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Lord of Darkness files Lord of Darkness, read online Lord of Darkness, free Lord of Darkness, free Lord of Darkness, Lord of Darkness 3d7c70ed6 When Strangers In The NightHe Lives In The Shadows As The Mysterious Masked Avenger Known As The Ghost Of St Giles, Godric St John S Only Goal Is To Protect The Innocent Of London Until The Night He Confronts A Fearless Young Lady Pointing A Pistol At His Head And Realizes She Is His WifeBecome LoversLady Margaret Reading Has Vowed To Kill The Ghost Of St Giles The Man Who Murdered Her One True Love Returning To London, And To The Man She Hasn T Seen Since Their Wedding Day, Margaret Does Not Recognize The Man Behind The Mask Fierce, Commanding, And Dangerous, The Notorious Ghost Of St Giles Is Everything She Feared He Would Be And So MuchDesire Is The Ultimate DangerWhen Passion Flares, These Two Intimate Strangers Can T Keep From Revealing Of Themselves Than They Had Ever Planned But When Margaret Learns The Truth That The Ghost Is Her Husband The Game Is Up And The Players Must Surrenderto The Temptation That Could Destroy Them Both

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    3 A Romantic buddy read with the MacHalo Freaks We all need some romance from time to time I wanted to like this than I actually did, but alas, the set up was weak and the chemistry between the two lovebirds never really materialized And it had potential Our Hero had lost his wife to a prolonged illness couple of years ago and is living life as a walking corps The lady Margaret, aka Mag, lost her lover of 3 months whom she thought was the love of her life, and is left unwed and pregnant, on the verge of a nervous breakdown In order to avoid scandal and ruination, her brother arranges a marriage between the two Soon after, the stress of her grieving induces a miscarriage and Mags withdraws in the country, while her husband stays in the city and fights criminals as the legendary Ghosts of St Giles Now it is two years later and his wife invades his London home with one mission in mind she wants to have a baby and needs to seduce her stranger husband But she is in for a challenge The plot had some potential, but both characters were grieving for their exes, he was way too stiff and at times annoyingly distant, while she felt desperate and a bit hysterical, at times acting in very ridiculous ways The chemistry was not there and the love never became believable I think the reason I did like it somewhat is the fact that it is part of a world we are already familiar with and there were seeds for further romances in the series, which sound intriguing already.I plan on continuing with the series I enjoy the writing style of the author and am well aware of the hits and misses a long series can provide As an optimist I always hope for the best I wish you all Happy Reading and a wonderful New Year

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    4.5 starsLady Margaret Megs Reading has decided to join her husband in London For two reasons Firstly, she wants to kill the Ghost of St Giles, believing as she does that he had murdered her fianc Secondly, she wants to seduce her husband Problem is, her husband and the Ghost of St Giles are one and the same.Megs has spent the past two years sequestered in the countryside away from her husband, Godric St John in London Their arranged marriage has suited both sides But now Megs is desperate for a baby Godric, committed to his role as the Ghost, is resigned to his lonely, celibate life He s had his one shot at love with Clara, his first wife and has no intention of consummating his second marriage So how does one go about seducing one s husband The lassie snatchers are still at work in St Giles, kidnapping poor, female children off the streets using them as slave labour in workshops making expensive garments for their greedy owners The first half of this book though not actually disappointing, bore a lot of resemblance to the plot line of book 4 Thief of Shadows featuring the first Ghost, Winter Makepeace Although of course, it is written very well.The romance though, between Godric and Megs makes this once again a must read story in the Maiden Lane series Elizabeth Hoyt writes some of the most sensual scenes in historical romance Her beautiful, expectant build up of sexual tension and her delightfully, delicious love scenes make this another 4.5 star read for me.The beginning of each chapter opens with a few paragraphs of the Legend of the Hellequin Don t skip over this lovely story within a story It s beautifully written and parallels the main story of the Lord of Darkness.We are also introduced to the hero, the Duke of Wakefield and heroine, Artemis Greaves, companion to Lady Penelope, in the next book, Duke of Midnight, with an excerpt at the end of Lord of Darkness.This Maiden Lane series does not seem to be running out of steam as so often happens I wonder how much longer Ms Hoyt can maintain this high standard without running out of fresh ideas Good news, it didn t happen here.Another fantastic addition to this excellent series Steam 3.5 ARC courtesy of Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley

