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    I don t even know how to review this book but if I had to describe it in one word, that word would be PERFECTION Because PERFECT is what this book is, from stat to finish From the way it s written, to it s fresh and original content, the way the author blends funny with emotional parts that are bound to make you tear up, from picturesque setting to an absolutely HYSTERICAL dialogue banter between a cast so colorful that I actually squealed with delight when I found out author s plans for many books in the series because I can read about this entertaining bunch forever I can t recommend this book enough And to pretty much EVERYONE I can t name ONE person that I know who WOULDN T enjoy this story Callie and Walker stole my heart from the minute I met them They aren t exactly opposites attract kind of deal but they definitely compliment each other in the best of ways As I said above, the supporting cast is just as great as the main couple and the story itself They enhance said story just as much as everything our main duo encounters on the scenic route to their destination READ THIS BOOK I promise you won t be disappointed And, if for any reason you end up disliking it, your next read is on me So you really have nothing to lose but a fantastic new reading experience to gain Nicole Archer is a new to me author who now has a new fan for life I am kicking myself for waiting so long to read this book but I am glad I finally did because better late than never , right P.S This book would make a PERFECT TV show Seriously.

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    A road trip to happiness with a few bumps.Interruptions to my reading are the bane of my existence I hate having to stop reading my book at the 90% mark because real life is calling I get up at 6 30 on the mornings I work If I leave it even 5 minutes later I m scrambling to get everything done Sometimes, I try to stretch it out to 6 35 or 6 40, but I always regret it and walk out the door with something missing one earring or not done teeth brushing.I know gross This morning I decided to get a little reading in before work and when the alarm went off I realised I was smack bang on 90% Oh noEverything is up in the air, there s drama, lack of communication and misunderstandings to work through Do I read for 5 minutes and hope that some of the issues have been worked through, or do I stop and wait till I can sit back and work through their problems without rushing I did the right thing and turned off my kindle It was hard, but I knew it was the best decision I could make Only problem I spent the whole bloody day worrying about how they were going to work through their issues I wanted to sit them down, have a sensible chat with them or alternatively smack their bloody thick skulls together Luckily, they waited for me and we worked it all out fine and dandy.In the beginning, we meet Callie Murphy who appears to be trying to rig a bomb to blow up her workplace Luckily this is all in her head and we come to realise that Callie is suffering through her idea of hell Her boss, Skip, who s also one of her closest friends, likes to have social gatherings with his staff Skip and the staff seem to party than they work and Callie finds their shenanigans very frustrating One of the things that drive her crazy is watching her manwhore co worker, Walker, being fawned over by the women in the office She tells herself it s because he s despicable, but deep down she knows it s because she wouldn t mind getting her hands on him herself What she doesn t realise is that things are not quite as they seem.Walker HATES his work and is very close to quitting When the opportunity comes up to leave the office behind and hop in a campervan for two months, he jumps at the chance The campervan company wants a writer and a photographer to travel around America blogging about the experience Walker s the photographer and his friend Avery was supposed to be the writer Unfortunately, she s pregnant and has extreme morning, noon and night sickness Avery has to back out and a new writer needs to be found Imagine Walker s surprise and horror when he finds out the woman he s going to spend the next two months with hates him with a vengeance.Poor old Callie and Walker don t start their trip very well Callie has some stuff she s trying to get over and is, unfortunately, taking it out on Walker Walker knows that Callie got the worst impression of him when they were at a work function and women seem to be throwing themselves at him He didn t take them up on their offer but Callie didn t see that part The first part of their journey they have to get to know the real Callie and Walker and work together to make this campaign a winner Road Tripped at first seemed a little OTT with its humour but as the story progressed it seemed to settle down and I was actually laughing out loud Callie is foul mouthed and has no hesitations saying what s on her mind Walker, on the other hand, is a good ole Southern boy who charms his way with a smile, a wink and all the right words There were times that both Callie and Walker seemed a wee bit immature and it drove me a little bonkers Slight misunderstandings turned into temper tantrums and silent treatments The sexy times were steamy but Walker s dirty talk sounded like a 16 year old At first, I was cringing but by the end, I was smirking Road Tripped is Nicole Archer s debut novel and I think she s done a pretty awesome job with it Do I think there s room for improvement Sure Will I read work by her You bet Do I recommend Road Tripped Yeppers.To buy Road Tripped from m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance, drink coffee, be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy To see of my reviews, fashion, food and pervathons

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    FIVE STARS Five stars of complete AWESOME Super fun, and full of surprises The characters were complex, relatable, and completely lovable This is the kind of book that makes a perfect gift, because anybody who reads it is guaranteed a good time Not only did I love the plot and the characters, but the writing style was perfection I love this author s voice strong, smart and so funny Callie and Walker were the perfect couple They loved torturing each other inside of their RV Their adventures made for amazing memories, and as a reader you felt like you were another companion in their amazing road trip Callie and Walker work for the same ad agency and both hate their jobs Neither of them wanted to go on the road trip their boss is forcing on them But this road trip is about to change their lives but not before some crazy things happen.Don t waste any time reading my silly review and go one click this sexy, laugh out loud novel that is now on my favorite s books shelf.

