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Revealed quotes Revealed, litcharts Revealed, symbolism Revealed, summary shmoop Revealed, Revealed f6606379 From The Acclaimed Author Of Compromised Comes A Tale Of Love And War Among The TonPhillippa Benning Is The Unrivaled Beauty Of The Season But When Another Lady Challenges Her For A Marquis S Attentions, Phillippa Entices Him To A Secret Rendezvous Only To Stumble Upon The Blue Raven, England S Most Famous Spy, Lurking At The Site Of Her Planned TrystThe Blue Raven Has Uncovered An Enemy Plot Directed At Upcoming Society Functions, But He S Unable To Infiltrate London Society Phillippa Makes An Offer In Exchange For Entr Among The Ton, He Agrees To Have His True Identity Revealed At The Benning Ball Guaranteeing Her Unrivaled Notoriety As The Danger Draws Closer, The Mysterious Spy And Phillippa Give In To Mutual Desire But When The Game Turns Deadly, Betrayal Waits Around The Corner, And Phillippa Must Decide Once And For All Is It The Myth That Captured Her Heart, Or The Man

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    Nothing exhausts me faster than a Regency spy plot but after so many glowing reviews of this book, I decided to just hold my nose and hope for the best And I m so glad I did, because there s life in that threadbare trope yet I won t go into those plot details but the story hold up well enough to frame a truly wonderful romance Revealed also happens to be a sex reversal of one of my favorite tropes the alpha hero who falls in love against his will, especially with a rather ordinary heroine As the undisputed queen of London society, widowed Phillipa Benning is carrying out a perfectly reasonable campaign to ensnare the Marquis of Broughton rich, titled, gorgeous and wanted by her arch rival Lady Jane Cummings, he s obviously the perfect man for her But she keeps being distracted by Marcus Worth, an overly tall, lanky, glasses wearing ordinary Mister, whose large, warm hands seem to be a perfect fit with hers It was as if her hand, without consulting her own thoughts, was especially attuned to being held in the hand of Mr Marcus Worth And as such, whenever he released her hand, it felt the lack of his Phillipa is definitely the alpha here powerful, the leader of her sphere and although naturally she keeps these facts hidden extremely intelligent and competent Like most romance alphas, she has a painful secret, although she s far too practical to spend a lot of time brooding on it And like most alphas, she is essentially very lonely perhaps even than most, since societal expectations demand that she keep most of her true nature hidden.As Phillipa and Marcus get to know each other, a recurring expression, It s just me, because the theme of their relationship Their unspoken, unacknowledged message is they can be easy together, be themselves Phillipa feels free to rearrange his hopeless hair Marcus, wary of her intention, jerked his head back, slightly out of her reach Oh for heaven s sake, she said exasperatedly It s just me Marcus dares to tease her, gently deflating her pretensions And they can actually talk to each other every syllable of conversation was so loaded with double and triple meaning that Phillipa herself didn t know what was being said half the time Such discourse was the Ton s stock and trade So she had to admit Speaking frankly to Marcus Worth was so refreshing, it smacked closely of being entertaining When they finally make love, the phrase becomes especially meaningful and tender She knew everything would be all right It was just him And just her There was no judge or jury here For once, she could be herself Whatever she happened to be, he would match her Revealed is probably chock full of anachronistic language and honestly, I didn t care a whit It s so beautifully structured, so original, so funny and delightful I loved it A note of warning for ebook readers the prologue of the story does not have a chapter link and could be easily missed.

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    No, the stereotype doesn t get any better when it s the woman rather than the man I m tired of rakes, even if they are female, as is the case here I was so quickly so fed up with this attempt at another allegedly strong female character , that it was touch and go that I didn t throw my kindle at the wall Pairing a female rake with a male beta hero, as perceived by Romancelandia, is disgusting in itself Could someone please start writing people instead of sexist tropes

