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How to Seduce a Band Geek (How To, #2) quotes How to Seduce a Band Geek (How To, #2) , litcharts How to Seduce a Band Geek (How To, #2) , symbolism How to Seduce a Band Geek (How To, #2) , summary shmoop How to Seduce a Band Geek (How To, #2) , How to Seduce a Band Geek (How To, #2) 65dfdc9f Sierra Livingston S Got It Bad For Her Sister S Best Friend, Levi Mason The Boy Who Carries His Drumsticks In His Pocket, Marches With The School S Band, And Taps His Feet To Whatever Beat Runs Through His Head Sierra Racks Her Brain For Ways To Impress The Sexy Drummer, But The Short Skirts And Bursting Cleavage Don T Seem To Cut ItWhen Sierra Gets Paired With Levi S Sister, Brea, For A Mentorship Program, They Strike A Deal In Exchange For Sierra Keeping Her Mouth Shut About Brea Ditching The Program, Brea Lets Sierra Dig For Info On Levi To Help Get The Guy Of Her DreamsBut When Sierra Discovers Levi No Longer Plays The Drums, His Family Has Moved Into A Trailer, And He S Traded In His Range Rover For A Baby Blue Moped, Sierra S Not Sure If She Can Go Through With Violating His Privacy She Ll Have To Find The Courage To Ask Him Straight Out If He S Willing To Let Her In And Explore Other Ways To Seduce The School S Band Geek

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    FOUR LOVE A GEEK STARS Have you ever felt like you re exploding from the inside out There is no one I know of who writes young Adult, first love so well It feels like Cassie Mae has delved into the average teenage brain and taken out all the romantic, awkward, loved up parts and put it all together to deliver a cute, sweet and adorable story I can t help but fall in love with yet another of this authors hilarious romantic comedies and I m hoping that those who love this genre will take my word for it, one click this book and fall in love too Here s the rest of my thoughts What s it all about Sierra Livingston is the little sister with the biggest crush on her elder sisters best friend With nothing left to loose this cute, goofy girl has decided to do all she can to be noticed by the boy who makes her heart go boom Levi Mason is having a hard time looking after all he loves in his life, In between band practice and attempting to earn enough money to help out his single mum he doesn t know that he will he have time to explore the feelings that have started to develop for the gorgeous, Sierra Navigating troublesome high school difficulties and learning about embracing who you are, Sierra and Levi must find a way to make time for love Jump into this deliciously sweet and geeky filled story of first love and friendship What did I love most Cassie Mae always has a positive message to tell in her stories, whether it s be yourself or overcome your fears or don t let bullies define who you are I m always thoroughly impressed with her ability to create characters that end up being proud of who they are and I appreciate that not every character is gorgeously perfect or predictably popular I can t help but fall whole heartedly in love with this authors books and characters, they are super charmingly sweet and most certainly deliver the comedy factor This book wonderfully navigated through a journey of a friends to lovers story a favourite trope of mine and coupled with that it had the element of unrequited love which made me one loved up, happy reader The writing style as always was solid and entertaining and Cassie Mae also led me right into developing an insane need for the next book in the series Every character serves it s perfect purpose and it s obvious that the author has a love for writing about this group of high school characters I will never say no to reading a Cassie Mae book she has my book heart on a plate and I m always desperate to read How to seduce a band geek is an hilariously sweet and funny novel with cute characters and a heart warming message that you won t want to miss Why not five Am I getting too old to read young adult I m hoping the answer to that is no, especially when it comes to a Cassie Mae book However, I did notice with this novel than any other of Cassie Mae s young adult series that I was reading about young teenagers Normally if a story has the cute, funny, romantic emphasis i m not overly aware of an age barrier to my reading tastes but something about this book made me want to give the warning out that if this genre is not your cup of tea then steer clear As always with this author I loved the writing style and flow and ultimately the comic genius but I was left aching to learn about these adorable characters, I craved that something extra to make it a five star.Final thoughts Cassie Mae never ever fails to give my book heart the biggest loved up work out possible If I m not smiling throughout her stories then I m laughing or wiping away a tear, I can t quite explain in words how perfect this authors writing style is for my inner romantic geek and if I could bottle up how I feel when reading a Cassie Mae book and insert that feeling into everyday life then I m sure I d be walking around with the silliest grin possible If you love to laugh and you can t help but fall in love with a young adult book then you really should not bypass this series or in fact any of Cassie Mae s books I feel like I m handed a gift for every time I start one of her novels and I know I m going to be a forever fan I heart you Cassie Mae, enjoy readers Kisses ARC generously provided by the lovely author, Cassie Mae in exchange for an honest review

