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    Before we even get this par TAY started, I m going to throw something out there This was not a bad book I m saying this now because I know I m about to be the black sheep when it comes to Sins Needles So before everyone in my Goodreads friends list comes out with their torches and pitch forks, guys, I can totally see why you all love this book.Alright, now that we ve got the basics out of the way, strap in because I m about to light it up BTW, yeah, spoilers cause that s how I roll.Sins Needles started off very strong for me The main character, Ellie Watt, has a great presence and voice She s someone I d even consider badass at first Obviously, her profession demands nothing less with her being a con artist and all But for once in her life, Ellie feels like she s had enough and goes home to Palm Valley It s there where Ellie must now face the ultimate human challenge Getting a job But just as her first and only attempt fails, in comes Camden McQueen Ellie is instantly attracted to this tattooed stud muffin, but doesn t recognize him as the bullied goth from high school and former best friend Anyway, they hit it off and somehow end up on this wild Bonnie and Clyde type adventure.Up until around 50%, I was feelin this book somethin serious Like I said, Ellie has a great voice and the writing wasn t bad either even though I do think it was stronger in the first half But somehow along the way I found myself caring less and less about finishing the book Here are three reasons why my happy cat died along the way complete with pop culture references FTW because obviously I was bored enough to soundtrack my review 1 Gypsy Woman, stay the hell away from me Ellie is one special character She makes a living from conning men out of money left and right She meets them on internet dating sites She fed me lies while she cast her spells , pretends to be their girlfriend for months Save me, she s a liar and then makes off with their cash Gypsy woman robbed me of my best Your ability to love this novel is really going to be dependent on if you can relate to her situation and past Or at the very least, sympathize with her I thought I could I mean, I tried really, really hard to I liked the idea of a con artist trying to go legit and finding love along the way It s just the way Ellie went about it that bothered me.So check it, Ellie goes back home and tries to get a job at ONE LOCATION, fails, sees Camden McMoneyPants walk in, and says, Fuck it I ll just rob him Trifling friend, indeed Actually, I kinda amI know, I know It s all she knows and she s used to just taking from everyone else, but that is no excuse to me And honestly, I think Ellie was just being lazy and I can t stand lazy people I wanted to shake her and make her get off her ass and get a job But no, instead she tries to rob Camden because obviously that s way easier and logical.But wait Ellie is JUSTIFIED because the world has wronged her I get that Ellie was a flawed character with a lot of issues, but hasn t anyone ever told her life isn t fair this is me playing the world s smallest violin I understand that Halle was trying to show the other side of the coin where a person doesn t make the right decisions My issue is that I couldn t understand WHY she was making them.2 I always put myself in destructive situations POP QUIZ If you had a tragic accident due to a career choice made by your parents, what would you do A Choose a different career when you grew up.B Choose the same career path of your parents because of reasons.Guess what Ellie chooses That s right, B Makes complete sense, right I ve got that lefty curse Where everything I do is flipped And awkwardly reversed But it gets better because this is Ellie fucking Watt we re talking about.So Ellie s parents tried to con a drug lord and she ends up paying the price by getting acid poured all over her leg I m not sure I would go back to the same drug lord with the intention of conning him alone, because, ahem, he s a DRUG LORD But she finds love in one of the drug lord s right hand men, Javier Surprise it doesn t work out and she steals his money and car Look at your life, Ellie Look at your choices The girl is addicted to Making Bad Decisions Intervention, I say I seeYou would think after that huge fail she would quit while she was ahead, but nooooo She goes on to con and men, leaving a trail of bread crumbs until eventually her past catches up to her.Now, there are two really big bones I gotta pick with Ellie here First, why does she never throw away her cell phone What kind of con artist keeps the same phone from con to con A shitty one Somebody get my phone So I can throw it in a public pool and watch it float Second, how