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The Complete TightwadGazette files The Complete TightwadGazette, read online The Complete TightwadGazette, free The Complete TightwadGazette, free The Complete TightwadGazette, The Complete TightwadGazette b7b48c579 At Last The Long Awaited Complete Compendium Of Tightwad Tips For Fabulous Frugal Living In A Newsletter Published From May To December As Well As In Three Enormously Successful Books, Amy Dacyczyn Established Herself As The Expert Of Economy Now The Complete Tightwad Gazette Brings Together All Of Her Best Ideas And Thriftiest Thinking Into One Volume, Along With New Articles Never Published Before In Book Format Dacyczyn Describes This Collection As The Book I Wish I D Had When I Began My Adult Life Packed With Humor, Creativity, And Insight, The Complete Tightwad Gazette Includes Hundreds Of Tips And Topics, Such As Travel For Tightwads How To Transform Old Blue Jeans Into Potholders And Quilts Ten Painless Ways To Save This Year Picture Framing For Pennies A Comparison Of Painting Versus Re Siding Your House Halloween Costumes From Scrounged Materials Thrifty Window Treatments Ways To Dry Up Dry Cleaning Costs Inexpensive Gifts Creative Fundraisers For Kids Slashing Your Electric Bill Frugal Fix Its Cutting The Cost Of College Moving For Less Saving On Groceries Gift Wrapping For Tightwads Furniture Fusion Fundamentals Cheap Breakfast Cereals Avoiding Credit Card Debt Using Items You Were About To Throw Away Milk Jugs, Plastic Meat Trays, And Recipes Galore, From Penny Pinching Pizza To Toaster Pastries And Much Much

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    I am fucking obsessed with these books This woman is possibly the most sensible human being on earth Come for the novelty tips, stay for the practical philosophy.

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    A few good tips, but on the whole not an entirely useful resource Many of her suggestions are outdated There s a lot of teaching you how to think creatively sorts of articles that aren t practical to most people, but are supposed to help you get in the mindset of using what you ve got creatively to solve problems rather than simply spending money Eh ok But how many reminders do we need about that From a philosophical point of view, I have one major problem with this book A sort of grab all you can mentality is actively taught and openly applauded Yes, you can get things for free Yes, it s great that you re saving money for what really matters to you BUT you should also demonstrate gratitude and generosity Someone spends too much money on baby clothes and then passes them on to you Woo hoo You re a lucky tightwad And you should definitely send them a batch of your famous homemade bread and a thank you note, rather than just gloating about how much money you saved Girl Scouts trying to sell you cookies Dacyczyn teaches you how to say no in a snotty, superior way I say, buy a box of the damn cookies You ve saved so much money on free baby clothes you can afford to spend 5 to support the Girl Scouts If you really can t stomach spending money on overpriced junk, give a donation without taking any cookies If you can t be generous with your money, then be generous with your time instead Seriously Tightwads are great I m a tightwad But we should all give a little back.

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    this book could potentially change your life or, specifically, your relationship to money, time, debt a whole host of other things it s a compilation of self published newsletters that ms dacyzyn published in the early to mid 90 s about her frugal lifestyle sounds like a snooze fest, but she s an engaging writer who is not without a sense of humor my mom used to subscribe to the newsletter i remember reading it as a kid, which is part of the reason i re read this as an adult quite a lot of the things she suggests are for people who a have kids b drive cars c live in the country d own their houses or e live in the 90 s there are a LOT of tips on how to save money on home perms and a hilarious article on the internet that has the line, you can chat on the internet, which is like a typewritten conversation despite the fact that i fall into none of the above categories, i still found this book useful and interesting she writes a lot of articles examining the shopping is happiness, debt isn t a big whoop mentality that a lot of amerikans are privy to, and shows lots of ways you can have a full, satisfying life without a lot of money and she makes it sound so simple, with clear, easy to follow instructions you don t feel like you have to be a nun or a complete maniac to save money some things just make me want to yell, PLEASE, PLEASE LIGHTEN UP but mostly it s good advice, and worth a glance at least she really economizes on EVERYTHING, to a level that most people probably wouldn t be ok with, but you can always take the suggestions that you re comofortable with and ignore the rest.it s pretty thick, so it s good for flipping through makes me feel less crazy for my commitment to a debt free lifestyle.

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    The MOTHER of all books on frugality This author is VERY extreme in her frugality and that behavior allowed her to be a stay at home mom of 6 I think kids on her husband s small salary.Many things were to out there for me but at least 3 4s of the ideas I easily adapted to my own life.While I don t save tin foil or iron wrapping paper to use again I was very inspired by this book to implement a lot of her ideas.I re read this book about once a year and usually find a few ideas that I d passed over before but have since adopted.

