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Black Silk explained Black Silk, review Black Silk, trailer Black Silk, box office Black Silk, analysis Black Silk, Black Silk 1e3d REISSUE By Judith IvoryAs Befitting Her Name, Lovely Submit Channing Downes Was The Proper, Obedient Wife Of An Aging Marquess Until Her Husband S Death Left Her Penniless And Alonewith One Last Marital Obligation To Fulfill Entrusted With Delivering A Small Black Box To Its Rightful Owner, She Calls Upon Graham Wessit, The Notorious Earl Of Netham, Whose Life Has Been Forever Marred By Rumor And ScandalBut Graham Wants Nothing To Do With A Bequest From The Man He Holds Responsible For His Ruin Or With The Bewitching Emissary Who Brings It In The Face Of Breathtaking Erotic Mystery In The Throes Of An Inflamed Passion Unbeckoned But Impossible To Deny A Rogue S Hardened Heart May Be Undone By Loveand A Staid Beauty In Straits May Learn The Exquisite, Sensuous Freedom Of Surrender

  • Paperback
  • 468 pages
  • Black Silk
  • Judith Ivory
  • English
  • 13 October 2019
  • 9780060098537

About the Author: Judith Ivory

Judith Ivory accidentally acquired two degrees in mathematics, then sold her first novel in 1987 and closed up the math books for good She lives in Miami Florida, with her two children, two cats and a dog Judith Ivory is the pseudonym of author Judy Cuevas real name.The pseudonym was first used by her after publication of her last book as Judy Cuevas, in 1996 Dance Her first book, Star

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    Let me state that it is difficult to summarize Black Silk without doing it an injustice, because this book, this story, these characters and their interpersonal relations are so unusual, so remarkable, and so complex that the whole is near nigh irreducible I mean, is it possible to admire the Mona Lisa a square inch at a time Reading Black Silk is like going to a five star restaurant for the first time You fidget a little in your chair, admire the ambience and the elegant waiters doing their nightly ballet The kitchen is taking its time A little plate of nibbles arrives, compliment of the chef You munch, you ooh and aah It s fabulous But it s only a little plate You wonder a little anxiously whether the rest of what is to come can measure up And then the appetizers arrive and then the first course You half swoon Then comes the entree and you can hardly comprehend how you came to be in such heaven Then the dessert which ends your experience with a bang well, almost literally in this case, if I may be pardoned for a little risqu pun You cannot believe the evening is over since you wanted it to go on and on and on Pardon the gustatory analogy, which in this case is apt Judy Cuevas is a master of sensual description Her writing has flavor, succulence and substance It has that indescribable something that can only be called literary fat , a quality that makes her particular confection of words deliciously tangible But her talent goes far beyond mere linguistic sumptuousness Ms Cuevas creates memorable characters Graham Wessit, the hero of Black Silk, could probably be labeled a bad boy, a Victorian bad boy if you will But unlike so many other romance novel bad boys who seem to copulate their way from one end of the country to the other and in doing so, generate nothing but good willed envy from all men and trembling desire in all women, Graham has troubles He is the defendant in a false paternity suit His current mistress is thinking of divorcing her husband to marry him a big scandalous deal in 1858 And on top of it, there is a popular newspaper serial that has its root material in the deeds, mistakes, and peccadilloes of his life, all exaggerated and ridiculed for the entertainment of the masses Lest we forget, those were far puritanical times Even men paid for their transgressions Submit Channing Downes is a virtuous widow, still in mourning, clothed in black hence the title for almost the entirety of the book Her late, much older husband Henry had been Graham s cousin and one time guardian Submit loved and still loves Henry Graham despised and still despises Henry From their vastly different experiences with Henry and their intertwined present predicament, thanks to a nasty posthumous bequest from Henry to Graham arises what surely must be the most intriguing triangle of human relations in romancedom Graham is indolent and indulgent, but as the story unfolds, we see his honesty, kindness, and sincerity He is also vital, exciting, and young at heart Submit is equally complex She is intelligent, thoughtful, and serious And it is Ms Cuevas great accomplishment that this woman of true gravitas is also endowed with a subtle yet potent carnal allure The two of them are a wonderful match because she needs his energy and vigor and he needs to be anchored by her rationality and cool headedness The late Henry, of course, was one of a kind Read and marvel This book is perhaps not to everyone s taste I ll admit, it took me a while to get hooked Black Silk is not exactly a comfort read, and does not offer instant gratification, meaning, no kisses until half way through, and no hero heroine love scene until the last fifty pages or so But those readers who stick with it will be richly, splendidly rewarded And that is a promise Note I wrote this in 2002 as a reader submitted Desert Isle Keeper review for All About Romance Juey Cuevas, of course, is none other than Judith Ivory.

