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After the Kiss pdf After the Kiss, ebook After the Kiss, epub After the Kiss, doc After the Kiss, e-pub After the Kiss, After the Kiss 59b0cf3337c Lauren Layne Kicks Off Her Sex, Love Stiletto Series With A Delightful Short Novel In After The Kiss, The Star Columnist Of Stiletto Magazine Will Do Anything For A Story Anything Except Fall In Love Julie Greene Loves Flings Loves Steamy First Dates, Sizzling First Kisses, And Every Now And Then, That First Sexy Romp Between The Sheets Comfy Pants, Sleepy Sundays, Movie Nights On The Couch Shudder But When Julie Gets Assigned The Hardest Story Of Her Career A First Person Account Of That Magical Shift Between Dating And I Do She Ll Need A Man Brave Enough To Give A Total Commitment Phobe A Chance At Normally, Mitchell Forbes Would Be Exactly That Man A Devastatingly Hot Workaholic Who Tends To Stay In Relationships For Far Too Long, He Should Be The Perfect Subject For Julie S Research But What Julie Doesn T Know Is That Mitchell Is Looking To Cut Loose For Once In His Life And The Leggy Journalist Notorious For Avoiding Love Is Exactly The Type Of No Strings Fling He S Looking For In Other Words, Mitchell Is The Polar Opposite Of What Julie Needs Right Now And, At The Same Time, He S Exactly What She Wants

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    4.5 stars Julie almost laughed at the ridiculousness of the moment.Here was a short term kind of girl begging for a long term relationship from a long term kind of guy who wanted a fling ExpectationsA funny fluffy read with a hot male lead and lots of banters and smexy times that would leave me smiling in a cute creepy way.RealityA funny fluffy read with a surprisingly hot Wall Street broker with pant melting dimples and lots of banters and smexy times and a little drama that left me smiling until my face hurt.Mission accomplished The story Julie Greene had built a career out of falling in love.Staying in love Not so much Julie s articles on first dates and kisses have made her a celebrity in New York,and she enjoys every second of her job.Until she is assigned to write a story about the evolution of a relationship from toe curling first kisses to comfy movie nights and her life turns into a nightmare because she doesn t do that.So,she decides to go undercover and have a relationship with a commitment looking guy and who s better for the part than an uptight broker who cringes at the word fling Only Mitchell has an agenda of his own,and he s accepted a bet that he will have a fling with Julie and nothing .What could possibly go wrong Thoughts Was it predictable Yes.Did I get a How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days vibe Yeap.Did I love it nonetheless Hell yeah I felt like I was watching a Hollywood movie,you know a chick flick that makes you swoon and even though you know things like these would never happen in real life you still wish for them and after the end you wallow in self pity and you are convinced you ll die alone with your 72 cats that will probably eat your corpse After the Kiss was an extremely well written,light and entertaining romance that made me smile and fall in love yes yes I fall in love at least twice a week,so what I have a big heart Nothing too complicated,with only the necessary amount of drama and some seriously steamy scenes and then some chocolate sweet scenes that made my heart melt Sometimes,a pink cloud is all a girl needs Love is not a game,ladies.Treat it like one,and you re bound to lose I just loved the dynamic between Julie and Mitchell They had absolutely nothing in common,they intended to use each other and be done with it until they realised that they clicked,they lost control over their hearts and their minds and started wanting things they dared not say.Angst,tension and tenderness defined ther relationship and I couldn t help but swoon because ohmigod Mitchell was a sexy beast.An ovaries exploding sexy beast.So yes,After the Kiss is a book I absolutely recommend if you want something to cheer you up and do funny things to your insides Here s a Henry Cavill gif because I could totally picture him as Mitchell well I picture him as every male character I like but that s irrelevant

