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Great Science Fiction Stories chapter 1 Great Science Fiction Stories, meaning Great Science Fiction Stories, genre Great Science Fiction Stories, book cover Great Science Fiction Stories, flies Great Science Fiction Stories, Great Science Fiction Stories 4465c9d747608 GREAT SCIENCE FICTION STORIES Has Been Especially Compiled To Give Today S Reader A Representative Sampling Not Only Of The Best In Current Science Fiction, But Also Of Some Of The Classics Of An Earlier Day The Range Thus Extends From Works By Jules Verne And HG Wells To Those Of Such Contemporary Masters In The Field Such As Isaac Asimov And Robert Heinlein Each Story, No Matter What Its Period, Is Marked By Those Qualities Of Imagination, Suspense, And Literary Skill That Distinguish The Best In The Realm Of Science Fiction

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    I had previously read The Stolen Bacillus by H.G Wells about an anarchist who pilfers a vial of cholera bacillus from a bacteriologist, initiating a frantic taxi chase through London and History Lesson by Arthur C Clarke after an ice age has wiped out humanity, Venusians land on Earth and discover artifacts of our civilization, including a strip of film that they believe accurately depicts human culture.It was a pleasure to finally read Isaac Asimov s legendary short story, Nightfall, wherein a civilization that lives in constant daylight provided by three suns nervously anticipates an eclipse that will shroud their planet in complete darkness for the first time in 500 years and possibly throw society into madness.When the Martian crown jewels are stolen from a robotic space craft sent from Earth to Phobos, Inspector Gregg questions everyone involved Before the case explodes into an interstellar scandal, Gregg travels to Mars to request the help of Martian s famous private detective, Syaloch, in Poul Anderson s The Martian Crown Jewels In The Sands of Time, P Schuyler Miller channels H.G Wells and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle When a young man named Donovan presents a paleontologist with photographic and physical evidence of his encounter with dinosaurs, the scientist rebuffs him until Donovan asks for his help in launching his one man time machine back to rescue an alien woman he encountered in a prehistoric age.Money is no barrier when a wealthy businessman decides to be the first man in space He hires engineers to construct a vessel, but they still require a propulsion system The businessman takes out ads in newspapers offering millions to anyone who can design and create a means of propelling the vessel beyond Earth s atmosphere After being presented with proposals from the ludicrous to the insane, the businessman meets an unassuming young man who might just have the answer but he wants than money We find out what that is in Nelson Bond s Vital Factor In a future where city streets are massive conveyor belts that transport people and vehicles at varying speeds, the mechanics decide to strike under the leadership of Deputy Chief Engineer Van Kleeck To emphasize their power and ensure their demands are met, they stop the machinery beneath one of the streets with fatal consequences It s up to Chief Engineer Larry Gaines to negotiate with Van Kleeck, because as Robert Heinlein tell us, The Roads Must Roll A teacher rethinks her decision to quit the profession, but the only available position is in a one room schoolhouse in a remote rural town called Bendo where the reclusive inhabitants have no sense of humor and no interest in music or art It is not long before the teacher uncovers the astounding otherworldly secrets of Bendo and the dark history that forced them into seclusion in this beautifully crafted tale called Pottage by Zenna Henderson.Jules Verne provides a brief glimpse into man s first attempt to reach the moon as three men volunteer to venture Into Space inside a giant aluminum capsule shot from a 900 foot gun Although they survive the shock of launch and enjoy a view of Earth from beyond the atmosphere, it s unclear whether they survived the journey or how they plan to return.A new star appears in the vicinity of Neptune, disrupting the planet s orbit As this new star s light intensifies in the sky each day blotting out the moon and rivaling the sun it isn t long before astronomers realize that it s on a direct course for Earth in The Star by H.G Wells.A 13 year old student named Timothy is sent to school psychologist Dr Welles At first, it s clear that Timothy is nervous, uncommunicative, and possibly holding something back As trust grows between the young man and his counselor, it becomes apparent that the boy is a prodigy and he may not be alone in Wilmar H Shiras s In Hiding Overall, this was an entertaining anthology with tales from writers I had not heard of previously Zenna Henderson, Wilmar Shiras, P Schuyler Miller, and Nelson Bond My favorites included Nightfall, Pottage, The Martian Crown Jewels, and The Roads Must Roll.

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    Many of the questions and issues addressed by famous science fiction writers of the past retain some relevancy, today Though certain aspects of their 1960 s lense into the future comes off a bit dated, these stories are still very much worth reading I d describe them as deeply imaginative glimpses into the human psyche and social taboos all within the context of well written science fiction.A minor disclaimer, some pieces are dated in ways that remind us of our worst selves in ways than one Just remember that the stories are products of the past, and even authors of forward thinking, philosophical nature were not immune to all negative societal perceptions.The stories include Vital Factor by Nelson BondPottage by Zenna Henderson The Roads Must Roll by Robert Heinlein The Stolen Bacillus by H.G WellsThe Star by H.G WellsNightfall by Isaac AsimovHistory Lesson by Arthur C ClarkeIn Hiding by Wilmar ShirasThe Sands of Time by P Schuyler MillerInto Space by Jules VerneThe Martian s Crown Jewels by Poul Anderson

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