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    There are two aspects of this book The junk and the spells.So far, the author hasn t done their historical research on anything except the etymology of Wicca There s not a single referenced source It also highlights Wiccan bias, merging both witchcraft and Pagan as synonymous with Wicca hint while most Wiccans are witches, not all witches are Wiccan For thoe who don t know, Paganism is an umbrella term Reconstructionist of Egyptian mythology have absolutely nothing to do with Wicca, and nor do the nature based, athiestic Humanists This person also approaches Wicca like an ancient tradition In reality, it stems from the 1960s While it has influence from the ancient Celtic and the other neo spiritual religions developed around that time that Gardener based his religion off of, it s given a very exaggerative feel.Ironically, many of the spells require summoning archangels Most Wiccans call upon the Goddess and God or a deity from a polytheistic pantheon This puts these spells in a squarely Christo Wiccan subset Honestly, it seems like a New Ageist decided to pick up the God Goddess, the rede, a spellbook and call it Wicca And since I m reading the 2017 version, this is really poor stuff I ve read books like Lies My Teacher Told Me and The Ethical Slut which were completely revised in the second edition I wonder what this edition changed All of the information I ve stated here is readily available via google.Also, has anyone else here heard of the Goddess creating the God While I understood that they were mates, and that some Wiccans put the Goddess on a higher pedestal this seems a little strange I haven t heard of her creating him before merely then both coming out from the chaos I wonder if perhaps there s some Dianic Wiccan influence here That said, she does give good advice on love spell safety But I m not upping it just for that I m going to test out some of the spells and see if they work If they do, I ll boost it to a 2 star If they don t, I ll keep it at one.

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    The Christo Wiccan subset, as previously mentioned, is what I like about this book most as I have a strong Baptist background.Before getting to any spellwork the author introduces you to various concepts like a mirror magic technique you may like to try before spellcasting and then preps you with two spells one to cleanse the home, one to change your luck, before welcoming you to interesting spells This is what makes this book a great introduction into magic and I have not encountered this influence since Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf.I am currently awaiting the turnout of a spell for hopelessness I did Monday night.

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    I ask myself, Why do I read 101 s The answer is simple They remind me of the optimism that I had at the start of my path But also, they remind me how far I have come This book isn t a very good book The author really likes their revisionists history Also, they came off as holier than thou I don t know how many times I rolled my eyes There are better books out there, read them.

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    Book received from Goodreads Giveaways.I know there are multiple people out there that do not believe in this and that s fine However, if you are interested in looking into Wicca as a religious practice or just want a bit information this book does have some good information It is a bit focused on the various spell aspects of the religion rather than the everyday practices or history The book seems to be meant for teens and young adults rather than mature adults though it could be a good starting place for anyone I have my own suggestions for the older crowd on this subject If I were still a priestess of a coven I would definitely suggest this to the members with teens looking into the subject.

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    Leanna comes through again After reading Wicca Plain and simple, this book was my next stop, and i wasn t disappointed This is much a reference book, not unlike Gri, its a nice little pick and mix of spells that can help get you started, i d recommend reading this in conjunction with wicca plain and simple , simply the two books don t repeat themselves, the content in this book is different to but works with that in the other book Nice little companion piece Again writing style is lovely and jolly and light, very quick read.

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