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How to Hook a Bookworm (How To, #3) txt How to Hook a Bookworm (How To, #3) , text ebook How to Hook a Bookworm (How To, #3) , adobe reader How to Hook a Bookworm (How To, #3) , chapter 2 How to Hook a Bookworm (How To, #3) , How to Hook a Bookworm (How To, #3) d74714 Getting Kissed For A Birthday Present Should Not Be A Big Deal Especially For Brea Mason, Who Doesn T Think Of Her Best Friend, Adam Silver, In Any Way Other Than Well, A Friend But After The Liplock She Can T Seem To Get Him Off Her Mind And She Has To, Because Adam Is A Senior While She S Stuck In High School For Another Two Years Then BAM, The Perfect Distraction Comes Along In The Form Of A New, Hot Sopho Who Actually Seems Interested In Brea, Despite Her Anti Social Personality And With The Stress At Home, Stress At School, And Ignoring The Reality Of All Her Friends Leaving Come June, Brea Welcomes The Distraction But When She Sees Four Fat Fs On Her Report Card, Brea Needs A Study Buddy, And The Best Candidate Is Adam, Book Nerd And Math Whiz So She Enlists His Help, Hoping The Birthday Kiss Was Just A Fluke After All, She Has A Boyfriend Now It Should Be Easy To Ignore The Butterflies And Fizzy Feelings That Arise With The Bookworm Right Praise For HOW TO HOOK A BOOKWORM Nobody Does Adorkable Like Cassie Mae Whether You Re A Nerd Lover Or Not, How To Hook A Bookworm Will Have You Falling In Love With Adam And Brea I Laughed, I Cried, I Swooned, And I Couldn T Put The Book Down Fans Of The First To How To Books Are Going To Love Bookworm Kelly Oram, Author Of Cinder And Ella Cassie Mae Is Always Awesome The Kissing Is So Very Swoony Jolene Perry, Author Of Stronger Than You Know A Wonderful Happy Sigh Making Addition To One Of My Favorite Book Series Ever Ilima Todd, Author Of Remake

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    FOUR SKYROCKETING STARS I wish for a better heart so someone will want a piece of it Nobody, in my humble, book addict opinion writes quirky, love struck, young adult books quite like Cassie Mae Whenever I open a book from this author I can always expect that she will entertain and delight me with her cute and cheery tales of love How to hook a book worm is just as charming as the title suggests, and if you are already a reader that has enjoyed this series, then you ll know exactly what fun you can expect I ve been a fan of Cassie Mae from the moment I first read her writing and I doubt that love is ever going to stop The How to series is perfect for those readers that enjoy YA love stories and since this is a Cassie Mae story you can also expect a nerdy twist Adam and Brea are characters that I m sure I ll always remember and as the last characters in this How to series they certainly have left their mark.What did I love Any genre that wants to give me a sweet Friends to lovers story can go ahead and make me the happiest reader I ll never tire of this addictive trope and if Cassie Mae wants to carry on writing with this theme in mind then I ll be than happy as for this book, I felt like I d hit the bullseye in the sweet stakes, Cassie Mae certainly knows how to bring the sweet and the funny, and these characters were beyond adorable I don t think there would be many readers who would be able to find much wrong with this nerdy book fix and it only added to the proof of how much I love this type of easy escape Adam and Brea were the perfect friends to fall in love They have that wonderful element of opposites attract, with a little bit of the unrequited love theme thrown in for good measure too Friendship and affection was at the heart of this novel and I enjoyed immensely that it s packed full with pages of laughter, puppy love and those perfect young adult kisses that make your tummy feel all gooey in the best way possible I feel a little disheartened that I won t be seeing any books in this series but I m also excited to see what other characters this author will create Overall this novel was a fully likeable, adorable glimpse into the world Adam and Brea and their sweeter than sweet journey of finding each other.Why not five Sometimes there s not much, not to love about a book yet you cant say with absolute certainty that it has that demanding give me a five star feeling This is not even a book that I won t remember in time to come, so you may ask, why not five stars Well, to be perfectly honest I haven t got much of intelligent answer to give, other than to say that it didn t grab me by my book heart like other books by this author have and I wasnt as won over by this couples connection as much as I would have liked However, my grumbles are very limited and overall I liked this book tremendously Fellow book nerds will be very happy with this adorkable adventure and as always I m excited for 2015 releases from a favourite author.Final thoughts Whenever I m in the mood for well written, lighthearted storytelling I ll always think of Cassie Mae first, it s rare or almost unheard of for me to not fall in love with her whimsical tales of young love If awkward and unlucky in love stories with loveable teens is appealing to you then this will be a series you will enjoy, and as a bonus you ll also encounter side splitting comedy scenes and a kooky love plot that will make you swoon Go grab it readers, enjoy Kisses ARC generously provided by the author Cassie Mae in exchange for an honest review

