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MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom summary MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom, series MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom, book MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom, pdf MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom, MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom 6e1cd27c92 Tony Robbins Has Coached And Inspired Than Million People From Over Countries More Than Million People Have Attended His Live Events Oprah Winfrey Calls Him Super Human Now For The First Time In His First Book In Two Decades He S Turned To The Topic That Vexes Us All How To Secure Financial Freedom For Ourselves And Our Families Based On Extensive Research And One On One Interviews With Than Of The Most Legendary Financial Experts In The World From Carl Icahn And Warren Buffett, To Ray Dalio And Steve Forbes Tony Robbins Has Created A Simple Step Blueprint That Anyone Can Use For Financial FreedomRobbins Has A Brilliant Way Of Using Metaphor And Story To Illustrate Even The Most Complex Financial Concepts Making Them Simple And Actionable With Expert Advice On Our Most Important Financial Decisions, Robbins Is An Advocate For The Reader, Dispelling The Myths That Often Rob People Of Their Financial DreamsTony Robbins Walks Readers Of Every Income Level Through The Steps To Become Financially Free By Creating A Lifetime Income Plan This Book Delivers Invaluable Information And Essential Practices For Getting Your Financial House In Order MONEY Master The Game Is The Book Millions Of People Have Been Waiting For

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    I am having a hard time rating this one There were a few kick in the butt reminders that I needed to hear and that will be very useful as I review my options moving forward however, waaaaay too much huff and puff about what he s going to tell you later in the book Every chapter is loaded up with hype that could easily be removed to make the book 1 3 shorter I was also disappointed that throughout the promotions he kept saying he interviewed the world s top 50 investors, but the book only includes 11 transcripts with no mention of the others online and even those weren t very insightful compared to what those experts have shared elsewhere Overall, this book is a GREAT primer for anyone who wants to learn about smart investing strategies, and I appreciate Tony s advocacy for the average American when it comes to personal finance In case you don t want to buy the book, here are the resources I wrote down as worth checking out for next steps Fiduciary All Seasons Portfolio 401kHttp americasbest401k.com 401k fee Save More Tomorrow PlanHttp befi.allianzgi.com en befi tv Risk QuizHttp njaes.rutgers.edu money riskquiz AnnuitiesIndex funds vanguard Video Ray Dalio How the Economic Machine Works Portfolio 30% Stocks15% Intermediate US bonds 40% Long term US bonds 7.5% gold7.5% Commodities Pocket Change donationsHttp www.swipeout.com The Banker s Secret book on speeding up mortgage payments Book website and app have to give your phone number to download

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    Let me tell you about how I m going to tell you about what I m going to tell you about.

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    Damn, took me 11 days to finish this beast of a book, 650 pg One of the few books I read from start to end nowdays, and for good reason This book holds the key to making a financial fortune and also what to do with it Tony did a great job with this book and I learned so much from it, as you can see from the notes below.I highly recommend this book to practically anyone.Money Master the Game Compunded return is awesome Start young It s hard to keep large sums of money Tax and fees efficiency is critical to growth Seek the unicorns and learn from them Don t try to beat the masters in their own game Know from the start you ll be wrong and prepare Define the system before you receive the money to avoid temptetion Asset allocation is a hugely important decision for investing it s almost certain that whatever you re going to put your money in, there will come a day when you will lose fifty percent to seventy percent Choose asset allocation that ll allow you to sleep well at night Have a dream bucket for fun now or helping others Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful Spread investments over time i.e every month higher profits and less risk Rebalance your portfolio every 6 12 months, remember 6 months can increase taxes Top investors are obssessed with not losing money, risk 1 per 5 little to make a lot, diversify, always hungry for Provide value and think from your customer s point of view

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    I wanted to like this book, truly I did I read a free sample chapter via Smiley360, for review purposes, and ended up super disappointed Tony Robbins is a ridiculously smart man, but this book was not a smart choice I read 55 pages that left me wondering when I would actually get anything from the book It was all quotes and fluff on how Mr Robbins wante to write this book ad what it was all about Unfortunately, I never got into what the book was about My sample to review ended where the book states and now I ll explain 7 ways to gain financial freedom What the hell I read 55 pages of rubbish and wasted my time to get to a point where I can pay to continue in the very same book that I am supposed to be reviewing No thanks Definitely do not recommend this book to anyone with any semblance of intelligence Want to gain financial freedom 1 Get a job that pays than you owe monthly in bills 2 Save your darn money stop frivolous spending 3 Invest wisely if you want to invest Enjoy your life, and don t worry about money Don t live beyond your means and you ll be happy.

