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Pirates of Financial Freedom chapter 1 Pirates of Financial Freedom , meaning Pirates of Financial Freedom , genre Pirates of Financial Freedom , book cover Pirates of Financial Freedom , flies Pirates of Financial Freedom , Pirates of Financial Freedom 311373a763181 Master Over Seventy Personal Finance Skills While Reading An Exciting Novel With His Back Against The Wall, Captain Dailey Is Forced To Make A Deal That S Against Every Pirate Bone In His Body In Return, His Son Must Save The Crew From Their Financial Problems Before It Is Too LateIn Between Gun Fights, Kidnappings, A Blossoming Romance, Humorous Pirate Isms, Mythical Beasts, And A Long Lost Treasure So Extraordinary That It Threatens To Tear The Crew Apart, They Must Master Life Changing Personal Finance Skills, Including How To Pay Down Debt Quickly Effortlessly Save For Retirement Secure A Higher Credit Score Invest In The Stock Market Achieve Powerful Money Mindsets And Much The Pirate Characters Each Have Their Own Financial Dreams And Problems Sandy Is An Independent Woman Not Wanting To Rely On Any Man For Financial Support Rusty Has A Good Heart But Is Clueless When It Comes To Money Owen Is A Stubborn Pirate With A Financial Past That Has Put The Crew In Great Danger Through The Financial Advice They Receive And The Other Characters They Meet Along The Way, You Will Learn How To Take Control Of Your Destiny And Start Achieving The Thriving Life Of Financial Success You Deserve Buy The Hardcover Or EBook At POFFbook

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    Ok, mixed feelings on this one The pirate talkreally really annoyed me I am not a pirate fan I knew going into this book, of course, based on the title, that it would be pirate themed, but i was intrigued to find out how the author would use pirates to give the readers financial advice, so I entered the goodreads giveaway and won a copy There were, however, some laugh out loud lines in the book I hardly every laugh out loud when reading , so that cought me off guard the google booty lineomg that was hysterical I have been in the financial services field for over 20 years, so all of the information was nothing new to me It did, however, motivate me to look at my own financial health, which prompted me to make use of the notes pages in the back of the book to set myself some savings, spending, and income goals I think this book would be of incredible value to 18 20 year olds It should be required reading in senior year of high school Schools do not focus on teaching kids how to manage finances, which is the one thing they need to know when they get out of school, and this is done is a humorous, easy to read fashion that would appeal to most young people.Explaination of my rating on this one Overall, i enjoyed the information in the book As far as my enjoyment of the pirate talk..i give it a 1 star, but looking beyond that to the message, i give it a 3 and a half star So, I give it a solid 3 for myself but if i were to rate this for teenagers, I would say 4 star and highly recommended for them So my rating here on goodreads is a 4 star.

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    I received this book for free via Goodreads First Reads.This is a book everyone should have in their personal library While it may seem odd how a book about managing your finances could make for a pirate story, the truth is I couldn t imagine it being otherwise As a student with no source of income other than my parents, I had no idea about finances I never needed to know and I dreaded the moment when I d have to start learning and everything would be so complicated I knew reading a book about it would be a boring experience, so I never bothered But with this book, everything was different It is so much enjoyable to learn something new while at the same reading a fascinating story The book is filled with valuable information and the Reader s Notes blank pages at the end of the book are very useful I found myself writing down many things that I plan to re read periodically, to make sure I ll apply the advice given in this book.All this information comes on a pirate story background, good enough to keep you entertained and willing to find out what will happen next The story is refreshing, easy to follow, with very likeable characters and a good ending The pirate talk just adds to its charm.Overall, I was very pleased with this book and I thank the author for giving me the opportunity to learn his valuable advices I recommend it to any beginner in the finance world, who would like to find out the basics in a fun and enjoyable manner.

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    I was a bit skeptical of this book at first, wondering how the author would be able to teach the basic principles of financial literacy in a novel, especially when the main characters are all pirates However, as I began reading, I was captivated by some of the characters and their hysterical personal beliefs about personal finance Although some of the pirate dialog and language was a bit corny, at the same time, it was hysterical I was surprised how quickly I was able to not only read through the book, but clearly understand the financial principles the author was describing Please don t approach this as a you would a typical novel, or you may be disappointed, as it is written to teach, rather than tell a story Stories can be very useful for instruction when they also incorporate other skills, in this case, the life lessons of financial literacy These skills can become so meaningful to readers through the stories, that they are easily and readily applied in everyday lives Mr Fehrman s premise for the book makes it an enjoyable way to not only learn about some of the keys to financial freedom, but have fun while doing it Filled with many laugh out loud moments, this is a must read for older teens and young adults looking to self educate themselves about financial literacy I will definitely be encouraging my two teenage sons to read this

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    Arrr you looking for a new kind of financial novel Does sifting through boring textbooks with little entertainment value make you want to walk the plank Want to add some adventure to your financial life Then this is the book for you Pirates of Financial Freedom is a short and sweet little financial novel packed with information If you can get through the cheesiness yes, complete with pirate talk and superfluous romance you will find a treasure trove of valuable financial information, great for teens and young adults Older adults will still find some of the advice helpful, though some really only applies to those of us who haven t already forged a financial path for better or worse I actually ended up reading through this book twice in a row once for the entertainment value, and then the second time for the financial knowledge This book would be a great gift for high school graduates

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    I got this book as a Goodreads Giveaway This book is a combination of a financial self help book and a pirate novel It was the first time I read a book like this, but I liked it.The book is about a pirate captain that wants his crew members who all have debts to be financially free To do this he asks his son who works on Wall Street to give them some lessons in finance The story is nice and sometimes quite funny, but a little to predictable, probably because there are a lot of pirate clich s The setting, however, is unexpected These pirates use old ships with canons and wear old fashioned clothes, but also have cellphones and computers.The financial part is in my opinion mostly focused on the US, but everyone can find some useful tips in this book.

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    I have to admit, I was skeptical about this book at first An exciting novel that teaches useful financial advice I thought the story was going to be shallow, or the lessons simplistic But I decided to take a chance on it and I m glad I did What a great idea for a book.I know quite a bit about managing my money already, but even I learned new things The author clearly knows his stuff he s a CFA after all The characters were well developed, the plot kept me turning the pages, and I loved the ending Obviously the book isn t perfect and it has its flaws, but considering there isn t another book like it out there, I highly recommend it.

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    Even though this book is geared for the younger generation, I actually learned something about stocks and investing Its not the usual dry dusty fact filled book Its centered around a story with the dry dusty facts inserted in the storyline,that has actually let me soak in some of the information the author intended.

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