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    A desperate story of 3 young Brits in a love triangle embracing a short lived career of white supremacists.Roleplay and delusions drive them in a downward spiral through anger, frustration, neo nazism, gun toting fantasies and Hell eternal.It is cleverly written by Delano and well drawn by Phillips not his best work though , the atmosphere is dark and gritty butBut I just couldn t empathise The final vacuity and the total lack of personality of these young bland people living their violent fetishist far right fantasies in broad daylight just left me detached of their fate They re losers, all right, but not beautiful losers

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    Delano y Philips nos un relato inteligente y lleno de mala leche que pone el dedo en la base idiota y muy muy peligrosa de los totalitarismos Y en vista de que c mo est n yendo las cosas en el Reino Unido y el resto de Europa, es adem s tristemente prof tico La vanidad, la estulticia y el miedo que atenaza Occidente se retratan en esta pobre chica, que cre a ser el la lite del reba o, y no es m s que una oveja ciega de soberbia que est incluso m s encerrada en el redil que el resto.

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    Bot n de saldos en la Feria del Libro de Bs As, tercera entrega No ten a idea de qu iba esto, pero con esa pareja art stica no lo iba a dejar pasar m s a la irrisor a suma que lo adquir En resumen, tenemos la historia narrada en primera persona de Anne, una chica brit nica que comienza a contarle a alguien llamado Ruger c mo lleg a d nde lleg esencialmente a estar al borde del Gran Ca n de Colorado con una pistola en la mano y porqu Anne se enamora en el colegio de Sarah e inician una relaci n durante un tiempo peculiar pero variada ya que a Sarah le va bastante el mambo fetichista y de roles que se complejiza con la entrada en escena de David, lo que primero potencia un tr o pero luego deja a nuestra protagonista afuera para su desaz n Sin embargo, lo m s complicado que aporta David es sus tendencias ultraderechistas y neonazis, as como su desesperado inter s en tomar acci n y realizar actos violentos contra inmigrantes C mo de aquel arranque de drama rom ntico terminamos con nuestra hero na pistola en mano perdida en un desierto Por el descenso a los infiernos que Delano ir orquestando para sus personajes con ninguna misericordia Lo cierto es que no son gente simp tica ninguno de ellos Anne apenas si tiene atisbos de algo que no me animar a a calificar de redenci n y los otros dos son unos imb ciles as que tampoco despiertan demasiado la piedad del lector al menos, este lector pero eso no es detrimento para disfrutar de una muy negra historia, s lidamente escrita Y dibujada a tope por Phillips, quien todav a no estaba al 100% de sus capacidades pero lo que hace alcanza y sobra para superar ampliamente la media, apoyado adem s por el potente color que le brinda Matt Hollingsworth Negrura, pesismo, ignorancia, algo de karma y los albores de Internet, entre muchas otras cosas, se encuentran en esta novela gr fica recomendable.

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    Well On the one hand I wanted to like this It featured a main lesbian character, of whom I sympathized and liked a lot She was easily my favorite, but while I liked the main character, the rest of the story was dark and violent and just not for me.I liked the idea of it I liked how the last image at the bottom of the page was surprising, and I liked that the guns all had names But that s about all that I liked for this graphic novel comic book thing Also, it was a short read, I flew through it within half an hour, pausing only to study the images to make sure that I wasn t missing anything for the story as this was one of the first graphic novel comic books that I ve read Three sad stars.

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    This one felt like a Hellblazer one shot Which could be be either a compliment or an insult Delano does have a way with story telling but on this one I feel he was a few pages short of a real good book Regardless, I enjoyed it but it won t make my list of Delano s best.

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    There s something about stories about losers that really turns me off Stories about losers with guns are even worse, because then they re not just stupid, they re dangerous.Make no mistake Hell Eternal is the story of a loser with a gun Sure, she s a she, and she s got the sexy vampire goth thing going on, but our heroine here just doesn t really seem to have a mind of her own When she s not being held in the sway of her new girlfriend, it s her new girlfriend s boyfriend, or white supremacy nonsenseor her gun It s no surprise that the story ends badly it never does anything but be bad.So, I guess that s what we get a bad story, well told and handsomely illustrated Never a terrible thing, but I really wanted from Delano Phillips.

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    I m an outsider to pretty much everything that this story has in it, yet I find it to be one hell of a story even if I don t relate to it It s gritty, dark, and personal It has a narrative style that put me in the protagonist s situation, engaged and anticipating what comes next I m unfamiliar with the author, but this is a neat graphic novel, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes interesting, personal stories That is unless you can t stand fiction involving homosexuality, Aryan superiority, racism, rape, murder, tragedy, or suicide.

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    Typical Delano, upsetting, rebellious, good Phillips is great.

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