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    Robbins sounds like a charlatan, but I suspect he is not Rather, I think he has helped himself to than his share of his own kool aid Coming in at over 600 pages, this book may have thirty pages of content The rest is self promotion, cheerleading, continually selling how wonderful what will be appearing, in just the next chapter And endless namedropping In there, there are a few secrets about how to manage your money For example, Robbins has discovered that you should save money by paying yourself first Also, he has learned the amazing secret that its a good idea to diversify your investments.He is such a true believer that glaring contradictions don t bother him much He maintains, again and again and again, that he learns so much by focusing on successful people He says that the way people become successful is by serving than other people do Thus, the successful you are, the you are providing a useful service to others Sounds great, right The only trouble is that a good portion of the book is devoted to getting you avoid the high fees charged by mutual funds who then underperform the market But wait The guys who run these mutual funds are phenomenally successful So by his own reasoning, they must be providing a wonderful service He never even begins to see the disconnect.Another example is even simpler On the one hands, the markets are a zero sum game That means that every dollar one person wins is a dollar that someone else loses He then says his mission is to develop a plan to make it so anyone can win with their investments But that plainly contradicts the idea of a zero sum game Again, not even a hint of recognition.For his advice, as he tells us again and again, he goes to the greatest experts And what do we learn Some say that the markets are a random walk, and its impossible to try to beat the indexes So the smart play is to buy the index funds that have the lowest total fees Others say that it s possible to beat the markets, and consistently, but not for the average investor So again, index funds And still others say that its possible to do better by picking really good fund managers So, no agreement But these guys are the best, and we have learned so much Now its time to take MASSIVE action Massive is an important word to Robbins It probably appears at least once a page I don t understand why, but he s great at motivating people, so there must be something about the word massive that provides massive motivation.As I said, in all of the excess self promotion, the strange exclamation points , the bolded text passages for no apparent reason, there is about 30 pages of content, maybe a bit less But that information is actually fairly good and interesting I just wish I did not have to wade through all the rest.

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    Honestly, I liked Tony s lectures and got the impression that he must be a great guy And I was hoping for an enjoyable ride with this book.But after going through 13% of the book, I seriously feel like punching him on the face Several times.The book treats you like some donkey who needs carrots shown in front of it every few seconds Tony keeps on repeating what he is going to tell you and how this is going to change everything but delivers very little in the following pages And there he repeats the routine of tell you what I am going to tell you over and over again This book could have been summed up in 50 pages instead of the massive 600 pages Here is a money tip for the author Time is Money Say the necessary stuff and don t waste the reader s time and energy Please.