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    4.5 STARS He made life luminous Ahhhh It s quite possible that Nicole Archer and I were separated at birth Because we are so obviously twins It s like she wrote this book just for me I LOVED the sarcasm, I LOVED the off color humor, and I LOVED the angst Douse all that in romance and then wrap it up with a cleverly written bow, and we have MAGIC The plot Callie is not at a good place in her life she s possibly even at her lowest, and that s saying something Her old friend, Skip, generously gives her a job at his ad agency in NYC The only problem is Callie loathes the party atmosphere that he fosters at work she also loathes the charismatic office manwhore, Walker She knows his type and she avoids him at all costs Of course, fate throws them together for a work project in the form of a cross country road trip Callie and Walker were so much fun together They bickered, they lobbed one liners back and forth, they slowly wore each other down with witty humor that had me giggling almost non stop Weren t you ever a scout I didn t want to be another pawn in their cookie pyramid scheme Neither of them were what they appeared to be on the surface To Walker, Callie was just a bitter bitch He should submit a new Pantone color dedicated to her eyes and call it Lethal Arctic Blue. To Callie, Walker was just pathetic The music was loud, but he had zero trouble reading the words, What a fucking tool, on her lips Their journey from enemies to lovers was a joy to read then came the angst Whoa As most of you know, I adore angst, and this author dished it up in extra large servings.Which brings me to the reasons for shaving off a half star on my rating A few times, Walker s comments actions stepped over the line for me Also I felt the miscommunication between them was taken too far in a few places Why Why didn t you set me straight This is a very good question but I have to say that my dissatisfaction was greatly out weighed by my satisfaction There was one particularly swoon worthy line that blew me away, plus, the epilogue was wonderful Ergo, I rounded up I whole heartedly recommend this one

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    A rap song thumped in the smoke filled breeze She rapped along singing about pussy, big assess, and n words this is said by a white character written by a white author I m out but this is not working for meand I had the same opinion when just a couple of months ago Gina R did it on her Insta storyjust because you are singing the song YOU ARE NOT EXCUSED DON T USE THE WORD this happened at 19% of the book and I just can t continue any sure I get that book had potential, sure I was having lol momentsbut suddenly I AM NOT LAUGHING ANYMORE

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    Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog, Facebook, Google , Twitter and Pinterest Book Basics Genre Cont Romance Series First in the series Each book is about a different couple and is a complete story Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler

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    4 Four El Skillet StarsRoad Tripped is fun debut from Nicole Archer It was unique and sweet with just a bit angst thrown in for good measure Callie and Walker s back and forth antagonistic relationship kept me guessing and entertained Callie is starting over at her friend s advertising firm She s angry, quiet and withdrawn and wants nothing to do with her manwhore of a colleague Walker But when she s forced into joining him on a road trip around the country in a client s RV, they re going to up close and personal for months With Callie s past nipping at her heals, she s determined to avoid all things Walker.Walker hates his job, wishes his female coworkers would keep their hands to themselves and is dreading spending the next couple months with his sour coworker But he s determined to make the best of it by going back to his first love photography while they re on the road He just needs to thaw his icy coworker long enough so that he can make it through this trip Avoiding any concrete plans, Walker is on a mission and as Callie starts to open up through some of their misadventures, he thinks maybe, just maybe, there s than a foul mouth to his sexy coworker This book was so fun Callie and Walker seemed to be opposites but when they opened up, I really felt for both of them They had their struggles that kept me guessing and hoping for each to finally profess their feelings While I wanted them to come to their conclusions about each other a bit quickly, I thoroughly enjoyed this rom com.Provided for honest review.