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    2.25 5I m so sad to report that Lord of Darkness, the fifth installment in Maiden Lane series, is a disappointing read in my opinion.Even though I enjoyed many parts of this book, there were also some parts that made me mad, some made me roll my eyes, and others bored me to sleep I struggled through almost the entire story The hero, Godric St John, didn t meet my expectations He s plain and bland, and seems like another general character than the hero Anyway, I admired his determination to save people of St Giles To be honest, I neither loved nor hated him.Lady Margaret Reading, on the other hand, irritated me from the very start to the end She s everything I hate in the heroines She s selfish, pushy, and annoying I don t understand why Godric fell in love with her or what he saw in her.There was no chemistry between them NONE The romance totally fell flat I was really disappointed with their first time sleeping together They both regretted it, and felt like they did something wrong and betrayed their exes Nope, it wasn t romantic at all.The good things about this book were Winter, Alf a girl in disguise , the investigations, and the action scenes.If only I had known that I would be displeased with this book, I would have never picked it up It s really not to my liking.

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    It s funny how your expectations going in to a book will totally affect your rating I expected to hate this book I wasn t particularly interested in the two main characters from their introductions in previous books and all of my friends here didn t like it at all I almost decided to skip it, but I m glad I didn t.Because my expectations were so low, I was super stoked to find myself enjoying this book at all.So, we have a husband and wife in a marriage of convenience for the past two years, with both of them completely broken over the loss of previous loves Neither of them are interested in getting to know each other and the marriage was never consummated But, our female decides she wants a baby and who better to get her pregnant than her own husband They do have their uses occasionally Mine will kill bugs for me whenever I ask Even the giant ones that we have in Texas.My plan for when he is sleeping It s supposed to be romantic to leave little notes for your spouse I liked how slowly these two started falling in love I also liked that their first couple of tries at the sex was mostly disastrous Godric, the male, even grew on me He certainly is going nowhere near my book boyfriend ranch, but I don t want him dead Hey, for me that s a compliment As for Megs, well she wasn t too horrible Okay, just a little horrible Definitely stupid But, I didn t want her dead that badly Only a little.So, although it isn t my favorite book in the series, and they sure aren t my favorite couple, I found the book entertaining, and it even made me chuckle a couple of times That s good enough for me Now, on to a better couple Hopefully

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    Elizabeth Hoyt dazzles me yet again with her newest addition to one of the most amazing series I ve read to date Lord of Darkness deals with the recuperations we were left last in Thief of Shadows Picking up two years later, we catch up with Godric St.John who is trying to help out, disguised as the Ghost of St.Giles, a carriage being held up by footpads who by the way happens to be carrying his wife who wants the Ghost dead Having his wife aiming a gun at his head wasn t the reunion he had in mind After a hasty marriage to Godric, Lady Margaret, Megs has lived away from everything and some of her family members in order to heal after the murder of her fianc e Roger and her miscarriage She comes back to London to do two things find the murderer of Roger and try to convince her wayward husband to give her a child Of course things never go as plan when hearts are involved Megs has cling to the thread that was her once great love and her memories, while Godric has been buried by his grief I really adored both characters with their very human emotions, reactions and misconceptions They ve been lashed by grief and lost and deal with in their own terms and ways Megs has come back into the light and rebuilt Godric s old country house, sending him long winding letters and becoming close to his family Godric has hid behind the mask that is The Ghost of St.Giles Megs wants to break Godric outta his shell by any means I loved how by slowly taking over his home and bringing light into his life by slow means was heart warming Megs to held the past close to her heart and in fear of losing that memory of the love she has with Roger cut her off from accepting a second chance at love Godric with his quiet understanding finally helps Meg let go of the thread and build once again a life with Godric Godric buried himself in the dark and Megs, by forced, busts him outta him tomb She gives him reasons to stop living in the darkness He also had a great love with his wife who passed away from a long time illness and been scared to even feel again Hoyt plays off this well with her fairy tale of the Hellequin that foreshadows many of the chains Godric breaks and leaves behind him as he starts to fall in love again with Megs I loved Lord of Darkness as it has a great sensual feel but very character driven showing that even in the darkness corner there is always a ray of light I did feel the ending to the villain was a tad on the anti climatic side, still didn t take away from the overall greatness story Hoyt gives the reader a glimpse of the era and the world she created of the series At the same time setting the stage for Duke of Midnight the next in the series This series only gets even awesome that Hoyt just proves to me she cannot do no wrong