did Javier continue finding her Her cell phone is my obvious guess, but it was clear the cell phone was not even thought of in this case and Javier seemed to locate her a little too well All the reader is given is some one liner from Mr Creep, saying he d always find her Sheesh, I can t believe she thought that was romantic at some point And yet, she never fully takes responsibility for her actions I don t look innocent with this big, big mess on 3 I want your love and I want your revenge I really don t think novels with dysfunctional relationships are for me I m a firm believer in the idea that if you don t have your own shit together, perhaps you should not get involved with someone else s This might have something to do with how well I understand them, which is virtually nil My only exposure to them is Fifty Shades of Grey and a page of Beautiful Disaster I m sure we all can agree that those characters need to sit down with someone and get some well needed advice.No, not you, Tay Tay skip track Ellie s uncle warns her about getting involved with Camden and urges her to focus on getting on her feet That makes sense considering it was her entire point of returning home and begging for a place to stay But right after Camden discovers Ellie s plan and double crosses her, they go on the run together Ellie s off in her corner of the hotel hating Camden and Camden is off is his corner hating Ellie and secretly thinking of raping her so that he can humiliate her just as she humiliated him in high school I want your drama The touch of your hand Wait, what I m raging right about now Are you telling me this Grown Ass Man is still angry about something that happened YEARS AGO in high school But wait, he also loves her Does your head hurt Great Here s an ice pack.But that s not even the half of it Ellie in turn resents Camden because she got caught trying to rob him She keeps saying things like, How could he do that to me And I m like, WTF, dude You broke and entered his house and tried to steal his money Also, she loves him and he s howt and she can t stop staring at his abs because, yeah, there goes his shirt again I want your leather studded kiss in the sand So somewhere along the lines they stop hating each other so much because, due to Ellie s stupidity, a character dies Then she s all, loosen up my buttons, baby, sexy time on a car and declarations of love Love love love I want your love I hate you, Ellie Watt, he whispered, lips coming closer to mine, because I still love you after all these years So all the while I m having this internal discussion , if you will, with Ellie I m grilling her about this love that she has with Camden What is your deal I scream at her, grabbing her shoulders It s the way I m feeling I just can t deny Oh, really You love him, huh And where did you find this love I bet it was In A Hopeless Place But I ve gotta let it go That s a yes, isn t it I might not be an expert on love and relationships, but their whatever you wanna call it doesn t make sense to me But I get it Sometimes you can t decide who you love or whatnot However, seeking revenge on someone you claim you ve been in love with for years Does not compute This is probably an indication of where my personal beliefs just got in the way of sympathizing with the two characters I couldn t suspend logic long enough to simply go with it.So, yeah Not my kind of book I couldn t relate to the story, the characters and their subsequent decisions despite the strong start Clearly, I am in the minority with not loving Sins Needles, so feel free to tell me to kick rocks, blow bubbles, throw stones and STFU.More reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.

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    OH MY FUDGEKNUCKLES WHAT DID I JUST READ I I M I DON T KNOW WHAT TO SAY HERE I I need to think and calm down before I A big thank you to Karina Halle for providing me an ARC for an honest review I hate you Ellie Watt, he whispered, lips coming closer to mine, because I still love you after all these years Shock seized me first, the butterflies shredding me to pieces Then he grabbed my face and kissed me, hard. Sins Needles will be Karina Halle s first release of 2013 and all I can say right now is Bring out the fireworks my peeps , coz this woman is ROCKIN GOOD Woohoo , god , I don t even know where to begin this review with I know , it obviously has to be from the beginning and all but The hell man , I cant even think straight righ now I ve been excited to read this ever since Karina announced it , and the fact that I got to read an ARC of it is just a sliver lining on the cloud that I m floating on right now Yes , I m on a Karina fied high right now Damn , this woman and her work