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10 thoughts on “Simply Tarot (Simply Series)

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    Look elsewhere I am finding that her Simply series is Simply not up to par.

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    Not a lover of the art in this deck but it s nice and simple

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    It is easy to read and I m always up for another way to look at my cards, but I am not completely in agreement with all the interpretations However, it was interesting and I like to read other ideas, because I feel it keeps my Tarot education fresh I think it would be a book suited to someone with some experience already, so that you can read it with an open mind and not as a Tarot bible.

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    I got this book at the local library The early chapters are informative and leads you to think its a good book But then you get to the last chapter on spreads and its a disappointment The spreads are illustrated fine, but not explained in detail as they should be Skip this book, there are better ones out there.

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    This book is great for a beginning of Tarot who is trying to get the general idea of the cards It doesn t go into too much detail, which allows the ready to absorb only the major points of Tarot Just enough to have a decent background and understanding of the cards if they chose to pursue the interest further.

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    It s basic enough, but just way too biased When someone tells me to disregard everything I ve ever learned about something, I m up for that But when they tell me that their way is THE RIGHT WAY and to look no further, yeah, that isn t my cup of tea.

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    This is probably the greatest book on Tarot that I have ever read It has really helped me get in touch with what I am supposed to be getting out reading and having readings done.

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