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10 thoughts on “The Land as Viewed from the Sea

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    This was painfully slow to get through and I had a strong hatred for this book 80% of the time because I couldn t get into it and felt like it dragged on with not a lot happening But the last 3 or 4 chapters really do make it worth it and everything begins to make a lot sense and suddenly become a lot complex and interesting, and I ve come away not hating it any I probably wouldn t read it again, but I am glad that I did.

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    I really like the scenes set at sea, and the scenes with the characters working the land I liked the structure of the story within the story although the reveals were a little predictable than I would have liked I found the characters real, if not altogether likeable My biggest letter down was the final section, which I almost wish I hadn t read Sometimes explanation kills the magic Sometimes there are things it s better not to know

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    I spent much of the book being irritated by the characters and not knowing why The end of the book explains why.

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    Sorry for this harsh rating I reserve 1 star ratings for books that I just can t bear to finish This is only the third book in my life that has earnt such a rating.

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