turns me into a junkie And I m already craving my next fix sigh okay then , lets move on with the review shall we This will be the last time That s exactly what Ellie Watt tells herself when she s in the middle of conning someone or paying up for her conning abilities Ofcourse , we all know that wont be the case anytime soon Escaping from one of her such Oh shit I fucked up with the wrong man situation Ellie finds herself driving back to her hometown The place that was her refuge and her hell at the same time Uncle Jim being Ellie s only saving grace every time she or her family needs saving But Uncle Jim s kinda reluctant to help her but gives her time to settle down for some days and find herself some sort of an employment which does not involve her getting into any trouble Ellie decides to get a job at a Coffee shop , somethings better than nothing right , something a little too inconspicuous And that s where trouble walks in the form of Camden McQueen Well , that s one trouble I d handle any day Ellie and Camden they have a history A history that did not quite end on a good note But hey , that was the past and this is now Right Hmm , lets just say somethings are not forgotten that easily Some wounds definitely know how to resurface when you least expect them I m gonna have to stop talking here , because If I continue , I ll probably develop a verbal diarrhea or something That blurb up there , yeah , that doesn t even begin to cover what you re in for once the book crosses that stage Hell , It was one even before we could reach that stage But still My thoughts Sins Needles is an absolute Karina Halle is an expert when it comes to creating characters who are fucked up and story lines which are messed up To put it correctly I ll say she creates the best characters ever They cant get any human than this We are pretty unpredictable and our decisions about life and the choices we make are always based upon the situations we are made to exist with Ellie and Camden are such two characters who are living their life with the choices they ve made They may not seem right to us , hell , they might even end up looking down right suicidal but that s just how these two roll Ellie is contradiction on legs She has scars that have probably governed her life so far , reminders of where she s been But the choices that she makes here , has turned me into a contradictory mess I started off unsure of whether I would like her or not But holy hell , she is FAN FREAKIN TASTIC And then there is Camden Camden fucking McQueen He He may not be your knight in a shining armor but he sure as hell isn t a douchebag in a tin foil Broken on the inside , add to that a sinfully sexy epitome of art he can instantly turn into a creep who can scare the bejeebus out of you OMG that s such a turn on He is just delicious My Playlist I absolutely lurve music And they always keep me company whilst I m reading And this book was no exception Karina Halle has quite an exquisite Desert Playlist that bodes well with the feel of this book Presenting to you my Its sexy and you know it playlist , because this book is all kinds of sexy 1 Fizgig Chevelle 2 Paradise Circus Massive Attack 3 Inertia Creeps Massive Attack 4 The Lonely boy Black Keys 5 On Demon Wings Bohren der club of gore 6 Endless Dave Gahan 7 Straight out of Line Godsmack8 Oddfellows The Tomahawk 9 White Angel The lion 10 Here With Me Dido 11 On Every Streets Dire Straits 12 The last Goodbye The Kills 13 One and the same Rob Dougan 14 Roadhouse Blues The Doors 15 Wish Nine Inch Nails 16 Even Deeper Nine Inch Nails 17 Me, I m not Nine Inch Nails Enjoy What I really enjoy about Karina Halle s writing and story telling technique is that not only does she create some pretty real and genuine characters , she also knows how to keep a reader engrossed in the world she creates for these characters Sins and Needles is her first Dark Contemporary romance and the woman sure knows how to spin one hell of a tale It is dark , edgy , uberly sexy that tends to seep into your bones and stick to you like second skin Relatable and Real , Sins and Needles is a 110% movie material Oozing action , adventure , humor , drama , romance and steamy sex the book is a definite page turner that s bound to keep you glued to the edge of your seats till the very last page So guys and gals , grab those popcorns , soda cans and candy floss sit back and enjoy your ride

