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Second Foundation pdf Second Foundation, ebook Second Foundation, epub Second Foundation, doc Second Foundation, e-pub Second Foundation, Second Foundation 786aca8f1c7 So Far The Foundation Was Safe But There Was A Hidden Second Foundation To Protect The First The Mule Has Yet To Find It, But He Was Getting Closer All The Time The Men Of The Foundation Sought It, Too, To Escape From Mule S Mind Control Only Arkady, A Year Old Girl Seemed To Have The Answer, Or Did She

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    English Second Foundation Italiano The First Galactic Empire had endured for tens of thousands of years But now it no longer exists The present is the Foundation, at war with an enemy with a terrible psychic power, i.e the ability to influence the minds The third chapter of the Foundation series is better than the two preceding it, with action and suspense It s the final showdown between the Mule and the Second Foundation, represented in the final battle by its First Speaker But above all the homeworld of the Second Foundation will now be revealed Surprise

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    Il Primo Impero Galattico era esistito per decine di migliaia d anni Ma adesso non esiste pi Il presente della Fondazione, in lotta contro un nemico dotato di poteri psichici terribili, ovvero la capacit di influenzare le menti Il terzo capitolo del ciclo della Fondazione meglio dei due precedenti, secondo me, pi ricco in azione e suspense Siamo alla resa dei conti tra il Mulo e la Seconda Fondazione, rappresentata nello scontro decisivo dal suo Primo Oratore Ma soprattutto ci sta per essere rivelato il pianeta madre della Seconda Fondazione Sorpresa

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    What a great completion of the trilogy This book, the last part of Foundation trilogy, was very captivating from the start and became even interesting and enthralling leading to a great spellbinding climax This trilogy has now entered to my all time favorite books It has been a great experience reading Isaac Asimov.

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    527 Second Foundation Foundation, 3 , Isaac AsimovSecond Foundation is the third novel published of the Foundation Series by American writer Isaac Asimov, and the fifth in the in universe chronology It was first published in 1953 by Gnome Press 1994 1371 358 .

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    And so you take comfort in what once used to chafe and to frustrate the man is smarter than you Hari Seldon At first you fought against his implacable logic, his elegant design mapping out the entire existence of your race, the human kind But eventually you relaxed and embraced it you and yours, your dreams, the human race your goals and your future would be protected, protected by the plan The Seldon Plan and Foundation And when Foundation and the Plan both suffered at the hands of the mutant The Mule, Seldon s secret guardians Second Foundation came to save the day The Plan on one hand, that secret society of psychic saviors on the other, Foundation and Second Foundation, Mother and an absent but still watchful Father all fears left you You became comfortable You became complacent And so there rose the frustrated few who still chafed at that soft control at that absent Father with his invisible fingers, making a puppet of you and yours, protecting you You are mommy s little darlings, hating your distant dad You will control your own destiny, future be damned And so you acted against Second Foundation, you plotted and schemed and made intricate designs, you found those secretive psychic saviors, you executed each and every one of them Or did you Fortunately for you oh, and for the future of all your kind, the human race your goals and your frustrations are excruciatingly finite Your own small mindedness will protect you, your childlike inability to see the bigger picture Poor baby Second Foundation will save you and yours despite yourself Just sit back and stop thinking so hard, you ll hurt yourself And so the original Foundation trilogy concludes with this work Two ingenious novellas, one detailing the final passage of sympathetic villain The Mule, the other dealing with an attempt made by Foundation to upend Second Foundation I found the first book to be interesting but flawed in its repetitiveness The second book had two novellas one entertaining but likewise limited, the second a brilliant leap forward.And so it is with the third book, Second Foundation the first novella entertaining and thoughtful but a bit of a retread of the second book s second novella and like its predecessor, a second novella Search by the Foundation that leaps forward into new, fascinating territory All three of these books their various stories and novellas coming together to form an intricate, elegant design will stick in my mind I can imagine revisiting this deep well of ideas a few years from now if the human race still remains Overall, despite some essentially inconsequential flaws, the original trilogy is a marvelous achievement and I think completely worthy of their classic status.And so I wonder should I continue with this series Asimov is a smart man, certainly much much smarter than me But I have found disappointment when reading series that are picked up decades later They have read as if the author has grown too comfortable, complacent The next novel in the series Foundation and Earth was written nearly three decades after this third book Should I risk souring the well

