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Affair quotes Affair, litcharts Affair, symbolism Affair, summary shmoop Affair, Affair 5da57cd6 As A Private Investigator Employed By Marriage Minded Women, Charlotte Arkendale Has Made A Lucrative Career Out Of Delving Into The Lives Of Prospective Grooms But One Of Her Clients Has Recently Been Murdered, And Charlotte Herself Has Begun To Receive Threats Now, She Doesn T Know What To Make Of The Stranger Who Appears On Her Doorstep To Apply For The Position Of Her New Man Of Affairs Baxter St Ives Claims To Be A Respectable Gentleman, But Something About His Arresting Presence And The Unrelenting Determination Burning In His Eyes Makes Charlotte Wary With The Proper Man By Her Side, She S Certain She Can Catch Her Client S Murderer But Is The Enigmatic St Ives Mr Right Or Mr Wrong To St Ives, Masquerading As A Man Of Affairs To Find Out If Charlotte S A Murderer Is Maddening Enough, But Discovering Himself At The Mercy Of A Highly Illogical Passion For Her Throws His Life Into Chaos So He Decides To Conduct An Experiment Into The Risky Alchemy Of Desire But Even As He Sets Out To Seduce Charlotte, The Real Killer Is On The Loose In London, Plotting To Part The Loversor See Them Joined Together Forever In Death

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    As always, another very satisfying read from this author When I am in a reading funk I always turn to AQ for a story that will cheer me and get me back in the zone Love her writing to pieces.

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    My feelings for Ms Amanda Quick s Affair hovered dangerously close to dislike at certain points in the story, but somehow, something my loyalty to the author, perhaps kept me from actually going to that I Could Care Less About This Awful Book zone There were so many things wrong with the story that prevented me from liking it There was no chemistry at all between Charlotte and Baxter I could not, for the life of me, believe in their love It felt forced and out of place, because whenever they were together, every interaction seemed mechanical and detached That s certainly not how things should be between two people supposedly in love with each other I understand that Ms Quick deliberately did that to be consistent with Baxter s character, but I felt that it was done too much in the story to the point that the entire book lacked depth, substance soul In the end, it left me feeling nothing Nothing, damn it.Charlotte started out as a strong heroine, but gradually transformed into a weaker image of herself by the end of the book Baxter was so hard to like with his snarky remarks and sarcastic outbursts Ugh I kept asking myself, What the hell did Charlotte see in the asshole God.The secondary characters were weak and flat, as well And the rest of the story seemed like a collection of disjointed plot devices that were haphazardly thrown together everything just felt messy Despite all these, however, this was still a tolerable read I mean, it didn t hurt that much to finish this book I didn t really have to crawl my way to finishing the novel like when I read Eloisa James The Duke is Mine But on the other hand, I expected a whole lot from Ms Quick I know the magic she s capable of, and this was certainly not it.

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    3.5La historia me ha gustado y, creo que de los tres que he le do de esta autora, la trama es la que m s me ha mantenido en suspense sab a por donde iban a ir los tiros, pero no los motivos y al final todo queda bastante aclarado.He de decir que la culpa la tiene la autora,hace poco termin uno de ella y como todos siguen el mismo esquema, conocer al asesino no resulta demasiado complicado.La pega que les pongo siempre a estas novelas es que el amor se relega a un segundo plano y yo, ante todo, disfruto de una buena novela rom ntica jajajaHe disfrutado de esta S , y me han gustado ambos personajes y todos los secundarios He de remarcar que est n todos bastante bien definidos He disfrutado incluso de la frialdad del protagonistas y, tambi n, me he re do con algunas de sus frases.Recomendable

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    This is my favorite of all Jayne Ann Krentz s aka Amanda Quick books Once again she has written a compelling female lead, but in this case, I find the hero a geeky scientist equally fascinating Charlotte Arkendale is strong, intelligent and resourceful She invented a career to support herself and her younger sister after their stepfather squandered their money It is through her career that she meets Baxter.Baxter is the illegitimate son of a earl his father put him in charge of the family fortune until his younger half brother, Hamilton, turns 25 Of course Hamilton resents this and Baxter has little contact with his family At least, until he gets involved with Charlotte.It s so much fun to watch the socially inept Baxter fall in love with Charlotte It s also fun to see Charlotte change Baxter s life and reconcile him with his family The secondary romance between Charlotte s sister and Baxter s half brother is a bonus.One criticism the chemistry terms used as sexual euphemisms are rather cheesy all the references to fires and steel rods and warm crucibles LOL These do not hinder my enjoyment of the book, however I just snicker and move on

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    2.5 stars, but rounding up for entertainment value The problem is that I have somehow managed to read two sets of pairs of AQ novels that have essentially the same plot I mean, there are minor differences, but seriously, bastard son of the nobility steps in to help woman who has built a life career for herself after a difficult event in a world with few careers open to women solve a murder is one hell of a plot similarity view spoiler Especially when both murders involve mind altering substances events, this one specifically involves mesmerism hide spoiler

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    Meh Quick has employed her formula to much better effect This was a pleasant enough read but it impacted neither my emotions nor my amusement Still, her tepid is still better than many.

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    Nothing out of the ordinary for Amanda Quick Certainly not bad, especially in comparison to her other books, but all in all, sort of meh for me.I m normally a fan of the nerdy hero trope, but in this case, Baxter came off as uninteresting than he should have The guy was a bastard by birth, not by personality of an earl and had to contend with a younger half brother who inherited what should have been his birthright and the brother s step mother, not to mention a bunch of very interesting scars And yet, he just came off sort of cardboard I wish Amanda Quick had done with what should have been his adorable awkwardness and inability to relate to people It could have made him into a really sweet outcast, but instead, because it wasn t taken to its full extent, made him seem wooden and maybe a bit self important.Charlotte went back and forth for me The glimpse we got of her in the prologue was brilliant And I have to admire a woman who was born to the gentry who is willing to work because there is simply no other feasible option to keep her and her sister from far less appealing circumstances But she didn t lead Baxter around the way the other Quick heroines seem to Oh, certainly, Charlotte was headstrong and several times pointed out to Baxter that he had no right to boss her around as he was not her husband and for part of the book, was her employee But I never got that feeling of delicious frustration from Baxter I get from so many of Quick s heroes.For the record, I ve read many Amanda Quick novels over the last few months and I ve noticed that her stories don t really change much It bothered me at first, but with the exception of the books I ve run across dealing with Zamar ugh, the boredom that creeps in when hearing about Ancient Zamar even the quick references to it I see in this book make me cringe , I sort of like the fact that I know Quick s formula and that it can be relied upon for a good time This one didn t change from the formula, it just sort of presented a muted case, like looking at a photo of a painting, only the photo is tinted in sepia you only see brief glimpses of the brilliance.I can see myself re reading several of Quick s other novels, but I don t see this being one of them If you haven t read much by this author, I d suggest skipping this one and going to Rendezvous or Surrender instead.

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    One of my favourites by this author Re read no 4Original review

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    Listened to the audiobook while commuting to work Excellent narration and quite pleased that the story is jus as enjoyable now as it was when I first read it Intrepid Heroine balanced by a hero who no one else seems to get

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    Mais uma hist ria arrebatadora escrita pela Amanda Quick, uma das minhas autoras estrangeiras favoritas imposs vel n o se apaixonar pela qu mica existente entre o Baxter e a Charlotte, n o amar suas aventuras, personalidades, a cumplicidade e lealdade forjada entre os dois O livro Caso de Amor apresenta uma trama repleta de mist rios, conflitos e sensualidade, elementos que tornam a trama bastante rica e envolvente

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