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Murder in the Park explained Murder in the Park, review Murder in the Park, trailer Murder in the Park, box office Murder in the Park, analysis Murder in the Park, Murder in the Park c40c The New Ellie Quicke Mystery When Ellie Quickes Friend Witnesses A Pitbull Attack In The Park, She Goes Into Shock Soon There Are Other Attacks And After Each One, The Dog Vanishes Meanwhile, Ellies Personal Life Is Heading For Meltdown Driven To Distraction, Ellie Hardly Has Time To Hunt Down A Killer Dog, And Has No Idea That She Is The Next Target Until The Police Question Her For A Crime She Didnt Commit

  • Hardcover
  • 217 pages
  • Murder in the Park
  • Veronica Heley
  • English
  • 19 April 2017
  • 9780727865786

About the Author: Veronica Heley

Veronica Heley has published than fifty books, including crime fiction, historical, and children s titles She is currently involved in the Ellie Quicke series of crime stories and a variety of other projects A full time writer, she has been married to a London probation officer since 1964, and has one musician daughter.AKA

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    In Veronica Heley s ninth cozy featuring the compassionate and clever Ellie Quicke, Murder in the Park, the widow Quicke realizes that her octogenarian Aunt Drusilla, a onetime dragon who has been tamed, is slowing down Ellie is worried that Aunt Drusilla s illness may be an indicator of the unthinkable.At the same time, a vicious dog has been attacking folks in Ellie s neighborhood, including one fatality Aunt Drusilla charges Ellie with finding the killer dog and his teenage owner Meanwhile, Diana, Ellie s greedy, unscrupulous daughter, is up to her usual bullying and nasty tricks.Ellie s life takes the biggest turn that has taken since her husband Frank died at the beginning of the series in Murder at the Altar Longtime fans especially won t want to miss Murder in the Park, which I couldn t put down.

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    Ellie is called on to help Felicity her friend when Felicity sees a woman murdered by a dog in the park in broad daylight Aunt Drusilla Felicity s mother in law and Ellie s aunt by marriage charges Ellie with finding the dog and its owner But Ellie has other problems including her wilful daughter Diana and Aunt Drusilla s failing health Then there is her growing relationship with the vicar Thomas The charity shop where Ellie used to work is asking for her help after the same dangerous dog attacks one of the shop s workers Then there is a fire at Ellie s house which she is accused of starting and a death in the family Ellie must keep her head amongst all these problems and try and find out who and where the dog and its owner are before they can cause any damage Will Ellie succeed in finding the dog Will she manage to outwit Diana who is still disposed to organise her mother s life to her own advantage And will her friends who need her help leave her enough time to sort out her own life I enjoyed this book just as I ve enjoyed the others in the series If you like crime stories where the majority of the violence happens off stage these are the ones for you.

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    Ellie Quicke is a new to me, I found the book on the new read shelf and couldn t resist Now I don t know if I am happy I can go back and read the earlier volumes or sad I didn t wait to read them in order In any event, a nice solid story, very interesting characters and as one of the cover blurbs says A fine balance of outer sleuthing and inner delving.

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    Murder in the Park is the 9th book in the Ellie Quick Series This is a cozy mystery series that I always enjoy Ellie Quick is a widow and the books progress with her through the changes in her life after being widowed.In this book, a teenager walking a dog through the park, had his dog attack a mother with her children The mother dies Later an elderly woman is robbed while on the street by this teenager who had the dog with him Ellie is asked by Aunt Drusilla to find information about the teen and his dog.This is a pivotal book in the series At least 3 major changes happen to Ellie that will change the future books I like these books due to Ellie as she goes about her life in a London suburb that has a small town feel to it She is developing a back bone She does have a dreadful adult daughter whose actions are hard to believe at times I would be happy if she was written out of the series For my part, the story line or series wouldn t suffer if she was not in it This is a relaxing series that I go back to when I want to catch up with Ellie s life Cozy readers who enjoy a sleuth that is in her 50 s and living in a town with a small town feel should enjoy this series I would start with the first book Murder at the Altar because of the character development especially of Ellie.

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    A decent read Good characters and a nice village setting A note in the audio format I listened to the first half of the book The narrator was excellent with the different voices, dialects and inflection Very entertaining and she really brought the characters to life But she read very meticulously and infused so much drama into every sentence that the reading was very drawn out, too much so for my taste She also tended to pause too long at commas so you d think a sentence was finished but then she d tack on one last phrase I read the second half Not as entertaining but quicker

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    Ellie Quicke is one of the nicest investigators you could ever hope to meet She ranks right up there with Miss Marple, although the crimes she looks into aren t quite as cozy and she isn t quite as far from danger as Miss Marple was This story starts out with a crime that isn t close to Ellie A woman is mauled to death by a dog at a local park Ellie finds out about it when Felicity, who is married to her aunt s son, comes across the woman while out with her baby Felicity falls apart and calls in the unshakable Ellie Ellie is also dealing with the downward health spiral of that same Aunt Drusilla and the shake up that is causing in the family Of course, Ellie s dreadful daughter Diana makes matters much worse It s entertaining and gripping in the suspenseful sections Will Diana ever grow up One can only hope.

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    Wow, great twist and turns.

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