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    I like to have a martini, two at the very most After three I m under the table, after four I m under my host Dorothy Parker What a riot I don t often love romantic comedies because they re usually, well, not so funny but Road Tripped is a welcome surprise Do NOT read this if you are easily offended by dirty language but DO read this if you re in the mood for a modern, sexy, hilarious story Nicole Archer has a very fresh voice and I look forward to big things from her And I LOVE the cover.First, I was surprised to learn that this was the author s debut book The story is unique, the dialogue snappy and funny and sarcastic and the characters felt real and well, just perfect There are wonderful quotes placed at the beginning of each chapter along with a fantastic playlist all in all, there was a lot of thought that went in to the writing and production of this book.Callie Murphy has zero filter and a big temper She s witty, sarcastic and just moved across the country to New York City on the heels of a really bad break up She s working at her friend Skip s ad agency and is assigned to take a road trip with the one person in the office she absolutely cannot stand, Walker Rhodes They are supposed to drive cross country in a camper, all for work, of course.Walker is sexy, irresistible to everyone in the office except Callie and is at a crossroads in his life He is a brilliant photographer but feels unfulfilled at the ad agency Funny, a little nerdy and absolutely gorgeous, Walker is actually a really good guy As they travel all over the country, will Callie see the real Walker Nicole Archer takes one my favorite tropes, enemies to lovers, and turns it into a fantastic and very readable story.There is tons of steam in this book, and it is FUNNY as well as sexy The writing is laugh out loud hilarious as well as very heartfelt She raked her fingers down his back Swoosh, bang, crackle her body lit up with the fireworks and sang God Bless America The story was not at all predictable and was filled with surprises all along the way I loved the description of each place Walker and Callie visited This is how a romantic comedy should be written Sweet, sexy and charming, Road Tripped hit all the high notes Grab this one if you are looking for a break from a traditional romance novel or you just need a break for a few hours from real life Can t wait to read from this very talented author ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review

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    When I first read the blurb for this book I thought I would like it, enemies to lovers with a road trip thrown in sounded like a lot of shits and giggles I had been reading a few highly emotional books and I figured this would be a nice change of pace.So I dove in and then I had to stop and check the blurb again I seemed to be reading the wrong book and I thought my goldfish memory had struck and I had mixed up books I mean sure there was some humour and I loved the stoner boss and his team bonding exercises but I wasn t getting anything like I expected There was so much emotion and I will be honest initially I didn t want that so I took a bit to get into the book But the writing was so good and the characters were captivating enough that I had to know why they were how they were and see when the mounting sexual tension was going to boil over.Then I spent a few hours playing chauffeur to the kids reading a page here and there and I was even intrigued to see how this was all going to happen that I ended up not being able to put the book down until the last page at 2am this morning.This is one of those times that I am so glad I didn t get what I wanted because I got so much I got so many laughs, they just weren t the cheap ones I expected, but the way Nicole manipulated my emotions was truly masterful.There s a few things personally I would have liked to see added on at the end but despite the lack of vengeance I still really loved this story It s a kick arse debut novel and I will be watching out for of Nicole s work in the future Check out my reviews here

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    4 Stars Get ready for the ultimate road trip in the fanciest camper A camper that looks like a silver dildo Callie Murphy gets assigned to travel across America for her job But there s a catch It has to be with the sexy art director And they also have to act like a couple blogging about their experience Any hotblooded woman would be excited about being stuck with a handsome guy, but Callie isn t happy at all She sees Walker as a big womanizer and playboy She d rather just sit in her corner and be invisible than go on the long road trip Walker isn t thrilled about being with the antisocial Callie either He just wants to relax and reignite his passion for photography without having someone constantly being mean to him Throughout the trip, the characters experience some major road bumps, and discover that they have misjudged each other There are also a lot of cute scenes and funny moments, but things always fall apart due to Callie s insecurities Other than the constant back and forth during their relationship, I really liked the story.

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Road-Tripped (Ad Agency #1) summary pdf Road-Tripped (Ad Agency #1) , summary chapter 2 Road-Tripped (Ad Agency #1) , sparknotes Road-Tripped (Ad Agency #1) , Road-Tripped (Ad Agency #1) d7dac21 What S Worse Than Driving A Phallic Shaped RV Across The Country With A Coworker You Hate Falling In Love With Them Copywriter Callie Murphy Has A Bad Attitude, A Vicious Tongue, And A Serious Aversion To Shimura Advertising S Resident Manwhore, Walker Rhodes Know Where He Can Stick His Good Looks And Southern Charm She Can Think Of A Few Creative Places Avoiding Him Wouldn T Be A Problem, Except Her Boss Threatens To Fire Her If She Doesn T Go Along With Him On Their RV Client S Cross Country Tour Burnt Out Art Director, Walker, Is Sick Of His Job, Tired Of Women, And In A Big Old Creative Rut The Upcoming Client Road Trip Is Just What He Needs To Shake Things Up And Rediscover His Lost Passion But His Plans Go South When His Partner Drops Out At The Last Minute, And Callie, The Foul Mouthed Tiny Terror, Takes Her Place Unless He Can Find A Way To Thaw His Icy Coworker, He S Looking At Two Months Of Pure Hell Road Tripped Is A Stand Alone Novel And The First Book In The Ad Agency Series Not For Readers Under Erotic Sex, Adult Language, And Drug Use

  • Kindle Edition
  • 330 pages
  • Road-Tripped (Ad Agency #1)
  • Nicole Archer
  • English
  • 02 March 2019

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