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    4 KISS ME STARS.Readers welcome to After the Kiss a contemporary romance that swept me off my romantic feet I think I may have just have fallen a little in love with this author, her books are made in kindle heaven This adorable story is like a gorgeous combination of Sex and the city meets How to loose a guy in ten days with the like ability and humour of Bridgett Jones and here are my book thoughts What s it all about Julie Greene is a successful journalist in New York city writing for the popular and equally famous Stiletto magazine, known in society as the publication princess of her expertise this feisty professional has no interest in falling in love Flirting, dating and shoes are her passions so it comes as a shock when her demanding boss requests that she completes an article on taking the next step, Julie feels grossly under qualified for such a romantic task and turns to her two best friends for assistance and so the plan is hatched for Julie to find a man who she can test out the theory of taking that dreaded next step with Mitchell Forbes is as serious about relationships as his employment on wall street, a night out with a friend ends in a bet that results in the meeting of Julie and Mitchell neither know they are the subject of their individual dating experiments and neither realised they would start to feel something for each other, a hilarious and romantic tale of these two loveable characters ensues which takes us right up to the possibility of a change of heart and a happily forever.What did I love This book has hilarious banter by the bucketful, I loved the witty dialogue between the characters and as always I feel the bonus when a book hosts alternating character POV s, I felt I was able to connect with the characters with the dual POV and connect I most certainly did, After the kiss has a likeable and refreshing twist, in this story it s the heroine who is not interested in the happily ever after and the hero who would be happy to find the love of his life The misunderstandings and troublesome parts of the story are amusing rather than annoying and all the drama and upset is entertaining and not at all angsty, a real treat in my opinion This author definitely knows her way around my romantic heart, she writes characters that fall in love over time and builds true to life, swoon worthy relationships that make sense to me as I m reading Mitchell Forbes is a sexy, smart interesting character he makes a business man sound positively yummy and I definitely connected with his geeky handsome ways Julie Greene is a quirky, amusing character who had me laughing out loud at her antics and the relationships with her friends had me already thinking I want future books to be made just for them.Why not five Everything pointed in the right direction for a five star read but sadly around the 60% mark I lost a little bit of that loving feeling I missed the banter and quick wit between the characters that was evident at the start but thankfully the ending turned a 180 and I got the butterflies I wanted But make no mistake I really love this authors work and will gladly read everything she releases.Final thoughts I discovered this author recently with isn t she lovely a fantastically gorgeous NA book, straight away I wanted to read some of her romantic tales and came across this this little beauty, I was not left wanting, i m convinced this author could write in any romantic genre and I d enjoy it After the kiss is a sweet, sexy and funny tale of finding true love in unexpected places If all of the above sounds appealing and you enjoy an easy going contemporary romance go grab it readers, enjoy Kisses ARC generously provided by Random house publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    I feel you, Rihanna Where has Lauren Layne been all my life Or importantly, where have I been After the Kiss was all kinds of cute I ve been on a fantasy and YA craze for such a long time that this contemporary was such a nice change of pace Dating guru, Julie, works at Stiletto magazine for their articles on Sex, Love and Dating Julie is all about the first kisses, butterflies in the stomach, and how to reel a man in After all that, she cuts em loose She all about having fun, staying light, and going where the wing takes her As an accomplished journalist that deals with all the nitty gritty in dating, she makes sure to keep things causal and moves on when she has to Why stop something that good If this was how relationships were supposed to progress, she wanted no part of it.She had a major case of blue ovaries Mitchell Forbes is the exact opposite He s serious about everything his relationships, job on Wall Street, who surrounds himself with, where he goes He has no time to waste on casual dating and frivolous adventures Neither of them would ever seek each other out, but one bet and one article change all that I needed something cute and sparkly and reasonably angsty This wasn t some half assed contemporary novel either There wasn t any forced humor or extreme cheesy ness Julie What the hell are we doing he whispered in her ear She felt a stab of relief So this wasn t normal for him either She liked that she made him lose control Liked even that he made her lose control Julie had such a great voice that I actually found myself laughing out loud She was such a likable character that you couldn t help but connect with her And Mitchell What an alpha male in disguise He called Julie out on her bullshit and told lame jokes in the cutest way possible He s probably one of the most endearing characters I ve ever read about And in the bedroom I d heard so many comparisons between After the Kiss and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days that I just had to pick this up I was literally left with no choice Nothing that s been compared to such and adorable movie can remain untouched by my eyes And it didn t disappoint There were enough similarities to five me that fun and flirty vibe, but different enough that I didn t feel like I was re watching the movie All in all, this was such a cute story