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    4 1 2 starsSorry for using such a cheap trick to drag you in but this is the picture Halle used as inspiration for Camden And I know many people have used that image in their reviews but, come on, do you really ever get tired of looking at that This book came as a complete shock to me It s one of those where I have no idea why I read it, it must be some sort of masochistic curiosity that makes me pick up books I m almost certain I won t like For one thing, it s an indie novel and my luck with those is virtually non existent For another thing, it s a contemporary romance and as soon as I hear those two words put together I can feel the eye rolls starting It s not that I don t like a good romance, but it is so seldom told well delving either into misogyny, cliches or both that I tend to avoid books with a romantic focus But Sins Needles is my own personal rule breaker and I cannot fully convey just how delighted I am to have discovered the dark, sexy world of Karina Halle.I m so sorry to drag it down with such an awful comparison but Sins Needles just makes me wonder than ever why Fifty Shades of Grey is so popular That question has played on my mind ever since reading the cringyness that is Christian and Ana, but I have come up with suggestions like well, there s the hot sex There s the confident alpha male thing There s the flirty banter But this book is all those things too, minus a ton of disgusting control freakery, sexism and general stupidity from the heroine , minus extremely bad writing, plus some well rounded characterization that goes beyond my mummy abused me so now I like to beat you, WAAAAAH Sins Needles has the flirty fun to make you giggle, it has some darkness and danger to keep your eyes glued to the page I stayed up until 5am and was literally on the verge of passing out and it has some DAMN HAWT sex scenes.Though I m no writer myself, I imagine it must be very difficult to find that perfect balance with a love interest To make him sexy and yet than a sex object To make a character that you simultaneously want to cuddle because he s so freaking adorable, and want to tear his clothes off a moment later Camden is a character with a well woven story that compiles elements of the nerdy outsider he was in high school and the strong, good looking man he is now to create a very interesting package He is flawed and doesn t always do the right thing but you can t help but love him all the same.The main story is surprisingly dark in many ways but I kind of wish I d written this review before reading the equally good short prequel On Every Street because this changes your perspective on quite a few things I love authors that do that, give you an idea and let you think you know what s going on but then turn it on its head, introduce some new information and completely change the rules of the game Awesome The plot of this book is about Ellie Watt, the troubled daughter of two criminals who has been left physically and emotionally scarred by their escapades Ellie Watt doesn t know who she is, she s afraid to be who she is, so she creates new identities as she goes Eden White Emily Watson The list goes on Her dodgy past chases her back to her hometown to live with her uncle, she is sure no one will recognise her But she s wrong Camden McQueen remembers her all too well and with him comes memories that Ellie has been trying to forget.The other thing about contemporary romances that make them not a favourite of mine is the formula that all of them seem to follow The characters all seem to have similar characteristics, the plot moves through the same points of denial and jealousy but Sins Needles feels so different from all of that Perhaps its because the characters aren t always completely likeable Or perhaps its because Halle throws in some well placed surprises that take you off guard several times Perhaps its the exciting mafia subplot that makes this book so different, turning Ellie and Camden into a kind of Bonnie and Clyde duo.On the subject of not entirely likeable characters, I ve read where some people say they don t like Ellie and I can see why She s not a good person and she s willing to screw people over to get her own way You should be aware of this before reading because it could affect your enjoyment But I like her because of this Or maybe not so much like her as I care about her and I m curious about her She s not evil for me, she s trying to make her way in the world She s done many things I hate but she hates herself for them equally and I just love the complexity of her character Maybe you think I m crazy, but there s always been something about love stories with bad people that has totally pulled me in Two bad people who completely deserve one another Where both of them have dark sides that make them as bad as each other, that make them absolutely perfect for one another It s one of the reasons I love Cathy and Heathcliff and it s one of my favourite elements of Gone Girl.Plus, I absolutely loved the musical references in this book, I felt like it created a soundtrack to the story which constantly played in the background I m also a big Dire Straits fan and I had to break out my old albums to listen again after reading this God, it s so beautiful I m going to spoiler tag some of my favourite lyrics so you can skip over them if you like but I simply HAVE to include these beauties view spoiler A three chord symphony crashes into spaceThe moon is hanging upside downI don t know why it is I m still on the caseIt s a ravenous townAnd you still refuse to be tracedSeems to me such a wasteAnd every victory has a taste that s bittersweetAnd it s your face I m looking for on every street. hide spoiler

