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The Gastronomical Me summary The Gastronomical Me, series The Gastronomical Me, book The Gastronomical Me, pdf The Gastronomical Me, The Gastronomical Me 79a515cf9e If One Imagines MFK Fisher S Life As A Large Colorful Painting, It Is Here, In The Gastronomical Me, That One Sees The First Lines And Sketches Upon Which That Life Was Based In What Is The Most Intimate Of Her Five Volumes Of Her Art Of Eating Series, The Reader Witnesses The Beginnings Of A Writer Who, With Food As Her Metaphor, Writes Of The Myriad Hungers And Satisfactions Of The Heart

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    A fascinating way to approach a memoir Now I want to read everything that M.F.K Fisher ever wrote Next stop How to Cook a Wolf How can I resist that title

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    The baker had a fight with the chef soon after we left port, and the barber took over all the pastry making Mary Frances had the perfect recipe for blending food writing and autobiography Inimitable, and such a product of her era Of all her books, this is the one most suitable for non foodies The Sensual Me might have been a better title Food and drink LOTS of drink do get a lot of coverage, but that s only a slice of the book, not the whole pie Along with the gastronomical, she offers up impressions visual, tactical, aural, and visceral The chapters are loosely connected snapshots of her life, roughly chronological but with large blocks of time unaccounted for She begins in 1912 at age four, with her first memory of an irresistible taste the foam on top of a kettle of strawberry jam On through boarding school and her first live oyster, followed by a college gluttony phase, and then Dijon, France as a newlywed Those early years in France brought the discovery that food was something to be relished and treated with reverence, and it set the course for her life as a gourmand and food writer A big chunk of this part of the book was lifted wholesale and plopped into a much later memoir, Long Ago in France, which I read a few months ago Skip that one This one s better After they leave Dijon things get a little hazy, and I suspect some deliberate vagueness Mary Frances started a new relationship while in the process of divorcing her husband She never explains exactly how things developed between herself and Chexbres, the new man They seem to have led a near idyllic life in Switzerland until the coming war forced them to flee in the 1930s She nursed him through a lingering illness until he died, and was on her own at the close of the book She ends the book in the early 1940s with a maddeningly cryptic story of a trip to Mexico featuring a mariachi musician called Juanito She was only in her mid thirties when this book was published in 1943, and I got the feeling from the way it ended that she might have been planning to pick up where she left off at some time far in the future I ve tried to read some of M.F.K s other books which are devoted strictly to food For me, they can t measure up to this one Her gift for observation and her dry and often mordant wit are best suited to these first person reminiscences.

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    I really wanted to like this Had been intrigued by MFK Fisher and was looking forward to finally reading her But I don t understand what all the fuss is about While there were parts that I enjoyed, in her descriptions of food and relations with others, most of it I didn t like And I really didn t like her In a word, snobby I realize it was written 70 years ago, but she was really full of herself And the gaps in storytelling are rather disconcerting One minute she s madly in love with husband Al, and the next, in referring to a woman they boarded with, she says they both got divorces in the same year Won t be reading her further.

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    I don t know how I stumbled upon MFK Fisher, but now that I have, I don t know how I missed her She is a premier food writer, and a must read for anyone who loves foodie type books This one is about her early food years.

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    This is the way food writing should be done In her careful, spare, elegant way, Fisher uses food to write about everything else that means anything in life love, war, death, and second chances One of the most beautiful works of modern English.

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    Loved this Thanks to Connie for her Goodreads review, because I would never have picked it up otherwise Ridiculously good writing about growing up, love, the Second World War, loss, travel, and food, etc and nice loose approach to memoir Agree with Connie that some of the early chapters are particularly lovely On being alone with his daughters for a car trip without their mother, her father saw us for the first time as two little brown humans who were fun There s an incredible chapter about oysters and the all girls boarding school Christmas dance which I ve read about three times And a charming description of lettuce, cream cheese and anchovy, and ginger ale orgies that she, her cousin, and her cousin s roommate indulged in at their faraway Illinois college in 1927 1928 We would lock the door, and mix the cheese and anchovy together and open the ginger ale Then we would toast ourselves solemnly in our toothbrush mugs, loosen the belts on our woolen bathrobes, and tear into that crisp cool delightful lettuce like three starved rabbits Now and then one or another of us would get up, go to a window and open it, bare her little breasts to the cold sweep of air, and intone dramatically, Pneu mo o o onia Then we would all burst into completely helpless giggles, until we had laughed enough to hold a little lettuce It occurs to me that this is not so different from some of my own college experiences.