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    Out now Yay

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    I don t know about you but I m feeling 17everything will be alright if you keep me next to you 4 stars Normally, I do not read young adult Especially since which has been a torture for me BUT this has been so fun and cute We got Sierra love that name , a creative geek, an outcast, prude if you listen to gossips, Levi, a band geek actually former drummer ,blonde hottie, Sierra s sister Zoe best friend And Zoe, and her boyfriend Zak And their friends Adam, Sydney and Levi s sister Brea.It is a story about falling in love for the first time Pure, innocent, nerdy n geeky Loved it It was very much grey Which is important for me, to give people real characteristics It is not all about love,but about friendship and how you should stand up for yourself.It think some of the story is based on author s real life, at least that is what I got from acknoledgements page Even better if it is true.

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    Hmm Not as good as I would expect from the author, still not awfulRTC

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    Lebih suka yang pertama Di buku pertama obrolan dan istilah nerd nya lebih banyak

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    Warning There will be some serious fangirling in this review I thought I should give you a fair warning.So, first of all There is no What I didn t like part This is, after Switched that is, my favorite book from Cassie Without a doubt.This was me, when I got the earc This was me, reading the book This was me when the book ended Oh my god this book is so awesome No, no, NOOOOO I don t wan it to end I was seriously doing both.Ok, fangirling apart or maybe not I really, really loved this book.I had a really hard time liking Zoe in How to Date a Nerd, and I was seriously releaved when I met Sierra I just loved her And then there is Levi, and YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY He is so totally my book boyfriend and I said this already, BUT I AM CALLING DIBS ON HIM.What can I say This book, for me, was waaaay better that the first one Way funny, way owww you get the idea right Way everything.I just wanted to dance and I couldn t cause I was in the lab and it would have been really awkward if someone caught me dancing around And yeah I m still a little a LOT crazy with this.I love the fact that we get to see what happens with Zoe and Zak This Zoe, I really liked her too Thank god And we get to meet Adam another cuttie For some quotes go here Stars Easiest, funniest and most adorable 5 ever Thank you so much to Swoon Romance and Cassie for trusting me with this earc It really was a pleasure to read and review this baby.