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    ETA downgraded to 3 stars September 20, 2015Review completed February 1, 2013 Nope This is about taking control It s about controlling yourself, getting into that tiny moment in which you can make things happen After a scam gone awry and being on the road for two months, Ellie Watts decides to return home because she ran short of money Because of her criminal lifestyle Ellie does not have a lot of friends As it is, friends are dangerous liabilities when you re a grifter That s the reason she has not a lot of options and goes back to her uncle Jim who is living in the Coachella Valley Shortly after, Ellie runs into an old friend from high school, tattooed and pierced Camden McQueen Camden is chatting her up and before she knows it, he invites her to attend his gig that takes place the same evening Camden is a tattoo artist, painter and amateur musician who is playing for the band Kettle Black. Ellie intends to view spoiler scam Camden ASAP, hide spoiler

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    This book was just BRILLIANT I swear, it was like watching one of my favorite Tarantino movies, except it wasn t a movie, it was a book and it s the very first time a book has ever made me feel that way The story kept me enthralled the entire time, and I loved every minute of it From shady drug lords to sexy tattoo artists to the maffia and visits to a casino, this book had everything in it to earn itself a place on my favorites of 2013 list although the year has only just started There was action, suspense, humor and romance but not at all in a clich way and to top it all, the story was accompanied by an awesome soundtrack Sins Needles is the story of a girl named Ellie Watt I m not a bad The world is bad, and I m just trying to survive in it Ellie Watt is not just any other girl, she s a con artist and an excellent one at that She s spent her entire life being on the run from the people she s framed and she s spent her entire life being someone else I don t think I d ever gone on a vacation my whole life I was always working, always on It was a full time job pretending to be someone else Now, Ellie has decided it is time for her to go back to her roots, spent some time with her uncle, commit one final scam and maybe start a new life away from the troubles that come along with being on the run the entire time This will be the last time I ve said that before I ve said it a lot I ve said it while talking to myself in the mirror like some Tarantino clich What she didn t expect was for her former high school friend, Camden McQueen to still be in the same town they grew up inCamden McQueen Once upon a time, Camden used to be a freak, he used to be the most tormented kid in high school and he used to dress himself as a goth long hair, black painted nails and long leather coat included but now Now, Camden has become a very attractive, successful tattoo artist he even had an appearance on Kat Von D s LA Ink and in no way, this Camden resembles the young, weird looking boy he once used to be He was like a living, breathing painting on an all male canvas In high school, Camden used to have a crush on Ellie, but she never really returned his feelings Now, with Camden being so successful, Ellie has found herself the perfect target of her new and hopefully final scam She hopes to use the feelings he had for her to make the scam an easy job But what seems like a done deal, turns out to be a whole lot difficult than anyone could have ever expected What follows next is a roller coaster ride of events

    The story is fast paced and constantly keeps you on edge Whenever you think you ve figured it out, something unexpected happens, that will make you re evaluate your opinion about everything you ve just read and all the people involved in it.And that ending I mean, I completely get that authors make use of cliffhangers to keep the audience on the edge of their seat and it s probably a good thing because it makes us crave the next part of the story even But that ending.

