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Screwdrivered pdf Screwdrivered, ebook Screwdrivered, epub Screwdrivered, doc Screwdrivered, e-pub Screwdrivered, Screwdrivered 6f4c81ea5d9 Readers Back For A Third Round Of The Bestselling Cocktail Series Will Enjoy A Madcap Romantic Comedy About Bodice Ripping And Chest Heaving, Fiery Passion And Love Everlasting Plus A Dash Of Paperwork Filing And Horseshi Wait, What By Day, Viv Franklin Designs Software Programs By Night, Vivian S A Secret Romance Novel Junkie Who Longs For A Knight In Shining Armor, Or A Cowboy On A Wild Stallion, Or A Strapping Firefighter To Sweep Her Off Her Feet And She Gets To Wear The Bodice Don T Forget The BodiceWhen A Phone Call Brings News That She S Inherited A Beautiful Old Home In Mendocino, California From A Long Forgotten Aunt, She Moves Her Entire Life Across The Country To Embark On What She Sees As A Great, Romance Novel Worthy Adventure But Romance Novels Always Have A Twist, Don T They There S A Cowboy, One That Ignites Her Loins Because Cowboy Hank Is Totally Loin Ignition Worthy But There S Also A Librarian, Clark Barrow And He Calls Her Vivian Can Tweed Jackets And Elbow Patches Compete With Chaps And Spurs You Bet Your Sweet Cow PieIn Screwdrivered, Alice Clayton Pits Superman Against Clark In A Hilarious And Hot Battle That Delights A Swooning Viv Vivian Also Within This Book, An Answer To The Question Of The Ages Why Ride A Cowboy When You Can Ride A Librarian

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    4 4.5 stars Screwdrivered is the third book in Alice Clayton s Coctail series The first, Wallbanger, is by far my favorite But I loved this one much than the second It was fresh and funny with a feisty and fun heroine and a swoon worthy hero I laughed out loud than once and it reminded my why I loved Alice Clayton s writing so much.If you ve read Wallbanger, you ve met Viv She was the spunky girl from Simon s highschool reunion that was a softwear designer that loves to travel and lives in her very own romance novel In her head of course After a great aunt leaves her a fantastic home in Mendocino California, she decides to take a risk Maybe this is a great adventure where she ll meet the love of her life An adventure A new beginning A journey across the land where a new life awaits The first man she lays eyes on is a sexy cowboy Cowboy Hank makes her hot But he s not very mentally stimulating A few grunts here and there is all she gets out of him Then there is Clark The librarian, historian, he runs the historical society Her body may want Cowboy, but she finds her self and attracted to the nerdy Clark His glasses and elbow patches are endearing He makes her laugh and even though they butt heads a lot about her renovating the historical home she s living in, she loves the banter between them So did I Clark and Viv together so funny Never would have pegged you for a spitter, Vivian Eyes suddenly wide, I sat straight up, almost levitations from the bed, then rallied Only when it s something not worth swallowing Viv comes to a point where she has to decide Who does she really want After a long hard look at things, it becomes painfully obvious to her I enjoyed reading this book It was very entertaining I absolutely adored the heroine She was comical and relatable Her inner dialogue was great all the romance novel senerios that were floating in her head Definitely a girl who reads too much It was also fantastic to catch up with Simon and Caroline Her new friend Jessica was likable and fun as well So why not 5 stars It seems like a pretty perfect read The only reason I didn t give this one a full 5 is that the ending felt a little rushed I waited and waited for her to get with the guy, and when the choice was finally made, there was very little time for me to enjoy them being together But overall, it was still a fantastic read If you re looking for something light and funny, I would highly recommend view spoiler Why ride a cowboy when you can ride a librarian hide spoiler