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    The fling became love.I started and finished After the Kiss in one day This is a cute story about a journalist named Julie who writes about love in the beginning stages Her articles talk about first dates, kissing and how thing should be done She s an expert in the field because it s all she knows Julie doesn t do relationships as she doesn t want to be boring and predictable like other couples she knows Life is one big party and an endless supply of good looking dates She loves her life and has no plans to change it Even though Julie is a successful writer, her boss decides that her articles need a shake up She wants Julie to write an article on taking things to the next level At first she is adamant she can t do it, but after a pow wow with her best friends and colleagues, Grace and Riley, she comes up with an idea of how to get the job done.Mitchell works on Wall Street He s just broken up from a two year relationship and feeling on edge At a fundraiser with Colin, a mate and work colleague, they talk about Mitchell s need to make every relationship a serious one Mitchell decides it s time to shake thing up and change the plan.From the beginning, this couple doesn t approach things in their usual way She s looking for and he s looking for less They meet, don t particularly like each other, but are determined to get to know each other better Both of them don t want their hearts involved so make sure to guard them.Julie and Mitchell are keeping secrets from each other and unfortunately get found out This puts a huge strain on their relationship.This story was fairly short but long enough to give me what I need in a romance read There is a decent amount of sexy times, some good laughs and a few tears The additional characters were likeable and I look forward to Grace and Riley s stories I really enjoyed After the Kiss.To purchase After The Kiss from

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    Would ve been perfect but for two things 1 On barely date 2, Julie overshares about her dead family and the whole thing felt super contrived.2 Well, I can t tell you 2 b c SPOILER, but it was also extremely manufactured But pretty good for contemporary romance Still, I m rocking my EXTREME palate cleanse, so on to my next bit of fluff throws glitter in the air

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    5.5 The bet the story Stars After reading Irresistibly Yours, I couldn t stop myself and I decided on reading Lauren s Sex, Love Stiletto series And I cannot be happier about it I am thoroughly enjoying it After the Kiss is the first novel in this series and it is about Julie Greene a very succesful journalist, expert on dating, and now a worried one because she has to write about something and Mitchell Forbes a Wall Street worker who does a different bet with a collegue and the subject of Julie s next story But this thing with Mitchell and she really didn t have a name for it felt far too private And she was afraid she knew why She was falling for him She was falling for the subject of her story I LOVED THIS BOOK Loved It has an amazing storyline as I said a previous time, I am really enjoying Layne s writing , its characters are full of emotions I was literally crying so many times and the chemistry between the two main characters is of the chards hot I mean. THAT FIRST KISS the fucking sexual tension, OMG Amazingly done, Lauren Layne She wasn t going to write the story.Mitchell meant too much to her And even if it wouldn t break his heart to have their relationship splayed across Stiletto s shiny pages, it would break hers What they had was too precious to share with the world It was theirs and theirs alone Am I the only one that sees a resemblance of this story with a quite famous American rom com I think I even enjoyed it because of that, because I love that movie as well LOL After the Kiss reminds me of How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days the film staring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey because of the story that Julie has to write and also because of the bet that Mitchell does with his friend But still, looooooooooved it, loved these two together and their sweet and sexy moments Mitchell Her whole heart was in the word, saying the words she couldn t I know, he said roughly against her neck I know Therefore, my final rating is 5.5 STARS because I really enjoyed this story and I cannot wait to read the next one Still, I haven t given my special 6 stars rating because I was expecting an epilogue But, for everything else, to me this was perfect Highly recommend DCHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE

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    4 Sweet Stars Julie is a professional journalist A modern city girl who has no desire to fall in love Until the day her boss give her a new challenge What happens after the first dates Julie now have to find out how to meet a guy and keep him So she and her best friends start scanning and the result is Mitchell Mitchell is a Wall Street Guy , that was always serious about his relationships Some of them even went way longer than it should So, now he decided to give up on the serious relationships and he as his friends make a bet find a woman to have a no strings attached relationship And the chosen one is Julie Well, obviously When their interaction begins, neither of them knowing about the other one intentions, things starts to change and they start to find out, that sometimes bets are made for losing, and challenges that we didn t even want are exactly what we needed This is a sweet contemporary romance that feels like a mix between Sex the City , How to lose a guy in ten days and The Ugly Truth It was fun, very romantic with very likable and sexy main characters and a pretty good background A lift me up book you will not want to miss

