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Message from the Mountain pdf Message from the Mountain , ebook Message from the Mountain , epub Message from the Mountain , doc Message from the Mountain , e-pub Message from the Mountain , Message from the Mountain b2a64f392f6 At Times In Life, There Are Chance Happenings That, When Reflected Upon, Are Revealed To Be Turning Points Times When Life Changes And What We Know, Or What We Think We Know, Is Substantially Altered The Words That Follow Are The Simple Expression Of One Of Those Times For Me A Time That Lasted For Two Years A Time Of Substantial Spiritual Growth I Have Come To Know That Messages Come To Us All The Question Is Not, Do We Receive Messages Rather, The Question Is, How Do We Receive Them, And Are We Open To Receiving Them Whether They Come In The Form Of A Burning Bush, A Still Small Voice Or, As In My Case, A Really Sleepless Night, The Fact Is That When We Are Ready To Receive Our Message S , The Messenger Will Appear Seldom, If Ever, Was She Seen At Least, That S What I Was Told Later Where She Lived Was A Mystery, As Well I D Never Seen Her, Not In Real Life, But It Was Said That She Would Only Appear When The One To Which She Wanted To Speak Was Ready To Listen The Locals Said That The Old Woman From The Mountain Didn T Speak Often, But When She Spoke, Her Words Were Full Of Truth And Wisdom Like An Inner Voice, The Question Was, Will I Listen Something Deep Within The Mountain Was Calling Me, And I Knew That This Was An Important Time A Time To Listen And Learn Something Was Speaking To Me Perhaps, This Time, The Voice Was Stronger Perhaps, This Time, I Was Ready To Hear But Something Deep Within Was Calling Me To Be Still And Know Who Are You The Old Woman From The Mountain Asked This Simple Question With A Forceful Kindness, As If Summoning Something That Would Come From Deep Within Before I Could Answer Audibly, I Felt The Answer That I Did Not Wish To Speak I Do Not Know I Dare Not Say That, I Thought As I Tried To Formulate My Answer In My Head Surely I Could Define Myself With That S Correct You Do Not Know Very Good The Journey Had Begunand Message From The Mountain Opens That Precious Door Into A Part Of The Unknown Allowing All Who Enter An Opportunity To Awaken Join Me On That Journey As I Heard Her Last Words, I Knew That They Wouldn T Be The Last From Deep Within My Heart, I Knew That The Journey Was Really Just Beginning The Water Droplet Joined With The Lake Had Just Now Crossed Over The Precipice, And The Pace And Power Of The Journey Was Rapidly Picking Up Speed And Momentum Flashing Before My Eyes Were All Those Involved In The Journey Thus Far Each Knowing That They Had Played Their Integral Part To Get Us To Where We Are Right Now So The Story Has No End Rather, From This Moment Forward, The Journey Continues Into The Spiritual Unfolding Of

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    This is one man s personal journey, via a number of spirit guides and out of body experiences, to a deeper appreciation of his personal identity and purpose in life There is no doubt that writing is excellent therapy and a proven method of grasping and explaining those nebulous emotional and spiritual experiences which make us human Many of us keep private diaries, or write letters we never send, to just such an end they are for our own personal benefit to expurgate or look back on events, to analyse our feelings, to off load angst and pour out our most heart felt emotions.I cannot help feeling, without at all denigrating the personal and spiritual revelations for the author that Message from the Mountain contains, that this, too, should have remained, treasured, in a drawer No doubt illuminating and important for him, the visions and voices, the mediations and metaphors contained nothing at all for me, the reader, and in fact I would be hard pressed to encapsulate their essence beyond the oft re iterated importance of I am and that thinking gets in the way of feeling, neither of which, I must confess, was news to me The great message of connectedness, security and purpose came across but it was woolly and idealised and perhaps a little trite Infact I found the the sub title Awakening to YOUR life s purpose, disingenuous, it ought to read Awakening to MY life s purpose a fair and accurate description of this introspective book I felt, at times, uncomfortably, like a voyeur of his navel gazing.In terms of style, I found the labyrinth of similes impossible to penetrate, especially at the beginning, when, in any prose, clarity is key It seemed, as if , perhaps, somehow, it was like, almost as though left me no clearer as to what it actually WAS The language was at times very self conscious its inspirational intention came across as very laboured.The writer has shared a very personal journey and I see that I am in a minority in my lack of appreciation for it, but he provided a free copy for my unbiased and honest opinion, and this is it.

