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Love, Technically files Love, Technically , read online Love, Technically , free Love, Technically , free Love, Technically , Love, Technically 0df9be2dd She S Falling For His Alter EgoNoah Frellish Is A King Amongst Geeks As CEO Of Chicago S Hottest Tech Company, He S Done With The World Only Seeing Him For His Money Especially When It Comes To Romance So When He Helps A Beautiful Employee With A Printer Problem And She Mistakes Him For A Help Desk Technician Well, Noah Can T Help But Play Along Through Every Sexy, Romantic MomentSmall Town Girl Michelle Kolson Loves Life In Chicago, Not To Mention Her Work At A Cutting Edge Tech Company A Whirlwind Romance With A Hot Coworker Is The Cherry On Her Happy Life Sundae Until Her Job Lands On The Chopping Block Suddenly, Nothing Is What It Seems, And Michelle Finds Out The Man She Fell Headfirst Into Bed With Actually Owns The Company If Noah S Going To Convince The Sweet, Small Town Girl To Stay In The Big City, He Ll Have To Prove He S Still The Sexy Nerd She Fell For

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    3.5 StarsGod, I love a hot geek They have a brain, can carry on a stimulating conversation, are cute, but rarely know just how much so Oh, my heart is already in a little flutter thinking about these types Michelle is the small town girl looking to make it on her own in the big city Things are going according to plan when she gets hired on by a tech company, LiteWave While working late one night Michelle has some computer trouble, and a nerdy but oh so hot fellow employee or so she thinks helps her out They have an instant attraction and strike up a friendship Little does Michelle know that her hot geek, Sark, is actually the CEO and founder of LiteWave One thing leads to another and friendship becomes a swoony romance Mistaken identity is still a factor here even though Sark thinks he cleared thing up, Michelle didn t quite get the message which leads to a little drama in the work place Can these two get past their positions and work things out Love, Technically was a sweet romance that you could easily read in a couple of hours Perfect for a quick fix In spite of this only being 127 pages there is no insta love here Instant attraction, yes, but Michelle and Sark get to know each other before falling They share their hopes and dreams, their daily stresses, and lean on each other for support There are a few lusty kisses, and some hotter scenes that ll get your heart racing, making this a satisfying little love bite Cold was no longer the problem Spontaneously combusting could be, though Sark might act like the cutest member of The Big Bang Theory s cast, but he knew how to kiss Yes, please Plus, who can resist a smoking hot man with nerdy glasses and not an ounce of ego I can t, that s for sure A copy was provided by Entangled through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you

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    I LOVE geeky heroes so when I spotted Love, Technically on netgalley I couldn t pass up the opportunity to read it Unfortunately Sark just wasn t interesting enough to make me care about this story and I gave up after about 40%.My main problem was with the heroine Michelle, she is from a small town and very innocent which I could have dealt with on it s own but she is also so stupid it s ridiculous I ll forgive her for not recognising the company CEO from the photographs around the building she works in because in reality I m not the most observant person either but Sark has given her so many clues and even outright told her she s just too stupid to take a hint I have no idea how old she actually is but she reminds me of my naive 16 year old self, in fact I like to think I wasn t that clueless even when I was in school let alone when I d started full time employment She supposedly worked for her parent s company before moving to the city so I can t get my head around the fact that she has no idea about absolutely anything It s like she s just been dropped on the planet in a fully grown body but with the brain of a toddler.I wasn t much of a fan of Sark either, he spends most of his time raving about how gorgeous and sexy Michelle is and worrying about what she ll say when she finds out who he really is I don t feel like I have any connection with him and I can t for the life of me understand what he could see in her I don t care about either of these characters, I m not interested in seeing if they manage to hook up or not and I really don t care what happens when she finds out who she is I m afraid this book wasn t for me and I m not going to waste any time trying to force myself to finish it.