    It left me speechless and wishing that the next part in the series would come out like RIGHT NOW But, either way, I still LOVED this book and I would recommend reading it to EVERYONE because it really has a bit of everything in it and it s the kind of story, I think, all kinds of readers will be able to relate to Sins Needles was my very first book by Karina Halle and I already know it won t be my last 5 UNIQUE and ACTION FILLED STARS

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    Sometimes you need to bury yourself so deep in fiction that you forget that the real world exists Sins Needles is a story about drug lords, con artists, the Mafia, and a sexy tattoo artist It s a story about redemptionjustification It s a story that perhaps seems a little unbelievable But isn t that what makes fiction so amazing There s no rules, anything can happen, anything goes It s like Quentin Tarantino Martin Scorsese wrote a book and had Kristen Ashley and M Leighton edit A hot, sexy, romantic, action packed book I won t give a lot away about the plot because experiencing it raw is half the fun, but I will say that the characters are nothing short of perfect Ellie is a kick ass, tell it like it is, con artist When she s not being kick ass, she s saying things that are Get your head out of your vagina, I told myself and sat up in the chair a little straighter. I mean who hasn t thought that Then there s I pried my hands off of it and reached out Seregei, my future fake husband, wasn t short, but I had long arms and as I pushed aside his gut, I found his balls And of course the banter I glared at him Is the gun really necessary No, he admitted It s just fun to have one Like an extra penis, I mused.He smiled unkindly Something like that Camden s transformation from sweet goth friend to tattooed, take me in the grass, alpha male was toe curling The sexual tension was palpable and the pace was gripping It swept me away, entertained me, and left meleft meOH MY GOD, I can t believe how it left me The ending killed me and the sequel better be releasedyesterday Not just because of how I was left hanging, but everything between Ellie and Camden was perfect The perfect blend of push and pull The perfect blend of salty and sweet The perfect blend of making love and f king Sometimes you just need to get lost in the unbelievable Get lost in the crazy Get lost in fiction I m not even sure I wanted to be found.READ ON Reviewed at

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    We all make our own paths in life Everyone we meet, everything we do, it changes us It makes us who we are And, if we re lucky, we re given the chance to make things right again Don t try and con a con man A helluva lot STARS Brilliant, inspired, unique, refreshing, mysterious Dark, gothic, gritty, sexy, a Tarantino movie in the making A story of a girl and a boy, names that aren t defining, criminals, use and abuse The sacred and profane The pleasure and the pain Somewhere your fingerprints remain concrete And it s your face I m looking for on every street Insert a name of your choice here, I m gonna go with Ellie WattsShe is the con artist daughter of a con artist family The apple under the apple tree 26 years old and dead Inside were it counts And scarred outside where it showsShe comes back to the house she grew up Not a home, just a place A name is like a home, then All those years without a name All those years without a home She returns, where she grew up, where she loved with innocence, betrayed with intent, lost and forgot Deep in the desert, under the unforgiving sun and the shadow of the Joshua Tree.You can t run from your past You can hide, you can hope, but it always catches up with you And you pay For your Sins.I ve called Ellie many names, while reading this book but I couldn t have said it any better Beautiful, sad, wounded, and lost, he continued A freak, a work of art, a liar, and a lover I m not condoning and I don t even understand her but HELL, girl you stun me.C.M, let s stick with Camden, OK Do you think because you can t see my scars that they don t exist That s the trouble with pain, Ellie If you re lucky, you can wear it for all the world to see Most people have their pain deep inside, in places no one ever goes Not until it s too late Camden McQueen is the last person, Ellie would have expected to meet again The town s Sheriff son, ex goth and school scapegoat, altogether freak and only friend, grew up to be a gorgeous tattoo artist He doesn t have the scars, but he has the burdens that come with them The bitterness, cautiousness, despair, that always accompany them.He also has something that elevates him I hate you, Ellie Watt, he whispered, lips coming closer to mine, because I still love you after all these years Now Ellie, has to be brave enough to put her Sins in his hands And hope that his Needles will fade them enough, to let them rest Sins Needles Working together for their Gualala Will it suffice Can they trust each other No, not until they put all their ghosts behind Until thenWhat a book What an ending A rock concert, a haunting melody, a scary ride.Brace yourselves, enjoy the ride and trust noone Well, except the ones that always were thereBravo and amazing Revised at 02 01 2013, to post full review. This review can be found on my blog infinity of time.blogspot.com also known as