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    Disclaimer I was gifted a copy of this book to do a review When I first looked at the book I was hesitant because it s not really something I would normally enjoy reading or even pick up to read on my own In most cases I am personally about as spiritual as a dirty shoe and find most spiritual writing to be rather dull However, with this story I was pleasantly surprised Not only does Gallagher create an entertaining story but it does it in a way that makes you think about life and everything that has led us to where we are Positives I found that I really enjoyed the author s descriptions of each event and location, at no point did I find it hard to imagine what the main character was seeing, hearing and feeling One of the hardest parts of writing is fill a character with just the right amount emotion and in this case, our main character went from a bleak empty wasteland to one that is lush and full of life In that regard, it s interesting to see the transition Another thing I really enjoyed was the cover art Whether Gallagher hired someone to do the artwork or just found a picture on a stock photo site, it s a great cover art and I love the color Negatives I always try to include some negatives in my reviews for balance and in most cases, I think it s far too easy to spot the things we don t like about books Perhaps that s why critics always seem so cranky Unfortunately, this book is no exception, there are a number of things that stuck out like a sore thumb One such thing was sheer volume of the phrase old women of the mountain If the author were to place this story into a word counter, I feel that that phrase along with mountain by itself would show up in the top numbers Now I understand this is a story about a man on a mountain so I don t detract much for this from my overall score However, I feel that with the old women of the mountain that it could have been shortened to just old women after the first couple of times Another thing I didn t like was that at some points in the story I felt that message was telling me that I shouldn t think That if I were to try to truly enjoy life I have to not think, granted again I m not spiritual at all But to me my thinking about things is what makes life great for me But that negative is really of a personal opinion.So in the end I would recommend this book to anyone that feels lost in life or lost in their work looking for an escape I would also recommend going out to your closest wilderness and just taking a seat for a couple hours Reflect as the main character did and enjoy the quiet for a while However, if you start to hear an old lady talking in your head, my personal suggestion would be to not do what she says.

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    Message from the Mountain Awakening to Your Life s Purpose by Chuck Gallagher is a book on self discovery and about the author s journey to spiritual awareness Gallagher s book is written in the first person, counting his steps towards feeling, finding the meaning, decoding the message and finding his path The book contains some universal truths success is relative every person has a purpose in life we are all connected focusing on the moment will bring joy awakening your sleeping mind and connecting with your inner self will lead to spiritual awareness and a fulfilling life The message from the mountain is delivered by an old woman who can hear the author s inner voice Their dialog is intimate while revealing some profound questions that probably every human being had asked themselves at some point in their lives The old woman s voice leads Gallagher to answers that were within him all along The answers we are looking for are within all of us and we all have the capacity to understand our own purpose and find our own path The book Message from the Mountain by Chuck Gallagher is poetic and profound, written in a language and sentence structure that reminded me of the Native Indian s particular way of speaking The references to this culture are present throughout the book, through the mental dialogs with the old woman from the mountain and the visions of Little Feather and One Who Flies The chapters are well organized, each one being constructed around a main idea The chapters are also essential steps towards the spiritual awareness and finding your path The book is enjoyable to read and it makes you think of your own spiritual journey and makes you tempted to go along and try answering the same questions and engage in the same dialog with the old woman in order to find your own purpose in life I recommend this book to anyone who is lost in today s busy world we live in and who wants to re connect to their inner self and to anyone who is seeking spirituality and meaning in their life.

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    Chuck Gallagher has done a fantastic job of purveying his message to me through the medium of this book This very uplifting, insightful book is about spiritual growth, finding your life purpose and achieving what you were born to do Even if you are not a fan of spiritually based books I would highly recommend this to you as it makes you feel a sense of achievement, a sense of encouragement and just generally makes you feel good by the end The descriptions throughout are very clear so it is a very easy read with lots of imagery The story in its self is quite good being partly Chuck Gallagher s own personal life story Overall this has been a wonderful read I definitely think this is well worth reading as it has given me a fresh way of thinking about my own life Many thanks to Mr Gallagher

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    Its about Spiritual journey of the writer guiding him by Old women from the mountain so that he will awake from mind sleep and find who is he and what will he do when he found who is he.

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    Message from the Mountain is by far one of the most self awakening and thought provoking books that I have ever read I am a self help junkie, and I have read many, many books with the goal of trying to fix myself Most every single self help book that I have read, attempted in one way or another to offer some sort of formula or solution that must be followed if you want to feel better.The authors of these books are hardly open to encourage trying any other method, because they want you to believe that theirs is the ONLY one which will work They will list off exactly why they think that other ideas don t work, and why you should use theirs instead.The words self help are widely misconstrued and altered for the value of profit This is sad, and this misleads so many of us, who when at our most vulnerable moments, will quickly purchase that quick fix book as a desperate attempt to just feel better My thoughts on self help are quite simple Would any of us really want to change ourselves, if we actually understood our life s purpose, and lived our purpose out every day No way Every person seeking to better themselves, or change their circumstances because they are unhappy, are truly, and often subconsciously aching to know why THEY are important, and what their ultimate purpose is supposed to be.We must have an open mind if we are ever going to discover ourselves This is why Chuck Gallaghers book stands out This book entirely revolves around the very true idea that we don t need to fix ourselves, but rather take our guard down, unpeel the onion, and allow ourselves to free our own being from the external forces which will never allow us to truly know ourselves, and accept ourselves for who we are and what makes us each a unique contributor to the universe we exist in Just as the author allows the woman in the mountain to guide him through the process of being still, each one of us also need to trust in the process, and trust that the universe will lead us to where we are meant to be When we take down our armour, as the author explains, we lose our artificial selves, and only then, can we really become content along the path to self discovery.As I mentioned, this book really opened my mind and got me thinking Any person who passes up on this incredibly true, and life balancing piece of literature is missing out on the only message they will ever need to know.