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    The Complete Tightwad Gazette has got to be the best purchase I have ever made, with the possible exception of my kindle, and I didn t even pay full price Thanks to a gift voucher I won for Powell s Books, I was able to acquire this book for the cost of postage.When I first received this book, I was advised to read it cover to cover first, then go back through it with a notebook and write down all tips I think are relevant to my family I have just finished reading it for the first time and I can understand why I was advised to read it this way This three in one book is so chock full of useful information that I would have quickly been overwhelmed if I had started copying tips from the get go The Complete Tightwad Gazette is not a dry, boring list of hints and tips Rather it is a seemingly random selection of articles, written in an engaging and personal style that keeps the reader entertained and prevents boredom The length of book seems daunting at first, but the articles capture the imagination so well that, despite the than nine hundred pages, one is left hungry for .Off the top of my head, my top ten tightwad gazette tips are The universal recipes I love these because they are so easily adapted to utilise whatever I have in my cupboard Selective Squeamishness So your potato has a brown bit on it Cut around it the rest of the spud is still good Same goes for fruit that has had one or two bites taken out no need to discard the entire thing Dumpster Diving or scrounging trash piles left out for pick up It is absolutely amazing the stuff people will throw away We have found some perfectly good toys, clothes and furniture this way some with minor faults such as a missing draw handle , others in brand new condition We even got ourselves a perfectly good working vacuum cleaner this way Thrift Stores and Garage Sales Second hand does not mean second best Plus, your wallet will love you Price Book Having a price book is a great way to keep track of when and where various food items are cheapest Learn to Sew Knowing how to repair that small tear will make your kids clothes last so much longer and you will be able to utilise the material when clothes are no longer useable Make time to cook Even if it means getting up a little earlier in the morning Home cooked snacks are a lot cheaper than store bought and your kids will like them much better Libraries Join your local library They generally stock the most popular books If, like me, your tastes are a little less common, you can still save money by getting what you can from the library and only buying those books they don t have Re use With a little imagination and a small amount of effort, almost everything that comes into your home can be re purposed Turkey nets can be used to drain bath toys, a bunch of six pack rings tied together are strong enough to make a hammock, old milk cartons can be used to make dog toys or toss and catch games Use Less Products like laundry detergents, shampoos and so on generally have a recommended amount per use However, these are not always accurate There are two reasons for this First, they want to sell product and the you use at one time, the sooner you will have to replenish Secondly, they are unable to take account of your individual circumstances how dirty your hair is for example or how hard or soft your water is Experiment with different amounts of products until you find the minimum amount you need to do the job Doing this will save you loads of money.Not every tip in this book will suit every reader, but I challenge you to read it without finding a single article useful.

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    This 925 page book has taken up a huge chunk of my reading time So hopefully I ll be posting frequently now that it s on its way back to the library Anyway, this is sort of a thrift Bible she s really taken things to their logical extreme Her writing style is very conversational she investigates the cost of things that most of us would never have the time to do I loved her attitude she was doing these activities as a way to make the most of her family life without any overzealous religion or gender issue and she saw that improved life as a payoff for this.She can be pretty extreme Many of the reader generated ideas are also extreme I m not even going to consider making my own tampons Even if I was going to think about cloth diapers, the idea of using used ones from a diaper service does skeeve me out But it was still interesting to read about.One of the key things that separates her from Radical Homemakers is that she stays firmly within the letter of the law she encourages people to have insurance, obey laws and be responsible citizens That was very appealing to me it s a way of life, and philosophy, but one that embraces society Also, her principles can be applied at will if you only want to take a few ideas away from this massive tome, that would still probably save you a decent amount of money.The one downside is that this is over 10 years old I would love to hear about how her family and staff are doing now, how they re tackling college tuitions and teen driving, etc Also, some ideas here are obviously dated email technology was very new at the time she addressed it in her book Many of the suppliers that she mentions may also have changed I also found her recipes to be kind of bland I don t think I d eat most of them if there was another, less frugal option Again, I think that in the time since she signed off, we ve learned about nutrition and that tastes may have become sophisticated Also, given the 12 year lag, most of the prices she mentions are outdated, but the principles remain mostly the same.

