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Pirates of the Asteroids files Pirates of the Asteroids, read online Pirates of the Asteroids, free Pirates of the Asteroids, free Pirates of the Asteroids, Pirates of the Asteroids 2ba655f66 Twenty Five Years Before, Lucky Starr S Parents Had Been Destroyed During A Pirate Raid On The Terrestrial Empire Now Lucky Was A Man, And An Officer Of The Council Of Science His Ship Was Heavily Armed, The Pirates Were At Hand, The Time For Sweet Blaster Vengeance Was Near

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    Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids Lucky Starr, 2 , Isaac Asimov Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids is the second novel in the Lucky Starr series, six juvenile science fiction novels by Isaac Asimov that originally appeared under the pseudonym Paul French 1994 1372 205 20 .

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    The world of Isaac Asimov s Lucky Starr is a young science geek s wildest dream come true Imagine a thousand years from now, the solar system s secret agents and protectors of the weak arescientists Who don t mind showing off what they know Dr Asimov often lamented the pernicious and ever growing current of anti intellectualism in American society Was his series of young adult Lucky Starr novels merely the public expression of an escapist fantasy universe, or did he intend to win young, intelligent minds to scientific inquiry by showing just how cool science could be Flush with victory against a criminal cabal on Mars, Lucky Starr next takes on the ruthless pirates of the asteroid belt, with nearly fatal consequences To me, this story is by far the weakest of the Lucky Starr series The hero takes too many unnecessary, not to mention stupid, risks, and worms his way out of deadly situations too implausibly These flaws are mitigated, however, by the harrowing dash across the Solar System almost through the Sun at the end.

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    One of the series Asimov wrote back in the fifties under the name Paul French Intended for the young adult market and during the Cold War, both the politics and the science they were based on knowledge of the planets at the time are a bit dated Still a fun read.

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    The Lucky Starr books were Isaac Asimov s first attempt to write juvenile fiction They are quite competently written they are by Asimov after all but nothing really stands out in them.Lucky and his sidekick, Bigman Jones are the two main characters, and they are not very memorable Not bad, just well, average.Frankly, if I wanted my children to reads juveniles sf, I would give him or her Andre Norton or Robert Heinlein Both of those writers are better for juveniles.Asimov is a superb write but I feel his Robot stories especially Caves of Steel and his short stories are much worth your time than the Lucky Starr series.Acceptable, routine adventure for juvenile readers aged 9 on up.

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    Good book, honestly I could see this book working as a movie today The Blow gun space battle would be downright awesome Space pirates What needs to be said.

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    I LOVED this book I wish I could find the rest of this series

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    A Quickie ReviewThis second entry in the Lucky Starr series by Paul French actually, Isaac Asimov feels like an abridged version of previously published novel Though the story is good, it s a bit rushed, and it seemed like some of the plot threads could have been expanded upon a bit I have little doubt that Asimov fanatics will adore this for those of us who are casual fans of the Grandmaster, you might want to wait until you ve read all his other works before reading this one.Content Concerns Some sci fi action and peril.Score 3 5

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    Technically not the best, but it was the first sci fi, err..speculative fiction that I ever read It opened the door for me.

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    One year after David Starr s adventure on Mars where he encountered a benevolent race of energy beings living in isolation below the planet s surface while investigating a food poisoning scare Starr sets off to eliminate a growing pirate threat originating from our solar system s asteroid belt.David Lucky Starr, a junior member of the Council of Science, proposes that an expendable, unmanned vessel, the Atlas, be sent to the asteroid belt with the intention of allowing the pirates to capture it and tow it back to their base where explosives rigged in certain sections of the ship would detonate.Starr s mentors, Doctors Conway and Henree, endorse the plan but are shocked when they learn from Starr s sidekick, the diminutive but capable Bigman, that Starr had decided to board the Atlas in order to infiltrate the pirates.As planned, the ship is captured by a pirate vessel, commanded by one Captain Anton, who suspects that Starr, traveling under the alias Bill Williams, is a government man After narrowly winning a duel to the death with Anton s first officer, a surly and stout pirate named Dingo, Starr is dropped off on a large asteroid, where he encounters a hermit named Hansen, who claims to help the pirates on occasion in exchange for his safety as long as he remains on the asteroid.However, Hansen recognizes David Starr as the son of the late scientist Larry Starr Further, Hansen has a small vessel that can take them off the asteroid and he pleads with Starr to help put him contact with the Council of Science base on Ceres.Once there, Hansen is not at all forthcoming with information about the pirates and he claims to have forgotten the coordinates of the asteroid he calls home However, Starr had taken notes on the way from Hansen s asteroid and decides to return in his own vessel, the Shooting Star along with Bigman Eventually, they locate the asteroid, but Starr quickly finds himself ensnared in a trap set by the pirates led by Dingo They capture him and take him below the surface, where Starr observes a manufacturing plant and main base of pirate activity.Will Lucky Starr escape the asteroid alive and make it back to the Shooting Star Even if he does, will he and the Council of Science be able to stop a raid on Ceres by a fleet of pirate ships bent on recapturing Hansen What s , how will the Council of Science eliminate the pirate threat from the asteroid belt once and for all Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids is the second volume in a six book series As with David Starr, Space Ranger, the story is an easy, fast paced read This time around, the plot twist was predictable, but that did not diminish the enjoyment of a vigorous, rip roaring adventure.

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    This review may contain spoilers.Again, though I have read and enjoyed this book before, I liked being able to read it again even though I remembered who the real bad guy was before I started reading it again.I have to say, I was really surprised to see that Lucky got away with as much as he did I felt I would have liked to see him face some consequences of his actions at least from his superiors While there were certain times he did need to act on his own, I felt he didn t act with a whole lot of maturity, even though I did like his character and seeing his friendship with Bigman, along with his relationship with his uncles I was left with some confusion about exactly how many people were involved in the Council of Science.I especially liked seeing Bigman s loyalty to Lucky, although I felt that he seemed to only have a couple of characteristics that were exaggerated, rather than having the opportunity to get to know him a bit in depth.I liked the fact that I saw a bit emotion from Lucky in this book, though I did feel that he was a bit too good to be true at times I did like seeing him using his mind and it was good to see he didn t just trust his safety to his mask all the time I could really understand his reasoning behind not becoming reliant on it.It was interesting to see Lucky try to infiltrate the pirates and I did like seeing of the world in general, as well as learning about things such as the pushguns It was nice to see that Lucky wasn t perfect in everything and that he had to use his brain to survive.There were some good elements of tension, but not as much as I would have liked even though it was good to see things like the surface of the sun I felt there was too much talking and I didn t really get to see much of Lucky s thought processes as he worked out what was really going on I felt that Bigman saw action than Lucky did even though Lucky did get into a couple of fights.I did, however, enjoy reading this book and I have the next four books in this series I definitely intend to read them and see of Lucky and Bigman and their adventures.

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