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    This is the fifth book in Renee Bernard s highly addictive Jaded Gentleman series.Darius Thorne is the second son of a dockworker and a fishmonger s daughter whose drunkard of a father regularly beat his wife and children Believing he is cursed to become just like his father, Darius pursues an entirely different life, totally immersing himself in scholarly pursuits He has never let anyone get too close because he s always been afraid that blood will tell and he will hurt someone His resolve is to be tested when he discovers a half frozen woman lying in his garden, who obviously needs his help and protection.After a whirlwind courtship, Lady Isabel, daughter of the Marquis of Penleigh, had fallen in love with the handsome Earl of Netherton He swept off her feet with his tender and romantic gestures and her wedding day is filled with thoughts of their future happiness Those thoughts are soon dispelled on her wedding night when she discovers her husband s true depraved and sadistic nature With no one to help her and fearing for her life, she seizes the opportunity to escape on her beloved horse, Samson, with no money and only the clothes she is wearing Riding until her horse becomes lame, she collapses from exhaustion, to be rescued by a man who offers her both his help and protection.I totally fell for the shy, bespectacled, thoughtful, intelligent, scholarly Darius I love how he cares for Isabel without knowing anything about her, not even her name He recognises the signs of abuse and, seeing her wedding ring, knows exactly who is responsible and vows to protect her from harm Every fiber of his being felt protective of her, unwilling to think too far ahead of his improvised plan to simply provide her a haven until she d recovered and a better solution could be found.I really felt all Isabel s pain and humiliation and understood why, however foolhardy it might seem, escape was her only option The law provided little or no protection for a married woman and she was at the mercy of her husband, and his threats to have her committed to an asylum or worse were only too real I like how Ms Bernard highlights the plight of women during that time and it makes me realise just how lucky we are today.Although a stranger, Darius sincerity and kindness make Isabel feel safe for the first time in months and instinctively she knows that she can trust him He d said he d not hurt her for all the world and it made no sense in the world she d experienced to believe him But there she was, sitting in front of his fire with her bare feet tucked into his lap, half frozen and miserable and inexplicably feeling safe for the first time in months.Gradually in the compassionate care of Darius and his housekeeper, Mrs MacFadden, Isabel s physical and emotions scars heal but she is still lives in fear of her husband finding her I love how Darius uses the game of chess to convince Isabel that she can be strong and command power, just like the White Queen on his chess board I enjoyed the fanciful stories they both create around chess pieces as Darius teaches Isabel the intricacies of the game, but also the sense of the growing attraction between them And you he asked, still holding her hand across the board His gaze was steady, the green in his eyes deepening as the contact between them lingered.M me Isabel tried to regain her mental footing and ignore the sweet fire curling up inside of her.If there were ever two people who were meant to be together, it is these two They complement each other in so many ways but there seems an insurmountable obstacle in their way Isabel s husband I love how Darius uses his intellectual prowess and puzzle solving skills to outmanoeuvre Netherton and achieve Isabel s freedom However, his plan takes him into dark underbelly of London and he is sickened by the vile things he discovers about Netherton I love how Isabel helps to dispel his despair in a rather unusual way.Darius has never allowed himself to fall in love fearing that he could turn out to be a monster just like his father and he would never subject Isabel to such a fate He also believes that, as a lady of quality, she will be repelled by his humble origins I love how Isabel makes him realise that his origins do not matter to her she fell in love with the gentle, caring and intelligent man he is, and he could never be like his father.I adore Darius housekeeper, Ms MacFadden, who is like a kitten that spits and hisses but has no claws , to quote Darius In public, she and Darius driver and houseman, Hamish, are constantly at each other s throats, but secretly they are carrying on a clandestine affair which Darius swears is like watching the courtship of porcupines. The other members of the Jaded Gentleman make an appearance and I always enjoy seeing the close bond between them, forged during their imprisonment in India I also like the genuine friendship that develops between Isabel and Caroline Blackwell, Ashe s unconventional, American wife Seduction Wears Sapphires.The mystery surrounding the identity of their nemesis, the Jackal, and the exact nature of the sacred treasure is very much overshadowed by the romance in this book I m sure all will be revealed when I read Desire Wears Diamonds , the final book in the series.MY VERDICT Ms Bernard pens an entertaining, romantic and sensual love story With only one book to go, I will be sorry to say goodbye to the Jaded Gentlemen Jaded Gentlemen series click on the link below for details review was first posted on my Rakes and Rascals Blog

