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Call me Ishtar chapter 1 Call me Ishtar, meaning Call me Ishtar, genre Call me Ishtar, book cover Call me Ishtar, flies Call me Ishtar, Call me Ishtar a77449367501b She Is Ishtar, Mother Goddess, Queen Of Heaven, Angel Of Death, Whore Of Babylon, And, In This Most Recent Incarnation, Suburban Housewife Supreme She Is Outrageous, Passionate, And Gloriously Original, And She Has Returned To Earth To Right The Wrongs Wreaked By Thirty Centuries Of Patriarchal Mayhem Call Me Ishtar Is A Rollickingly Funny Crazy Quilt Of Fantasy, Fable, And Hard Edged Reality A Mad And Mythic Melange That Is, Ultimately, A Work Of Vision

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    This was a recommendation from someone I do not know personally, a writer and a Jewish woman She liked it I liked her book The Shelf so I wanted to like it too but I didn t In fact, I m angry at myself for reading as far as I did I believe it requires the reader to be a Jewish woman to understand the humor It didn t work for me at all Reminded me of Joe Heller s Oh, God which was a terrible disappointment to me because it was written by Joe Heller.

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    Love the idea of the book, but got tiresome to read after a while Didn t finish.

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