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    This is a quick and easy read It s even an enjoyable romance novella if you don t stop to think about it I m serious, either give your brain a holiday for the day or you re going to be disappointed with this one Mild spoilers ahead.It all starts with a misunderstanding and that s how it continues as well Michelle is just finishing her first week at her new job when a misbehaving printer let s just ignore the ridiculousness of that situation and suspend disbelief for the romance for now gives her an excuse to flirt with a cute nerd she mistakes for a help desk technician He s charmed and doesn t correct her immediately After all being a rich CEO of his own company has such an averse effect on a man s social life To his credit, as soon as there s a sign they could become than office acquaintances or friends, Noah aka Sark decides to tell Michelle the truth about himself Only he does it in the most spineless way imaginable He writes her a note but doesn t leave anything personal on it from where she might recognise him Then again, she reveals her lifetime membership of club too stupid to live when she thinks that the CEO of her company would write a personal apology letter to her but not to any of the other employees he s about to make redundant And that s how the miscommunication that drives this story is sustained He thinks he s been honest with her and she thinks it s okay to date someone above her just not her CEO.As easy a read as this was, there were rougher moments there too The euphemisms grated and the convenient coincidences that drove their story forward bordered ridiculous No one ever referred to Sark as Noah in front of Michelle and they were quick to defend him when they found out about the lie of omission There s a difference between saying he must ve had a good reason and that doesn t sound like him One is excusing bad behaviour and the other is postponing judgement until further evidence is provided Still, everyone, even the couple who just met him were quick to help Sark to win her back Another thing that bothered me were the inconsistent characterisations with regard to money Apparently since taking the company public and earning a huge sum, Sark has only bought a handful of expensive things for himself Yet his first impulse is to buy her a new mountain bike for their first date He doesn t tell her that, of course, and it somehow makes it all better If biking is such a big part of his life, Sark must know other enthusiasts who might ve lent him a used mountain bike for the day It mars her characterisation too When Michelle decides to turn her life upside down once again, what does she do Does she decide to economise and save every penny possible No She decides to take a trip home for the holiday entirely understandable and splurge on taxi drives Very soon after almost in the next scene she s taken a temp job to earn extra cash The worst part is that I couldn t even enjoy her positive career development and ambition Michelle showed herself capable and willing to work her way to the top, but it was overshadowed by her stupidity in her personal life Worse yet, she view spoiler ended up supporting his new career move and a start up that was based on one new idea I guess he could have had other ideas but the author made it sound like there was only that one and it was worth the risk of losing everything hide spoiler

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    I have a soft spot for tech geeks Mainly because I married one He isn t a billionaire CEO, but I am pretty sweet on him When I saw Love, Technically by Lynne Silver come up for review and read the blurb I knew I had to read it It was such a fun story For those that work in the corporate world, you will really be able to identify with this story Even if you don t, it will still be just as entertaining for you.I don t usually like it when people lie about their identity in stories, but can understand why they choose to do so In this case Sark lies about being the CEO because he really likes Michelle and is afraid she will treat him differently if she knows who he really is The CEO title either freaks people out or draws people in because of his money He is afraid of being hurt again, so he keeps it a secret for a bit We all know that when Michelle eventually finds out things are going to change How is this story different Because we have a hero who isn t ultra smooth with the ladies and we watch him navigate the uncomfortable area of love and romance It is entertaining to watch him figure out how to get the girl.Lynne is a new to me author and Love, Technically is a book that will have me checking out her other stories The story moved along at a good pace and the characters are well developed and engaging If you are looking for a quick read that is hard to put down and will leave you smiling at the end of the story I recommend Love, Technically It will cause you to look differently at tech geeks.

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    When you are working in one company and you even don t aware that you are meet, talk and even love the guy who has mutual feeling with you and the big surprise he is a CEO of the company Wow, ofcourse I really want it especially if the guy is like Noah DThe story is simple, so sweet, romantic and I love it.And thanks for the author to give me the chance to read this book and I really enjoy while reading the book from the begining and even I don t realize that I was in the end of the story and really don t want it end so soon And recommend to everyone to read this simple and sweet story and this is novella

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    Let s start with MichelleMichelle is the main female lead, and she just moved to Chicago to persure her dreams Sadly, the job position she had when we started reading was a not so nice job in the call center for a huge company called LiteWave It was boring but Michelle made the best out of it Something happened to the company printer and she asks the nearest guy to help her out He has a geeky adorbale shirt on, a wonderful smile, and is very witty Michelle mistakes him for an IT person because of how well he knows and understands technology He introduces himself as Sark and they go out to get a cup of coffee they both feel an attraction toward each other Little does she know, Sark is the CEO of the LiteWave dun dun DUUUUUUUUN Michelle is written to be very ditzy and clueless, and she tells people she can t do anything because of her lack of education she only completed high school It kind of irked me when there was a build board above their heads at one point with his face on it and she still didn t understand that he was the same person It was right there She really should have known through out the whole half the book but didn t I like how hard working she is when she isn t complaining about something and when she puts her mind to something Michelle follows through with it There were moments where she embraced her disadvantages and worked with it, and I was proud of her to do that When she finds out Sark is the CEO I really do feel bad for her She s well written and I overall liked her.Sark aka NoahSark real name is Noah has his eyes set on Michelle He s been checking her out for days without knowing how to start a conversation Once she gets stuck with the printer, he makes his move When they go out for coffee after the printer incident he knows Michelle is the one for him Sark is having a problem with his company It s doing very well and business is booming, but everyone he hired to help support and guide him are taking over what he wants to do for LiteWave It s said that he built the company from the bottom, he s the one that has thought of everything and it s getting hard for him to see how everyone taking over In retaliation, Sark thinks of different ideas to create another brand and keep himself in power.I really like Sark He s smart, witty, attractive, a liar, romantic, and tries to keep everyone happy I m a web designer so I appreciate everything Sark does for a living He wears a ThinkGeek t shirt in the beginning and I squealed a little ThinkGeek is awesome I ve bought so many things on that site and love reading about a character that shares that love I feel really sorry for his situation on the company His baby is getting ruined right before his eyes and it s hard for him to take it back Sark is a genius and I was rooting for him the whole time Yes, he lied, but it was handled very well at the end.The writingI believe the book wasn t written very well It was readable and very entertaining, but sometimes the sentence structure was weird for me At first I didn t know if the author was writing in first or third person, it kind of switched on me so getting used to it was sometimes difficult The POV also switched randomly in the middle of a paragraph which gave me whiplash, but I got the hang of it while reading It s still readable and it didn t take away from the story, I m just warning you that it gets tricky sometimes You can also skip some pages and it will still have the same impact on you.I give this book 3 5 stars I really enjoyed myself and will recommend to other people who are into geeky love stories like me I ll for sure pick up another Lynne Silver book, it was entertaining, fun, and very memorable.

