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Like No Other Lover chapter 1 Like No Other Lover, meaning Like No Other Lover, genre Like No Other Lover, book cover Like No Other Lover, flies Like No Other Lover, Like No Other Lover b710d118cdf4d Now Or NeverIt S The Last Chance For Cynthia Brightly, The Ton S Most Bewitching Belle Driven Out Of London By A Secret Scandal, She Must Find A Grand Husband At The Redmonds House Party Before Word Of Her Downfall Spreads All Over England Unfortunately, Someone At Pennyroyal Green Is Already Privy To The Whispers Of Broken Engagements And Dueling Lovers Miles Redmond, Renowned Explorer And Thanks To His Brother S Disappearance Heir To The Family S Enormous FortuneMiles Set His Sights On Cynthia Once, At A Time When The Ambitious Beauty Thought Herself Too Good For A Second Son But Now He S Heir Apparent, Relishing His Control He Strikes A Bargain With Her He Ll Keep Cynthia S Steamy Secrets And Help Her Find A Husband Among The Guests In Exchange For A Single KissWhat Could Be The Harm In A Simple Kiss Cynthia Is About To Discover That It S Enough To Unleash Fierce Passion And That Miles Redmond Is Most Certainly Like No Other Lover In The World

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    Who would have thought that my first 5 star rating of the year would go to a HR book Come to think of it, I don t think I ve ever given 5 stars to any Historical Romance before A testament to how brilliant I found Like No Other Lovers to be and how I thoroughly enjoyed it It was absolutely hilarious, the characters were solid, their chemistry sparked Is this how Julie Anne Long normally writes Then I would soon horde her books She has this kind of flourish writing style It was overall beautiful even if at times the descriptions and everything can feel a bit too minute.I sympathized with Cynthia, our heroine, and I really liked Miles, the hero I finished this in one day flat It was that good and that much funny.

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    I absolutely adore Like No Other Lover, the second book in the Pennyroyal Green series There s a clever story filled with both humor and poignancy, a hero and heroine whose sexual chemistry is off the charts, and a beautiful, hard earned happily ever after. I honestly can t ask for .So, so good

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    It takes some pretty impressive writing to make me eventually like a character that I started out truly hating And, being this is the second book in a series where I wasn t exactly all that thrilled with the first heroine in the beginning, I wonder if this is a pattern.In this one, we have Cynthia, a girl who was the belle of the ball in London but then was dropped by everyone after causing a scandal You will hate her guts when you first meet her She is shallow, vain, catty, manipulative, and calculating She attaches dollar signs to every man she meets and molds her personality to suit the best ones She catches the attention of Miles, a bug scientist Yes, I know they have a name I just refuse to use it and encourage other little boys into getting into bug science for the fancy title.But, Miles overhears Cynthia talking smack about him and he realizes she s like a pretty bug that eats its mate.Apparently, Miles agrees with the headless praying mantis because he can t seem to stay away from this gold digger even though he knows precisely what she is He gets stuck with her at a house party and agrees to help her catch a husband, but he also can t help being drawn to her over and over again Kind of like a bug jumping into one of those bug zapper things The thing is, once you get to know Cynthia, and understand her situation, it is hard to fault her for her gold digging ways If she doesn t land a sugar daddy soon, she will end up being a servant Being a servant in those days included chamberpots Ew So, at some point, I was rooting for her to land a man Go on, honey You get yours Reality check.This book still had plenty of humor, like the last one There is a scene that involves a flying marble penis smacking someone in the head He deserved it But, it still didn t have quite as much hilarity as the first one The male hero in the first one was a lot fun I m looking forward to continuing on with the next book.

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    These people are idiots with all the empathy of particularly limp carrots And I can t, for the life of me, see why either would have anything to do with the other Okay, so she s hot and he s rich and handsome, but the book tells us Miles has his pick of hot people he can actually have sex with and she has had her pick of the best of society for years, apparently, so it s not like either has any reason to pay any particular attention to the other At half way in, they ve barely spoken beyond very calculating discussions on how Miles can help her with the inside scoop so she can scam any of the half dozen other men present into marrying her So they re both calculating jerks and we see zero charm or kindness or engagement from either one Even the kitten gift is just so much authorial intrusion with Miles acting on essentially intuition to provide a gift that s perfect only insofar as we re told it is It s like if I gave a work acquaintance a bobble head Thor because I heard she liked The Avengers and it turned out to be exactly the right thing and now we re in loooooove.Anyway, it s all lust with zero foundation and being told her situation is dire but neither lead acting like it except when we need to interrupt the wooing with boors and blowhards when I d much rather Long spent time showing me why Cynthia and Miles have any right to be panting after each other Because so far, I m torn between wanting Cynthia to blow that sick popsicle stand and find someone better maybe start looking under some rocks and not wanting Cynthia to ruin some nice guy s life by enticing him into marrying her just because she s desperate and doesn t want to be companion to a thoroughly unpleasant person we haven t even met, really.When the tension is between wanting them to find other people and wanting them to stop wasting time with the inept morons around them, well, it s time to cut my losses.

