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  • Paperback
  • 194 pages
  • Shakespeare's Trollop
  • Charlaine Harris
  • English
  • 10 April 2019
  • 9780425196991

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    This is the fourth book in the Lily Bard series and while I really enjoyed the first two books, at this point I think the series is starting to run its course Lily is such a tough and strong female character but unfortunately her cattiness and victim blaming was on display much in this book than her positive attributes Lily cleans houses and businesses for a living and she is shocked when she discovers the dead body of one of her clients It s pretty clear to Lily when she finds Deedra in a parked car in the woods, she was murdered Who killed Deedra and why Deedra liked sleeping with men and it s something she did quite often This book was first published almost 20 years ago and that is something I had to keep reminding myself while reading Maybe this story would have been written differently by the author if it came out today It is so weird because it seems like the author was aware of the fact just because a woman sleeps around, it doesn t mean she deserves to die but yet there still seemed to be a lot of victim blaming going on throughout the story Between that and the cattiness of Lily, I just didn t enjoy this book as much as others in the series.

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    But it was not her weakness that had caused her death it was one of her strengths that had killed her Many readers have been turned off by the disparaging inner thoughts from the main character, Lily, about victim s lifestyles and slut shaming I ve seen from reviews that some wouldn t even continue the series Now, I wouldn t stop the series over something such as that since I know many books start with a character that needs to grow into realization and knowledge This book highlights the annoyances so many hold about Lily, not apologizing and actually enhancing the prejudice.Shakespeare s trollop is even named after the town trollop that Lily mentally disses in each book I m not a fan of slut shaming either, but Harris did make it clear the victim has always been ridiculous undiscriminating with who she sleeps with, how often, the toys, the tapes There may be a light at the end of the tunnel, however, as Lily closes her eyes on the last page, thinking deeper about Deedra and her life.There was a scene that especially irked me Lily felt violated and angry about Deedra s death eventually, and in one scene was angry while using her anger against the punching bag She was trying to reassure herself by saying, She was nothing, She was nothing, while punching That s a low blow Deedra may have been slutty by Lily s terms, but a nothing because of that For shame, Lily For shame, Harris.There s not a high mystery this time around either Lily ponders here and there but does not do actual snooping Things just kind of fall into place as she encounters a situation after another There is a development with Jack, of course, that s big for Lily I m not feeling realism in their relationship or spark from him Claude and Carrie are sweet and that development was quick The villains turned out very surprising, as the person s been around for awhile and this kind of came out of nowhere That said, it wasn t unrealistic because of that.but it was impossible for a mystery reader to ever guess It was of a thriller suspense book shock ending, not a reasonable conclusion a detective could solve until one of the last page clues.

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    I keep reading the series as there is just something about Lily that I like and the way Harris writes characters makes her books so appealing and hard to put down.It is just that the way the people in this town treat anyone who is different and the way they treat women is really quite awful and gives me that love hate feeling about the series I will finish the last book soon and hope for a bright and shiny ending to Lily s tale

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    I was so wrong and glad I revisted this book Thanks for all the commentators who gently advised me to ride the book out A full review soon I am giving this another chance but commentators to my review has said that the comment that bothered me is actually examined further on in the book Plus I miss Harris at her best.Origianl thoughts I am not going to rate this because I am only maybe 30 minutes in to listening to this audio But I can t finish it given the comments by the main protaganist indicating that a murdered woman put herself in line for this happening because she was promiscuous.

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    I ve discovered that one of the things I like about all of Charlaine Harris series is that the characters change, and grow.When we first meet Lily Bard in the first book of the series she is an almost totally isolated victim of a horrific crime But almost without her noticing it some things have changed She is no longer running from town to town trying to be invisible She has created a cleaning business from scratch, even though she calls herself a maid and even though she only has one employee , herself She has put down roots and bought a house She has joined a gym and is making herself someone who is no longer a victim by learning how to protect herself with karate and weight lifting.In that book she also begins to make some real friends and also begins to date.By book four, she has become part of the life of her town And she isn t invisible any Her life has become entangled in the lives of the other town members This time the body belongs to one of the people she cleans for And she spends the entire book being entangled with the County Sheriff and the mystery of who Deedra Dean really is really going on with Deedra s extended family.Her personal life also changes as her friendships entangle her with life and as her love for Jack intensifies.

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    Alas poor Deedra, we knew her well This fourth book in the Lily Bard series is Deedra s story in the worst way, as Lily finds her dead and violated in her car at the beginning of the story Since fans of the series know Deedra, town slut and one of Lily s employers, from the first three books it has an extra poignancy and the depth it adds to the mystery is another reason why I think this series is Charlaine Harris at her best Lily Bard is a rape survivor with PTSD, making her way in a small southern town, cleaning houses and building up her fighting skills so that she will never, ever be victimized again Lily has complicated feelings towards Deedra and knowing full well that you don t blame the victim for the crime she looks further into a case that pretty much everyone assumes is just the outcome of Deedra s promiscuous ways The investigation takes her through the complex web of small town relationships, and I found it entirely satisfying I love this series and I love the way it is read, with a world weary doggedness that encapsulates Lily s approach to life.

