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    My good friend Rachel B and her mom have read Laurie Colwin for years I always noticed a row of her novels in their home outside Cambridge, MA Never before my visits had I seen her books, but I happened upon Clothilde sp from Chocolate and Zucchini mentioning Laurie Colwin s exquisite food writing So when it came time for me to buy Rachel some presents as a thank you for hosting me in San Francisco gift, I knew that one item had to be the collected food writing of Laurie Colwin And that I needed this gift, too.Interestingly, I ve been very sparing with these essays For a number of days, I read just one a night before going to sleep Then two And tonight I read the last 75 pages in one sitting It s almost 1 am and I m like a kid who desperately needed to eat every last crumb from the brownie pan I need to go get the other collection of food essays, read her novels and also use her recipe for gingerbread sometime very soon.

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    I gave my mom a copy of Lucy Knisley s RELISH, and in turn she pointed me to Laurie Colwin, who pioneered the food and recipe driven essay style that Lucy so deftly reinvented in the graphic novel format I read most of this book on my iphone, in the dark, between the hours of 2 and 5am, awake with a 3 week old baby It was exactly what I needed then comforting and funny and nostalgic, sending me on a pleasant, hazy, remembrance of my own early childhood in Boulder in the 1980s when arugula was an exotic delicacy and many of the staples of today s kitchens could only be found in crunchy granola health food stores like the Pearl Street Market.

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    I haven t read this author at all I just happened to see the cover online and want to track down the book and find out who painted it.

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    I haven t run across much food writing that can make me laugh out loud, but this book did just that These are chatty, revelatory, often humorous essays on cooking, entertaining, and domestic life in general Colwin s approach is warm and accessible You need not be a cook to enjoy the book, but it might make you want to start using your kitchen for than just the microwave oven There are informal recipes scattered throughout the book, and some formal ones at the end of most of the essays She demystifies daunting tasks such as baking bread, and encourages the reader to always try everything, even if it turns out to be a dud We learn by doing If you ve had your share of kitchen disasters, Colwin is here to commiserate She shares some of her worst mistakes, as well as a few of the disgusting foods other people have tried to feed her There s her attempt at Dundee Cake, where her guests were served a ring of buttered sawdust in which was embedded a series of jujubes And then there was the peculiarly crunchy tortellini she served to some guests who had been smoking a lot of marijuana, after which one of them said, Hey, wouldn t it be groovy if we could dump this whatever it is in the garbage and go out for dinner The 33 essays range from basics like fried chicken and potato salad to special cases such as How to Avoid Grilling, How to Disguise Vegetables, and Kitchen Horrors The variety of topics makes the book especially useful and much enjoyable to read I ll be keeping it on hand for kitchen reference, and just for laughs.

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    Reading Laurie Colwin is like sitting in a friend s kitchen sharing a cup of tea She shares favorite recipes, dining experiences and opinions on food along with stories of notable disasters This book is the food writer s version of comfort food The recipes are good and the cooking advice is sound The creamed spinach with jalapenos is wonderful, the gingerbread delicious, and the potato salad very good I enjoy rereading it every January while there is snow on the ground and think about it when peppers and eggplant are in season Like Laurie, I fry them in olive oil for myself when no one else is around.

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    This was my second read on this book While I enjoyed it, I also felt like perhaps me, as a cook, has changed Or me as a reader has changed Maybe I ve read too many incredible food memoirs in the meantime, or my skills have improved This time I sort of felt like I was getting advice from a 1970s earth mother in a room with a spider plant This is not to say I didn t identify with her Because I am always hungry, I myself eschew hors d oeuvres When they come my way, I eat too many and then I am full by the time I reach the table This does not, however, prevent me from cleaning my plate and then I am angry at myself for eating too much Ah, this is me This is also not to say I didn t take away nuggets of wisdom Always try everything even it turns out to be a dud We learn by doing If you never stuff a chicken with pat , you will never know that it is an unwise thing to do, and if you never buy zucchini flowers you will never know that you are missing one of the glories of life Reading this was like having a friend in the kitchen, talking ever so quietly to you as you cook Maybe I ve been reading too much Melissa Clark, who is a louder talker to me in the kitchen, and who is fresh, young, daring, and adventurous While I enjoyed reading this and didn t give one thought to putting it down, I was a little disappointed it didn t affect me like it did the first time I read it Sometimes, you CAN T go home again.

