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    I wasn t too sure about this book when I started it The first chapter didn t grab me, and I didn t like Rachel much.For the most part, however, I enjoyed the first 40 or so percent The hero, Gavin, was introduced as too tall and too thin, and when the heroine first sees him he s doing mending and then dropping his needle on the ground And this is supposed to be the most feared rebel lord in Scotland, bravely thwarting soldiers at every turn Yet he s brainy and bumbling He has to send stronger men to do his kidnapping for him I was in love GIMME He was also funny I suppose you re going to ravish me Ravish you he echoed, blinking hard I assure you, I fully intend to see that everything possible is done to see to your comfort, but there are limits to even my hospitality Well, things took a turn for the worse when the romance happened It was too fast and too epic The sex was, well Her petticoats and shift pooled about her, a puddle of cream and crimson, as if he d somehow melted them with his passion. I swear, these melting underclothes are an epidemic I hereby issue a recall.This is where I started to dislike Gavin He was so hard on himself Everything was angst He berated himself during sex and couldn t BEAR that he hurt Rachel During sex But he didn t hurt her and I was baffled why he thought he did Unless he meant emotionally Either way, I wanted him to shut up The book itself uses the perfect phrase for him infernally heroic Not only that, but the bumbling, slightly awkward, but brainy and poetic hero seemed to vanish He was replaced by a hero that had perfect muscles, was skilled in battle, and was just perfect except for his self loathing BLEEEHHHHHHHH.I lost interest in the story after the halfway point, but I did finish it I kept thinking of how awesome I thought it was going to be in the beginning I did like Rachel s turnaround from a selfish, spoiled girl to someone who cares That s one of my favorite character arcs But there was no evidence of it happening except that she started to care for Gavin I mourned the lost potential to be something different from countless other romance novels.2.5 stars I m willing to follow you, my lord, my love Anywhere you name

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    This had everything I like to look for in a historical romance a stubborn heroine, a dashing hero in this case a Robin Hood style outlaw , and plot that makes sense It wasn t super explicit only one, although relatively long sex scene and it had a good ending I plan on checking out the next book soon.

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    4 and 1 2 Stars Emotional Post Culloden Love Story Set in ScotlandThis is a story of a man, Gavin Carstares, Earl of Glenlyon, who is tortured by memories of the Scots he could not save at the Battle of Prestonpans at the beginning of the Jacobite Uprising in 1745 And now he has given his life to saving those who are fleeing the English after the tragedy at Culloden Moor when the Scots were slaughtered.To assure the last ship carrying Scots to safety can leave Scotland, Gavin captures an English general s daughter, Rachel de Lacy, agreeing to give her back when the ship sails Rachel is betrothed to the evil Sir Dunstan Wells, a hero of the battle of Culloden Moor, a man committed to killing Highlanders Once Rachel is taken captive, she discovers all she was told is a lie and is appalled at the cruelty shown toward the Scots And she comes to love the mysterious Gavin Cates does a splendid job showing us Gavin s suffering from what he believed was his own cowardice He wants Rachel but knows he must return her However, Rachel has a mind of her own and she s a good shot Most of the story takes place in or near a cave where the Scots hide and shelter those fleeing, including some orphans There are some endearing secondary characters The battles are over and the focus is on saving as many as they can.No one does better than Cates at bringing to life the plight of the Irish and the Scots at the hands of the English This is a good one in the series.The Culloden s Fire series CROWN OF MIST Creighton and Brianna Prequel GATHER THE STARS Gavin and Rachel ANGEL S FALL Adam and Juliet CROWN OF DREAMS Myles and Devlin

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    The Glen Lyon is a wanted man The British army, in particular, Sir Dunstan Wells, would do anything, kill anyone, destroy entire villages to capture this one man who has always managed to evade them Then the infamous Glen Lyon does the unthinkable, snatching Well s fiancee, the darling of the British army, right from beneath their noses Rachel de Lacey has heard tales of the Glen Lyon on the Highland moors When she s captured, she fully expects every dreaded nightmare to be fulfilled Yet in the weeks she s held captive, she discovers that there s to the stories She soon finds herself questioning everything she s ever been told about the Jacobite uprising, the honors of war, the man she plans to marry and the one who now holds her captive I have a soft spot for Scottish stories There s something deeply romantic about the history, and magical about the land itself with it s heather strewn moors and misty lochs The storyline was full of promise and I was quite riveted for the first half of the story There was some fantastic conflict and sizzling attraction between the main characters But then somewhere in the middle of the book, it just became too much The writing seemed to go on with redundant and terribly soppy prose The rest of the book followed the same writing style, although the pace of the story did pick up I quite enjoyed the twists of danger in the resolution I found this story quite entertaining overall.