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    Sometimes when you finish a book, you loved it so completely, so thoroughly, that you don t even want to give it a 5 star rating Because then you start thinking of all the other 5 stars you ve given, and it just doesn t compare You don t want it to be compared This was one of them Having read a copy the minute it was made available, there were no reviews or feedback yet, giving me absolutely zero expectations, and I Was Blown Away I have both been dying to, and dreading, reviewing this book, because I want to just pour my heart out, but at the same time I m afraid nothing I say can do it justice So it may not completely make sense, you have been warned.First and foremost, this is not a young adult or New Adult book It s a fully adult contemporary novel We get introduced to two of the most phenomenal and broken characters I have ever come upon The character development in this book is unsurpassable Our protagonist, Ellie, carved her way into the deepest crevices of my heart I became in tuned to her thoughts and emotions as if they were my own Her scars, both physical and emotional, become a palpable part of this novel To layer her even , we regularly get taken into her past where we see what she has been through how she was damaged and emotionally beaten into the person she is today These chapters are written in the third person, showing us exactly what Ellie thinks of her younger self with a detachment This gives her character incredible depth a driving force to her current situation, her current state of mind Before I start on Camden, let me give you Karina s inspired by visualization If you are even able to get your eyes off of that picture to read the rest of this review, I can tell you that you heart will be in shreds when this book is over I don t think I ve ever been infatuated with a character as much as I am with Camden He can eat crackers in my bed anytime Oh let s face it, I want to eat them off of him, and you will want to, too fans self Ok Besides being a walking sex on a stick, Camden is a masterfully created tortured soul, broken by his past and so so passionate about everything he takes on I m telling you, bringing characters to life like this does not happen very often These people are REAL They are 100% completely genuine Together, they work They just do Plain and simple It s not always pretty only imagine what you get when you put two tormented individuals together Their relationship is rocky, and it s as frustrating as it is smoking hot sometimes, but it will tear your heart out The ending it broke me I was a complete mess Then I went into instant withdrawal And the book I m reading now, which I put on pause to read this one, tastes kind of pasty now Oh wait should I be eating it Damnit I forgot how to read sobs Dark, gritty, and sexy as hell, Sins Needles is pure perfection for fans of contemporary novels with a dangerous edge It will leave you begging for , in that blubbering, unattractive way of yours An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    Welcome Readers,this golden tale is about Ellie and Camden She is a con artist and he is a tattoo artist.She is someone who has visible scars and his are deeply hidden.She has the SINS and he has the NEEDLES. Watch her surrender her sins to his needles Jesus, he whispered, gaze lingering everywhere I keep forgetting that you re art already So what are you going to tattoo on me Whatever your scars tell me to, he said..After a few minutes,the needle buzzed,alive and waiting to transform me.I put my sins in his hands. Her parents were grifters,and she spent her childhood being used as a pawn in her parents latest scam.They taught her everything she needed to know about being a con artist,a very good one.But one time she got hurt..and it changed her life forever.Her uncle living in Palm Valley had given her and her parents shelter when they had wanted to start over,but things had not gone according to the plan.She left Palm Valley after completing her schooling and never looked back.She did what she had learned the best.grifting.She had drifted from one state to other,from one name to another,taken one identity after another.and lied,cheated,stolen,conned And now,seven years after she had left Palm Valley,she was returning,in order to start afresh.Finally being Ellie Watt again.Now Readersthe tale of Ellie Watt is incomplete without Camden McQueen In high school Ellie Watt had only one friend.He was the only person weird than her.He was Camden McQueen.He was always there for her But they had one major differenceShe hid her differences and would have given up anything to be normal,to be accepted.He flaunted his differences,and did not give a damn about anyone else except Ellie.And then one day.She got a chance to be accepted by everyone.She took it without thinking twice What did she give up Camden McQueen.She crushed his heart beneath her feet that day You re a bad person,Ellie, he said without a trace of irony I m not bad.The world is bad and I m just trying to survive in it And now,seven years later,they meet again.But