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More Than Water chapter 1 More Than Water, meaning More Than Water, genre More Than Water, book cover More Than Water, flies More Than Water, More Than Water a8968b5a3b311 It Doesn T Feel Right It Doesn T Feel Wrong It JustfeelsEJ Cunning, An Art History Major, Dates Musicians Foster Blake, A Chemical Engineering Major, Can T Sing A Tune They Re Not Each Other S Type They Re CoworkersThen, One Night Leads To Sex Sex Between Friends Which Leads To An Agreement It All Seems So Simple But Nothing Ever IsMany Layers Build A Person S FacadeLook Into The Depths For What S Hidden WithinIt S Than Water It S A Story A Living And Breathing Substance Beyond The Reflective Surface

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    4 4.5 stars More Than Water is a beautifully written NA romance about two college students who couldn t be different but have similarities than you d think Evelyn EJ is an art student Art is her passion She isn t necessarily supported by her family when it comes to her love of art, but it s what she wants to do with her life EJ has a library job a few nights a week and that is where she meets Foster Blake Foster is into Engineering and a huge science nerd and I mean that in the best way possible See what I mean when I said they couldn t be different Differences aside, after spending so much time together, these two become friends The friendship between EJ and Foster is flirty and fun I love the banter they have Eventually the friendship develops into and they share one night of passion Even though neither is ready for wanting a relationship, one night just isn t enough for these two, so they embark on a friends with benefits relationship I love love love when I find myself liking the female character AND male character in the story equally Both EJ and Foster were wonderful and I loved seeing the growth in them both as the story progressed Their friendship relationship moved forward and it felt natural and real Foster is smart, a bit geeky and funny EJ s personality is fresh and fun She s someone you want to be friends with More Than Water is my first book by Renee Ericson, and I feel like I ve been missing out I absolutely love her writing style It s a perfect blend of humor, steam, and it has this beautifully poetic feel to it that really works with the story and subject matter This is one I recommend to anyone who loves the friends with benefits storyline is looking for a great NA read

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    Scientifically speaking,it is impossible to count all the stars in the sky.But if we could,I would give all of them to this book with all my heart It s not simple,like you said.It s not just two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.It s than water.It s a story a living and breathing substance beyond the reflective surface More Than Water is not just two parts Art and one part Science.It s .It s a unique harmony,a chemical reaction that resulted in something beautiful and heartwarming and meaningful.Science didn t eradicate Art.It completed it I was just thinking that,even though fire and water generally work against one another one always winning the war,so to speak there are some environments where they can coexist.It s all about having the right chemistry For Foster and EJ,that environment was the College of Engineering Library.EJ was studying Art,much to her rich and controlling parents dismay,while Foster was a Chemistry geek,a golden,down to earth boy,the complete opposite of her.She was all creativity,he was all facts,she was a free spirit,he radiated reason.They became friends,and when they spent a hot night together,they became friends with benefits.But the connection between them was not only physical,it could not be explained by numbers and symbols,it was This kiss will consummate a part of myself with him that is newly revealed the living and breathing substance pulsating between both of us More Than Water had everything I want in a romance novel.It wasn t just about steam and laughter and there were plenty of them ,it was also about two complex people trying to find out who they really are,about a boy who was hurt before and shut down his heart,a girl who was not accepted by her perfect family and sook an escape from reality and its burdens.It was beautifully written,each sentence opening a way straight to your heart until you became one with the book,the heroes and their feelings,and everything that you are simply didn t matter.All that mattered was the relationship blooming between EJ and Foster.EJ was told what to do since she was a child,her future was set in stone and the choices regarding her life were made by others.Her Art was the way to deal with the fake world she lived in,a chance to breathe.She could never imagine that a guy like Foster would be the one to love her for being herself,with all her flaws and her sarcasm.Foster was the perfect book boyfriend,both adorkable and sexy,caring and romantic.Yes they were sex buddies,but they were also friends.And I loved them both.Emotions were all over the place,my heart bet ridiculously fast and I could feel butterflies dancing in my stomach because Renee Ericson wrote an extraordinary and magical book about the magnetic force that can pull two people together called love ARC kindly provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    4 Stars Like a flame breaking the boundaries to survive underwater, we, too, are something beautiful We are a substance of our own design We re than water We re than fire We re a miracle, a living and breathing combination, with no formula to define us Evelyn Cunning aka E.J is an art history college student She loves art, art being her therapy Her rich parents don t support her love for art like she would want to Even if they were reluctant to even let her attend Midwest University, E.J choose this university because of its prominent art program One night she finds out her boyfriend is a cheating douchebag, so she decides she needs a break from this dating thing For two years, E.J had been working with the school s library system This year she was transferred from the main library to the engineering library She s doesn t know anything about engineering, but she has Foster to help her, her new colleague.Foster Blake or Fozzie like E.J will name him later into the story is a nerd A sexy nerd He s smart chemical engineering major, business minor , he has many medals and he volunteers tutor once a month at an after school program for middle schoolers At first sight E.J and Foster are complete opposites, but as they get to know each other, and eventually become friends they realize they have many things in common Things start to change between them one night when they get drunk and sleep with each other Neither of them are interested in a relationship, but both of them want hot nights together, so they make an agreement to be friends with benefits I really liked this one Yes, there are many books with the same premise and maybe the same storyline, but Mrs Ericson managed to create something really enjoyable that has a little bit of everything steam, humor, great banter, entertaining dialogue and most of all two endearing main characters.E.J was a heroine I really liked She was likeable from the start and I have to say I really adoreed her personality She was funny, thoughtful, strong and she s a great friend Yes, at the beginning she does everything her parents expect, because she wants to please them, even if she wants something else But later, as the story progresses, she stands up for herself, realizing the only thing that matters it s what she wants What I liked most about her was her sarcasm I absolutely loved it She made me smile and grin a lot Foster like I said was as likeable as E.J He was such a sexy nerd and I must admit he charmed me from the beginning I haven t read many books with this type of hero, but I have to say I really liked Foster He was sweet, attentive, considerate and sexyyep, he was pretty perfect Somehow, somewhere, and someway, Foster has become my muse, and I ve learned over the years that it s best not to fight profoundly speaking passion I really enjoyed how everything between E.J and Foster progressed It feltright for them to be together Everything progressed in a very natural and realistic way So, the pace of the story was just perfect IMO Their connection is great and well done and their banter and the dialogue between them were fantastic And the steam between themoh, myhot as hell This read was pretty light There s no stupid drama, which I really liked I hate when an author creates drama just for the sake of it This was not the case Overall, More Than Water was a fantastic read and I would recommend it if you want a light friends with benefits story, with great banter and steam, endearing, well developed main characters and entertaining writing We are a substance of our own design.We re than water.We re than fire.We re a miracle, a living and breathing combination, with no formula to define us