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    Scotland 1746 Featured Gavin a coward, also traitor for the Scottish cause who arranged the kidnapping of Rachel, a late General s spoiled dtr The purpose To draw out Rachel s betrothed Sir Dunstan, the sadistic English soldier who ordered Scottish wom en and children killed I liked honorable Gavin better than Rachel who felt compelled to lecture H on the greatness of Dunstan Rachel showed her ignorance about the true nature of war until she heard it from the horse s Dunstan mouth Sweetheart Mama Fee served as the moral compass of the story.

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    GATHER THE STARS ExCates, Kimberly standaloneRachel de Lacey, the clever daughter of Lord General de Lacey, was about to embark on her own private war She had been kidnapped in the midst of a British officer s ball and carried to the forest lair of the infamous Glen Lyon Prepared to face the Scottish rebel who had become a legend, Rachel vowed she would defy him with her last breath But when the blindfold was ripped from Rachel s eyes, she saw Gavin Carstares, earl of Glenlyon, for what he really was.A strong yet gentle man, haunted by secrets, Gavin was the hero Rachel had always dreamed of Now she became his pawn in a desperate game to save the women and children of Scotland from the slaughter waged by Sir Dunstan Wells Rachel s own fiance But in Gavin s battle he had never envisioned losing his heart and then breaking it when forced to give Rachel back to the man he hated most As the heathered hills caught fire with their passion, Gavin and Rachel forged an everlasting bond that swept them toward an ecstasy worth defying a king s army.Much a novel than your average romance, I really enjoyed this.

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    Perfect book for a perfect moment In it s genre, it s rather good Hell, it was good as any genre Well written, entertaining, captivating and relatable characters that weren t just silly, stupid or both Granted, Gavin riding into the lion s den to save Adam was foolish from the get go, obviously, but it turned out to be a necessary part to the story

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    OMG Finally a good read After my last few this was a breath of fresh air Warning spoilers Where to begin A bit of backround Rachel, the daughter of an English general, grew up believing that being a hero is something obtained by defeating the enemy in battle, her father impressing on her that there are always casulaties of war and death on both sides was necessary, no matter that lives were destroyed, soldiers maimed and killed What she did not know was the true horrors of warUntil she got kidnapped.It is no wonder that Rachael has wanted nothing than to marry the greatest hero in all England, wanting to be a queen, wanting a fairy tale life So, to achieve her goal, she pledges to marry the man who can prove to be the greatest hero Her beauty encites many soldiers to battle, leaving the ruthless Sir Dunstan the champion thus becoming her betroth.Dunstans arch enemy, Gavin the Glenlyon, is a traitor to England, and tales of him have rendered him into a ledgend far greater than Dunstan Rachael is inevitably kidnapped by the Glenlyon. and here is where the story really takes off the rest you have to see for yourself This is a sweet story of a beautiful love that develops between Gavin asnd Rachel Yes Rachel at first appears to be a rich spoiled girl, ignorant to the realities of life and war, but the author justifies her ignorance to the outside world without leaving the reader to dislike her Upon meeting Gavin she sees for herself what a brutal man her betroth really is, and her perspective on life changes, very early on in the story, and we see her develop into a sweet, and caring woman, who is horribly ashamed of the girl she once was Gavin is a bit of a tortured soul, a man doing everything in his power to help save children, women and men of Scotland who have lost all in these gruesome battles He is so kind hearted, nothing like Sir Dunstan.What I loved about the story and what I found unique The reader is expecting the Glenlyon to be a large war hardened muscular man of superior strength But what we find upon first meeting him is a scholarly fellow who is a bit lanky, and wears spectacles LOL I love that He is nothing lke the stories told that have made him a ledgend Needless to say, I completely fell in love with him, he is a paasionate man who loves children, but lives with much unwarrented guilt, and who has endured a sad childhood He becomes the reason for Rachel to change and she helps him to see all the good inside himself.Their love develops naturally, and they have great chemistry There is only 1 love making scene and it is done so beautifully with amazing romance it made my heart melt.There is a small bit of humor as well when Rachel first arrives as a hostage, she seems to think everyone is insane, with good cause Adam, Gavins half brother is a wonderful secondary character and absolutely adorable in his light hearted manners In fact there are many good secondary characters, who the reader will come to love, especially mamma fie.There is plenty of action that kept me on the edge of my seat There is a HEA and ILY s but I wanted to know about this couple at the end, thus the reason for 4 not 5 stars UPDATE. I changed it to 5 stars no way I can put this as 4 12 8 2015 This is not to say the end was too abrupt, but or less, I was sad to have it end so soon.Overall This was well written, had few editing issues, well developed characters, beautiful love story, no lulls and all of the characters actions and dialogue were believeable, the author showed sound reasons for everything they did by expanding on their life history just enough to understand their motives Dunstan even, the antagonist, had sound reasons for his brutality.I would recommend this to anyone who likes sweet romance and I will certainly read by this author.