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    There s some good financial advice here, but it s buried in an unnecessarily large amount of stories, philosophical musings, and repetition It s also a bit too self promotional I mostly agree with the fundamentals of Robbins approach as far as I understand it as an amateur index, use a fiduciary, pay attention to asset allocation, etc Much of the advice is based on the work and teachings of John Bogle, Burton Malkiel, Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, and David Swenson.The last several chapters sections 6 and 7 don t add much value, and are much longer than necessary.There are concise and worthwhile books on personal finance and investing Check out my Finance shelf.I read this because it was recommended on Freelancers Show.NotesMutual Funds96% of active mutual funds fail to match or beat the market over any extended period of time 10 years The 4% who beat the market are constantly changing.FiduciaryUse a Registered Investment Advisor who s a fiduciary Their fees may be tax deductible, depending on your tax bracket Find a fiduciary at Stronghold Financial or findanadvisor.napfa.org5 Criteria for Finding a Fiduciary1 Registered with state or SEC as Registered Investment Advisor RIA or Investment Advisor Representative IAR of an RIA.2 Compensated on percentage of assets under management AUM , not for buying funds Make sure this is the only fee, and is completely transparent Make sure there are no 12B 1 fees or pay to pay fees.3 Not compensated for trading stocks or bonds.4 Not affiliated with a broker dealer.5 Money held with reputable third party custodian Fidelity, Schwab, TD Ameritrade, etc Retirement PlansPut as much money into Roth accounts as possible, as tax rates are likely to increase Conventional wisdom says you ll be in a lower tax bracket in retirement because you ll be earning less, but that may not be true since you won t have mortgage deductions if your house is paid off, and you won t have dependents if you don t have kids at home.If you make too much money for a Roth IRA, use a Roth 401 k.If you re a small business owner maxing out your plans, consider a Cash Balance Plan Pension on top of your 401 k.Target Date FundsTarget date funds assume that bonds are less risky than stocks, which isn t always true They also assume that bonds have inverse or low correlation to stocks, which isn t always true they can be correlated during rough times.For the average investor with simple needs, a low cost target date fund from Vanguard can be a decent choice.Upside without the Downside Structured notes Get through fiduciary Give you downside protection, and percentage of upside Best when close to or in retirement Market linked CDs Small guaranteed return coupon If market falls, you get back investment plus small return FDIC insured Get through fiduciary Fixed indexed annuities FIA 100% principal protection Tax deferred.HousePrepay mortgage principal each month to pay off 30 year mortgage in 15 years This saves the interest on each payment Doing this over the life of your mortgage will decrease your total mortgage payments by half.Don t count your house as an investment House prices have risen by 0% over the last century, after adjusting for inflation.Dream BucketSet aside 5 to 10% for your dream bucket, for enjoyment in short term.Investment PortfolioRebalance once or twice a year Pay attention to tax impact.A 50 50 stock bond portfolio isn t balanced, because stocks are 3 times riskier than bonds You must consider the risk factor, not just how the dollars are allocated.David Swensen s Recommended Portfolio20% domestic stock20% international stock 10% emerging market stock20% REITs15% long term US Treasuries15% TIPSPortfolio protects against inflation or deflation Fairly aggressive Outperformed SP 500, and stable than it.Ray Dalio s All Seasons Portfolio30% stocks SP 500 or other indexes 15% intermediate term government bonds 7 10 year Treasuries 40% long term government bonds 20 25 year Treasuries 7.5% gold7.5% commoditiesPortfolio isn t always tax efficient, so hold it in tax sheltered accountsWarren Buffett s Recommended Portfolio10% short term government bonds90% low cost SP 500 index fund Vanguard s AnnuitiesImmediate annuities are best for those near or in retirement.Deferred annuities Fixed annuity fixed, guaranteed return each year Indexed annuity return is tied to stock market you get percentage of upside of market with no downside and no possibility of loss Hybrid indexed annuity benefits of indexed annuity plus lifetime income riderGet annuity from a highly rated insurance company.Avoid variable annuities.Use a fixed indexed annuity FIA to get a guaranteed income for life You must be 50 or older and have a large lump sum to open an account.LifetimeIncome.com can help you find the right annuity even if you re young or don t have a lump sum to start with Or work with fiduciary.Combine Ray Dalio s All Seasons Portfolio with FIA to get long term returns and income for life.

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    I received the first chapter for free It was boring,and just like all other get rich books Seems like a scam to get me to spend money my opinion is my own opinion so if you feel like you want to wast your money and read a book about other people being rich this might be a good book for you I however like to spend my money on things with a purpose.

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    Everybody should read the book It s great, makes you think and understand such a complicate world, many things I didn t know coming from another country with different rules What are you going to do with your life when you are retired Find a part time job because your life investments didn t pay what you expected It s your life, It s your moneyyou can waste them or you can be at least a little bit knowledgeable.It repeats itself few times, and like he says in the book, it is a technique used to impress concepts in your mind, what is the use of a book you read and you forget 1 day after finishing it Hello To all of the reviews I read here that says he is making money from the book, he does not do that, all of the proceeds go to feeding america, he does not make a penny out of this book nor he needs to with 480 Million net worth.This is for me a strong sign of integrity with his words. while in the real world brokers are butchersyou should look for the dietician if you are reading it you understand Hello 2 And last thingplease do not review a book from the introduction Do you judge a movie from the trailer, or you watch it Read the book, even when it s hard to read i am telling you, english is not my first language and sometimes can take me longer the worst thing that can happen is that you still have your life.the best thing You may have a better life in front of you.Ciao

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    I m on page 55 of 688 of MONEY Master the Game Which I received the first chpter as a FREE download from Smiley360 for my review, which is my opinion all it s own To be honest I got bored after the first 3 5 pages I mean there are 5 pages of what others are saying I just kept thinking WHEN are you going to get to the point, for those of us who are not overflowing with money and want to know how to get our finances in order and actually have a little extra to make a want purchase instead of trying to figure out which needs we can get away without I mean really, if you look at the index it doesn t even seem like he tells you anything to help You know it s great he has the money and he can invest it and has the knowledge to do so, but he needs to write something in layman s terms and explain how we can invest a small amount for a small price, or how to understand stocks He is now making money off a book that people, who are looking to make money, but in turn have wasted money on.

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