this time,he is no longer a weirdo.He is sinfully hot and covered in tattoos,a successful tattoo artist.They meet and sparks fly,but..Pleasure s a sin, and sometimes sin s a pleasure.So once again,she lets go of the consequences,she lets go of her conscience,she lets go of her budding feelings for Camden, and becomes ready to sin again.She decides to rob Camden McQueen.Oh,she justifies herself,like hundreds of time before..But this time,something unexpected happens.This time she had chosen the wrong pawn.This time. No Readers.You ll have to grab this book to know what happens next.But I ll tell you this muchit s just the beginning You re a con artist A liar A thief An unredeemable soul You can t be reformed You can t be saved You ll die trying to make the world pay for what it did to you And you ll die alone Readers,the story of these two flawed people is something you won t be forgetting anytime soon.And you have no inkling about what is to come next.Someone s about to enter.A new story will unfold.And by the end,you ll be left reeling.Javier.So Readers,prepare yourself for the onslaught that is. Sins Needles My thoughts I hated Ellie and her weakness for always choosing the easy path,the wrong path.I hated her for trying to justify her actions.I hated her for blaming others.I hated her for wearing her scars as a badge.Using them as an excuse while choosing the wrong things,using them to justify her actions.Camden too choose the wrong path.And there s this last individual.A beast.A monster So what did I like I liked Ellie and Cam s journey towards redemption.Both of them still have a long way to go.And I have no idea,whether the last one can be redeemed or not.Along with the twists and turns,suspense and drama,Karina Halle has done a wonderful job in portraying this dark side of human nature.The side which lives on spite.Which is capable of hating with a passion.Which lives for revenge.Capable of ruining others for gain,and never looking back.And now I m breathlessly waiting for. Perhaps love can be their redemption after all. That s all for now,Readers.Ta Ta

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    She is a con artist That s what Ellie Watt,with the thousands of other names,is..After a fake bride scam goes wrong she goes back to her childhood town to rebuild her life legitimately When she hits her hometown she runs into a blast from the pastCamden McQueen used to be the freak who dressed all in Goth.At one time he was her only friend until she let peer pressure destroy their relationship I m not bad The world is bad and I m just trying to survive in it This is a new Camden He is sexy,tattoo artistHe is nothing like the boy she left behind in high school..He s talented and they have an intense attraction to each other that she can t wait to consummate.She keep her mind to do one last job Ellie is such a real character At first I disliked her but then I love her She is shaped by events from when she is a young girl and crime is really the only way she knows how to get ahead.Camden is equally hurt.His scars might not be on display like Ellie s but that doesn t mean they aren t there.There is such a range to who he is, to who he was,and I couldn t help but feel for him..Both characters are damaged by their childhoods.The physical and emotional baggage they carry around with them is what made this story so interesting..Glimpses of the past give a better understanding of their personalities and relationships. You re so afraid,Ellie Watt.You re afraid to show the world what you re really like.You re afraid to come peace with your scars,because the minute you acept them you have to let go of your anger.And then who would you be I don t know About Javier I have to say one thing if Ellie Watt falls for him again, I ll hit her with all my strenght The ending washoly shit Cant wait for the second book Favourite quotes There s no one else I wanted to love No one who deserved it than you I love you From until the end under any name you choose It s like art Ellie Art Like an abstract painting.You can find art and beauty in everything.If you look hard enough,but your beauty is just staring you in the face For reviews you can check mine and Kristinas s blog D my link text

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Sins & Needles download Sins & Needles, read online Sins & Needles, kindle ebook Sins & Needles, Sins & Needles e3bc6b895621 Ellie Watt Is Used To Starting Over The Daughter Of A Grifting Team, Ellie Spent Her Childhood Being Used As A Pawn In Her Parents Latest Scam Now She S Much Older, Wiser And Ready To Give Her Con Artist Life A Rest But Returning To The Dry Desert Town Of Palm Valley, California Means One Temptation Than She Bargained For Camden McQueen Once Known As The High School Weirdo, Camden Is Bigger And Badder Than The Boy He Used To Be And A Talented Tattoo Artist With His Own Thriving Business Ellie S Counting On Camden Still Being In Love With Her But What She S Not Counting On Is How Easily Unrequited Love Can Turn Into Obsession Over Time When Camden Discovers Ellie S Plan To Con Him, He Makes Her A Deal She Doesn T Dare Refuse, But Her Freedom Comes With A Price And It S One That Takes Both Ellie And Camden Down A Dangerous Road