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    Cates delivers once again she made me hold my breath, gasp in outrage, cry with love, pray and hope for the best, and actually feel bloodthirsty enough to torture the villain in a million and one ways, using torture devices of medieval times which are so inhuman, they gave me nightmares for days Kudos to Cates for executing the captive falls in love with her captor trope so well As a captor, Gavin feels remorse for bringing an innocent into his schemes, he exerts himself to make Rachel as comfortable as possible and gives her the courtesy of an explanation His behaviour with those around him, his consideration for all, his selflessness and brilliance, all made him the perfect hero possible, so the falling in love aspect was very believable His strategies were astoundingly brilliant and his insight into the characters and motivations of others proved how observant he was, making him an amalgam of a perfect alpha and beta hero Cates describes his demons in such graphic detail that you feel his pain, his guilt and lack of self worth As the whole horrific story unfolds, your heart cries tears for blood for him a sensitive soul who understands the untold destruction that wars wreak, whose only cowardice was that he did not conform to the inhuman standards of bravery set by society Bravery is not cutting down defenseless enemies but turning away from this slaughter and understanding the motivations of the other side It does not mean glorying in your mastery over others to the extent that you become a sadistic monster who delights in massacring others It means helping the defenseless, with no consideration to your personal well being Rachel is a multi faceted character, who has been brought up like a boy than a girl, but indulged by those around her to the extent that her selfish disregard for others and indulgence in games and tricks, all make sense She was raised in such a sheltered atmosphere that she accepted only one side of the story as the whole truth Her real character came to the fore when she was surrounded by genuinely nice people She was strong, stubborn, could protect herself, did not need someone to rescue her, rather saved her man herself and fought for her happiness I especially applaud how she faced harsh realities and gruesome events without trying to explain them away, like most people tend to do.

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    WOW I Loved Gather the Stars The storyline builds and the suspense rises to an epic peak The story takes place after the battle of Culloden Moor The Scottish are defeated after being lead into battle by Bonnie Prince Charlie The result is the British Crown takes revenge on all of the Scottish people by burning, raping and killing innocent women, children and the elderly Burning down there homes and slaughter there cattle In this story the hero is Gavin Castares, Earl of Glenlyon He was branded a coward and a traitor to England and stripped of his title and lands He becomes know as Glen Lyon the mighty warrior who outsmarts the British Commander The Duke of Cumberland and his most notorious commander Sir Dunston Wells Dunston is outsmarted and outwitted at every turn by Glen Lyon Dunston is ruthless, a killer of women, children and the elderly But Sir Dunston has won the hand in marriage to Rachel Alexandra de Lacey Her father was an admired general in the British army and best friends with the Duke of Cumberland To gain the hand of the Incomparable Rachel a British officer had to be a hero and the most honored in the war against Scotland Rachel has been raised by her father and grows up among soldiers Rachel believes that Sir Dunston is a honorable officer and would never kill, rape women and children She is very na ve about what is really going on.While walking in the gardens at a ball for officers she is abducted kidnapped by the notorious rebel Glen Lyon s brother Adam She is taken to a cave where the Glen Lyon lives Rachel soon learns what is really happening to the Scottish people and the heroic efforts made by Glen Lyon to rescue as many people as he and his band of merry warriors can Rachel grows to respect, admire and eventually fall in love with Gavin The romance is beautiful Mildly sensual but romantic I like the gradual build up to love in the relationship The author didn t use any angst to build up to love in the relationship which I liked a lot The end was full of suspense, action and had a few surprises Rachel turns goes from being a spoiled brat to a courageous and strong women fighting for the life of the true love of her life and the true hero of the story Gavin Glen Lyon I Highly Recommend Gather the Stars Get it while its free

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Gather the Stars download Gather the Stars, read online Gather the Stars, kindle ebook Gather the Stars, Gather the Stars 24a08382d688 He Was A Legend Of The Highlands, A Masked Rider No Soldier Could Capture, Her Sworn Enemyher Beloved Rachel De Lacey, The Clever Daughter Of Lord General De Lacey, Was About To Embark On Her Own Private War She Had Been Kidnapped In The Midst Of A British Officer S Ball And Carried To The Forest Lair Of The Infamous Glen Lyon Prepared To Face The Scottish Rebel Who Had Become A Legend, Rachel Vowed She Would Defy Him With Her Last Breath But When The Blindfold Was Ripped From Rachel S Eyes, She Saw Gavin Carstares, Earl Of Glenlyon, For What He Really Was A Strong Yet Gentle Man, Haunted By Secrets, Gavin Was The Hero Rachel Had Always Dreamed Of Now She Became His Pawn In A Desperate Game To Save The Women And Children Of Scotland From The Slaughter Waged By Sir Dunstan Wells Rachel S Own Fiance But In Gavin S Battle He Had Never Envisioned Losing His Heart And Then Breaking It When Forced To Give Rachel Back To The Man He Hated Most As The Heathered Hills Caught Fire With Their Passion, Gavin And Rachel Forged An Everlasting Bond That Swept Them Toward An Ecstasy Worth Defying A King S Army