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    This is, in theory, a book about food But a lot of it s not actually about food There s a lot of talk about A alcohol, B Random events in the author s life, and C traveling on boats But for all that, I liked most of it fairly well MFK Fisher wrote about food in the 30 s and 40 s at least in this particular book shamelessly Apparently, initial readers thought her essays must have been written by a man because the style was so forthcoming Her writing is, for me, very reminiscent of comfort food, actually She writes about good wine, good liquor, good cheese, particularly good meals, waiters, and the atmospheres in which she experienced all of these things in a very personal but not intimidating way I haven t tasted the vast majority of what she writes about, but she made me feel okay with that and like I could still just sit back and imagine the tastes and textures I actually looked this book u because I once read an essay by Fisher about the joys of mashed potatoes and ketchup that was one of the most vivid, sensuous things I ve ever read That said, in between all the food is a lot of weird stuff homicidal cooks, weird facts about her physical reactions to sea travel, anecdotes about her landladies and husbands and World War II and naked exchange students and all manner of other things Some of it s interesting and pairs well with the food, but some of it is just jarring Ah well.

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    Let me begin by saying that I gained at least five pounds over the course of reading this book I also consumed a few extra bottles of wine and the only thing missing was the extraordinary food that is not usually available on the income of college students Although I had to settle for cheese and crackers with my wine, MFK Fisher s collection of essay seated me next to her on this trip back in time.Fisher s writing style is charming and quite picturesque She describes her surroundings with ease and the flow keeps pace with her vibrancy.There were some dishes that I was unfamiliar with Not being a student of French cuisine, I desperately wanted to run out and purchase a French dictionary, but then I remembered to use the internet Voila That will help me remember not to assume my readers understand The other dishes had my mouth watering and my soul craving that fabulous experience of real food, on real plates, surrounded by real people I contracted indigestion several times simply by marveling at the amount of food this woman could consume in one sitting More than once pure bravado was all that kept us from tumbling right into the nearest ditch in a digestive coma page 93 The characters are so developed that it was easy to make friends with them, or laugh at them, or in the case of Ora, wonder at them There was one word which I felt was overdone and only for the fact that it was an odd one to be used so frequently, which will remind me not to overuse my favorite word in my writing Going forward whenever I see or hear the word somnolently I shall think of dear Mrs Fisher and her mostly delightful remembrances of times not so distantly past I have placed several of her other works on my reading list, but I won t read them until I shed these five pounds.

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    If the bookmark in my copy of The Art of Eating is any indication, I last read this book around 1985 I had not forgotten Fisher and her writing, but I had jumbled The Gastronomical Me together with the other four books in The Art of Eating This time round, I am reading this memoir because my book group is discussing it.Fisher must have been a fascinating friend She seems to love life, food and friendship She has a real way with words her description of eating oysters made me think about my first experience with those slippy animals I am very happy to be reacquainted with Fisher, her family, Al and Chexberes Given all the food books that have been written since Fisher started, I think her essays hold up very well.It has been almost 30 years since I last read this book This time, given what has happened in memoir writing over the years, I wondered how much of this book is true Which has led me to The Poet of the Appetites, a biography of Fisher I hope this won t spoil my love of Fisher s food writing.If you have read Tender at the Bone, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle or The Omnivore s Dilemma, you might want to read this memoir I believe none of those books could have been written without Fisher blazing the food trail in the middle of the 20th century.

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    Fun reading while fasting.So what I didn t expect is that she would be so funny, but in that way that people look at me surprised after knowing me for a while, and say, with a slight question in their voices, You re funny And it s not funny for funny s sake, it s part of her enviable self assurance and the ability to focus on a good meal when the world is going to pieces and her sureness of how things should be I discovered, there on the staidly luxurious Dutch liner, that I could be very firm with pursers and stewards and such, I could have a table assigned to me in any part of the dining room I wanted and, best of all, I could have that table to myself I needed no longer be put with officers or predatory passengers, just because I was under ninety and predominately female and, oh, also The room was wonderful, austere and airy the way I like a bedroom to be I love being allowed to draw my own conclusions as a reader, so that while horror and brutality seem to lurk in the background of every sumptuous meal, that adds to the meaning and preciousness of the food rather than detracting from it.

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