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    I just finished this audiobook I ve followed some of Charlaine Harris s works in the past and thought I d give her another try This is an entirely different genre than what I ve read before There is no paranormal activity at all.Lily Bard has the misfortune to discover the naked body of Shakespeare s trollop, Deedra Dean, in her car in the woods As the new sheriff, Marta Schuster investigates the list of possible suspects which seems unbelievable Given Deedra s promiscuity, and includes her own brother, Marlon, lately close to Deedra Lily s cleaning job leads her to talk to many Shakespeare residents, and she begins to wonder if the staging of the body to look like a sexual crime In this version, Jack and Lily s relationship progresses enough for her to declare her love Lily s decides she wants to stay in Shakespeare, she likes having friends and a steady relationship, she is stronger and sees herself less a victim Harris has created a very likable heroine with standards and principles, wisdom and thoughtfulness The plot had enough twists to keep the reader engrossed, and the dialogue is realistic and often humorous Recommend if you like this type of reading I once again didn t get a 1 The libraries rarely have them.

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    This is 4 in the series and it was a good mystery and good fun I can always read these in a day or two and it s nice to put away a shorter novel or cozy between longer works Lily is growing and changing, and I m not sure I m on board with her future plans right now But she s still a hard worker and that pays off in this outing She s also clever and easy for me to root for Not sure how many are left in the series, but I intend to read them If you also want to try them, be sure to go in order.

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    I hated this book This series hasn t been a great series Interesting enough to keep reading, and I did because I don t like to start series and not finish themThis one infuriated me.Charlaine Harris is a survivor of rape The lead character, Lily Bard, is a survivor of a brutal gang rape and stabbing Yet, this character, in this book, engaged in so much much slut shaming and victim blaming view spoiler I felt like it was out of character and it disgusted me There had been a mention in one of the previous books that a certain character should be cautious of who and how many she slept with to avoid STDs and bringing the wrong person home I don t recall seeing another mention of anything like that, and then this book is so damn full of it Of all the people in the world, I would be the last one to blame the victim for the crime But it was simply undeniable that Deedra had thrown herself into the victim pool with vigor, even eagerness That is an actual quote from the book The further it goes on Deedra is called a whore She is said to be loose as if it were a joke , there is talk of her slutty clothing It is mentioned that no one would be surprised if she were found dead, naked, and violated And it just went on and on Saying how promiscuous she was That she made herself vulnerable because liked porn, sex, toys, and sex with multiple men Even though it was alluded that she did use protection.I just couldn t grasp it.This book was shameful and should have been left out of the series There was no value to any of the points made in the book hide spoiler

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    Although I actually correctly predicted who the killer was this time, which is unusual for this series of books as it s usually fairly well hidden, I could not have foreseen why she was killed or the other circumstances which led to her death There were certainly many other events which took me by surprise in this one too.I am enjoying this series tremendously I love Lily Bard and the way her character is developing through the series I like Jack and he is obviously the right person for Lily, however, it would also have worked for me if she d stayed with Marshall, the hot karate sensei Now reading the final book of the series, after reading them all one after another, I feel sad it is the last It s been good to read one after another as the stories link smoothly to one another There is enough character development and variety in plot to give each book individuality and keep the storylines fresh, yet the subtle references to previous events ensure that each book can be read in isolation while not missing key information and that readers going through the series one book after the other, as I am, do not have to plough through the same recap of events each time.How will the series end I m excited to find out

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Shakespeare's Trollopcharacters Shakespeare's Trollop, audiobook Shakespeare's Trollop, files book Shakespeare's Trollop, today Shakespeare's Trollop, Shakespeare's Trollop 66f7b Welcome Back To Shakespeare A Charming Arkansas Town With Endless Back Roads, An Eclectic Mix Of Residents, And A Dollop Of Noir Featuring Cleaning Woman Karate Expert Lily Bard, Charlaine Harris S Series Puts A Unique Spin On The Traditional Cozy To Create Mysteries That Work On Every Level In The Latest Installment, Lily Discovers Lifelong Shakespeare Resident Deedra Dean Murdered Inside A Car Parked In A Woodsy Area Outside Town Determined Not To Get Involved, Lily Wants To Leave The Police Work To Sheriff Marta Schuster And Her Team Of Deputies, And Concentrate On Cleaning, High Kicks, And Her Boyfriend Jack S Impending Visit But When Deedra S Notoriously Promiscuous Lifestyle Provides An Extensive List Of Suspects But Very Few Clues, Lily Has No Choice But To Resume The Roll Of Amateur Detective And Join The InvestigationIn This Fourth Book In Charlaine Harris S Highly Acclaimed And Darkly Compelling Series, Lily Bard Delivers A Hard Hitting Mix Of Southern Charm And Street Smarts, A Combination So Alluring That Long Time Readers And Newcomers Will Be Dying To Visit Shakespeare Again

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Charlaine Harris has been a published novelist for over thirty five years A native of the Mississippi Delta, she grew up in the middle of a cotton field Charlaine lives in Texas now, and all of her children and grandchildren are within easy driving distance.Though her early output consisted largely of ghost stories, by the time she hit college Rhodes, in Memphis Charlaine was writing poetry an