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    Lately I m feeling like an unsuccessful truffle pig, rooting around the myriad HRs being cranked out by an unbelievable amount of authors or wannabes who are just putting words to paper with varied success Every once in a while there s a really good one, just to keep this truffle pig from giving up.But a lot of the time when I need a good romance for my exercise bike time I find myself rooting through my keeper boxes That s how I came to reread BLACK SILK this week This was one of my least favorite Judith Ivory books The heroine seemed a bit off in behavior and the hero less than heroic although very flawed heroes are common in Ivory books But it s amazing what getting older and also being deprived of new good HRs will do to one s perspective.Heroine Submit groan, yes, that s her name is the widow of a marquess much older than she Married at 16, her personality had been less than formed and much of her formation is due to her years with her old, rather dominant but kind and loving to her husband She seems a bit prissy, prim, straitlaced, quiet, and not given to having fun But all these things that I didn t like about her I now see are not really her fault and I have much sympathy for her.Hero Graham Wessit, the Earl of Netham, is the nephew of Henry, the deceased marquess Orphaned young, he lived with Henry and Henry s illegitimate son William during his boyhood, but Graham went the opposite direction from Submit under Henry s tutelage Rebellious, he turned out fun loving, somewhat irresponsible and irreverent.Now that Henry is dead, Submit and William are in a legal battle over their inheritance and Graham finds himself involved peripherally In addition, Graham has some issues of his own to worry about 1 a young lower class woman falsely accusing him of impregnating her, with everyone believing her because of his reputation 2 a mistress who seems to want from him than he is prepared to give 3 a popular serialized newspaper story of a rake s life, a rake whose similarity to Graham is unmistakable.The plot meanders a lot but the book is so well written that I even enjoyed the tangents that never led anywhere These are complex, complicated, well developed characters and their tangled lives made for a very good Victorian romance, IMO.

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    Oh my stars Del Dryden told me to read Judith Ivory s Black Silk.Actually, no It was like Del Dryden found out I hadn t read this book, fainted with outrage, revived, and demanded that I buy it immediately Which I did, because Del knows of what she speaks when it comes to recommending books.This book is wonderful And I mean that in the original, old fashioned sense of the word it is full of wonder I can t think of it without awe Reading it was an awe ful experience Occasionally also awful, but not often Mostly I just wanted to squish it to my chest and marry it.Which isn t to say that I would recommend it to just anybody, or promise that anyone else will have the same experience I did in reading it Or even to say that I ll ever read it again.But it is to say that I m glad I read it.Conflicted, I know The blurb sounds very romantic, doesn t it Except, no The book isn t like the blurb Not at all.I wouldn t classify Black Silk as a romance novel I would say that it s a novel about love When I was about 75 percent of the way through it, I described it to Cecilia Grant whose A Lady Awakened reminds me of it, a bit that it s a romance of regard by which I meant a book about two people figuring out how to deserve each other, or at least about the hero coming to deserve the heroine.But now that I ve finished the last 25 percent, I m not so sure It s not that simple a story The regard theme is there, but this is also, and perhaps so, a novel about people coming to appreciate that they don t have to deserve each other About how sometimes, despite all our intentions to the contrary, we fall in love, and then we re completely screwed But in a good way If we ll only just pull our heads out of our asses and realize it.It s clear if you look at the ratings for this novel that it confounds people, and disappoints many.I am not surprised Here we have a long 446 page romance novel that moves at a languid, Victorian pace, and in which the hero, Graham, spends a good 85 percent of the book having sex with a married woman who is not the heroine And not feeling guilty about it He is a dissipated earl, but not in the cute way There s really nothing cute about it.In the first third of the book, Graham and the heroine whose name is Submit, of all things barely meet Then, once they ve met, they don t fall in love They don t even see each other all that often Which is probably good, because when Submit does see Graham, she thinks things like this He smiled quickly, the reflex of a man used to getting by on his looks The smile dazzled It was annoying to see this little trick performed so well.Her irritation is no adorable than his dissipation She honestly doesn t admire him, and she doesn t wish to like him Her official stance on Graham is one of disapproval of his smile, his dandyish clothes, his attitude toward life, his behavior, his everything.There is no instant lust, no long, luxurious mid book romantic sexual idyll, and no sense until the novel is very, very nearly over that there could ever, would ever, will ever be any hope for a romance of any sort between these two people.There are no soft places to rest in this book, I think is my point It is not comfortable It is not escapism.What it is is a book about people deeply flawed, deeply human, deeply interesting people and life, and bewildering gifts from the dead, and love.I adored it Your mileage may vary.