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    Second Foundation wraps up Asimov s brilliant early 50s classic SF series Foundation.Twenty nine years later in 1982 Asimov would publish Foundation s Edge, but for most of the golden age, the Foundation trilogy would form a template though never completely duplicated for SF excellence Essentially divided into two parts the first part a conclusion of Foundation and Empire with The Mule and then the conclusion of the Foundation story The search for the ultra secretive Second Foundation continues across the galaxy.Both the first part and the second had themes of a chess match between actors with several conflicting solutions being developed and supported.Parts of this, especially discussions about the advanced mental Second Foundation reminded me obliquely of Arthur C Clarke s Childhood s End Not as strong as the other two, this is still a solid SF story and a good finale for a great SF trilogy.

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    The idea behind it s pretty good Asimov has set up little philosopher kings to slowly shape the universe until they can accept being openly ruled by beings as superior as them, because of SCIENCE It never actually handles the philosophical issues involved, but notes that they exist Meanwhile, the plot is such Man1 Haha I tricked you Man2 But I knew you were going to trick me Instead, I tricked you Man1 But I knew you knew that I was going to trick you, so really I win Man2 NO dies Man3 I knew that you knew that he knew that you knew that he was going to trick you, and I set up the whole thing So I win Man1 But I knew that you knew that I knewAnd so on The hyper crossing that occurs in this book, right in the very first chapters, is utterly ridiculous It gets a bit better as time goes on, but by that point, the cats out of the bag and you pretty much expect it to pull a PDK and have everyone be alien robots with fake memories or something In short, a good book to wrap up the trilogy, but a pretty weak story on its own.

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    This was a fabulous conclusion to the original trilogy In the first book, we see the rise of the Foundation the kernel of civilization around which the Second Galactic Empire will eventually rise after the fall of the First Galactic Empire a foundation established for precisely that reason by the inestimable Hari Seldon, who through his mathematics can predict the future.In the second book, we see Seldon s Plan shattered by the unexpected rise of a conqueror with mutant mental powers the Mule something Seldon s mathematics could not foresee nor account for Thankfully, the Mule is stopped through the bravery and intelligence of one woman, and through the help of the secret Second Foundation.In this book, we are about 500 years into the single millennium Seldon s Plan predicts before the Foundation will establish the Second Galactic Empire The problem The Second Foundation, whose purpose it is to protect and continue Seldon s Plan, is no longer secret Both the Mule who was stopped in his expansion wants to find the Second Foundation and wipe it out and the Foundation the First Foundation doesn t like the idea of being manipulated by some secret outer force and, therefore, also wants to find the Second Foundation and wipe out for reasons of its own.The first half of this book is about the Mule s search for the Second Foundation which revolves around a bunch of intrigue involving mind control I love this part of the book because the Mule is such a fascinating and enigmatic creature well man, but still creature might be a better descriptor This part of the book also includes a lot of double double crosses that keep the reader guessing all the way.The second half of this book is about after the Mule s eventual death the search for the Second Foundation by the First I love this part of the book because the heroine is Arkady, a 14 year old girl who has all the spunk, intelligence and teenaged neurosis romance you could want in a heroine Example She stows away on a spaceship in her guaranteed wrinkle proof jacket with food stores and water, convinced that all she has to do is keep herself from sneezing because that is what gives away all the spies in the movies, but soon realizes that the movies never talk about where how the stowaway is going to pee ha ha She caroms around the galaxy, from Terminus to Kalgan where she gains the eye of the ruler as a future wife, escapes and is almost arrested until her escape to Trantor, all the while trying to hide from the Second Foundation and knowing that she is the most important person in the galaxy because she knows where the Second Foundation s secret location is Just great stuff I also love Preem Palver, humble farmer who helps Arkady along the way.The ending well the ending is just sublime So sublime Love it I highly recommend this entire series to lovers of classic science fiction But even if you are uninterested in reading the entire series, Asimov includes as a prologue a synopsis of the first two books, so this could be read as a standalone novel This is probably my favorite of the three, so I definitely suggest reading it No, maybe not my favorite Yes, probably so Errr just read them all they re great