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    Reasons you want to read this book 1 the squirrel costume2 Adam3 Jay4 A Star Wars themed wedding5 Every time I smell nuts I will want a kiss6 FRIENDS TO LOVERS FOR THE WIN 7 Truth or Dare can be HILARIOUS8 Companion novels ROCK9 Cassie Mae is always awesome10 The KISSING is so very swoony

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    Brea and Adam are best friends Brea is kind of closed off around others but has always found it easy to talk to Adam she can tell him anything Adam is kind and patient, he s really smart and a really good friend I really love the relationship between these two characters This book is really funny and there were a few laugh out loud moments There was also a lot going on in Brea s life that wasn t so funny, between her grades and family financial situation and I felt really sad for her I love the way this story unfolds, how friendships change and how Brea deals with the obstacles she has Also, Cassie Mae writes the most swoony kissing scenes of any author I have read I m so sad to see this series come to an end Every time someone asks me for recommendation for a girl, I always recommend this series because it has such a great message just to embrace who you are and that being popular doesn t mean much if you are not happy, that it s ok to march to the beat of your own drummer and to be yourself That s what I took away from this series anyways I wish I would ve read books like this when I was in high school and I highly recommend this entire series for younger girls or guys who struggle with those issues.

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    That Star Wars wedding themed tho xD

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    bangs head on the table I finished this book over two months ago, and I forgot to write the review It gets better the only thing I wrote about finishing it was, need to write review Almost punched Adam in the face That s what happens when you read a book that s so fantastic that you couldn t even put it down to take notes.Thankfully, I remember the book pretty well It helps that I read it at the same time as two of my friends one of which is Sofia, which is the reason I even read Cassie Mae in the first place Out of the three books in this series, How To Hook A Bookworm is both my favorite and the one that made me bang my head on whatever device I was reading from at the time.Warning to those who don t know me I am not violent in real life, but I am an overly emotional reader The first half of the book was so annoying I wanted to smack Bree upside her head for her inability to see WHAT WAS OBVIOUSLY RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER THE ENTIRE TIME The second part had me wanting to punch Adam in the face Especially one bit I was about to go on a rant about it but, spoilers.Just like the other two books in the series, there s a lot of adorable nerdiness which makes me love this series so much.There were a couple parts that I was a bit put out with the situations going on Most of which revolved around Bree s mom But, I do realize I saw things from the point of view of someone nearly a decade older than Bree with different life experiences So, I do understand her reaction to those things.Anyway, this was fantastic and I loved it Also, bookworms are damn sexy and Adam is the best love interest in the story I m just saying.

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    3.9 5 For me,

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    You can find this review and on my blog

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    4.5 stars Why did it have to end WHY You know what I love about this series for books How completely different and unique each heroine was Brea was a whole other animal, and in Band Geek I wondered how I would find her I worried she would be too witchy with a b for me, but Ms Mae really gives you an accurate look at who she is and why she is the way she is I don t think I ve ever met anyone like Brea.she had moments of rubbing me the wrong way, but in the end she surprised with how much I did like her Adam ends up describing her perfectly in that she doesn t worry about all those normal high school things what people think of her, fitting in partly b c she has too much else going on in her life, but partly b c she already understands that that s not important And maybe she is the way she is b c of the struggles she s already faced in her young life But I think it s intrinsic to who she is.It s funny how there were things that I wanted to be different, but in the end I appreciated it because they defied my expectations, and were authentic to the characters Like Brea herself, but another example is her relationship with Levi It s no secret I am in LOVE with Levi, so I guess I wanted them to have some sort of close relationship But they don t Not that they don t love each other, but they re not those siblings, you know And in the end, regardless of what I wanted, what was is what should be If I d gotten my wish, I probably would have been disappointed in the end b c it wasn t true to the characters And it shows a different kind of familial connection In some ways similar to my own sibling relationship I love my brother, but we re just never going to be those siblings.Brea goes through so much in this book, and my heart breaks for her I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Ms Mae always addresses an important issue not just for today s youth though it is nice to know that when actual young adults read these books, they have characters that they can look up to , but for anyone really I know my own brother struggled with feeling stupid , and it makes me sad to know that he still sometimes thinks of himself that way But what Adam says is right there are different kinds of smart And I wish there had been someone to effectively get through to my bro when he was younger, like Adam was for Brea.On the relationship side, that was a whole heck of a lot of frustration BUT AGAIN, I think it wouldn t have been half as good of a story if it hadn t played out exactly as it played out Don t you just want to hate Jay And yet you don t And that relationship was needed to show Brea some truths about herself It was actually nice to see her going through the whole relationship confusion how she gets tingles with him, but how it s not all the time That probably doesn t make sense, but it does in my head.OK, this review is getting long enough And I haven t even talked about Adam I love that boy, but sometimes at the end I just wanted to smack him upside the head If you re reading the book and you start to get worried, have faith in Ms Mae She ll give you what you need And in the chemistry department, hoo boy Seriously.like holy swoontastic.So, in conclusion, I do believe I need to start an official petition to get little bonus boy POV scenes from Zak, Levi, AND Adam Please and thank you Did I mention PLEASE Please please please please please pleasepleasepleaseplease.