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    C Either you love it or you hate it I don t think there could be an in betweenThere are so many just really weird situations that occur in this book that don t normally occur in historical romances To describe them all would take time than I wish to spend on this review, but I will list a few.Spoiler alert The hero s look isn t fully described until your about 70 pages or so in and by then you already have a picture of how he should look in mind So when the author decides to let you take the first real glance at him he s nothing what you pictured him to be That puts a damper on the mood of the book for me I like to know who I m reading about and not have the person change on me after I m so far in Graham is accused very early on of getting a poor young girl pregnant yes I said pregnant even though he says he s never seen her Girl in question rushes into a gentleman s club and manhandles everyone in her way to get to Graham Ummm that didn t happen back then, women in general weren t aloud to step foot inside an establishment like that Fast forward to the unbelievableThis poor popper hackney of a girl takes this rich, titled and influential man to court What Not even in Ivory s world could this happen How does she pay attorneys fees What judge back then would listen to someone fight a pier How could she even prove Graham slept with her Men in his position and especially in this time frame would never waste their time, much less go through a trial for something like this Submit yes that s the main gals name is a widow of a many a titled and very wealthy Marquess named Henry in which she was married to for over 10 years Henry s bastard son William who s not even titled and penniless I might add decides to fight for an inheritance that wasn t left to him and has Submit thrown out into the cold He somehow don t ask me freezes her a Marchioness don t forget assets and all of a sudden she has nothing, not even a roof over her head She goes from the home she s lived in for years to an innWHAT I ll stop there at the crazinessI would have given this a 1 Star, but I gave it 2 just for the creative imagination Ivory s got going, and the great writing of this never ending and really quite boring tale Oh yeahthe couple is brought together for the most part in the beginning by a little thing named Pandetti s Box.See I told you she was creative

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    I don t always love or even like her characters, but her writing, it is a thing of beauty I pause, reread lines and passages, even save some In the end, it is the experience of her masterful use of language I often forget it s supposed to be a romance, and whatever the characters story is, it becomes secondary to the journey as you delve into her wonderful weaving of words.

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    It s hard to review this book I know it s amazing, but I m at a loss to explain why I know that.I guess it s because of the characters The plot is kinda humdrum Submit Channing Downes s husband just died and his will tasks her with delivering a small black box to his wayward cousin, the notorious earl of Netham, Graham Wessit Her husband s will is also being contested by a vindictive illegitimate son who resents how little he was left, leaving her penniless and homeless Submit and Graham then run into each other, first to deliver the box, then at the inn she stays at and finally at a house party at Graham s country estate.The two form a tenuous friendship and romance eventually follows, completely unbidden After all, Submit is recently widowed from a husband she loved dearly and Graham is currently involved with a married American woman.But it s getting to know the characters that makes the book worthwhile Both are rich, flawed, seemingly real people I enjoyed seeing how Graham both was and wasn t the degenerate rake everyone assumes he is Yes, he s done all manner of risque things posed for x rated illustrations, kept an upstairs maid as a mistress, is involved with a married woman but we spend the entire book seeing and of the whole picture, until his decisions begin to look entirely rational He wasn t just a stock Earl of Slut, indiscriminately screwing his way through society, nor was he at all a good boy He was just a lonely, unhappy man trying to do what was fun.As for Submit, she initially comes off as a bit of a stuffy bluestocking And, well, she is But she s also irreverent, honest and passionate She s a worthy adversary and companion for the undisciplined Graham Where he indulges too much, she reins him in, and vice versa While nearly opposite, they seem to realize they crave what it is that the other has in abundance Watching them dance around each other, and grow as people while doing it, was just fascinating.This is my first Judith Ivory book, and it s definitely not going to be my last.

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    The story is of a character study than a romance The writing, the characterization of events is beautiful The story unfolds slowly It prompts reader to saver every nuance, every turn of events According to her deceased husband Henry will, his very much younger, serious wife, Submit, has to deliver a box to its intended recepient, Henry s cousin, the earl We know fairly early in the story what the box contains explicit pornographic pictures The cousin handsome, carefree, fun loving Graham Wessit, The Earl of Netham is strangely attracted to the widow The story allows the relationship between Graham and Submit to develop slowly and believably a fact which readers interested in a quick, fluffy romance will find frustrating What I liked about the story, aside from its beautiful writing, is that the author shows the characters in all their imperfection There is no black villains, no ideally improbable heroes They are human in the fullest sense of the word flaws and all.

