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    This book explores the question of mediated globalization and its consequences If the role of media and communication is not only acknowledged but also explored, what are the consequences of globalization Although the starting point of this book is the acknowledgement of media and communications in the process of globalization, it does not claim that they are the only process that matter As many globalization theorists have observed, the term connectivity encapsulates many of the characteristics of our age But it would be too simple to think that media just connect rather they mediate, which is a much complex process that involves individuals and their activities and practices To analyze this complicated process a methodology has to be developed that takes into account the different aspects of globalization, but at the same time acknowledges the role of media and communication p.11

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    Read this one for a university class on globalization, culture and media It s a basic introduction to these fields and a good starting point The method of mediagraphies is a novel one and I liked how three families where followed through time and place in relation to how they have been affected by globalization The personal thouch by the author is pretty neat her own familiy is one that is followed and I got a rare feeling of getting to know the person behind the text.

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The Media and Globalization download The Media and Globalization, read online The Media and Globalization, kindle ebook The Media and Globalization, The Media and Globalization d976768b75e9 This Is A Necessary And Very Original Book That Really Does Address The Lack Of Attention To Media In Previous Discussions About Globalization James Lull, San Jose State University There Is Practically No Globalization Without Media And Communications Yet This Relationship Is So Obvious It Is Often Overlooked Rantanen Challenges Conventional Ways Of Thinking About Globalization And Shows It Cannot Be Understood Without Studying The Role Of The MediaThis Book Offers A Clear And Accessible Overview Of Globalization And The Pivotal Role Of The Media An Introduction To The Concepts And Theories Of Globalization Empirical Data On The Production And Consumption Of Media A Methodology For Relating Individual, Local Experiences To The Global PictureRantanen Has Made This Complex And Huge Subject Very Accessible By Using Personal Histories And Pictures To Engage The ReaderIt Will Be Invaluable To Students In International Media, Cultural Studies, Communications And International Relations