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    Originally published at Book Lovers Inc.I picked Love, Technically because it sounded like it was going to be a geek romance I love geek romances for reasons that are pretty darn obvious to anyone who knows me.As per usual, I digress.But Love, Technically isn t quite a geek romance It almost read like an anti geek romance It also tripped over my willing suspension of disbelief meter.Explanation followsMichelle seems to be a complete patsy at the beginning She s working late because she s totally clueless about what makes sense in the workplace She s scanning and printing timesheets in a not merely leading edge, but downright bleeding edge software company because her low level supervisor is a tinpot dictator She s also not tech savvy enough to know that she should check which printer she s print to The whole scenario doesn t add up.Mark ZuckerbergThen the uber famous inventor of the company walks in and rescues her printer problem She doesn t recognize him and thinks he s in tech support This would be like someone working for Facebook not recognizing Mark Zuckerberg back in the early years pre 2008ish In other words, I had a really hard time believing in the meet cute.I understand Noah s dilemma He started the company because he wanted to do really neat things Lots of programmers get into it because they want to do cool stuff He still wants to do cool stuff, not corporate crap He d rather be Sark the geek in tech support that Michelle thinks he is, than play big business shenanigans.Except when he starts pulling strings so she can get a better job than the one that gets outsourced out from under her While he still hasn t exactly confessed that he owns the company or that he s stage managing things so that she has a better shot at a new job.And they do fall in love Even though there is this huge misunderstanding hanging in the air He thinks she knows who he is, and she thinks she knows who he is, but of course, they don t mean the same thing He never does talk about the details of his work, he thinks because he doesn t want to emphasize the gap between them, but it seems contrived If he thought he d really explained things, it wouldn t have mattered, would it But of course, it does It really, really does.Verdict The meet cute was both too cute and too unrealistic Michelle should have figured out who Noah was a whole hell of a lot sooner There would still have been a story, just a different one Her continuing not to know, when every single person around her did, made her seem like a fool, and she was no fool in any other way In some ways, she had her head on straighter than Noah, even though he was outwardly successful.Michelle walks away when she realizes that she s been made a fool out of Her whole story has been to figure out what her real dream is, and she finally figures out that it isn t an administrative assistant s job in Chicago Her dream is to finally go to college So she starts.It takes Michelle kicking him to the curb for Noah to realize that the company he s ended up with isn t his dream Programming neat stuff is his dream, so he walks away from the company he created and took public to start something new But that s not his only dream The other part of that dream is building something new with Michelle, if he can get her back She makes him grovel this time.The ending worked for me It was the beginning that didn t quite.I give Love, Technically by Lynne Silver 3 micro chipped stars.

