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    I downloaded this book for free online in February of 2007 and bought the paperback Barnes Noble reprint in September of 2007.This book has changed my life It has inspired ideas and plans in me that I never thought existed It changed the way I saw the world, and actually worked to draw me nearer to my dreams as a result of the way the world works I recommend everyone who is inspired to do in their lives to read this, as it is a life changing book.

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    There were some good principles discussed in this book, the most important of which is that each of us has a moral obligation to strive to fulfill our own potential However, I don t agree with the primary premise of the book, that getting rich is synonymous with fulfilling our potential Unfortunately, for ever good principle or truth discussed in the book, it seemed like there were ten times as many falsehoods and fallacies And in the end, the book didn t live up to its title It provided no real process for getting rich, did not discuss many core principles of creating wealth, and certainly didn t have a shred of scientific basis for anything it said Honestly, I would have to describe the book as morally repugnant maybe that is a little harsh

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    Although there were many very good insights and some great advise, this book fails due to 2 major issues First, it takes a brainwashing approach, advising readers NOT to read or explore anything that may possibly contradict the book s message If this is science as it claims to be, then it should hold up against anything Truth is truth I disagree with anything that advises not to test and explore And secondly, the idea that the rich can help the poor by being an inspiration to them for what they can be, advising against giving and benevolence is completely ridiculous.

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    This book didn t actually say anything Instead it just talked in broad generalities and asked that readers adopt and believe a very strange creed There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imagined by the thought.A person can form things in this thought, and by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.

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    We need to overcome our fears of self doubt reflected in the degree of fear and misunderstanding of wealth Money is not the problem, for there are many with it who do great things for others The problem comes in loving it above all else But what the misinformed don t understand yes, you who see the rich as evil for obtaining their riches is that we all desire great riches Who doesn t Who doesn t want absolute freedom to do as one sees fit and in doing so maximize our potential, skills, desires, even the desire to reach out to aid others with our great riches, ala Bill Gates in his billions to the needy Don t like the rich and what they re doing with their money A great giver, you are Then forget what you cannot control the evil rich and receive your God given right to wealth and abundance obtain your own riches and come to the aid of yourself, your family, your country, your world in betterment and FEEL the LOVE Set your legacy to EARN, pass on not only your riches but a richness of understanding to you and yours and theirs and theirs and theirs A must read for all humans This is the main thrust of the book It sets you right on the course of how to specifically obtain wealth There is a little bit of spirituality involved, and if God offends, you may want to look elsewhere for inspiration However, keep in mind that the current wealth gurus T Harv Ecker, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, and others speak to the issue of mental attitude and clearing oneself of the negative and unbelieving It s actually the spiritual or, if you will, religious taken to market I call it the sectarian law of attraction In order to get into the proper mindset, according to Wattles, you have to believe what you want is possible, clear your mind of all disbelief and doubt, and work toward helping others with a mind of cooperation Wattles calls it the creative as apposed to the competitive What s good about the book is that it s not just all theory And even though it was written a long time ago 1910 , its format is inline with that of current gurus who advocate simplicity, directness, cumulative points review at end of each chapter, and exercises or the need for the reader to do not merely sit back and read Other than the fact that there are a few suggestions that the author makes that I don t agree with, for the majority, the book works on all levels If you re looking to get rich for all the right reasons, then this is the book for you.

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    I didn t find anything useful here A lot of generalities and abstracts.

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    This is an interesting book for Christians I would not recommend this book for young Christians in the faith, but for those who already have solid biblical principles because the book could be misconstrued if read in search for quick miraculous wealth The text is to be read in its entirety, just like the truth, it is to be taken in its entirety otherwise it becomes a lie of omission The author is trying to make a point that aside for the few incorrect doctrinal points in order to enjoy the blessings of a wealthy life one must follow 3 simple principles 1 Get a vision, and focus on it by eliminating all distractions and negativity which will only fog the vision.2 Stick with the plan even if the circumstances dictate the opposite3 Have an attitude of gratitude Thank God always this vision He gave you will become reality His point is that God created us all unique and with equal opportunities to enjoy His blessings which include wealthiness, but that many think of it the wrong way If making money is the objective of life that is the wrong objective just as it is wrong to strive to get rich for the wrong reasons Becoming wealthy is not about overpowering others in thought or in means, but having the attitude that What I want for myself, I want for everybody.As for opportunities chapter 13 is the best DO WHAT YOU WERE CREATED TO DO That is your power you will never succeed by doing something you don t like or that you were not meant to do Only do such work other work as a mean to get to what you want to do Lastly, I liked the fact that this book did not have a list of jobs that you can do, but simply invites the reader to discover itself and their aptitudes and gift in order to create their riches, not to compete with someone else s dream.Even though this book was written over 100 years ago it is a book with principles that can be applied today because it is not about getting into one facet of the job market that one can use to become wealthy, but about finding out our individual journey first, helping and wanting good things for others and achieving the blessings that come from the discovery of oneself as God made them.