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    Renee Bernard has outdone herself with Obsession Wears Opals I couldn t help but gripped by this story It felt as if it was way too short, coming in at around 300 pages But s that just because it was just that good.In this book, the hero, Darius Thorne, comes across a half frozen woman in his garden The woman, Lady Isabel Netherton, is fleeing from an abusive husband However, in no state to speak, she reveals nothing, and the astute Darius sensing something is wrong, promises he will keep her safe and asks for none of her secrets He also decides to call her Helen, as she reminds him of Helen of Troy And so their journey into falling in love with each other begins However both Helen and Darius have large obstacles to cross before this can happen.I fell in love with both Isabel and Darius It was hard not too Both are so sensitive and caring And each is fighting their own demons and trying to stay noble and away from each other I enjoyed watching and reading their journey And the way Ms.Bernard turned chess into a tool for love and romance, and even seduction was absolutely brilliant I just loved this book At no point in this story is anything predictable I kept trying to guess what was going to happen next, and couldn t I think I read this book in record time and when I was finished, I felt as if I d been put through the wringer Domestic abuse was not the only aspect in this book that was hard hitting.The rest of the Jaded also make appearances and it s great to see them in little bits and pieces I am saddened that only Michael Rutherford s story remains I am excited to see who his soul mate will be and I m still wondering who the Jackal is and what the sacred treasure is I m sure we ll find out in t he next book And hopefully Caroline will deliver a healthy baby This must be one of the longest gestation periods in the history of mankind Ms Bernard has once again shown proven herself to be a writer of great magnitude The Jaded will definitely keep you entertained

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    This started out very well and I was quickly engaged, particular our bookish, bespectacled hero protecting the heroine from her abusive husband That said, it kind of dragged on too long about 2 3 of the way through with too much sex and everyone wink wink and not shocked at all they shared a room It picked up at the end with the ebil baddie getting his dues, but for numerous typos and dropped words and characters with a bit too much modern mindset all around, I can t rate it higher Still, not bad for a freebie.

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    DNF at 47% Book source freebie.

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    Darius Thorne is supposed to return to London to confer with the Jaded, but he hasn t yet made his appearance and his friends are expecting him and are wondering what is keeping Darius in Scotland.On a snowy, winter s day, a horse jumps over Darius s hedge wall, and breaches Darius s sanctuary And the horse brought along a young woman.Darius doesn t recognize who she is but he knows two things one, he needs to see to her and, two, she has a wedding band on her finger.As Darius, his housekeeper, and the stable master all tend to their surprise guests, pieces of the puzzle fall into place and Darius knows he must protect this woman at all cost.Isabel wakes up and finds herself in a strange place stranger still because, for the first time in a very long time, Isabel feels safe Knowing what her husband was capable of, Isabel refuses to involve her saviors in her problems and keeps her secrets to herself She is content to be known as Helen and Darius invites her to consider his home her Troy.It is an imperfect metaphor for an imperfect situation, for they both know what happens to Troy because of Helen but Darius is determined to change history for the sake of Helen Of the members of the Jaded, very little is known of Darius Thorne, who has been in Scotland since the start of the series What we know of him come from the third person accounts of his friends This lends an air of mystery to Darius character and, like Isabel Helen, we are unsure of him and his temperament when we first meet him in Chapter 1.But, like Isabel Helen, we discover a quiet, gentle, incredibly intelligent man who is unaware of his appeal to the opposite sex And, like Isabel Helen, we fall in love with him as we spend and time with him.But Darius isn t a man to mythologize or romanticize He isn t a perfect being like the other members of the Jaded, he has lived with and continues to be haunted by the two years he spent in captivity in India He prefers the solitude of his studies and loves the life he has found in Scotland.He has ordered his life like a carefully set up chess game until Isabel Helen enters it and complicates his situation.Like the game of chess, Darius doesn t see Isabel Helen s move as a set back but a challenge to be considered and he formulates new tactics for her sake I love how Darius thinks he always thinks two or three steps ahead before he makes a move and I love how analytical he is.Isabel Helen has always seen herself as a pawn As her father s only daughter, her duty was to make an advantageous marriage As her husband s wife, she was expected to suffer in silence and follow her vows to be dutiful and obedient Being with Darius taught her that she wasn t anyone s pawn that she was the Queen and the most powerful piece in the chess game of her life The course of true love never did run smooth These are two characters that truly, truly deserve the love that they found Unfortunately, it is a love that comes with so many strings attached to it Isabel Helen is married and she is married to a peer, who is also a powerful and well connected man And Darius knows he cannot aspire for someone like Isabel Helen, who like her mythological counterpart is destined to be a queen, whereas Darius s backgrounds are painfully humble and poor and he bears the trauma of his time in India.But love conquers all and Darius and his truly brilliant, tactical mind find their way to true love And when they do, it is rapturous.Renee Bernard has redefined what makes a hero and heroine heroic Darius and Isabel would have been content to live quietly but, when adversity came their way, they rose above themselves and faced the challenge bravely Darius taught Isabel chess and taught her to find the power she has long kept suppressed Isabel taught Darius the beauty and peace of a shared life.Obsession Wears Opals is another winner from Renee Bernard