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    Sale Alert April Monthly Kindle Deal for 1.99I never thought Godric was a sexy name until this book The narrator has now given me a pavlovian response to that name I m very happy that this is yet another book in this series without a notorious Rake in it It also has one of my favorite tropes of the marriage of convenience to a stranger that blooms into love Godric is a hero I can really get behind He loved his wife dearly and stayed true to her all through their marriage and her devastating sickness He probably would have gone to his grave never even thinking about loving or taking to be another woman if it were not Griffin blackmailing him into marrying his sister Megs.Megs is pretty adorable with her rambling talking and vivaciousness she is a bit infectious Megs was in a delicate way when Griffin arranged the marriage between her and Godric St John It was a whirlwind and Megs floated through it dazed and bereft of the man she loved that was killed just a short time before Then she disappeared into Godric s country home and stayed there for two years But now she has come out of hiding because she wants one thing from the man she married and hasn t seen since A baby She also wants to kill the Ghost of St Giles thought to have killed her prior love BUT HOW, EXACTLY, did one go about seducing a husband one hardly knew Godric isn t certain what to do with all the life that has been brought into his dusty old home when Meg shows up with half his country household and some members of his estranged family He is so stoic that he tries so hard not to let it affect him in any way but Megs is pretty infectious and so it is very difficult not to come to life in many ways when she is around He looked down at her as he eased from the bed Why such a creature of light and love and life should have come to him, he could not fathom But he was grateful Very grateful I really did enjoy how this story played out and Megs draws Godric out of shell They both lost someone they loved very much Godric had years of watching his wife in pain so was prepared for the loss Meg s relationship was near the beginning and so it was still was new and burned bright but she has so much to learn about love and Godric has decided that maybe he could show her.There is dangerous fun as Godric is also one of the men parading around as the Ghost of St Giles The Lassie Snatchers are back and if Gordic finds who is behind it he might also solve the mystery of who killed Megs first love as well All and all I enjoyed this story and was so happy that two people who lost so much were able to find each other.

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    4.75 stars Why such a creature of light and love and life should have come to him, he could not fathom But he was grateful Very grateful Absolutely adored this And that s the biggest surprise for me I went into this one somewhat apprehensive given the fact how these two came together under forced awkward circumstances And on top of that they both are grieving over a dead spouse dead lover That could have been a recipe for disaster But this.this was beautiful His Achilles heel, the one person who had reached deep down inside him and grasped his heart, squeezing until it started beating again She d brought him back to life Megs was such a wonderful delight I thought she was exactly what Godric needed Her endless capacity for love, laughter, wit and patience was just so endearing and lovable And I loved how honest and conscious she was of Godric s feelings through everything It s this kind of character quality that is hard to find That sense of guileless honesty and faith I found so refreshing and delicious and perfect contrast to Godric s quiet world weary reserve Godric, she whispered, and held out her hand to him He took her hand, spreading her fingers and kissing each one Megs looked up at his entrance, her face shining For a moment he caught his breath it was almost like a light radiated from within her, and he was very glad that she d apparently decided not to hold their argument against him Oh, Godric, come see Her Grace has had her puppies And she held the ratlike thing which, apparently, was a pug puppy like a peace offering.Godric raised his brows, sinking into a chair It s quite.lovely Oh, pooh She retracted her arms, cuddling the tiny creature against her cheek Don t listen to Mr St John, she whispered to the puppy as if in confidence You re the most adorable thing I ve ever seen Godric took some warming up to At first I found him too stiff and closed off, but once Hoyt peeled back every rough layer of this character, his heart, his loneliness, his quiet yearning, his goodness came through The slow build up of this character and showing his wounds and raw grief was really great to see, heartbreaking yet relatable I fell in love with him the minute he pulled out Megs s letters that he kept locked in a dresser drawer and hungrily poured over them to help ground him I really loved how willingly and open he was to help Megs, his selflessness was truly admirable And seeing him helplessly fall for her was really a treat PS Did you try the ginger, barely, and aniseed tisane recipe I sent you I know it sounds quite revolting, but it will help your sore throat, truly Her postscript blurred before his eyes and he blinked hard, inhaling This was who he d done it for Megs, who thought old crotchety butlers had any sense of humor, who ate bitter persimmon tarts to please the local vicar s wife, and who cried at the sight of a baby and couldn t admit even to herself why.She deserved a baby of her own She d make a magnificent mother kind, gentle, understanding Gah I found them so adorable and heartbreaking It also didn t hurt that this used one of my favorite tropes, a marriage of convenience Seeing this couple slowly unhurriedly fall for each other was like sitting in the sun and taking in blue skies and a warm breeze These are two people who carry a lot of hurt and angst but deal with it differently Godric shutting himself off to the outside world and life and burying himself in his Ghost of St Giles work, Megs looking for ways to make others happy and finding pleasure in the smallest things And I found that dying apple tree a great analogy and symbol of what Megs stands for And it was such a great depiction of what this character represented and did to the hero, how her magic transformed Godric and brought him back to life Hoyt s really masters at writing smart characters with a sharp focus on all the human senses That element makes her characters so human and the world building so layered Her conscious smart layered writing reminds me a lot of Lisa Kleypas Phoebe turned her face, leaning close to discreetly inhale Artemis Yes Artemis felt quite proud She d taken to wearing the same scent lemons and bay leaf when she realized that Lady Phoebe sometimes used smell to identify people She suspected that the other woman could see very little at all when the light was dim such as tonight at the theater Just brilliant.Now there were a few things I do wish were handled differently The avenging Roger s death arc for one, I felt that took up a little too much time in the last quarter of the book and took focus off Godric but Hoyt made up for it with that beautiful emotional declaration from Megs emotional declarations are a weakness of mine Second, not going to lie but my interest is already waning really thin with the whole Ghost of St Giles character The thrill and mystery for me is completely gone in that area view spoiler And 3 books back to back where the hero is the Ghost is a little much IMO Just saying hide spoiler

