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Heart on the Line pdf Heart on the Line, ebook Heart on the Line, epub Heart on the Line, doc Heart on the Line, e-pub Heart on the Line, Heart on the Line a61d1cec5f2 Grace Mallory Is Tired Of Running, Of Hiding But When An Old Friend Sends An After Hours Telegraph Transmission Warning Grace That The Man Who Has Hunted Her For Nearly A Year Has Discovered Her Location, She Fears She Has No Choice She Can T Let The Villain She Believes Responsible For Her Father S Death Release His Wrath In Harper S Station, The Town That Has Sheltered Her And Blessed Her With The Dearest Friends She S Ever Known Amos Bledsoe Prefers Bicycles To Horses And Private Conversations Over The Telegraph Wire To Social Gatherings With Young Ladies Who See Him As Nothing Than An Oddity His Telegraph Companion, The Mysterious Miss G, Listens Eagerly To His Ramblings Every Night And Delights Him With Tales All Her Own For Months, Their Friendship Dare He Believe, Courtship Has Fed His Hope That He Has Finally Found The Woman God Intended For Him Yet When He Takes The Next Step To Meet Her In Person, He Discovers Her Life Is In Peril, And Amos Must Decide If He Can Shed The Cocoon Of His Quiet Nature To Become The Hero Grace Requires

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    What can I say, Karen Witemeyer is the Queen of Christian Western Fiction

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    Online dating meets 1890s Texas in this charming, spiritually deep, laugh out loud funny romance I loved Amos and the telegraphy Nerdy, atypical heroes are among my very favorites, and I was rooting for this guy from page one The scenes with the mule and the grannies had me snorting with laughter, and I loved Grace s unique interrogation of Amos when he first arrived in Harper s Station.HoweverI didn t like how all of this story s nerdy, quirky charm faded into an OK Corral style shootout in the end I was hoping the bicycle riding, bespectacled hero would find an equally nerdy way to combat the villain, but instead it was guns and shooting and ducking for cover Granted, Amos didn t know what he was doing, which made for a couple cute moments, but overall, this book left me wishing for a bit outsmarting and a bit less out gunning.

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    What a fun story I loved how these characters aren t your average sort of stars None of them are drop dead gorgeous or too strong for their own good They deal with limitations and insecurities and learn to cast all of those on God It s an enjoyable story with a good Christian message Grace doesn t think herself particularly pretty, and Amos feels himself as a failure in the romance department And then there s Helen, an endearing side character whose father s abuse turned her into a fierce man hater I loved how all of them had to go beyond what they thought they could in order to get to the ending This has got to be one of my favorite sorts of romances Able or not, being willing to do and dare for each other is a delight to read about

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    Heart on the Line is perfection for Western loving romance readers Two sweet romances combined in one heart pounding mystery with a touch of suspense, and a hunky dose of cowboy A thoroughly engaging, unputtdownable read.Grace is on the run after her father is shot down in front of her She thinks she s safe in Harper s Ferry, but then she gets a telegram one night, and everything changes Amos was on the line line with her, and is ready to see if she s the woman she seems to be when the telegram comes through and everything moves forward There s a secondary romance that is equally sweet because of the amount of pain and risk Helen has to accept to be able to let go and trust this new man If anyone has a reason to hate men, it s her The mystery escalates to suspense and just when you think the story s on a smooth course, there s one twist Loved it

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    Full review now posted I do believe that Karen Witemeyer is my favorite author in the Christian historical fiction genre She has this balance of faith and humor that I just love While I ve enjoyed all of her books, I think the Ladies of Harper s Station series is my favorite of her work The idea of a town made up entirely of women, and run by those women is an interesting concept, especially in the Wild West era of American history Harper s Station is a safe haven for all of womankind, whether they re on the run or looking for a fresh start or are simply uncomfortable around men Of course, Witemeyer is a romance author, so of course the town doesn t stay completely free of men But the men that insinuate themselves into Harper s Station are good men, morally upright and dependent on God The community accepts them based on these attributes, and they than pull their weight while still giving the women plenty of room to lead their own lives and run the town as they see fit.This is the story of Grace Mallory, a telegraph operator on the run She finds a home and a family in Harper s Station, but trouble has tracked her down Amos Bledsoe, another telegraph operator, has fallen in love with Grace over the line, where they can chat after business hours Amos overhears an urgent message for Grace, telling her that her pursuers have located her and are coming for her He makes a spur of the moment decision to come to Grace s aid and to meet her in person This book had much to offer It was encouraging and uplifting regarding faith The Christian element in this book wasn t just something tacked on to story so that it fit into the genre The faith in this book was real, something that was struggled with and leaned upon when times are tough It permeated every aspect of life to these characters, which I appreciated The book was also full of mystery and intrigue Though the plot twists weren t surprising, they were always fun to read And as with all of Witemeyer s stories, it was really funny, especially when it came to etiquette Breaches of etiquette in stories set in this time period can be hilarious, and Witemeyer has just the right amount of tongue in cheek humor with these lapses.Was the book predictable Yes Was it sparkling with originality No Was the prose rich and cerebral and deep Nope But it was sweet and fun and made me laugh It encouraged me in my faith and made me sigh at the sweetness of the love found within the pages This book was exactly what I needed when I picked it up, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys this genre For of my reviews, as well as my own fiction and thoughts on life, check out my blog, Celestial Musings.