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    4 stars Why ride a cowboy when you can ride a librarian Vivian has a problem with the L word She s never been in love Her relationships have always been physical but never emotional, which might explain why at the age of 29 she has retreated into the world of harlequin romances When Vivian receives a phone call that her great Aunt Maude has passed and left Vivian her home and its belongings, Vivian jumps at the chance to move across the country and live out her fantasies Even better The house comes with a ranch and a cowboy That s right, a shirtless hunky cowboy.Vivian finds the house in disrepair and it becomes clear that she must renovate it Cue Clark, the chairman of the historical society and Mendocino s town librarian Clark and Vivian are at constant odds over the house, and the two can t stop bickering Slowly dislike turns into toleration, which turns into friendship Can Vivian learn to see outside the fantasies into real life to see what s standing right in front of her It doesn t always have to be so hard Sometimes falling in love just means turning around and seeing what s right in front of you I thought this was a very cute addition to the Wallbanger series Before the synopsis was announced I had thought that these spin offs would be about Caroline s friends, but I m actually glad that wasn t the case It gave the reader a chance to see the Wallbanger verse from another fresh perspective while adding in glimpses of the characters we grew to love in the first two books I loved the banter and dynamic between Viv and Clark It was soooooo obvious how he felt about her and I wanted to kick Viv for most of the book because she couldn t see it There was also that lovely Alice Clayton humor that had me chuckling out loud for most of the book, especially the librarian jokes as I myself am a librarian in training Dewey Decimal system, right Don t mock the system, Vivian I wouldn t dream of it I also loved Mimi s cameos because that girl and her organizing obsession was cracking me up I swear, I wish there was a real life Mimi just so I could have her come over and organize my stuff I probably couldn t afford her though.The one thing I didn t love was Viv s daydreaming in the harlequinly way I know this is vital to the story and not to sound like a total book snob, but I don t read bodice rippers at all, so even the joking snippets in this were enough to make me skim those parts.Overall a very sweet and cute read Clark is adorbs and I hope I m lucky enough to find a guy as cute as him one day Book boyfriend to add to the list For the record, I am so turned on by your elbow patches, I m coming out of my skin over here

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    LIVE Holy Mackerel StarsVivian Franklin is contacted in the middle of the night when her estranged great aunt Maude dies She is told she is the sole heir to her estate and inherited her seaside cottage in Mendocino, California Vivian decides to move across the country and pursue her romance novel worthy adventure.We have our heroine now we just need a hero, so who will it be the librarian or the cowboy Clark Barrow is the towns librarian and historian Since the house is a historic landmark Vivian cannot make changes to the home without the historic committees permission Clark takes it upon himself to assist Vivian through this process Clark is sexy in a I like to read kind of way, and Vivian is looking for her pirate, king, knight, or hell a cowboy would do just fine too Hank, the cowboy, was hired to care for the animals Hank and Viv meet while he is out riding one of the horses The second she sees him riding up on the horse, shirtless, she knows she has found her hero Hank is sexy as sin, but he isn t easily falling for Viv s womanly wiles Vivian is okay with that, she understands romance novels and it takes time for the hero and heroine to get together.This is a great installment to the series I loved getting to see the other characters and the little cameos they had This is such a fun read I read this with my bestie and we were going back and forth nonstop with quotes, I was laughing out loud constantly Never would have pegged you as a spitter Vivian Only when it s something not worth swallowing This book definitely had the Wallbanger vibe My only complaint was the lack of time the couple was actually together I would have liked for sexy couple time, it felt pretty rushed towards the end.I highly recommend this one for anyone looking for a lighthearted, funny, entertaining read ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    Find all of my reviews at was just what I needed to make my spirits bright I was all Viv Franklin spends her free time daydreaming of pirates marauding through her underdrawers while reading classics such as Loins of Endearment and The Wolf of Lust Street When a great aunt Viv hasn t seen since she was a child passes away and leaves Viv her estate including stables horses , Viv takes it as a sign that she is destined to live out her romance novel fantasies I mean, horses cowboys, right Upon arrival, Viv confirms there is indeed a cowboy who takes care of the animals and declares him to be Beef To the motherfucking Cake The description of him, however, was a bit Ewwwww.But Viv is oh so horny and can t manage to turn off the bodice ripping, heavy breathing, rolling in the hay images that fill her dreams Especially when the only other available man in site is Clark, the local librarian pain in the ass member of the historical society who wants to fight her tooth and nail when it comes to any updates to her dilapidated historical home Little does Viv know this librarian has quite a bit to offer than a stuffy personality and tweed jackets Follow along with Viv while she comes to the realization that Who wants a Superman when you can have a Clark After reading Wallbanger which I originally gave 4 Stars, but bumped to 5 because it was a freaking riot and I might actually read it again sometime I was pretty sure Alice Clayton s romance novels would be winners for me Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I am super cheap and no likey the idea of spending 8 on a book I will read in a couple of hours Luckily I discovered the horny librarian collection up in the burbs and Screwdrivered was just sitting there waiting for me to grab it up Clayton follows the same formula in this book that she did in the first of the series girl meets boy girl hates boy girl friends boy girl f s boy If your idea of a good time while reading a romance is non stop bang sessions, Clayton s stories probably aren t for you Her books have a little plot, a lot humor and she makes you wait until nearly the last minute for the big payoff Speaking as a girl who is squicked out by the sexytimes a majority of the time, I will say Clayton makes it worth the wait Especially when you think nice boys NEVER do anything naughty Me

