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Pearls of Passion pdf Pearls of Passion, ebook Pearls of Passion, epub Pearls of Passion, doc Pearls of Passion, e-pub Pearls of Passion, Pearls of Passion 8b908f289de A Hot Contemporary Short StoryShy Librarian Sabrina Has Had Her Heart Set On Robert, Her Hunky, Reserved Colleague, For Months Now She S Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands And Anywhere Else She Can Manage But Once She S Had Her Way With Him, Will She End Up With The Love Match She Craves Even Than His Luscious Body A Short, H O T Contemporary Romance, Pearls Of Passion Is , Words

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    an ok book but characters lacked the basic characteristics that needed in a story the book was simple though and would have been better if there was story.

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    FREE on US today 4 27 2013.

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    I ll admit it I m a newer reader of erotica And having picked this a one of my first super short erotica books to read, I was than thrilled Not only is it fabulously hot, it s also a very tender emotional story Ms White writes so well, she was able to do it in only like 5,000 words I highly recommend this steamy but emotionally satisfying book.

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    A short story, if that.

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    I didn t know what to expect when I downloaded this story but was intrigued from the teaser I was able to access I ve only just begun downloading books and have only read a couple eroticas in the past few years But I figured for only 0.99, even if it was a short story, how could I go too wrong Pearls of Passion by far exceeded my expectations I was surprised that I found myself understanding Sabrina so well and so quickly, even without the usual back story and build up of longer books And I love how Robert became the hero so quickly and believably superman, indeed The passion was beyond hot and left me as weak kneed as Sabrina But there was a real tenderness too that I really didn t expect to find My only complaint is that I want to read about them The obviously talented Ms White is a new favorite, an instant buy from now on, and I certainly hope I get to read of her stories and soon

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    Short and sweet 15 minute read, if that.For a Clark Kent double to be so shy and to blush is definitely something I don t come across too often Roger has hankered after his shy librarian colleague for months And when she decides to give him a knock out push, shyness be damned he s in boots and all.I wasn t aware this was an erotic novella since I downloaded it from the romance genre that specifically excludes erotica Since so many authors can write some pretty darn hot sex scenes and many of them aren t in the erotic genre then it had to be the finger play that nudged it across the line I enjoyed the writing style but clearly I m not an erotica fan even at its most basic level and its evident I m a voice in the wilderness on this one.

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    Steamy Short Story for AdultsSabrina sheds her staid librarian image for a mini skirt and high heels She wants the shy Robert to see her in a different light As she sets the stage on the reference desk, she hopes Robert asks for a peek between her covers.Robert is staggered by Sabrina s metamorphosis from dowdy paperback to red hot glossy bestseller Will he delve into her heated depths Chantilly White s Pearls of Passion is an exciting short story The next time you go to the library, think about Robert and Sabrina as you re checking out your books.

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    A scorching hot contemporary short story about two librarians in love and lust Ms White has a lot of talent her prose shows real skill, and the story flows smoothly along So smoothly that I finished it one sitting.My only complaint is that I wanted I wanted to know these characters better, because I think that would have given the sex another dimension and made it even hotter I m looking forward to reading longer stories from this author

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    My best friend recommended Pearls of Passion as a sexy, hot, and entertaining story and she wasn t wrong Ms White delivers a wonderful tale of a librarian ready to test her brand new makeover on the co worker she s lusted after from afar What follows can best be described as hot, hot, hot The best partthis isn t just a one night stand for either The story ends with the promise of a relationship between the two It definitely deserves 5 stars in my book

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    This was a short, sweet, hot read I liked he characters and the story line Although most of the story was steamy, I liked the emotions and personalities that shone through This was well written and a little scandalizing I would ve liked it to have been a little longer and see they get their HEA Another good freebie Overall, a good steamy quickie to read whenever in one sitting Enjoy

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