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    Grace Mallory is hiding out in Harper s Station Texas after her father was killed in Denver Colorado due to proof he had regarding the true heir to a large silver mine Grace is the telegrapher in Harper s Station which is an unusual job for a female during the 1890 s She has become friends with Amos Bledsoe, another Texas telegrapher Amos is not the tall, dark, and handsome fellow that most girls dream about but he has inner character and dedication that make him shine When he hears over the line that Grace has been discovered by the man she s been hiding from who killed her father, he rides to her rescue not on the newfangled bike he loves so much but rather the train.Witemeyer s books are always filled with sweet romance, suspense, laughter and faith and this one doesn t disappoint I didn t realize that this was the last book in the series, but I did not have any problem with the storyline or characters The author carefully crafted a small town filled with wonderful characters, especially lots of strong, independent women the town was founded by a women for women I loved the fact that Grace having developed a friendship with Amos before she ever met him could look past the external and see Amos wonderful caring, dedication, and character Their slow developing romance based on friendship was a nice change from instant love in some books The side romance between Helen who thought she hated all men and Lee was cute I don t know if there is another book planned in this series, but I would love to find out what happens between Helen and Lee.

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    It was a pleasure to revisit Harper s Station and my favorite characters there, as well as getting to know some new ones I loved the instant messenger way that Grace and Amos are able to connect even though they live miles apart They are so sweet together Grace brings out protective instincts in Amos and he wants to show her that he can take care of her Grace appreciates his friendship and reassuring presence, but is used to taking care of things on her own There s an interesting conflict in Amos he is accepting of who he is, but is very aware that he s not the strong manly man that ladies find attractive So there s a dynamic of confidence and vulnerability that Amos finds at odds within himself repeatedly Grace senses that in him and is thoughtful in the way she interacts with him The addition of a tall and handsome Pinkerton agent on the scene complicates the situation as Grace must decide if he s trustworthy with critical evidence I enjoyed the scenes from Helen s point of view, another woman living on the outskirts of the settlement who rescues a wounded man and nurses him back to health, despite her complete fear and mistrust of men I really hope there will be a novella written with about her and Lee The mystery and romance was entertaining and the climax at the end kept me swiftly turning pages until the conclusion I received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions in this review are my own

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    Heart on the Linebecause who doesn t like a good romance This was so sweet, full of laughs, and yet many sobering moments I was hooked on the first page The mystery is intriguing and there are elements of suspense all the way until the end.Amos was a fantastic hero because he wasn t the cliche hero Gotta love the spectacles Oh, and the bicycle too The interactions of all the characters was so wonderful Helen s struggle was amazing, and I loved how things turned out with her Especially with a certain somebody The romance moved at a good pace Content wise there were a couple semi detailed kisses, and because of that I would be hesitant to give to young teens I loved how Grace fought against evil by quoting Scripture That was so real and amazing to me, because the Bible commands us to use His Word as a sword I wouldn t say the spiritual content was heavy, but it was very applicable and deep.I love this authors writing style and intriguing story lines It s wonderful to pick up a book and know you re going to enjoy it when you read the first page I received this from Bethany House publishers in exchange for an honest review

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    With an unlikely hero, a soft wit and a dime novel penchant for danger, Heart on the Line is a warm and funny and brilliant executed homage to the wild west Witemeyer s research into the telegraph trade as well as the You ve Got Mail like romance developing between two operators is adorable.However, the strongest is Witemeyer s winking nod to the imbalance of this genre s favour of alpha heroes and her turning it on its ear with a very self aware narrative I love authors who can winkingly make fun of themselves and Witemeyer seems to do this fondly with a smart beta in recompense for the many, many typical alpha males before Loved it.

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    Tired of the same old, same old stories You know the ones I mean, where the hero is the tallest, strongest, most handsome man in town, and the heroine is beautiful than anyone else For a refreshing change of pace, Karen Witemeyer gives us a hero whose brains are important than his brawn and a heroine who s painfully shy unless she s tapping out Morse code on the telegraph And, as if that weren t enough, there s a secondary romance and a bit of a mystery If you re looking for an enjoyable story, you won t want to miss this next entry in the Harper s Station series.

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