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    I read this when I was 10 years old The front cover looked terribly boring but I still read it because you should never judge a book by it s cover Turns out that the book was fabulous In fact, the book was so good that I could not put it down I was meant to stop reading at 10 pm but I carried on till 11 30 That is a whooping one nd a half hours extra This magnificent book is filled with excitment as well as curls of thrills I adored it Every bit if it.

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    A quick fun read.

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    I enjoyed this audio book

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    i read it when i was 13 years old what i liked about it that it was simple easy to read for a kid that doesnt like to read with a dictionary next to her , kinda funny cuz the writer made him a bit stupid 4 a private eye but the ending was unexpected that she is the same person it was a smart idea to end the story with

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    This is a interesting book in special for who is learning english as a second language The vocabulary used by the author is good and easy to understand.Talking about the story, is about a classic private eye passionate for solve mysteries For solve this mystery Lenny Samuel didn t save effort and confusions.This story contains everything that a good mystery story have to have like a blond and beatiful woman, criminals, action and an old grey Chrysler In the end of the story you can see that private eye works just for pleasure Good read

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    It s good book, you can read it quickly and dont want to use dictionary because the world is east If you beginners in English you can read it, it s about some girl is disappeared whta happen with them

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    well that was the worst thing ever

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    The so called private detectivethe story is good but actually there re some things that I didn t like about it First of all, the character of the private eye, Lenny Samuel I do believe that one of the things that a private detective should have is smartness and quick thinking Lenny Samuel was not smart at all On the contrary, his mind was a bit limited Plus he had a weak memory When he was caught for Benny Greep s murder and brought to the police station, he could not remember important issues related to the case he was working on That is not good for a private eye Also, he used to mention some details which were not important at all like the complete description of his office I liked the trick that Elaine Garfield made up to protect herself and I liked the serious way she was treating Samuel I didn t like the villans of course, the red haird man and tall one with the hat I would have liked the story if it was a little mysterious.

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    My name s Samuel Lenny Samuel You can call me Len.I was 10 years old when I read this novel for the first time , I am 20 years old and I still remember this phrase , I was fascinated by the novel , I was to excited I even read it before studying it at school , and I rarely do that haha It is suitable for children , I am giving it 4 stars because I still feel my excitement when I was a kid.

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    I read it several times I really like it

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