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    This was a pretty thick book, but it was easy to skip over parts that didn t apply to me, and when she was investigating something, I skipped over the details and just read the results I thought this book was poorly organized, and she s definitely extreme I feel sorry for her kids but I did find some great ideas I m willing to try I also liked her attitude about recycling and reusing Most of us would never dare to buy used bed sheets at a garage sale but how many of us take our own sheets to a hotel We may be leary of buying used silverware, but do we take our own to a restaurant It s a good way to examine whether your thoughts are rational or not It was also a good reminder that I don t need to buy everything at the store cakes, egg dye great with Easter coming up , cleaning solutions, etc can all be made from scratch, and for a lot less at home don t quote me on this, I m just starting to wean myself One of my favorite tips from the book is an egg substitute for cooking 1 tbsp of soy flour and 1 tbsp of water in place of an egg I bought a bag of soy flour at Albertsons likely overpriced , but at 2.99 it is the equivelant of 80 or eggs So far, we haven t noticed a difference in taste look of recipes I also like to use powdered milk when I m baking as she suggests.It was good to see how much money we save by having gas appliances, and there were some nice cleaning tips in there as well.Oh and when you buy cottage cheese, store it in your fridge upside down I m not sure why, but it can extend the shelf life quite a bit.It s a book full of little tidbits and info to save money.Anyways, this book was a good reminder that we don t have to be victims in economic circumstances that are beyond our control If we learn to save and live frugally in lean times and good times we won t experience the worst kind of deprivation which is a lack of security.I hope as we graduate and move onto real life we will take this advice to heart and make good decisions with our finances.

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    Amy Dacyczyn was one of the leading figures of frugality advocacy in the 90 s It all started with this newsletter, The Tightwad Gazette It was just what people needed after the excesses of the 80 s, and it caught on like wildfire It really helps that Dacyczyn is so honest, ethical, humorous, and well researched.Tightwads get a bad rap People go about it all wrong They have an attitude of deprivation, that frugality is something poor people do Dacyczyn changes all of that She demonstrates that this is in fact something most poor people DON T do, which is WHY some of them are poor On the other hand, most people who reach their dreams quickly, stay out of debt and buy nice homes, without sacrificing their lives to their careers, are people who have a sense of frugality Dacyczyn and many of her readers are such people.She writes mostly from personal experience Most of her articles have money saving tips that she herself uses, which is good because you know they work, but it also means they re biased to her own choices and needs, which are those of a mother of a large family, living in a large house in rural Maine Put that together with her readers input, and it often starts to sound like a bunch of housewives swapping homemaking tips.But that s okay, because there are 900 some odd pages of this stuff Just skip everything that doesn t apply to you, and you still end up with a ton of great, interesting, even FUN ideas for how to save money But importantly, all of the articles, even the irrelevant ones, demonstrate a certain approach, a certain attitude about spending Of the hundreds of ideas in this book, I ve only implemented a couple of them But getting cozy with such a fun, insightful 900 page book about frugality really got me thinking, and I came up with my own ideas to save a ton of money.

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    I am so pleased that I decided to buy this book I was wavering about whether I could afford to give up work and raise my son full time on just my husband s salary and Amy showed me just how easy and fulfilling it could be I do not do many most of the ideas in the book, but it gives me the confidence that we should never find ourselves in a bad financial situation.I have now been a SAHM for 4 months and am delighted with my decision I will work again in the future but time with my son is irreplaceable.The book is in no logical order, as it is simply a reprint of several year s worth of Amy s subscriber newsletter, but it does have a good index It is also rather out of date for the same reason and some of the household tips are laughable But the real gems come in the articles illustrating Amy s philosophy of frugal living i.e every penny counts Amongst other things she introduces price books, various methods for analysing best value, and shows how to determine the net value of a second income These tools can make a huge difference to a family s spending and standard of living.I recommend that anyone in the slightest bit interested in personal finance or frugality or even just homemaking generally buys this book and reads it cover to cover

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    This book is LIFE CHANGING sometimes I miss being the ignorant person I was before I read it, because now I have a hard time letting ANYTHING go to waste I m afraid I m on the verge of becoming a hoarder.Amy Dacyczyn shows how you can do so much with so little There are so many good ideas in this book Genius things to do with items you d normally throw away Use an empty milk jug to irrigate your garden by poking holes in the bottom and burying it Or turn it into a dustpan Use the plastic ring on the milk jug to keep socks together while washing them Turn a mesh produce bag into a scrubber for your dishes or, in my case, to clean cloth diapers.Not only that, but she breaks down how to shrink your grocery bills There are so many graphs comparing prices of products, such as frozen french fries, instant mashed potatoes, and bulk potatoes the prices she gives are relevant to the early 90 s, but the difference in price per ounce is still relevant today She shares cheap recipes, time management advice, and even craft ideas.Even if you think you don t need to read this book, buy a copy and put it on your toilet Flip through it at your leisure and I guarantee you will find at least 5 ideas you ll love.

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