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    Spoilers I did not read the previous books, and nothing in this one has given me any desire to do so.What started out as a decent beginning quickly went downhill.Instead of a lengthy and time consuming review I will point out what I liked and dislikedLiked I Loved the hero I am partial to nerdy scholarly beta s I liked the first chess game they played together it was unique and oddly seductiveDisliked The use of the word Sex to describe the male female anatomy Too much talking during loving scenes it was distracting and ridiculous not cute and funny The underlying plot of relics and jewels Not mentioned enough, or detailed, and just left hanging The heroine recovered from her abuse too swiftly Too many loose ends, holes and inconsistancies in the story ex why didn t Darius just include the horse in the terms for annulment Duh I didn t care about most of the secondary characters The ending was tied up too fast and conveniently The hero s tormented past did not come off as tormented Too much tallking, not enough showing I felt no connection between the H h It didn t even feel like a historical romance I felt no sense of the times.If any of you are still deciding to read this here are some things you may want to know Hero was a virginNever strayed or cheatedNo OW No ViolenceSome cursingMention of lewd sex acts, BDSM etc Never describedRape The heroine was raped by her evil 1st husband Not detailed or describedThe heroine was abused by evil 1st husband.Adultry but not really since the first husband had already been married before her without her knowledgeOverall I would not recommend this to friends I was bored to tears and skimmed the last 35%

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    I was lucky enough to get an early copy of Obsession Wears Opals and I am so thankful I did I absolutely LOVED this book, and dare I say it is so far my favorite of the Jaded series, which mind you, is hard to actually admit, as I have loved them all If you ever thought a bookworm or scholar wasn t sexy, Darius Thorne, in Obsession Wears Opals will change your mind AND might I add you will never look at the game of chess the same way again Renee Bernard s fifth book in the Jaded series delivers with all the spectacular excitement and sensual intense love as the previous books Darius Thorne is a bookworm scholar working on the puzzle the Jaded find themselves in, when he is distracted by a woman that has had her soul beaten from her, and Darius thus begins a new puzzle Saving Isabel If you re looking for a story that isn t the same old same old historical romance, I encourage you to read Obsession Wears Opals You will not be disappointed, but empowered by Isabel and Darius, they are a pair not to ignore ANDI can guarantee there is a moment in the book where you will say, That s a game changer I cannot mention the Jaded without talking about the BOYS Every time I read about the Jaded, I feel like I m walking into the Rowan s Brownstone and enjoying the vibe in the room I giggle when they banter, because you can feel the love and admiration these men have for one another BONUS Their wives have formed the same kind of sentiment It is one of my favorite things about the Jaded series, the bonds and love they have for all that is involved You feel like you re one of them Re read this book for a book club meeting and I love it just as much as I did the frist I read it 5 8 2013