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    5 OVER THE MOON IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY STARS LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT BR with Melissa and Denisse I m still just floating on cloud 9 after reading this one.This is the second book I ve ready by Lauren Layne, and I already know this lady is going to be one of my top fave authors.Her stories seem to read like the really good rom com movies of my youth with Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, and Drew Barry.This story definitely had a Sex and The City vibe to it We have Julie Greene, who is 1 3 of a team of writers for New York s Stiletto magazine.They re called Dating, Love, and Sex but also have another nickname which I loved Kiss, Cuddle, and Fuck Julie is the Dating Kiss member of the trio.She reminded me a little of Carrie Bradshaw, but I kind of liked Julie a lot She s beautiful, fun, and doesn t do relationships.She s the serial dater.Dating many men who are gorgeous and mostly models.Julie loves the first kiss, first date, and butterflies in your stomach feeling you get when you are with someone new.The thought of settling down with one person and having movie nights on Fridays with the same man is utterly horrifying to her.Mitchell is a stuffy, Wall Street broker.He s a habitual relationship guy He usually dates women with high pedigrees and dull personalities.Mitchell recently broke up with his girlfriend of several years.He had planned on proposing but at the last minute he realized that there was no spark in that relationship and that he was just going through the motions.The two meet at a charity function at the MOMA.Both have their own agendas.Julie s boss has given her an ultimatum, that she must write a story about how to get a guy to enter into a serious relationship.She s freaking out because this is something she has no experience in, and neither does she want to as well.Mitchell s friend suckers him into a bet.The bet, is for Mitchell to date a girl but by a certain date, he must break up with her His friend seems to think Mitchell is always the relationship guy and can t do casual dating.The two meet and they re off to a rocky start.They both seem to think they re not each other s type and Mitchell is pretty snarky and sarcastic, which throws Julie off her game a bit.But early on, the chemistry is pretty apparent between the two.It even seems that they are actually good for each other and maybe they learn that things they used to cringe at, are actually quite nice Julie is actually seeing that her old life might have been a bit empty and that she may even be falling a little for Mr Wall Street This one definitely had some pretty HOT sexy time scenes Julie and Mitchell had smoking hot chemistry when it comes to sex and KISSING.I just loved all the different types of kisses that Julie had catalog d.My favorites would be The Hot and Hard, and The Teen The Hot and Hard A Favorite of alpha men Typically a precursor to sex Enough said The Teen Reckless, a little messy, possibly in public Hard to get right, but a personal favorite of Julie s when done correctly.This one is not all fluff.We learn that Julie has endured a pretty HUGE personal tragedy early on in life and how Mitchell responds to it was so very touching and it explained why Julie never opened herself up to relationships before.We have some angst because you need a little bit for the story to be a good one The ending was just one word PERFECTION.I was reminded of the ending to one of my favorite Drew Barry movies, Never Been Kissed.I just can t say enough about how much I truly enjoyed and LOVED this story I read this in less than a day and those who know me, know I m a bit of a slow poke when it comes to reading This reading experience was made even fantastic because I read it with my girls, Melissa and Denisse Love you girlies So much fun chatting online with you and talking about our favorite types of kisses.I would highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a good pick me up You ll finish this with a huge smile on your face that lasts for days Here was a short term kind of girl begging for a long term relationship from a long term kind of guy who wanted a fling Everyone talks about the rewards of finding that one person Nobody warns you about the pain of losing him Real love the kind that matters is giving your heart to someone even after he tries to hand it back.And it s knowing that you d give him your heart over and over again If only he d ask