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    Was his controlled mind so concerned with obedience as to lose initiative He felt a thickening despondency drive him down into a strange lassitude Poor Captain Han Pritcher Mind control is a common sci fi trope but the feelings or thoughts of the person under control are rarely explored This is what makes Part 1 of Second Foundation so special As I mentioned in my review of Foundation and Empire The Mule is a terrific villain, clever and ruthless but no exactly evil and a little pitiful This part of the book is entirely concerned with The Mule s battle of wits against the eponymous Second Foundation Where the First Foundation that we have come to know from the previous two books is made up of scientists the eponymous Second Foundation is made up of psychohistorians or psychologists cum mathematicians Their study and development of psychology over hundreds of years make the best of them the equals of the Mule in term of mental power The showdown between a Second Foundation leader first Speaker and the Mule consist of moves and counter moves almost entirely through dialog This being Asimov the kickass climax does not actually involve feet coming into contact with posteriors be that as it may the scene is very tautly written and has stayed with me for decades since I first read it.Part 2 of Second Foundation is mainly concerned with the First Foundation s search for the Second with the intent of destroying it This turn of event surprises me a bit, suddenly the Second Foundation is cast in the role of antagonists ubiquitous menace in spite of having saved the First s bacon in the preceding part This makes the First Foundation seems like terrible ingrates On the other hand, nobody likes to have their minds tampered with so their hostility is somewhat understandable Mixed into the main story arc of the search for the Second Foundation is a subplot concerning the First Foundation s war with Kalgan I personally find this warfare section a little dull compared to the much interesting major plot I am not at all surprised that I remember nothing of this aspect of the book from my previous reading.The world building in this third volume is the best of in the trilogy, I particularly enjoy Asimov s description of the Second Foundation s culture They do not communicate by telepathy but conduct whole conversations in micro gestures actually much interesting this way The denouement at the end of the book is particularly ingenious Asimov does seem to enjoy pulling the rug from under the readers feet, and his enjoyment is infectious.So that s it, the entire legendary trilogy read in just one week due to the total page count being under 700 pages My main reason for the reread is to go on to Foundation s Edge and subsequent Foundation novels, published around 30 years after the original trilogy which I have never read before Really looking forward to that

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    The book alone, I probably would have rated 3 stars out of 5, but I just noticed I rated 3 stars also the first two books in the trilogy, which baffles me because when I think of the Foundation trilogy, I do not think 3 stars It seemed appropriate, therefore, to up the average rating of the series with this last chapter Every human being lived behind an impenetrable wall of choking mist within which no other but he existed What I loved about this particular instalment, and a thing that is quite evident or less in all Asimov books, is that the solution of its plot is so layered, the reader gets lost in its endless folds Second Foundation comprises than one episode like its two predecessors, two in the case at hand, and in each of these halfway through the story the narrator starts offering us different explanations, preferably through the perspective of one of the characters, and this successfully contributes to creating an escalation of tension that masterfully resolves into the achievement of the last solution, necessarily the correct one It s an extremely simple scheme, and yet an infallible one at least in hands as capable as Asimov s As always, I could continue with various attempts at clarifying why I love this author, but I ve written dozens of reviews comments about him that you can find in a minute by browsing my shelves, so I won t repeat myself Though I would love to my love for Asimov is a marvellous excuse for me to become repetitively verbose And speaking of the devil of my tendency at repeat myself, of course I recommend the Foundation trilogy in fact, to be precise, I recommend Asimov s whole bibliography in spite of not having read it all myself That s how much I love him.

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    This book concludes the original tale of the Foundation and it is a worthy ending.Like the second book, this had not several shorter stories forming a mosaic to introduce the reader to the galaxy as had the first, but had only two parts Search by the Mule Search by the FoundationThe first part resumes the tale where it had left off at the end of the second book the Mule is still ruling the galaxy after having beaten the Foundation and is powerful than ever He knows however that there is another, a Second Foundation, and that its members have mental powers much like he does as opposed to the strictly technological approach by the First Foundation and that is dangerous since it could undo all the conditioning he s done on most people within his galactic Empire Two men are thus sent out to find the Second Foundation and destroy it, one of which was a character I liked very much Han Pritcher The other is a young and unconditioned upstart view spoiler who turns out to be of the Second Foundation hide spoiler

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