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    was i the only one expecting it to be about Simon and Caroline s friend and is left disappointed

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    4.5 MY Librarian Stars BR with Sharon, Patty, Denisse Wendy Vivian Franklin aka Viv is a 29 yr old independent single woman living in Philadelphia She comes from a large, close family, has 5 brothers who are all married Her mother continually tries to set her up on blind dates with the men her mom views as marriage material, hoping she will find the one The dates never work out because she isn t into clean cut boring men Viv prefers the hard to get, rough around the edges bad boys Viv s family business was computers She created a program sold an app to Google When she s not working she enjoys curling up with a steamy romance novel She has never been in love, and wanted to live out her own romance novel One evening Viv gets a call in the middle of the night It s from a man who claims to be her Great Aunt Maude s attorney He informs her that her crazy, eccentric aunt that she hasn t seen in 15 years has passed away and left everything to Viv Viv hasn t been to see her aunt in California since one magical summer when she was 12, her family vacationed at Seaside Cottage Curious in need of an adventure Viv heads to the coastal town of Mendocino, California, to check out the new beach house ranch she has inherited Being a software engineer, Viv can run her online business from anywhere, so she decides to stay a while She is excited for a change She arrives at the beautiful Victorian home overlooking the Pacific Ocean Once she see s the home up close she realizes it is very run down in need of a lot of repairs Viv is mesmerized right away by a hot cowboy named Hank that works on her ranch He resembles what she envisions a manly man from one of her novels would look like As she continues to drool over shirtless Hank another man shows up at her new home His name is Clark Barrow he s the town librarian, archivist, the head of the local historical society He informs her the house is in the historical register in Mendocino, and any changes or renovations she wants to do have to be approved by the town aka Clark Clark Viv clash over the house s repairs, and make each other furious He is just the kind of old fashioned, uptight, boring man her mother would set her up with He even wears glasses a tweed jacket with elbow patches He is totally not her type until she sees him one day without his shirt and notices his gorgeous body All the sudden she finds herself thinking of the nerdy librarian that annoys her in a different light Clark keeps spending time with Viv while they work together to preserve the old home He really comes through for her anytime she needs anything They become great friends, and he makes her laugh She begins noticing him , and enjoys spending time with him She even misses him when he s not around She soon learns there is a lot to this man than meets the eye, all the things she thought she didn t like about him, are now the things she loves Viv starts thinking of the beach house as home, and likes the slower paced small town feel of Mendocino I really enjoyed this book I liked getting of Simon Caroline, I got a good laugh at all the romance novel lingo such as Pillar of Passion lol I adored the delicious, geeky but SEXY AS HELL librarian Clark was yummy, especially Nighttime Clark Another fabulous read by Alice Clayton D I loved my romance novels, loved the passion and the chase But the part I loved the most Was when the hero took his woman into his arms and kissed her reverently I had no idea what to do with a nice guy I d never dated a clean cut, Backstreet Boy type I d always stayed in the heavy metal alternative, dirty, tattooed boy section I don t know if all librarians ogled the way this one did, but he had it down to an art form He took his time, leaving no curve unseen Who wants a Superman when you can have a Clark And I wanted a Clark I wanted this Clark Sweet heaven, my librarian was a dirty talker.