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    I was thinking about comfort reading for bookstagram purposes and this is one of the first books that came to mind It s impossible to even guess how many times I have read this dear, dear friend In her foreword to this collection of essays on food, Colwin shares this oft quoted philosophy One of the delights of life is eating with friends second to that is talking about eating And, for an unsurpassed double whammy, there is talking about eating while you are eating with friends. I would add one of the delights of my life is drinking tea and eating a thick slice of gingerbread cake whilst rereading this charming, humorous book for the umpteenth time.This is not a book that I actually cook from all that often, and I will admit that some of the recipes are a bit hinky, but for reading about food, and the pleasures of sharing it, I cannot think of a book that I would recommend except perhaps for its follow up, More Home Cooking Colwin s turn of phrase and delicious sense of humour is entirely to my taste One of my favourite chapters is actually titled Repulsive Dinners A Memoir I was going to quote some of my favourite lines from it, but then I realised after rereading it that they are all my favourites.Note I was given my copy of Home Cooking by Martha Smith in 1990 Treasures both the cookbook and the friend.

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    Laurie Colwin died very young I discovered her when I was in law school a friend of mine had picked up her last book A Big Storm Knocked It Over A Novel and pressed it on me with the fervor of an evangelical, telling me that this book, this book was everything to her I didn t know it then, but Laurie Colwin was already dead of a heart attack.I read A Big Storm Knocked It Over, and then went on to read Happy All the Time, a book that I still own, that I left out in the rain and has a cover that separated and then dried in wrinkles, and Family Happiness, and then I discovered Laurie Colwin s food writing, and I read this book, and More Home Cooking, both of which I checked out of the public library.And then I learned that she had died, a year before I had even discovered her and I felt grief because there would be no books by Laurie Colwin and I hadn t even known it.Home Cooking is an oddly wonderful book, a collection of stories about food written by someone who told stories about food and friendship and how food is friendship, and sometimes friendship is food She s funny and self deprecating and would have been a lovely person to sit down and have a meal with, and I ve always wanted to make her gingerbread Maybe someday I will.

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    A treasure of both essay type memoirs and recipes I ve not read any of Laurie Colwin before but this was a great one to start with The Kitchen Horrors chapter is laugh out loud funny and there are many amusing moments some aimed at her and some at others Her recipes are down home, tried and true with a hint of gourmet to shake it up Can t wait to read the second book, More Home Cooking

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    Laurie Colwin is plain winsome Her writing voice is capable, soothing, wry, funny, unassuming I moseyed my way through her comfort filled chapters I m conflicted about the decision to keep or release this book It s reassuring reading you could pick up, read a random chapter, and set down again I do not believe you have to spend a lot of money to eat well it is hard to beat a plain old baked potato.A long time ago it occurred to me that when people are tired and hungry, which in adult life is much of the time, they do not want to be confronted by an intellectually challenging meal they want to be consoled.Dishes such as shepherd s pie and chicken soup are a kind of edible therapy.Vegetarians, for example, are enough to drive anyone crazy Like Protestants, they come in a number of denominations.I flagged ten recipes to try I m intrigued by the Latvian Birthday Cake, one she calls a saffron flavored coffee cake I have precious saffron from the Istanbul Spice Bazaar waiting for worthy recipes Really, there are so many things I appreciated, like this list of items worth spending money for sweet butter, good olive oil, high quality vinegar, sea salt, fresh pepper, fresh herbs, raw sugar So sad Laurie Colwin didn t wake up one morning when she was 48 I don t know who put this classic on my radar, but it s been on my TBR list at least ten years I have her companion book, More Home Cooking on my nightstand.

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