committing her time and care, she instead offers monetary aid, something she has plenty of, being in charge of her family s advertisement firm As a political cartoonist, Mitchell s bank balance is not quite as impressive, but he is not willing to accept Thea s emotionally void alms and the children, who have always adored their Aunt Thea , definitely deserve better Slowly we and Mitchel learn that Thea is not quite the aloof and uncaring rich bitch, she initially appeared to be It s an interesting premise The children are adorable Mitchell is perfect as the instant father figure who did not baulk at taking on this role, entrusted to him by his dear late friends Both protagonists started the book in relationships with other people, Thea engaged to a man 30 years her senior and Mitchell dating a young lady almost 10 years his junior Mitchell broke up his relationship soon enough, but Thea kept her fiance in the picture for a while longer, which did not sit well with me I really didn t quite get her attraction to this much older man, because she was wealthy herself and did not need his money The author did explain the reasons spoilers she didn t want children and he was a safe choice , but it was still a bit cringy if I may be judgemental Despite this, I like that there are no evil characters, everyone s amicable and the growing attraction or affection, I should say because the attraction had as always there, between the protagonists is slowburn and very respectful of the children s feelings view spoiler Thea s drug addiction was also exceptionally well done and realistic in terms of the background explanation hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars Goodman s first contemporary novel works surprisingly well with her elegant, understated style, aside from attempts to make her characters sound like typical men and women that sometimes come off as awkward It s not a typical romance in many ways both of the two main characters are involved with other people for a good third of the story, and we even see some of those characters perspectives, which makes for a slightly uncomfortable read I suspect A Place Called Home is closer to realistic fiction than many romance readers will enjoy the characters also live in a world in which religion and politics exist but it was such an absorbing story, I willingly left my comfort zone.Mitch and Thea don t know each other well, despite their best friends being married to each other Then an accident leaves them joint guardians of three young children As the book opens, Mitch has been waiting impatiently for Thea to return from a trip so that she can take on some of the parenting responsibilities, and is shocked and disgusted when she flatly refuses to contribute anything than financial help.I was afraid at first that this was going to be a story blaming a selfish woman for choosing her fiance over her God given obligation to raise children As it turns out, Thea has some serious and compelling reasons to fear being a mother But her love for the children, all she has left of the man who was essentially the only family she has, draws her into their lives and into Mitch s life.Thea s story is deeply sad she had three sets of parents, birth, foster and adoptive and the only pair that truly wanted her wasn t allowed to keep her She s not the most lovable person in the world, but increasingly sympathetic Mitch is a warm, caring man not perfect, but just flawed enough His interactions with the children are especially sweet and tender.Incidentally, I don t know if I would have noticed this if I weren t concurrently reading a lot about rape culture vs consent culture, but the first half A Place Called Home is set firmly in the latter and I think it s done very well It s not an in your face message, just subtle looks and questions between the characters during intimacy to make sure they re both on the same page a great example of how this can be done without ruining the moment There s also some interesting depiction of non consent in the other direction Mitch s girlfriend is overly physical with him and frequently crosses his boundaries I was disappointed when the second half of the book noticably lost that focus.There were a number of things about this book that bothered me some headhopping, occasional overwriting often an issue for me with Goodman , the fact that neither Mitch nor Thea brought up their other relationships before having sex, and that they then had unsafe sex, which was kind of icky under the circumstances Both relationships were over at that point, but neither of them knew that And I thought it kind of odd that view spoiler although aspects of Christian life are mentioned, the spiritual aspect of twelve step programs is completely ignored, as usual I guess anything would have led to fear it would sound like an inspirational or something hide spoiler

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    This is third Jo Goodman book I ve read and I ve not enjoyed any of them I keep trying though, because I feel that the writing is well done, clean.Even though this novel is well written, it s not plotted well It s TERRIBLY boring I ve had an incredibly stressful couple of weeks and I wanted an easy going read to take my mind off of real life I should ve chosen something rigorous and exciting, because this book certainly wasn t the relaxing read I wanted It bored me to tears.There is no real conflict for this couple Their pairing was inevitable from the beginning The rest was a slow sentimental trudge to the end Also, what s with Goodman s characterizations It seems to me that all of her characters have these incredibly heinous pasts This main character was abused, dragged out of a loving foster home into a cold and heartless environment only to end up severely addicted to pills Yet, this backstory was not a true conflict in the storyline because she had already acknowledged her addiction She just had to learn confidence or trust or something This was all just so depressing and tiresome filler.About 90% through the book I found myself just wishing it was over Then there was a STUPID misunderstanding one of my romance novel pet peeves , so I started skimming through At 95% I decided I didn t care how it ended and stopped reading.

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    This wasn t your typical story of two friends coming together to raise their deceased friends children and end up happily ever after Thea had her own issues to deal with while Mitch thought she was trying to get out of taking care of the children But as they get to know each other they come to realize that as friends they can do this together Eventually they figure out what they want There was some sad parts, some funny parts like Mitch in the Target trying to figure out what type of product to buy Em Altogether a heartwarming story of opposites attract while raising orphaned children.

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    Even though I hate when the hero sleeps with another woman in the same book, I WAS liking this story Until the hero said the biggest assholish thing ever It was plain mean I kept waiting for it to be resolved but it never was It totally ruined him for me I just couldn t like him any .And jokes about threesomes Admiring his ex while she s in a robe Not my idea of a good guy.Add to that, there s way too much page time dedicated to the hero s much younger girlfriend and the heroine s much older boyfriend Top it off with the fact that the two ex s get together in the end and have a nearly 40 year age difference ICK.POV s and transitions were rough.

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