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    Lauren Layne is my new favorite author After the Kiss was the perfect blend of sass, humor, and spice all wrapped around a romance that will make your heart swoon After the Kiss is only 180 pages long but I literally have nine pages worth of highlighted quotes passages, evidence of how much I loved this story.Julie is a writer for Stiletto magazine and specializes in writing about falling in love the first date, first kiss, and all the highs you get from a new romance She s had plenty of practice at this, and brings her personal experience to her readers But taking it to the next step Not so much The thought of being comfortable enough with someone that you d stay in, gasp wear the typical comfy clothes, and have a movie night, spells horror and boredom to Julie She s content with having a few dates filled with fun and kisses, and then moving on This is where the trouble begins Julie s editor wants a piece about taking the next step, with her hallmark personal touch bringing life into the article How is Julie going to tackle this Well at the urging of her friends, and fellow Stiletto writers, Grace and Riley, she plans on snagging a typical relationship type of guy, and going through the motions for the purpose of the article Julie thinks Mitchell is the perfect test subject, a boring relationship type guy through and through Little does she know that Mitchell has his own agenda, and things do not go as she s planned Mitchell is the relationship type of guy He doesn t want to waste time on someone just for a fling When a co worker eggs him on into a bet, saying that he can t casually date a girl without having an eventual plan to marry in mind, Mitchell gives in to the taunts and agrees to the challenge Have a fling, move on after he s had his fun, and then gain prime season tickets to the Yankees Julie and Mitchell thought they knew what they were getting into, but when each of them plans to do exactly the opposite of their usual MO, both of them are surprised and unsettled Mitchell isn t the type of guy Julie can woo and win over with her usual routine of flighty, fun, and flirty He only responds when the real Julie comes out and exposes her heart Julie, in turn surprises Mitchell when she doesn t act as the girl he s heard about, and he finds himself strangely drawn to her no nonsense behavior I loved that Julie and Mitchell s plans are thrown out the window because they re both so taken by each other The intensity of some of these scenes is toe curling HOT I love that Mitchell turns out to be anything BUT the boring, safe relationship guy Julie assumes him to be, and she winds up craving the heck out of him Same thing with Mitchell, he s surprised and overwhelmed with how strong his feelings are for Julie Julie What the hell are we doing he whispered in her ear She felt a stab of relief So this wasn t normal for him either She liked that she made him lose control Liked even that he made her lose control.I lapped this story up Julie and Mitchell s romance utterly consumed me I m in love with Lauren Layne s writing Her brand of humor, classy but oh so hot sex scenes, and gift for writing romance puts her in authors I stalk follow status I can t wait for poor Grace s story next Love the One You re With December is too far away sobs A copy was provided by Random House Publishing Loveswept in exchange for an honest review Thank you

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    OMG this book was just fun wrapped in bacon because bacon makes everything better To be honestthere was no bacon in thisBUT IT FELT LIKE IT You know those days that you just need a little dose of flirtation, love and cheese and that is the day that you watch romantic comedies that you have seen a million times that still just make you smile Well THIS was that book for me It had the feel of How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days but the story is different enough that while it reminds me of that movie the book is its own entity.Julie needs to write a story about taking relationships to the next level but she has NEVER taken a relationship to the next level How is she supposed to pull this off with her signature spin of personal touch when she has no idea how to do it Easy, fabricate a relationship with someone and convince them to take it to the next level How could it possibly go wrong A few of the things it did have that I absolutely loved were The BEST FIRST KISS in a single novel It was slightly unexpected and so hot that I melted right there My favorite kiss in any chic lit novel Fun, Feisty and Flirty characters Mitchell not Mitch, never Mitch and Julie are easy to immediately like Julie is great at the meet cute, butterflies and first dates but she never gets serious with anyone Mitchell has no clue how to have a fling Every girl he dates is a specific type that could be the Mrs Mitchell in the near future You act like I get engaged to every woman I kiss No, I m just saying that you plan to get engaged to every woman you kiss You need to have a relationship that won t end with you guys picking out wallpaper So should I just hire a robot All women want to pick out wallpaper It s what they do. Great Sexual tension and banter This isn t exactly instant love but there was a surprising chemistry that Julie and Mitchell felt for each other A raw hunger that surprised them both and I ate it up in large spoonfuls loving every minute of it Hot Sex.Yep I said it It isn t overpowering or anything Julie and Mitchell actually do things together and have hobbies, talk and stuff but when they have SEX it is hot Seven types of bad kisses including the The Heavy breather, the Labrador and the Poke and Swirl The Labrador Also referred to as Bad Dog Another tongue offender Hint if either party s face is wet after the kiss, you re doing it wrong. This story flew by so fast and then I was finished it was over and I immediately bought the next three of the series because I M IN I had so much fun with the writing and the story progression that I know I ll love the entire series after finishing just this one book I will be in cotton candy chic lit heaven reading the rest of the series.

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