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    Message from the Mountain Awakening to Your Life s Purpose, by Chuck Gallagher, is a superb read This motivational self help book is different from many others in the genre Instead of using the age old clich s that many self help books are known for, Gallagher takes you on a spiritual journey, getting to know his ancestors and how each of them are connected into the future generations after fulfilling a purpose While I was reading this book, there were some points that I thought I would be offended by For example, in some spiritual journey books it sounds as if the author is pushing their own religion on you and enforcing what they believe In Gallagher s book, although it is very spiritual, it has the opposite effect With an open mind, it fits in whatever religious belief you may or may not have and so can be adaptable to any belief system.As I was reading through the chapters, it reminded me of certain Native American rituals if I may use that paradigm This comparison isn t too far off track either, I might add It also took me into fantasizing about past fantasy novels I have read in which the concepts he uses are not foreign to that genre of fiction However, even though this story resonates within me, this book was a powerful journey of self discovery It certainly makes you stop, think, and hopefully appreciate life a bit Not only that, but it gives hope to people who may feel hopeless about having no purpose in life, for the theme of the story is that no matter who you are, where you came from, what you ve done or haven t done, there is always some ultimate purpose of being Sometimes, you just have to stop, reflect, and move on Honestly, I can t give any criticisms of this book I m sure it is there but from my reading of this gem I can t pin point any The grammar inside the book is excellent and the imagery and symbolism, vivid and compatible with the overall story The only thing I can say is that it was too short but even then, that would be dishonest It s an uplifting and inspiring book and I can only hope this author writes books of this nature.

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    A thought provoking and compelling journey of self awareness In Message from the Mountain, Chuck Gallagher relates his own experience with self realization during his own spiritual journey, in the hopes that it will help others on the path to realizing who and what they really are In an intricately woven tapestry, Chuck explains his own experience with an inner voice, attributed to the Woman in the Mountain that helped him realize what he really wanted from life that he had been denying to himself Modern society has taught many of us, especially as adults, to stuff down our true feelings and emotions in order to get on with our day to day obligations In this book, Chuck relates a journal of personal experience, a spiritual journey that took place over two years and helped to expand his consciousness from the oppressed view point often demanded by society, to an emotionally liberating viewpoint based on self truth This book is a definite asset for readers looking to solve the question Who am I In a world where we are now placed under external societal pressures than ever before, to suppress our emotions and deny our true feelings, this book is a lifeline to truth Today s world is image conscious than ever Technology advances every day while simultaneously repealing the illusion of privacy Mixed messages in the media and entertainment present fallacies about what is important and acceptable in a civilized world Is it any wonder that now than ever people feel lost and without direction while trying to navigate daily life Being true to you is a big part of finding direction in life If you are in a spot where you are no longer sure what is true to you any, Message from the Mountain may just be an important read for you.

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    Eloquent and poetic in places, this is the story of one man s spiritual journey, through various spirit guides including an old woman and a native American who also happened to be the authors many times great grandparent The underlying message seemed to be that he needed to stop thinking and doing and just be Most of the book consists of discussions with these voices and examinations of his own feelings and emotions, but there are some wonderful descriptions of some of the wild places he visits to commune with these spirit guides Unfortunately it left me feeling preached at, rather than enjoying a story, although as the author is a professional motivational speaker that may well have been his intention But I m afraid it didn t touch me spiritually in any way After I finished the book I didn t feel the need to increase my connectiveness and simply be , indeed I had trouble with the dual themes of not thinking whilst searching diligently for your exact purpose in life, which involved a great deal of thinking.Nevertheless, I was fascinated by a man who seems to genuinely believe he s hearing the voices of long dead Native Americans and non existent old ladies.

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    Disclaimer I was given a copy of this book to review.This is an book about a author, Chuck Gallagher, spiritual journey in finding himself It is very detailed and written so the reader can picture exactly what it is he is seeing and hearing I liked when he wrote my feelings were stuffed away deep within and taught never to surface I think we can related to this on some level Once he starts awakening his feelings he starts his spiritual journey It is something readers can take away from the book.Once the author starts awakening he experiences just being, as he is just living We get to experience this with the author and it is a great journey through his experiences and self awakening.It is a good book with a good message By reading and experiencing the journey with the author, the reader may be able to open themselves up as well I did not have that experience with this book, but I think it is definitely possible if you are willing This book is very well written and the scenes in it are beautiful.

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