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    I was given an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review How do I seduce a band geek That s the question going through Sierra Livingston s mind every single day You see, Sierra has a dilemma She s in love with her big sister s best friend Not just a silly girl crush kind of love A head over heals, can t get you out of my mind, I can t breathe around you kind of love But how can she ever get him to see her as anything other than Zoe s little sis It doesn t help matters that for the past couple of years she has been put down and bullied because she got out of a bad relationship that ended in a car wreckliterally The guy is the scuzz of the earth and has no problem starting horrible rumors about Sierra The only things keeping her sane and getting her through every day at school are her best friends, Adam and Sydney, and seeing that gorgeous blonde haired, blue eyed masterpiece, that plays the drums in the band and that she stares at in Debate class.Levi Mason Can I have him No, seriously He is Amazing with a capitol A The thoughts that are always going through Sierra s mind about him take me back to high school I loved the banter between them.While playing Tekken Tag Your a is mine Levi In Sierra s mind Take my a Take it you sexy man, you I literally fell over during these scenes laughing my head off In true Cassie fashion, there is such great relatable humor in this book, but also a serious undertone that breaks your heart and makes you swoon at the same time.Sierra takes on a school project to mentor a 8th grader and help them get ready for high school As her luck would have it, she gets Levi s little sister, Brea This was her chance Her chance to get closer to her dream That dream being, of course, Levi When I get to my feet, I m almost right up to his chest Oh, to be there would be like experiencing Disneyland for the first timeBut then he takes a step back, ripping my amusement park ticket right from fingers One of these days I ll get my ride on his chest SierraBut what happens when everything you thought you knew about a person, isn t right LikeWhy is Levi no longer playing the drums Why did he trade in his Range Rover for a Moped Why did his family move into a small trailer It doesn t make since As they start to spend time together, Sierra is discovering that Levi is than just the pretty face she s always seen He s become the hero she didn t know she needed But at the same time, Levi needs her just as much, if not Please can I have just one moment when I feel like I can take care of you Levi Why can t I be the one to take care of you Sierra You have no idea what you d be signing up for Levi I don t careBecause no matter how much you warn me about this not meaning anything, it already does On my end Everything with you means something So, if I can be the one who helps you through whatever it is haunting you, I want to do it SierraHeartemotionseverywhere The Feels, oh the Feels This book has it all Sierra and Levi are freakin adorkable Things you learn while reading this book Puffed out cheeks and scratching noses are soooo cute Apples and popcorn are amazing smells Finding Nemo is the best movie ever Zak and Zoe are still just as amazingly dorky Adam is a perfect best friend Levi Mason can rock a piccolo And last but not leastYou learn that you never know what s going on behind the curtain in people s lives and the choice is yours to either ignore it, snoop behind it or tear it down.Wonderful read Thank you, Cassie, for another amazing How To book

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    4.75 stars I know, I know, 4.75 stars But seriously, I have a reason Hold your horses.NOTE I was lucky enough to receive an advanced ecopy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review OK, so to say that this book had a lot to live up to in my head is kind of an understatement I thoroughly enjoyed How to Date a Nerd book 1 , and pretty much fell into a total all out crush with Levi from the first moment he walked over to Zoe to see if she was ok So a book where he s the hero Oh yeah, definitely going to have high expectations And oh boy did Ms Cassie Mae not disappoint But I will get back to him On the other side of the coin, you know what I didn t expect That I would actually fall in girl crush with Sierra You don t get too much of a feel for her in book 1, other than that she s pretty lost So I was walking in with a clean slate with her, and let me tell you, I fell in love from the first chapter Sierra is my kind of girl Whereas in book 1, I had a hard time warming up to Zoe, in this book I was all over Sierra from start to finish I seriously just adore her awkward, rambling, dorky, real self She was the perfect match for Levi Seriously, they were so ridiculously cute together, it was like smile time all the time Seriously, I m gushing I can t even quite describe what it is about them, but their interactions are so innocent, and adorable, and their chemistry builds so nicely so that when you finally get to the swoony parts, you re completely invested in them as a couple.And this book had another fabulously epic ending although if I had to choose, I would still say Nerd is the most epic ending Seriously, this is like every teen movie I used to adore watching oh who am I kidding, still enjoy watching wrapped up in delicious literary form.OK, so the loss of a quarter of a star Well, just to be totally selfish, I wanted Levi In the end, this was Sierra s book, and really showcased her growth, and the crazy issues she was dealing with with bullying, friendships growing apart, and just trying to figure out who she was Which is the problem, b c now I m warring with myself b c while I wanted Levi, I really really really enjoyed Sierra s story So what might normally have been a half star loss is only a quarter star loss b c I honestly can t say that I d want to lose any of Sierra s story, just that I wanted to know about what Levi was going through, and just Levi time altogether I have a feeling we ll get to see of that story when we learn Brea s story, so it s not a total loss Basically I just wanted this story to be longer.I m thinking I could be appeased with a Levi POV Not that that was a ridiculously obvious and pathetic hint or anything wink So yes I finished this book with the biggest grin on my face, and then proceeded to stress out about what to write in my review to do the book justicewhich I probably failed at, but oh well.

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    This is my favorite Cassie Mae book yet I loved Sierra so much The whole thing is just so sweet and funny and fun Just what we ve come to expect from Cassie Mae And I can t wait to see the cover

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    Such an adorable read, I really had fun with this Perfect for a lazy day by the pool.

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