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    4.5 Balustrade Stars Balustrades are sexy and is now my favorite word BR with Mel, Sharon, Patty and Wendy If you ever read an Alice Clayton book you know she can write funny and sexy stories like nobody s business, this one had all the same components but in a bit of a different style The sexual tension in this book stretches throughout the story, making the buildup almost unbearable but sooooo worth it in the end.Viv is a computer engineer who loves art and adventure She s been around the world and has had numerous hot affairs but she s never really been in love, and being a self proclaimed romance novel addict, she longs for a man to own her body and heart One night she receives an unexpected phone call telling her that she has inherited her long lost aunt Maude beach cottage, located California she doesn t think twice about dropping everything to go there and find the new adventure she s been desperately craving The house is beautiful and the town is very charming, but turns out her aunt was a hoarder and the house needs a lot of work and repairs The cottage is considered a historical property of the town, and she can t do any repairs or changes without the approval of the head of the department, enter sexy librarian Clark Barrow.Clark is sexy in a geeky way, very proper and smart but Viv doesn t notice any of that at first for two reasons one, she sees Clark as uptight because he s always giving her a hard time about preserving the original features of the house, which makes it difficult for her to get the house in the shape she wants in order to permanently move there and reason number two, she has the hots for the sexy cowboy caretaker of the animals in her barn, Hank Hank has absolutely no personality, only good looks, but Viv lives inside a romance novel, in her head she s always saying things like, pulsating pillar of passion, mammoth male member, cocky cobra and vaginal mongoose, just to name a few She s always dreaming night and day about being ravage by a man While the cowboy barely pays any attention to her, she and Clark start developing a sweet and sexy friendship that starting to confuse the hell out of Viv Her future in uncertain, will she sell everything and settled in California Will she have a hot affair with the Cowboy or the Librarian Or will she find the love she s always been looking for Apart from a few minor issues like Viv s really long inner monologues or constant romance novel scenes descriptions, I really loved this book As a romance novel junkie I could totally relate to Viv than a few times I have found myself daydreaming about being rescued or ravaged by a handsome hero and that can sometimes mess up with your reality Another big plus in this novel was Clark he was so amazing and I seriously couldn t get enough of him, always so formal and smart but deep inside there s a sexy geek God just waiting to come out and whisper dirty things in your ear fanning myself.Please don t go into this book expecting another Wallbanger or a Redhead because is not, allow this author to show you a different side of her writing that will make you laugh and squirm Wonderful read

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    Impossible woman.

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    SQUEE WALLBANGER FANS, this is 3 in series In the third book in the bestselling Cocktail series, a romantic at heart decides that she will not ever, under any circumstances, fall for the engineer next door.Viv Franklin is a retired Army captain who now designs software programs She s also a romance junkie who longs for a knight in shining armor or a cowboy on a wild stallion or a strapping firefighter to sweep her off her feet Knowing she s never going to meet her hero by spending all her time behind her keyboard, she uproots her life to move to California, where she meets an actual cowboy And sigh an engineer But which man is truly Clark Kent and which is her Superman A madcap romantic comedy with unforgettable characters and the promise of true love, Screwdrivered has just what you need.

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    4.5 Balustrade Stars BR with Mel, Dee, Sharon, and Wendy This is the story of Viv Franklin, who we met in Rusty Nailed , at Simon s High School reunion She is one of Simon s childhood friends from Philadelphia She is a software engineer with a bit of an edgy flair She has tats and piercings and dresses sort of goth.Viv is living a life without love and passion She went into software engineering because that was the family business, but her passion is really for painting She lived in Paris as an artist for a while, where she had never been so happy The only passion she experiences currently, is from her romance novels One day she gets a call from a lawyer in Mendocino, CA Her Aunt Maude has recently passed away and has left Viv her seaside cottage and land.Remembering how beautiful it was when she was a child, Viv decides this is just the change she needs So she heads out to Mendocino with plans of starting over in this quaint town.The cottage has seen better days, but Viv knows it s potential so she sets about getting the place restored to its original glory, with maybe a few newupgrades But there s a hot Librarian in town, who is also the director of the historical society and any remodeling plans need to be run by him first The two seem to get off on the wrong foot in the beginning but it s obvious there is chemistry between them.Viv also meets a HOT and mostly half naked cowboy, named Hank He was hired by her Aunt Maude to take care of the farm animals Viv goes completely dumb and swoony whenever she sees him Back in my youth, this would be the guy I d swoon over too.Pretty faces did me in every time Viv thinks she is living out a romance novel and that Hank is her intended lover It seems everyone, including us readers, think that Clark is the man for her Sometimes falling in love just means turning around and seeing what s in front of you Simon, Caroline, Ryan, and Mimi, make a few appearances in this one and it was nice to get of these guys The slow burning attraction between Viv and Clark is what had me glued to each and every page I loved all their late night chats and Clark s deep voice and sexy innuendos.It took a helluva long time to get to the sexy time but, holy hell, when it did, I was thinking, I need to find myself a sexy librarian I need to find one that will do me on a balustrade WOW I m a HUGE Alice Clayton fan Have been since I first read Wallbanger, and I ADORED the Redhead Series This story was very entertaining, sweet, with a little bit of HOTNESS added in It s definitely not rip roaring hysterical like her other books but I very much enjoyed it any way.I would highly recommend it as well.

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