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    I really hated this book when I first read it, and found it stunningly disappointed But this was in comparison to The Authority and the Ultimates I was reading.This book in many ways, was a counter narrative to the work of Ellis Millar Morrison Ennis Reading it now it s very disjointed, but had a lot of clever ideas The notion that the advent of Post Humans, many of them embraced mythic thought as a coping mechanism, and the remain unaware of any hidden damage this can cause Any myth can be broken down into mythemes relational structures, that question human origin and purpose A series of primal existentional questions Which leads to superheroes being rooted in existential subtext than it often appears Which is kind of post modern and depressing As such, the Monarchy is made up of unique individuals who don t follow the patterns archetypes They are literally alone across the multiverse So in many ways, The Monarchy kind of kept the Authority on watch Both teams stemmed from the closing of Stormwatch Different MOs however The Monarchy realized that the anti bodies post humans were too busy fighting each other, than causing real change and them going into parallel worlds, was making reality sick The Wildstorm Universe has a special place for me and this is one of its unsung gems It s about trying to not go too far done the path that many of the Wildstorm Books Nu Marvel were suggesting and to bring a little light back.

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    I must be too stupid to get this book, because it seems to me like it s a warmed over Authority clone with pretentiousness and a self righteous disregard for anything approximating a plot Instead, we re treated to random characters doing random things that supposedly come together at the end to form some stronger message, but to me just feel like plot threads left to die on a sidewalk like earthworms after rain At least the art is decent Maybe I don t know enough about Jackson King or the other characters to draw a bead on it Or maybe it s just an example of Wildstorm at its worst.

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    Absolutely no idea what happened in this graphic novel Lots of cool visuals, some deep quantum theory talk, and idea that something REALLY BIG is happening and that King is doing something about it Usually graphic novels have a smaller arc that gets completed but this just seemed to leave the reader completely hanging with no idea of what was going to happen next but also little reason to care.

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    I really enjoyed Doselle Young s Authority tie in The series was quite ambitious and crossed ground that other writers haven t The art was very inconsistent, parts of it were amazingly beautiful, then others were pathetic It was rather disappointing when the series got prematurely canned Hell, it wasn t perfect and was probably very hard to follow for someone who hadn t read either Stormwatch or The Authority, but i loved the weirdness of it all.

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    To be honest I really couldn t follow this and had no idea what the hell was going on

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