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    In a bull market, everyone seems like a genius Though the advice contained in this book is, in general, sound, following it will lead the average American on a sure path to misery That is probably why the first section almost 100 pages is a rambling pep talk with about as much relevance to real estate as real analysis The book fails because it does not do enough to explain the harsh realities of real estate investing.The market might trend upward, but a buy and hold investment made at the wrong time will cripple an investor just getting his start The buy and rent segment sounds like a great idea, too, right until you find out how easy it is for tenants to abuse the laws designed to protect them The effects of a bad first investment or a bad tenant might not just slow you down, they can present a financial setback on the order of several years For every highly visible real estate superstar out there, there are dozens who have failed, and it s not because they re particularly stupid, lack connections, or didn t meticulously journal their finances.Another issue I take with this book is how it doesn t discuss the difficulty of finding dependable property managers Think of it this way why would anyone want to be a property manager It seems intuitive that property management is a profession in which the managers enrich themselves by having unlimited capacity to screw over landlords When we start talking about hiring a CEO to take over your growing empire, we need to also think critically about who would possibly fill that position If you re dealing with an eight figure portfolio, you can probably attract talent, but anything less than that and you run the risk of the CEO milking you for your connections and knowledge before starting a rival company in the same town This is a problem that plagues many profitable small businesses that have potential to become passive medium sized businesses.At no point in The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is it clear whether real estate investing is supposed to be a hobby or a full time occupation The step between hey, walk around a neighborhood, check out local listings and make a few calls in your spare time to here is how much time you have to spend per day growing your network and performing other tasks is a large one and seems to purposefully be left ambiguous.After wading through all the fluff and motivational quotes, I strongly believe that the core advice here is helpful and worth referencing It covered nearly all the bases aside from the glaring omissions that make real estate much less sexy than it seems on House Hunters I feel no motivation to read other books on the topic after having read this one.View this review and others on my blog

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    Best Book on Real Estate Investing that I have read Gary Keller is an excellent writer He describes several strategies on real estate investing and creates a cohesive and detailed account It will inspire you to start investing Wealthy people pay themselves first and invest in assets anything that puts money in your pocket each month Even if you are saving money each month to eventually buy an asset you are headed in the right direction It you only owned 4 rental properties debt free , you would have around 5 6K in monthly income You take the risk out of real estate investing by following proven models that allow enough margin to deal with the unexpected Always have an inspection, estimate repairs, get written bids from contractors, have a team or real estate agents, loan officers, escrow agents, contractors, and etc that you can trust and do good work, know what the property will sell for after repairs, you make your money when you buy, know what kind of property and area you are looking for, be patient you should make 20 offers to get 1 deal , become an expert in a particular field example starter homes in great neighborhoods or waterfront condos that you will rent to own, flip, or hold for the long term or maybe a mixture , be positive and surround yourself with mentors and like minded people, quit making excuses and listening to people that aren t investors, be wealthy in investments, family life, friends, health, and spirituality, have long term goals and create a plan to reach them in your daily activity, give back and always treat everyone fairly, and envision your life as a real estate investor He has some great testimonials at the end of the book that are very inspiring People from all walks of life found a niche and are financially free to spend time with family and give back to their communities When done right, a deal would help an owner get out of a tough financial situation, allow you to make a property better for someone else, and help you reach your financial goals.Great stuff I highly recommend this book

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    I have read over 30 real estate books, and I think this is one of the best It gives a good roadmap to the journey of real estate investing.

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    Not sure how much of the info in this book will be a take away for me personally As predicted, the book like many real estate investing books seems to promote highly leveraged positions on holdings and seems to negate the risk of assuming all of this debt with the assumption of purchasing the property at a severe discount I did like that the author clearly did a ton of research with actual investors including himself that are in the trenches and know the nuts and bolts of making money in real estate I suppose that this would have been a better read if it were condensed It seemed like the same information could have been compiled into less than 200 pages as opposed to the 400.

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    Slow starter, but I ve gained a great amount of knowledge from this book It gets interesting at the end I definitely will be reading this book again Note to self The Millionaire Real Estate Investor think a million buy a million own a million and receive a million Financial rich stops when you stop working Financially wealthy is when you make money when you don t work If you double your time, money and ability you 8 fold your current investment potential Buy Books and seminars Your job is not financial wealth, but financial riches Real estate boosts a city s economy, so there are always benefits to buy homes benefits of real estate deduction, depreciable, deferrable Deals are made not found No one gets success by themselves, no one You need a work network Don t gossip about anyone More leads possibilities Middle market is where most of the money is truth is any market is good as long as you consolidate, understand and can monopolize in that market Therefore no market is better than the other In theory, the expensive market should yield income, but like all markets, there are big risks to this Find the risks and then find ways to mitigate those risks Solid construction is easiest to maintain over time you need to mimic the housing market in the area you want to buy.

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    This book is a great introduction to real estate investing as well as a great method to help build a successful career in this field.

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    Required reading Financial independence is what most people call retirement That is finally having the resources to live without working The reality is that most people today reach retirement age without those resources in place There are no golden parachutes, no pensions, and social security is a bigger oxymoron than the term military intelligence.People must realize that retirement is an individual matter It cannot be left to fate or to chance It must be planned for and worked toward deliberately and meaningfully To do so means to live on less than you earn and to do very deliberate things with the rest.There is only one thing you can do with the money you intend to save invest it.There are only three investment vehicles Stocks, bonds and real estate The money you bank is invested by the banks in these vehicles and they keep most of the earnings Mutual funds are mostly stocks and bonds This book is compiled as a how to through interviews with hundreds who are expert in the field.Those who become adept at the principles of creating real wealth for their retirement find that they may amass the resources they need well before they reach 65.See on Financial Freedom at

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    When I saw this book I thought it was just a book that teach you the basis and the technical of real state investment but the I read the I got surprise This book teaches you not only the investment techniques of real state but also gives you the mindset of how a real investor needs to be Everyone can increase his wealth if he acts like an investor and this book teaches you how to be an investor After teaching you the principles of wealth accumulation, the flow of money, and the mindset of an investor Gary Keller focus how to accumulate wealth with real state and gives you the basic models you need to know There is a lot of ways to put the money working for you, Gary Keller thinks that real state is the most easy and most rentable for beginners.

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    Parts of this book pissed me off A lot of baby boomers, in the old economy, talking about how smart and savvy they were when they made it big.I nearly threw the book, reading the gem about the guy who was so savvy that he bought his first investment property with money he saved from a part time job.Sorry guys, but it just doesn t work that way any , perhaps you were smart and savvy, but you were also operating in a completely different world a world where you could work your way through college, or buy a decent house with a starting salary fresh from university This is not that world so maybe it is time you stopped patting yourself on the back so much Perhaps I should read a recent book.

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    A great intro to real estate investing.

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