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  • Hardcover
  • 326 pages
  • Last Call
  • James Grippando
  • English
  • 15 January 2017
  • 9780060831165

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    Last Call brings back Miami defense attorney Jack Swyteck and his best friend, Theo Knight, who finds himself in legal trouble and personal danger when an old gang member acquaintance escapes from prison and fingers point to Theo as an accomplice Jack once saved Theo from death row for a murder he didn t commit and now attempts to prove Theo had nothing to do with Isaac Reems escape Grippando delves into the ugly world of gang violence and drug trafficking and how it s possible to rise from poverty and the influence of powerful gangs to become a successful businessman Last Call is well written and a compelling read I stayed up late finishing it because I simply could not the book down.

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    I had read a couple other of his books that I enjoyed and decided to try this one It had plenty of action with the twists and turns that I so enjoy He apparently has other books out there with the same characters Once I get acquainted with characters I enjoy reading about them again These characters are especially interesting as one is a lawyer and the other was saved from death row You wouldn t think these two would have much in common, but read the book, they did have.

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    I listened to this audiobook Jack Swytek is a criminal defense attorney in Florida His best friend is Theo Knight, the man Jack saved from Death Row at the 11th hour Theo had been innocent of murder Theo grew up on mean streets with violent gangs Today he is the owner of a bar, but his past has come calling A gang member escapes from prison and wants Theo s help He tells Theo that in return he will tell him who murdered his prostitute mother Jack helps Theo look back to his mother s murder and even further back to when she was just a teenager What they uncover involves than the gang violence that Theo grew up around It involves some rich and powerful people as well who don t want secrets from the past to come to light Theo has an uncle who also knows some painful secrets This is a fast paced story with memorable characters.

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    This installment of Grippando s Jack Swytek series focuses on Jack s best friend Theo Knight, a man Jack saved from death row Theo owns his own bar and is on the verge of expanding his business when Isaac Reems, former gang member and an escaped convict, shows up asking for help Theo isn t so inclined but Reems s bargaining chip is that he can reveal the identity of the person who killed Theo s mother 20 years earlier The FBI, hot on the trail of Reems, suspects Theo is helping the convict, and when Reems is murdered, their focus is on Theo Jack and Theo suspect all is tied to his mother s death but that road leads to danger.This addition to the series is middle of the road, better than some, not as good as others Grippando brings back FBI agent Andie Henning, and although chemistry is hinted at between Andie and Jack, it s just not there Swytek seems off his game and Theo s constant emotion is anger, although there is good cause More is learned of Theo s Uncle Cy, an interesting character.

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    This is the story of Theo, a young man who was saved from death row by his lawyer, Jack Swyteck They immediately became best friends Years have passed and Theo still does not know who killed his mother, a street walker who died when he was a teenager The story takes place as Theo is opening a new jazz bar in Miami when suddenly he finds himself being pulled into the world of criminals from his past.

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    loved this book Theo is in need for lawyer help again once convicted of a crime that landed him in jail, now needs to solve the mystery of his mother s murder which happened many years before the book starts Also the reader is re introduced to the FBI investigator who is an old love interest to the Jack, lawyer on eternal call great book to add to your collection to take to the beach..each read

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    Theo Knight, an ex con, is running a bar in Miami, and has turned his life around Trouble starts anew over the murder of his mother, even though she was killed 20 years ago Jack Swyteck is Theo s lawyer and his best friend Together they scramble to stay alive and solve the mystery of what happened in the past and why it is now a danger to Theo and his Uncle Cy The book is fast paced and full of tension.

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    One of Theo s old buddies from the hood shows up on his doorstep after 20 years Isaac has escaped from jail and Theo is asked to help Isaac claims that he knows who killed Theo s mother years ago Then Isaac is killed Theo is implicated in the shooting and asks for help from his best friend and lawyer, Jack, who had gotten him off of death row for a killing he didn t do.

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    I love the dynamics of friends Jack Swyteck and Theo This story begins when Theo was younger and headed for trouble His past comes back to haunt him when he is forced to become involved with an old friend, who escapes from prison The story is fast paced and brings Jack s ex girlfriend into the picture I love the action and inter action of the characters.

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    Another Jack Zwyteck book Set in Miami Jack is a lawyer who becomes entangled in a mess with his best friend Theo, who he saved from death row previously This also goes into Theo s life and the death of his Mother who was an addict and a hooker.I always really like James Grippando s books This one is good, too, with some intense scenes.

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Last Callcharacters Last Call, audiobook Last Call, files book Last Call, today Last Call, Last Call eb569 Many Years Ago, Jack Swyteck Saved Theo Knight S LifeTheo Grew Up On The Streets Of Miami S Roughest Neighborhood And Lost His Mother To A Violent Crime Although His Uncle Cy Tried His Best To Raise Him Right, By The Time He Was A Teenager, Theo Was On Death Row For A Murder He Didn T Commit Jack Was The Lawyer Who Proved Him InnocentNow A Successful Bar Owner, Theo Has Turned Things Around But He Needs Jack S Help Again, This Time Than EverAn Escaped Convict From The Old Neighborhood Shows Up At Theo S Back Door, Asking For Help In Return, He Ll Finger The Man Who Murdered Theo S Mother But The Answers Aren T So Simple, And Soon Theo S Own Life Is In DangerJack And Theo Must Piece Together A Twenty Year Old Conspiracy Of Greed And Corruption That Leads To The Very Top Of Miami S Elite, While Revisiting A Past That Theo Has Tried Hard To Forget But Theo Also Has The Opportunity To Seek The Revenge That Has Fueled Him Since The Day He Found His Mother Dead In The Street On A Hot Miami NightLast Call Is A Brilliant And Bullet Fast Thriller, Complete With Revelations That No Reader Will Ever Forget