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    Obsession Wears Opals, Jaded Gentleman 5, by Renee BernardGrade C The love of books does not disqualify you as a husband Lady Isabel Netherton grew up learning to be a lady so she could one day make a match worthy of her family s name and position which she thought she made when she married Lord Netherton Little did Isabel know that her husband s taste ran dark and she soon found fairytale turned into the worst nightmare imaginable Fearful that her life would soon be ended Isabel escaped and found herself in the company of Darius Thorne, a scholar and sweet man Darius shows Isabel that not all men are evil and some can offer the fairy tale she always dreamed of.Darius Thorne has spent most of the last few years trying to discover who is after him and his friends The Jaded, a group of men who were held prisoner in India together and found precious stones while there Darius has spent his head in books most of his life and never had time for women but Isabel is a treasure he never expected To set her free from her evil husband Darius will travel into the underworld of brothels to discover what he needs to free Isabel even if he can t keep her for himself.I didn t enjoy this installment of the Jaded Gentlemen series as I had in the past but i still love the books and the characters I have been eagerly awaiting Darius s book since the beginning because who doesn t love the shy, super intelligent guy I did enjoy Darius and I loved how hard he fought to free Isabel even though he wasn t planning on being with her afterwards I didn t like how low he thought of himself and I was very happy when Isabel told him how silly he was being about it.Now Isabel wasn t a character that I hated or loved I feel that I tolerated her for Darius s sake but never got her and found her to be annoying and contradicting at times I do feel for her that she lived such a hellish life with her husband and I understood why she was so fearful of men but I felt that with Darius one second she was fearful of him and the next she was falling into his bed I wish that the two would have taken time for her to emotionally and mentally heal before starting their love affairs I didn t get how she got over everything so quickly and it really bothered me that after having amazing sex they have lengthy conversations about her husband and his evilness while basking in their afterglow.I had some issues with the book but it wasn t a horrible story it just didn t hold my attention like others did I can t wait for the Michael s book and hopefully find out who is after the Jaded once and for all

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    Darius Thorne is a professor A scholar He s also a very handsome man His life was quiet and full of education until the day she arrived Nearly frozen and scared to death, Isabel turned Darius world around in a matter of seconds Feeling protective of her from the start, Darius soon learned Isabel was an abused woman Signs of a fresh flogging on her back and the nightmares she had confirmed his suspicion In no time at all, Darius had lost his heart to Helen He knew he shouldn t get so close, but she was everything he d ever wanted in a woman Helen was terrified of being found and receiving an even severe punishment than the one she ran from It takes time but she does learn to trust Darius and his staff As with all good things, there is an end Darius and Helen will fight for their love They both only hope they can tame the beast who enters their loving world Renee Bernard really did an excellent job of incorporating the abuse into the story without making the story only about the abuse I was amazed at the love, kindness and caring Helen receives from the people whose lives she is suddenly dumped into You ll fall in love with Darius because he s that quiet, bookish type you saw in college or high school and wanted to approach but were afraid you d scare him off The characters are terrifically designed and fit this book in such a wonderful way I highly recommend you check out this latest book in Renee Bernard s series The Jaded Gentlemen This book knocked me off my feet in a fantastic way I found no issues I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because as a former abused woman, I d love to have been in Isabel s shoes where Darius is concerned.

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    Hero painfully good, heroine painfully simpery Love a nerdy guy despite the stretch of him apparently being the perfect lover on his first try but I found her thoroughly unlikeable The story about the gems and the international villain got thoroughly lost somewhere, despite having been the focus of much of the story The weird sadist was a bizarre angle, though somehow, the particulars were only hinted at The resolution of the story was only marginally related, and happened far too easily and quickly, given the difficulty it posed in the rest of the book Even the weird PTSD she apparently suffered seemed to dissolve After being brutally raped and abused by her husband, going catatonic at the drop of a hat, she shows zero hesitancy in getting naked and doing the deed with a stranger Just full of disconnects.I m assuming there was a prior book There certainly must be one after this because a crapload of loose ends were left dangling Sadly, I can t make myself care enough to watch for them.

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Obsession Wears Opals download Obsession Wears Opals, read online Obsession Wears Opals, kindle ebook Obsession Wears Opals, Obsession Wears Opals bc1032fbe8da Darius Thorne Has Learned To Use His Wit And Intelligence To Strategize A Better Life For Himself He Is The White Knight Amidst The Small Secret Circle Of Gentlemen Known Only As The Jaded The Handsome Scholar Shields His Heart By Keeping A Studied Distance From The World Until He Rescues A Beautiful Woman Who Literally Falls Into His HandsIsabel Netherton Isn T Merely A Damsel In Distress A High Born Lady Of Quality Unwilling To Be A Pawn, She Is Defiantly Escaping An Abusive Husband But Under Darius Protection She Discovers An Unexpected Champion A Man Who Teaches Her The Power Of True Desire And What It Means To Be Treated Like A QueenHowever, The Law Of The Land Supports Her Husband S Cruel Claim It Will Take All Of Darius Wit To Keep One Step Ahead Of Their Enemies And Protect Isabel In A Deadly Game Of Chess, Darius Must Defeat The Black Knight And Sacrifice Himself For His Ivory Queen Or Forfeit All