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In the Arms of Grace: One Child's Journey summary In the Arms of Grace: One Child's Journey, series In the Arms of Grace: One Child's Journey, book In the Arms of Grace: One Child's Journey, pdf In the Arms of Grace: One Child's Journey, In the Arms of Grace: One Child's Journey b8ed6f2747 In The Arms Of Grace Is The Powerful Story Of A Modern Woman Warrior And Her Battle For Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Victory As A Vietnamese And An American, She Provides A Link Between The Two Nations Through Her Life Experiences From Her Days As An Orphan In Vietnam, When She Sang And Danced For American GIs, To Her Ideal Life Of Having It All In The United States, LeChristine Hai Constantly Searched For Love, Security And Belonging Her Rags To Riches Story Shows The Underside Of The American Dream Enduring Years Of Emotional And Sexual Abuse At The Hands Of Her Adoptive American Father, LeChristine Ultimately Refuses To Be A Victim And Transforms Her Life She Takes Charge Of Her Own Life And Becomes A Successful Business Woman, Only To Discover That She Still Must Confront The Pain Of Abandonment In Order To Find True Peace When LeChristine Hai S Soul Search Leads Her To A Reunion With Her Lost And Found Vietnamese Mother And Sister, She Comes Full Circle And Learns How To Heal The Personal Wars Within As She Embraces Her Authentic Self, She Also Opens Her Heart And Life To Reveal The Healing Power Of Love And Courage LeChristine Hai S Uplifting Story Traces A Journey Of The Heart From An Orphaned Girl In Vietnam To A Troubled Life As An American Teenager To The Powerful Woman Who Embraces The Past And Lives In The Present, LeChristine Demonstrates The Power Of Faith Her Hardships Have Made Her Strong And Compassionate Now, Through Her Non Profit Organization, Achild, This Survivor Of Wars Both International And Personal Is Providing A Means For Others To Help Children Overcome Poverty And Neglect Her Goal Is To Create A Bridge From War To Peace, Reconciling Vietnam Veterans To Those For Whom They Fought And Suffered Through Her Life And Her Work, LeChristine Shows Us How To Turn Our Trials And Tribulations Into Inner Power Tools For Personal Success And Spiritual Development Through Her Dedication To Children Around The World, She Is A Living Example Of The Grace And Hope That The Life Of One Person Can Promise

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    This was a story of a long struggle for a young woman who was rescued from a Vietnam orphanage, but who still had her mother living in Vietnam After years of being abused by her adopted American father, she reconnected with her family back in Vietnam This is her story of getting her life back and finding out who she really was as a person and who she could become I felt her inner struggles as I read her story It wasn t a great read, but it was okay It made me think about all the other children who were lost in the Vietnam war and never were able to find the answers they needed to find.

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    This book opened up a whole arena of history within my lifetime, history which I know very little about, and created a hunger to know All in all, I enjoyed reading the book, although her story is difficult, not because of her Vietnamese roots no spoilers Well worth the read.I m interested in reading accounts by children who were adopted in the US from Vietnam, to compare I m ashamed to not know about this.

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    I enjoyed this candid look at this persons life She is direct and unapologetic about some serious topics in her life She is a strong woman and worth reading about The history wrapped up in her story is amazing also.

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