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Grunge the Movie Bootleg quotes Grunge the Movie Bootleg, litcharts Grunge the Movie Bootleg, symbolism Grunge the Movie Bootleg, summary shmoop Grunge the Movie Bootleg, Grunge the Movie Bootleg 62656051 Adam Warren S Hugely Popular Gen Bootleg Story Arc, Collected Into A Snazzy, Trade Paperback Follow The Adventures Of Grunge As He Strolls With Roxy Down The Scenic Streets Of La Jolla Planning His Imminent Full Scale Takeover Of The Hong Kong Action Flick Market Exploitation And Product Placement Abound Yahoo

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    First of all, Adam Warren is the man Secondly, you don t have to know a thing about Gen 13 to enjoy this book.And, it s aged great It s from the mid 90 s but still seems so fresh to me despite the numerous 90 s pop culture references Need reasons to check it out The art is a wonderful mash up of anime style and American superhero comics The storytelling and dialogue is hilarious and spot on If you can find a copy, by all means read it.

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    One of the first comics I ever read and still one of the best A lot of the movie references went over my head at first but now, it s beautifully laughtastic.

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