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    4 Solid Stars This was by far one of the funniest historicals I ve read in some time I did find myself suddenly laughing a few times throughout the book This was such a heartwarming story, yes it was a bit wordy and long winded at times, but it definitely makes for better insight into the characters At first I didn t care very much for Cynthia but as the story goes on I definitely begin to understand and feel for her Another great read by Long

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    The heroine was such a bitch Seriously I absolutely hated her with every fibre of my being She represented everything I hated in a heroine frivolous, stuck up, manipulative, opportunistic and shallow God, she was so mean I wanted to throw a chair at her Okay, I get it She was an orphan She came from poverty and was determined to better her position BUT SERIOUSLY WOULD IT KILL HER TO BE NICER HER THOUGHTS WERE DOWNRIGHT MEAN FOR PETE S SAKE AM I THE ONLY ONE BOTHERED BY THAT And oh it didn t help that Miles seemed to be too stupid to live Hell, man, you were supposed to be logical and wise, but how the hell did you keep on getting effed up by that calculating she devil Ugh This book was just awful I, for the life of me, can t think of why the writer would create such flat, uninspiring and frustrating characters Blech.

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    Just a lovely straight character driven love story no villains, murders to solve, lost heirs or heiresses to find or discover, no evil plots to foil, no useless brothers to support exactly what I want in a romance The entire story takes place over 2 weeks at a house party at the wealthy Redmonds country estate in Pennyroyal Green Both the hero and heroine want to be engaged at the end of the 2 weeks, basically for financial gain, but not to each other, because she is broke and he is not very wealthy apart from his family, but wants to finance a long scientific voyage to South America, so he needs money The story of how they come together, fall in love and decide no one else will do for them is beautifully written, well characterized, funny be prepared to laugh out loud if you read this book , poignant, and very sexy But usual problem with Julie Anne Long, anachronisms e.g the guests at an upper class house party in the 19th century would NEVER have eaten their breakfasts sitting around the kitchen table Plus others.

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    Have been meaning to read this one for a while, but was a little put off by how many reviewers dissed the heroine So I thought I might not like her either.The interesting thing was, I liked her a lot I could really identify with her actions after we were given some insight into her motives, and I felt it was interesting that so many female readers judged her, conveniently forgetting that women of the time really were powerless and had no way of making a life for themselves without using marriage as their means to achieve this And even then, it was not a life for themselves, but a life for their husband and family We need to be careful not to evaluate Regency women s choices using our modern perspective.It was with Miles that I had problems he seemed just as trapped, yet he chose to stay with it for far too long, concerned with fulfilling his father s expectations than making his own choices His judgemental and arrogant attitude to Cynthia was really annoying, and when Cynthia finally tells him she doesn t think the two of them are all that different I cheered somebody had to tell him So here s Mr Darcy when he was VERY young An interesting and even challenging story, and certainly one of the best by this author, who sometimes totally nails it for me, then other times misses the mark entirely I hated the final instalment of the Pennyroyal Green series Olivia deserved so much better than she got, but that s my opinion.

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    Tropes Opposites Attract, Forbidden Love, Enemies to Lovers Unpopular opinion Yes, but I m not certain I will much longer survive your presence, Mr Redmond I am, as ever, interested in self preservation Quick plot Cynthia Brightly, with a few pounds left to her name, has two weeks at a house party to snag a rich husband after a broken engagement Host, Miles Redmond, who has been attracted to Cynthia for some time, is the least likely choice as he is not only intended for another but sees straight through Cynthia s scheming ways Despite his dislike of her opportunistic ways, he can t resist the attraction I don t fault Cynthia Brightly s desire to look after herself and the need for it to happen quickly, as she has good reasons for it Men of the ton marry for money all the time, why can t she But here s the thing she doesn t have to be a complete b tc about it I found her unkind, catty, gossipy, a little cruel the drinking game anyone and shallow Miles was a real stick in the mud, who not only seem to love the sound of his own voice, but who quite honestly is also very shallow And I hate it when men blame women for their attraction.So it s really hard to like a book when you can t really like or respect the two main characters.Julie Ann Long can definitely write, parts are funny, there are some really sweet moments scattered about, but I never warmed up to the characters or their struggle At the end I pretty much felt they deserved each other and not necessarily in a good way 2.5 stars.

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    3.5 stars I liked Miles from the start, with his serious, brainy, honourable nature, and his glasses LOL I also liked Cynthia, although she was a little unpredictable, and in fact I didn t really like some of her actions when she was still mixing in society, before the scandal I understand her enjoyment of the wonderful freedom she was suddenly experiencing, but all the same, she was a little careless and irresponsible at times IMO The book mostly took place at a house party where Miles was the host, and Cynthia was one of the guests The chemistry between them was HOT Their encounters were very enjoyable, both the banter and the kisses But they both believed that a match between them was not going to happen Miles was expected to soon become engaged to someone else already, and also, as the heir to the Redmonds with Lyon s disappearance he had to marry a suitable person And Cynthia just wasn t suitable A nobody, with no family or dowry, and with a big scandal following closely behind her As for Cynthia, she was in dire straits She had no money left, no family, and, once the house party was over, nowhere to go except into employment And even her future job wasn t yet guaranteed So she felt she HAD to find a husband amongst the eligible men at the party But, it seems, much as she liked Miles, he was out of contention.They struggled to fight their deep attraction to each other Yes, there was lust, but it wasn t just that They liked each other as people They really saw each other And I liked all of that interesting tension in the story.But, sadly, after a while it started to get a little tedious You knew they would end up together, and the angst as they fought their attraction just got a little old I found myself thinking, yeah, c mon already Let s cut to the chase So, I did like this book Ms Long did a fine job of creating her characters and showing the deep connection between her MCs Some of the secondary characters were quite sympathetic too But during the middle section of the book, I did get a little bored, and felt as if something was missing from the book There was the bit with the gypsies, but that didn t interest me much, really And the bit where Violet view spoiler tried to run off with gypsies hide spoiler

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