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    4.5 STARS Why such a creature of light and love and life should have come to him, he could not fathom My stroll down Maiden Lane continues As always, Hoyt s writing is wonderful I loved both Megs and Godric Their portrayal as opposites Godric stood, watching as Megs turned and beamed at him, all glorious and vibrant life Everything he was not had some very sweet, romantic moments.But it s possible that the Ghost of St Giles angle is wearing a bit thin for me which is why I m rounding down and not up.I did really like the understated sarcasm that seemed to run closer to the surface in this installment though Apparently one couldn t tell just by looking if a woman had learned one s deepest secret On to the next I m really looking forward to Artemis story .

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    This is definitely not one of my favs in the series I might even give it 2.75 stars So given this unhappy feeling, I ll focus my review on what I didn t like The Heroine annoyed the hell out of me She s immature, rash, and brash She has no thought to anyone but herself She got herself pregnant with one man s child, got married to another man because her brother arranged it to save her reputation She never once wondered whether the second man wanted to marry her, and didn t care beyond her own suffering Then, she has the audacity to demand that her husband service her like a stud because she wants a baby, even tho he s still in love with his late wife and has told her quite bluntly he didn t want to betray his love At this point, I am beginning to hate this heroine.But that s not all folks She also wants her current husband, who is playing stud for her against his wishes, to find the killer of her dead lover, at great cost to her husband s safety he gets injured than once And BTW, she s stupid enough to stab him herself And shot at him too What the hell kind of heroine is this She s F ing STUPID Really HATE her And BTW, even after her husband clearly shows that he LOVES her, is doing everything for her, she still sends him to his death about 85% of the way in Whhaaaatttt But the husband, the Hero, Godric, doesn t get off either He s supposedly sooooo in love with his late wife, he s comitted himself to suicidal missions as the Ghost of St, Giles He s a celibate monk And yet, just because his nubile young wife asks him to bed her to make a baby, he gives in to tempation and lets her have her way with him he struggles all through the novel not as stupidly long as she does but still and then in the end he says oh, I loved you all along, since before you propositioned me, since the second letter you wrote me, in fact Ehhhhh Then what the hell were you struggling for all along It s like the author had bipolar disorder while writing this thing Like she couldn t make up her mind what was what This is not the first of EH s novels I ve had major issues with But it s rare I don t cut her any slack tho I was disappointed Everything was contrived and forced fit Not her best work.

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    4 stars Historical Georgian RomanceOh but how I love this series Ms Hoyt is a brilliant writer and she delivers another winner in her evocative, sensual, addictive Maiden Lane series that s now 5 for 5 and still going strong I can t wait for the next book

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