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    This was the first book I read by Judith Ivory, and at first I found it a bit hard to read She is an intricate writer, very descriptive in her scenes, so it takes a while to get used to her style Having said that, I was soon captivated by her writing Graham and Submit are not characters that are easy to like Graham is kind of debauched You get the impression that his hard living has had an effect on his looks His moral compass is fairly flawed Having said that, he really grew on me and I started to like him I liked that he didn t take himself too seriously, or pretend be something that he wasn t It was refreshing Submit is a stuffy prig at first glance She had a much older husband who almost squeezed all the life out of her, and pretty much molded her into what he believed was the perfect wife and she s showing the effects of living under his sanctimonious thumb Submit has settled down into virtuous widowhood, not expecting anything from her life other than being the widow of her deceased husband You wonder how this couple managed to fall in love Well it was lovely to watch their courtship unfold Graham seemed to delight in teasing Submit, and bringing out the bad girl in her Submit seems shocked and perturbed at most of the things Graham does and says, but at the same time, she is surprisingly attracted to the jaded reprobate He has a spark that her husband was missing He brings life into her boring, colorless existence I can t say that she really reforms him, but caring for her brings something deep and meaningful in his empty life I found the love scene very touching, yet sensual It was perfectly written and occurred exactly at the point it should have in this story Again, this is probably not a romance novel that would appeal to everyone But if you want to read an exceptionally well written story that you have to invest in reading , about two people who are a little older heroine is late 20s, hero is late 30s , and who are polar opposites and should not have fallen for each other, but did anyway, I d suggest giving this book a try.

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    The most bizarre and ugliest HR I ve ever read The hero lives with his mistress and heroine almost until the end.

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    Convoluted and meandering story that left me unsatisfied hero and heroine were great together but couldn t save the bookJudith Ivory is an interesting historical romance author who writes books that are different from many of the other ones you find in the genre she by no means follows the traditional cookie cutter plot or character cast I found that though Black Silk had redeeming qualities the hero and heroine characters and their relationship they were not enough to save the book a good romance doesn t make up for 446 pages of a book when most of those pages feel unrelated to the central love story Note it s not a regency romance and takes place in 1858.CONS I found the age gap of 43 years between Submit and her dead husband disturbing I know relationships like that do occur and not always for gold digging reasons, but the fact that she married Henry on her 16th birthday and they started having marital relations then it just didn t sit well with me If you re wondering, when the book takes place Submit is 28 and Graham is 38 I was also bothered by Graham s non existent relationship with his two children, whom we only learn of on pg 206 in addition to the fact that he was previously married and discover are 13 year old twins on pg 286.The plot was convoluted and could have been so much better if there was focus on Graham, Submit, and their developing friendship attraction There were random components of the book children above being one example items, histories pasts, characters that were brought in but didn t contribute anything, were not fully explored, or were dispensed with easily and quickly while leaving you wondering why they were included to begin with The book was like a ball of yarn full of knots that you re trying to unravel every time you think you have it all sorted out you find another knot, every time you think you ve found the beginning piece, you pull it out to find that it s just a scrap, disconnected from the rest of the skein The last contrivance involving Gerald Schild was completely unnecessary and the ending or rather how it was written was not very satisfying.PROS Ivory excels at writing great chemistry and this is one area in which she didn t fail here Graham and Submit don t have their first physical encounter until close to the end of the book, but their relationship up till that point still sizzles and there is a definite rapport between them Their developing friendship and romance is what makes me so disappointed to have to give this book such a poor rating I looked forward to each of their interactions and found them so enjoyable the kind that make you reread some of the lines or page back to read the scene over before continuing on with the book There weren t enough of these scenes though, which added to the letdown Also concerning the two main characters, I m a sucker for books where the heroine is unusual and not necessarily beautiful, but the hero sees in her something that most others do not.NOTE about Graham s lover Rosalyn Schild is Graham s married lover they ve been together for about 6 months and have a relationship throughout almost all of the book I absolutely hate infidelity in real life and reading about it and normally don t even like to read historical romances where a character has had a happy marriage before, so it surprised me that her inclusion didn t bother me as much as I thought it would Know that the character does exist though, for any of you who might consider this a turn off.BOTTOM LINE Don t waste your time unless Ivory decides to do a rewrite Instead, read The Proposition by Judith Ivory, which is one of my favorite historical romances of all time and since I ve read about 300 , that is definitely saying something

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