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    Sometimes when you happen to read in just 100 pages all about the subject as important as Getting Rich, you feel like is that all The simple answer is Yes The complicated answer is, yes but you need to know that this book does not list cheap little tricks to get rich This book does not teach you how to corner others wealth by trading well in stock or speculating in commodities It tells you precisely how to CREAT wealth.Abundance, there is enough to go around for everyone, is the basis of this book Once you believe in abundance, creativity will transform the abundance into wealth Competition will never lead to riches Poverty has somehow been praised as simple, pure and natural Somehow, Money generally relates to being greedy The cosmos, the nature is Rich and abundant Every man deserves to be Rich and certainly afford what he thinks he should The body, mind and soul all need things The possibility of having these things is easier if we have the means to get them The Money The right to be Rich is natural There exists a definite way, Science, to get Rich There are Poor and Rich in the same city, doing same business and most of the time equally talented There are Rich people who are stupid and also Poor who are intelligent Similarly there are misers who are poor and lavish spenders who are Rich So what makes someone Rich or Poor People who get and remain Rich do things in a certain way Thoughts become things The unknown formless substance which fills the interspaces of the universe has the potential to make available things abundantly for the one who is creative, and not competitive We all want things and there is exists this formless substance at the command of our thought Thus the first step towards becoming rich is to acquire the ability to think the way you want to think Easiest way to achieve this ability is to think about the Truth And the Truth is abundance Universe is constantly expanding Growth is natural CREAT Don t compete for that is already created You shall get what you want in such a way that when you get it, every other person should have than what he has now And that s Growth Contradiction If being Rich meant I having than others, am not going against my wish by making others have No, if you give every person you trade with, in USE VALUE than you take from him In CASH VALUE Is that all NO, this is just the beginning There a few steps The first being Gratitude Be Grateful Being Grateful brings you MORE A grateful soul stays closer to the Universal Mind The God the source of all creativity and receives unlimited supply of Creativity The creative thoughts thus work on the formless substance and get you of what you want Being Creative or getting Rich is not about just having a general desire for wealth Everyone has it You must form a definite and clear mental picture of what you want You cannot send a short message with the words not in order, expecting the receiver to organize, read and make sense out of it The message the Thought needs to be very clear to the formless substance to understand and take form Spend as much of your leisure time you can in contemplating your Picture Then go work hard on it during your working hours Thought brings to you what you wanted, you need to still receive it by your Actions Human race has not yet reached the stage of evolution where a person can convert directly from the formless substance without the Work of human hands or natural processes Hence it is important that we Work to receive Do every day all that can be done that day That s efficiency Don t hurry That s competition There is never any hurry on the creative plane and there is no lack of opportunity abundance Do what you can do in a perfect manner, every day When in doubt, wait, fall back, increase the faith and purpose and then move ahead Beware of the easy desire of a half formed mind to dominate Beware of the Competitive mind A wonderful book Submit yourself to this book with honesty and you cannot help but get Rich.

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    Every chapter of the book quite contradicts the title The term Science in the title is misleading The book begins with the author asking readers to accept everything that is given without questioning followed by the warning that not having strong belief in author s strategies, will not yield you any results This is the kind of science he is broadcasting to his hapless readers, who are duped in to buying this book based on two fraudulent terms used in the title science and getting Rich He also warns the readers not to explore the subject from other sources He continues to write that acting in Certain Way will make you rich without explaining what that is All chapters contain the repeating phrases which in a nutshell ask you to concentrate on things which you want and they will come to you Nothing else.

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    I wish I could write some fallacious bullshit and get it published Wallace Wattles needs to look up the word science for a start This is as full of magic as The Secret So, if you like to pretend the world is full of fairies, this is the nonsense for you.

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