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    4.25 Elemental Stars Like a flame breaking the boundaries to survive underwater, we, too, are something beautiful We are a substance of our own design We re than water We re than fire We re a miracle, a living and breathing combination, with no formula to define us image error

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    4.25 STARS Somehow, somewhere, and someway, Foster has become my muse, and I ve learned over the years that it s best not to fight profoundly speaking passion E.J., a.k.a Evelyn Cunning is an art history college student who is passionate at what she does It hasn t been easy for her to do what she loves most, since her parents don t think art is worth pursuing One day, E.J wants to surprise her boyfriend who is a musician She gets shocked when she sees him groping and kissing another woman After breaking if off with him, she doesn t really want to have anything to do with relationships E.J gets a job at the college library, and this is where she meets Foster Blake, a.k.a Fozzie The familiar taste of him is like a dull echo in comparison to the new flavor he possesses now that his kisses are tainted with affection, the truest kind It s currently seizing my body with a keen insistence and searing its way into my heart Foster is an intelligent hunky nerd, that excels in the brain department, he is also a chemical engineer major He is the complete opposite to E.J., but they soon realize they have quite a bit in common After E.J bumps into Foster and his friends at a bar, they end up having a drunken night of hot sex together Foster doesn t do relationships, at all He has no time for them, and E.J is definitely not looking for one either They make an agreement to become friends with benefits But the time they spend together, the those lines are blurred.Right off the bat, I loved E.J and her outgoing attitude and sarcastic sense of humour She was really cool and likable I also really loved Foster, he was the best I am a sucker for a hot man with glasses so I was all over Foster He was smart, and sexy, a fantastic combination When these two meet, I thought they wouldn t get along, but I was happily surprised how well these two characters connected I absolutely loved the back and forth banter between them It was just so much fun watching these two interact And the steam between these two was freaking hot So, it was no surprise that their chemistry would push them closer together and feel so much for each other However, despite them spending so much time together, they don t know everything about each other s background In fact, they are hiding it from each other So, I m asking, was it ever real for you Yeah It was It is They writing was beautifully done, and the story was very enjoyable Something that I have come to love about books from Renee Ericson is that her characters are never annoyingly immature despite their young age And, there is never unnecessary drama thrown into her books In this book, the relationship develops at a good pace I found it was very interesting to see the many different ways you can see things through art I liked how things were described when it came to all the art that was presented I loved the strong chemistry between the main characters I definitely enjoyed the funny moments in this book as well If you enjoy a great friends with benefits, that become so much story, than you need to check this one out ARC kindly provided by the author, Renee Ericson