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    Normally when I read the word billionaire in a blurb or title these days, I back away quickly not even giving the book than a glance because of how saturated the market is with billionaire romances Something made me grab it up to give this one by a new to me author a try I am soooo glad that I did It was a treat of a cute story with an adorable geek hero and a naive, but engaging heroine For those who cringe at the thought of yet another hero with big bucks, you will be pleased to know that Lynne Silver s hero is as normal as a geeky computer tech who is lonely for love can be.Michelle Kolson, Iowa small town girl, has made it out of her town with a chance to make a success in the city She s landed a good job in a tech company One week into the job, she makes her first friend over an office printer issue and is thrilled when he is as into her as she is in him He s cute, fun and the guy of her dreams Can it be that simple Noah Frellish is the company founder and the CEO, but he s no suave businessman For the first time, he s met a girl who is really into him the real him and not his money He knows he has to come clean with Michelle about who he is in the company if he wants to have a relationship with her, but he dreads her reaction to his true identity.The plot, told from alternate points of view, is pretty straight forward and simple It s an office romance full of miscues because Michelle s naive and not the sharpest tack in the drawer while Noah misses the obvious because he s so busy trying to run a company Michelle makes up for her issues in her down home warmth, spunk, honesty and love for Noah It s not that hard to anticipate what will happen when Michelle realizes who Noah is and I was prepared for her reaction I was grateful to the author for not overdoing it with the angst and betrayal stuff There s a reasonable amount for someone of Michelle s personality and I love how her office friend calls her on it one of the funniest scenes in the book to be honest The focus of the story and the best part truly was Noah and Michelle so cute The secondary characters were good, but the story mostly focused on Noah and Michelle It was great watching them start as friends with him helping her and teaching her when she asked, but letting her do for herself so she could take pride in her own achievements refreshing in a hero Noah was definitely not your alpha hero, but of the beta type He was gentle, tender and uncertain He was not afraid to put himself out there for Michelle and he did great grand finale scene.So if you re looking for a fast, fun, light office romance with a touch of spice, give this one a try.My thanks to Net Galley for the chance to read and review this book.

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    3.5 stars As much as I love a sexy bad boy, I freely admit I have a weakness for a hot techie geek, too Noah Frellish is just that as the rich founder and CEO of LiteWave Tech, and he may not be a smooth talker like the rebels out there, but I was still smitten When Michelle mistook Noah for nothing than a simple, but smoking hot, computer nerd named Sark, it was of course the perfect scenario for the wealthy man who everyone wanted for his money Deceptive, yes, and it was clearly going to come back to bite him given that Michelle worked in a department of his own company But before his secret was revealed, these two had some sweet moments together even though their worlds were so vastly different And Noah proves that even the techies know their way around the female body He s soft and cuddly where you want him, and all hard business where you need him, which was perfect for a shy and lonely girl new to the big city Though I liked the contradiction between Michelle and Noah, her inexperienced country girl personality was played up a bit too much for my tastes I really wish she hadn t been quite so naive about the business world given that she was hoping to have a career in it She seemed all too content with having others bail her out of her career struggles at times, and I wanted effort from her, especially with her lack of experience and education already weighing on her situation Overall, I enjoyed these characters and liked how their relationship grew despite their differences With a few aspects of the plot that just didn t come together quite right, this wasn t a perfect story But it was a simple, light read that has a straight and easy flow and leaves you with a good feeling, and I think most of us need a book like this from time to time Quotes He followed in a stupor, holding a heated internal philosophical and ethical debate She didn t recognize him She liked him for him He should tell her he was her boss well, her boss s boss s boss Noah, p 15He nodded again, unable to muster the slightest bit of energy for being polite when it felt like his heart had taken a header down a mountain and been trampled by a dozen trail bikes Noah, p 97Her feelings for Sark hadn t changed now that she knew he was actually Noah Frellish If anything, knowing he was the CEO gave him layers she hadn t even guessed at Right now her anger at herself for being so naive superseded any other feelings Michelle, p 100This and other of my reviews can be found at

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    You gotta love hot computer geeks I won an ARC from a giveaway the author held I m so glad I won this This is a short story that has a lot of content and romance to keep in interesting.The story has small town girl Michelle Kolson, who always dreamed of living in the city Her father is the only one supportive of her new adventure Her mother and former boyfriend not so much She recently started working for LightWave Tech for the call center She doesn t know anyone in Chicago, and has not met everyone in the company.Noah Frellish a hot, computer geek He loves coding in his spare time and biking His circle of friends are mainly the people from the Help Desk and engineers in the company He is a billionaire and the CEO of LightWave His company went public recently He hasn t met any woman recently that likes him for who he truly is The women just pretty much go after him because of his billionaire status.I love Michelle and Noah s first meeting She happens to have issues with the printer in her work area and Noah happens to be there He did not dress like a CEO wore T shirt with a term a techie would understand and a baseball cap He assists her with resolving what the issue with her printer was They get to know a bit about one another that evening Only thing is, Noah introduces himself to Michelle as Sark, the nickname his friends call him Michelle has no clue he is the CEO of LightWave She thinks he is one of the help desk technicians.I enjoyed seeing the romance building up between the two At first, it was like they were feebly trying not to go on their feelings for one another since they work for the same company That did not last very long since it was evident they were so attracted to one another Sark did make an attempt to let Michelle know who is really is, but she really did not understand his handwritten letter.This is the first time I have read a story of Lynne Silver I enjoyed how it was put together and the buildup of the entire story It s one of those sweet romance short stories that is worth reading You have to love those smart guys Of course it s a bonus if they re hot Good job Lynne

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