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    New cover and release day January 2015 D

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    You gotta promise you won t get mad that I took something that could have been highly special for you First kisses are big But they re awkward too, so don t expect fireworks, kay It will be special, Adam You re my best friend I feel like this book was written for me in a way I, like Brea, had to cope with the fact that I slowly started falling for my best friend It s a strange feeling, and confusing But it could be the greatest thing that ever happens to someone Especially if they are as awesome as Adam I mean, he gave her her first kissfor her birthdayswoon I feel every moment of that kiss as if it were a million moments Gahhhh, Cassie That line actually teared me up, and it was on page 16 It took me back to the innocence of everything First kisses, first experiences, first love I love that in every book that Cassie writes, I see myself in these characters I feel what they are feeling It s relatable to so many It s no different with Brea and Adam They have such a strong bond, and nothing will ever break them Until a new guy comes into the mix Jay Garrick is with lack of a better term sex on a stick Every girl can t stop staring at him Even Brea s two girlfriends, Sierra and Jolie, can t seem to quit talking him up So when an opportunity pops up to go on a date with this adorably, awkward hottie, Brea has to say yes He could ve said his name was Dinkleberry, and I would have swooned in my pants Seriously, this book had me in stiches I laughed as much as I swooned Jay and Brea were a cute couple, but I would have never been able to look away from Adam Who could resist a guy that stood on a corner in a squirrel costume with a sign that said Ask Me About Our Nuts Okay, so it s his work uniform, but stillso cute When Brea s grades start to slip quickly, she admits that she needs help and Adam is just the guy she needs He s the smartest guy she knows, and he knows what makes her tick The ways that he figures out what s making her grades fail is amazing Seriously I love him If he really thinks I can do this, then damn it, I will try not to let him down As they spend time together than usual they actually grow closer in some ways, and farther apart in others Never did Brea ever imagine that two guys would be taking up her mind Also, she never thought that her personal life would get even worse It s actually very heartbreaking I wanted to jump into my book and hug her so hard She held in secrets from everyone, even Adam, to the point that she wasn t even the same person You don t have to walk me up I know your fear of the dark Yes, but you also know I won t let you walk alone Major swoon Adam, be still my heart I loved watching reading Brea slowly falling for Adam Again, it takes you back to the butterflies in your stomach and the stutters in your voice It makes you pull for them You want them to get together The last thought that goes through my head is what it would be like to fall for a friend It s also weird for me to say that I actually liked Jay He was so cute, but Brea was with him to distract herself from reality Could you imagine being in that situation Wow, it would be so hard You re a beautiful girl, Brea Say what Jay isn t the only one who notices, and he s probably worried about the time you spend withsomeone who notices, too I just don t want to cause a problem That s all I m saying Being the guy best friend has been a problem in the past, and I don t want it to be with you It won t And if it is a problem, than it s his problem not ours I could not get enough of these two They are total opposites in most ways, but they are so much alike in every other way They get each other When the rest of the world doesn t make sensethey do Even when they know that Adam is leaving for college soon, they don t stop running to each other It seems like you re always holding me together, so when you leave, I m not sure if I ll fall apart or if some of me will go with you Between the red MM s, Stride gum, iPod shuffles, star gazing nights, horror movies, pop quizzes and almond smelling clothes, Adam and Brea stole my heart I couldn t get enough I loved this book from the first to the last page I loved seeing all my favorite people again Zak and Zoe s Star Wars wedding was what nerdy dreams are made of Sierra and Levi are just as PDA loving as always, and I really liked getting to know Jolie Goodness me I don t care what anyone says Nerds, Band Geeks, and Bookworms can be the most swoonworthy guys ever I m truly going to miss every single person in this series I feel like my friends are moving away, but I can revisit with them often Thank you, Cassie You made my nerdy heart so full and happy with each of these books I hope everyone appreciates this series for what it really isfinding happy endings even when you don t feel like it s meant for you Everyone deserves a remarkable love storyeven Nerds, Geeks, and Bookworms 3 If it s any consolation, it s really hard not to kiss you when you do that Do what Breathe I m always breathing Exactly.

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