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    5 Breathless Stars I LOVED this book. This is definitely one of my top 5 books so far this year It was just. perfect More Than Water is a story about two people, who, on paper, seem like they shouldn t fit together. but chemistry is a funny thing One spark, one flame. one touch, one glance. and boom A connection is made And that s what happened between Foster and E Two opposites that belong together..they brought out the best in each other And I fell head over heals in love with both of them as I watched them fall in love. on paper EJ loves art. she s an artist down to her soul. but she was raised by parents that, although they loved her very much, thought they knew what was best for her And that was getting her degree and going to work for her father in their advertising company She was brought up knowing that family had to come first and she would have to push who she really was to the back ,to be who her parents thought she should be So she minors in art history and takes art classes while getting her major in business But EJ has a fire inside her. and she s hilarious and snarky. beautiful. she has so much life inside of her and it pours out of her when she has a camera or a paint brush in her hand. if only her parents could just accept who she is My family does not embrace my form of creativity They shun it Foster. this boy had me hooked from the start He s got this huge brain that lives and breathes chemistry He s smart and funny. and a genius He s also sexy as hell but in a completely unassuming way He s doing exactly what he wants to do in his life and that s study He has no time for dating or women. not any anyway, after a bad break up So although he s enjoying school, has friends, has a family that supports him 100% you just know there is something he s missing out on. something or someone Foster and EJ meet when she starts working in the section of the campus library where he worksit didn t take long at all for them to feel comfortable with each other, even though they were so different Their banter with each other, I swear, was some of the best back and forth talk between any book couple I ve ever read Seriously They were just so funny together I laughed out loud so many times and my mouth would cramp up from grinning so hard for long periods of time Are things still going smelt tastic I ask. Smelt errific , Foster quips So great that I ve moved on to pyroprocessing I m on fire I ll get the fire extinguisher I fan myself The heat of your brain is spilling over into my space Behind all the fun back and forth quips, you can tell they are attracted to each other They flirt and are so funny things remain the same until one night they run into each other while they are both out with friends. EJ ends up spending time with Foster, or Fozzie, as she likes to call him, and his braniac friends way too many drinks later..and they finally cross that line from friends, to friends with benefits Both agreeing that neither want that just sex, and lots of it They are not looking for a relationship The sex is amazing between them. and they are just as hilarious during sex as they are outside of the bedroom. Fuck me, you re rally fucking good at this, I comment, running my fingers along his scalp You re like some kind of clit whisperer Do you practice this shit Yes I excercise my mouth at the gym, the same way you do your breasts Of course..when you have amazing chemistry, the sex is off the charts, and you get along like best friends. things are bound to get complicated in a friends with benefits relationship, and they do Foster and EJ have to decide if they are both ready for ..and when they do, there are other factors neither of them considered that may get in their way. and EJ has life changing decisions to make An art project she has been working on, with Foster s assistance, could make or break her future. either showing her parents who she really is. or staying in their mold and following in daddy s footsteps And can she depend on Foster to be the missing element to the formula that helps her shine.Gaaahhhhh I swear I dreamy sighed out loud so many times. I smiled, I laughed, I even got a little teary eyed a couple of times EJ and Foster were simply. perfection I love them I want of them I hated when I got to the last chapter because I just didn t want their story to be over Such an awesome book I know I will be re reading this story again even days later after finishing, I still get a big grin on my face for Fozzie and EJ Don t miss this book It was so much fun and I could hardly stand to put it down when work and life interrupted me I even learned a little chemistry from Foster s big brain Like a flame breaking the boundaries to survive underwater, we, too, are something beautiful We are a substance of our own design We re than water We re than fire We re a miracle, a living and breathing combination, with no formula to define us ARC gifted by Renee Ericson

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    5 perfect chemistry stars from me There are many factors that make us an unlikely pair but we have a chemistry that cannot be denied Like a flame breaking the boundaries to survive underwater, we, too, are something beautiful We are a substance of our own design.We re than water.We re than fire.We re a miracle, a living and breathing combination, with no formula to define us Oh, God That book amazed me and left me infatuated I read it in a breath, i couldn t put it down and i didn t want ever to finish What a strange thing, ugh All this combination of art and chemistry was a turn on, not only for the main characters, but for me alsoI don t think that i was ever again so much fascinating while i was reading about scientistic thingsAnd how lovely the author manage to connected them with art I really adore her way of thinking and writing In this book, we were having to do with two different personsEJ, a woman with free spirit, unfiltered mouth and wild imaginationAnd Foster, a man so focused on his studies with a squared logicShe was breathing art, he was breathing scienceHow those two things are possible to married together in an harmonic way How anybody can mixed fire and water This book showed us that everything is possible Evelyn aka EJ, is an art student She is wild, fiesty, full of life and creativityShe loved to create art in any form By sculpture, by drowing, by photographsI won t lie to you All those descriptions about art fascinated me in a strange and deep levelBut EJ wasn t always as it seemed Some times she had to pretend that she was something is not and her time as an artist was about to end since her parents have other plans of herThe course of her life is changing when she goes to work in Engineering Library and she meets her colleague, Foster BlakeFoster, aka Fozzie as Evelyn liked to call him, is what everybody think as a geek I never imagined that a geek could be so sexy and yummy A geek should be shy, awkard, lost in his books Foster is anything but those things He is not shy at all, he is not awkard He is intelligent, beautiful, smartassHe is full of surprises Yeah, of course he was a science freak, but all this combination made him desirable I wish i could have a Foster by my side Well, the combination of these two was like an explosion God, their first encounter was delirious and soooo funnyThey made me laugh all the time, they made me think the things with a different prospectiveThis book made me feel a little of everythingEven a little sad in some point You see, Evelyn and Fozzie shared a different and unique bond from the first momentTheir relation went from many stages and there was a physiological progress in thatThey were colleagues that they were working in harmony together with occasionally teasings for both of them Foster was helping Evelyn in her projects as a good friendThen one night, in a bar, while they were playing a nerdy drugging game, they ended up to hook up togetherand that was the begging of a strange relationshipNone of them wanted something serious and none of them wanted to stop being friendsSo they made an arrangement They will never stop being friends and they can hook upAnd that was working perfect with them and they started to come really closer They started to know each other better than themselves and they started to form unexpected feelings that they refused to acknowledge and this is where i got frustrated as hellThey were so different but at the same time they were so perfect togetherWill they manage to mix the fire with water and to have the perfect chemistry or will they fail in that experiment Really, guys, this book is a book worthy to read it by everyone Don t miss it And i just found out that on November, we will have a novel about Evelyn and Foster I can not wait for this one ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review A big thank you Guys

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    3.5 starsWell, Foster is adorable book boyfriend perfectionI love cute nerdy heroes I really liked Evelyn too, and their dialogue and chemistry was great Loved their banter, and I actually thought the sex scenes were hot I would give all of that 5 stars.To be honest though, I did a fair amount of skimming because I just wasn t that interested in some of the side story lines, like her issues with her mom ect I don t know why, I just didn t care It s possible that I ve outgrown NA Sweet ending arc kindly provided by netgalley

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    It doesn t feel right It doesn t feel wrong It just feels I absolutely loved this book This is one of those stories that you get sucked into from the beginning I had a hard time putting this down Foster is this hot, sexy, nerd chic, brilliant man His big brain in such a turn on his nerdy dirty talk will make you hot It s a pleasure chemical You know I love it when you talk nerdy to me, I jest at his playfulness Forget dirty wordsmithery Science is where it s at Foster is such a caring man who is a joy to read EJ is this smart mouthed, very witty, loves life kind of character I love her She makes me laugh and wish she was my real life BFF These two characters seem to be opposites Foster is reserved and extremely intelligent, whereas, EJ is wild at heart and gifted artistically Even with their differences or maybe because of them, they have combustable chemistry together His hands slide down my bare back and underneath my panties, grabbing my ass, pulling me harder over him, while his mouth seductively slays my own I love the smart wit and banter these two share There are scenes in this book that made me laugh until I had tears Other parts made my heart ache I was turned on, taught new things, and made to smile until my face hurt More Than Water was such a pleasant reading experience This book gave me everything I ask for in a story The descriptive writing in this book blew me away I keep going back to my highlighted quotes and sit in awe of the beauty that this author created with her words Some of the descriptions in this story are stunning Stills of bubbles, colors, and movement captured by the sophistication of the high speed lens fill the viewing screen The juxtaposition of light and water are beyond gorgeous, and the symmetry to poetry is a symphony in the making I m breathless It s than water It s than fire It s life surviving and flourishing where it shouldn t, where it couldn t It s almost a miracle I m very impressed with Renee Ericson s writing She is an exceptionally talented author I have loved every book she has ever written I highly recommend More Than Water, as well as, all the books written by this author.

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    4 stars I thought I was done with NA You know you read the same old stories insta love, manwhore hero, virgin heroine, throw in some misunderstandings and you get a best seller Instead what we got here was a believable friends to lovers story, a nerdy hero, a sarcastic heroine and witty banter All of which I love in my books.It couldn t quite reach 5 stars because there was some parts that was a bit slow and it never really had that wow 5 star moment But there was so many times I was giggling at their banter A great college type book with no angst although I kinda wished there was a tiny bit.

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