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    I have to hand it to Kate Noble for really turning my opinion around with her latest release Revealed For the first five chapters I couldn t stand the heroine, Phillippa Benning Phillippa annoyed me right from the start She is a widow and the darling of the ton Her beauty and fortune is unmatched and she can ruin someone with the bat of an eyelash In other words, I found her to be a stuck up bitch She grated on my nerves because she came across as a snobbish, spoiled, and a bit mean Phillippa is so un heroine like But then when she is introduced to Marcus Wroth, my opinion changed Marcus sees Phillippa the same way I first saw her But ever so slowly as his opinion changes about her, mine did also By the end of Revealed I really liked Phillippa.Revealed is a lovely historical romance Even though this may seem to be yet another spy drama where the spunky heroine tries to help the hero, Kate makes sure to throw all those clich s out the window Phillippa and Marcus make a great team What you see is not what you get They have two sides to their nature One side is their performance, an act they put on for the benefits of those around them The other side is what they hide inside their true face that they eventually show to one another These are two people who are intelligent and caring but also very sly Phillippa may think she has Marcus wrapped around her finger, but Marcus knows what Phillippa is up to and handles her quite well.When we are introduced to Phillippa she is flirting with the Marquis of Broughton who would be perfect as her next husband If they married, they would be the king and queen of the ton Phillippa almost has the Marquis in the palm of her hand, but her enemy Lady Jane Cummings also wants the Marquis Phillippa and Jane have a long standing rivalry that goes back to their school days Both give each other cutting remarks and want to win the ultimate prize in catching Broughton Phillippa decides that some alone time with Broughton is needed and plans for him to meet her in the library during a ball As she and Broughton are about to get to know each other much better, their host, Lord Fieldstone almost comes upon them The room is full of priceless, ancient artifacts and Phillippa hides in a mummy s sarcophagus so she is not caught with Broughton If this wasn t bad, she finds herself sharing the space with another man That is where she makes the acquaintance of Mr Marcus Wroth.Marcus helps Phillippa after both Fieldstone and Broughton leave even though she is not at all grateful towards him Before Phillippa can go back to the party, she must hide again because Fieldstone has returned She also hears a very interesting conversation between Wroth and Fieldstone Fieldstone is the director of the War Department and apparently Marcus works for him Even though the war with the French is over, Marcus believes Laurent, a French agent and an old enemy, is on his way to London Fieldstone wants Marcus to retire and that means the infamous Blue Raven will retire also.Because Marcus has some difficulty in attending the most exclusive of Ton events, Phillippa agrees to help him gain access to these parties if she can unveil his identity at her own ball Marcus is not amused because Phillippa is playing with fire and could get hurt, but Phillippa will not listen to reason and thinks of herself as his partner As both Phillippa and Marcus go to various Ton events, some unfortunate accidents happen Marcus will flush out this villain and try to keep Phillippa out of harm s way But Phillippa has gotten under Marcus s skin and he doesn t want to let her out of his sight.Revealed is witty and engaging and Kate Noble s storytelling is wonderful There is also some great suspense, wonderful laughs and nice passionate love scenes Again, you really have to hand it to Kate with the way she writes Phillippa As we follow Phillippa s thoughts and actions, she grows on you, especially when she and Marcus begin to interact with one another As Marcus s opinion about Phillippa changes, mine did also Phillippa seems to be an empty headed beauty with a life of privilege but she is very intelligent and cares for those around her Her ability to remember things and keep a level head in the face of danger is admirable Too bad she couldn t be a spy, because she would be quite good at the job.I had no complaints with Marcus He puts himself in danger even though he may not receive any reward for it And when he becomes close to Phillippa and they essentially become friends, he has no choice but to fall for her charms Even though Marcus cares deeply for Phillippa, he won t allow her to walk all over him These two try to deny their feelings for one another, but when they can no longer push these feelings to the side, they come together in a passionate way Lady Jane also caught my interest because she keeps Phillippa on her toes as she tries to steal Broughton away from her But she is also like Phillippa in the sense she is not whom she seems Even Broughton has a unique personality and is not just along for the ride He is there to add some tension between Phillippa and Marcus I wouldn t mind seeing Broughton get his own story in the future Revealed is one historical romance that came as a pleasant surprise I will definitely keep my eye on future releases from Kate Noble.

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    I am thoroughly enjoying this author s books They are a bit different from the usual HR, with a strong mystery adventure plot line and challenging MCs.In this one, the heroine starts out as particularly unlikeable very much a mean girl type In other words, she can be a nasty, catty bitch In some ways, she was like a nasty version of the heroine in Clueless And she reverts to that type later in the book, just when we think she is going to let her true, nice self shine through Her period of self examination is thrust aside and she goes the full social party girl.It is a bold move by the author, but I say, why the hell not Always with the nasty, man whore rakes and loving, forgiving heroines in HR I adore the role swap here In many ways, SHE is the one in need of redemption, and the adorable hero is just the one to provide it She is also fiercely intelligent and has a photographic memory and beautiful, of course go, girl Maybe she is just the girl I always wanted to be It won t appeal to everyone, but I thought it was terrific fun

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    This book pissed me off so badly that I have no idea how I did not throw it through the window or something like that Revealed started getting on my nerves from page 10 and the annoying feeling did not stop until the end, which is after about 342 agonizing pages Truth to be told, I started reading this book mainly because I expected a second Compromised Was I ever wrong about a book Let s summarize the things I did not like The writing style This book is so different from Compromised I constantly found myself thinking Kate Noble used to write wonderfully What, for the love of God, happened There were some moments that were supposed to make me laugh, but in the end they just brought a strange look on my face The plot I admit I am no big fan of mystery romance type of books, but if the read is really good I am capable of making exceptions Sadly, that is not the case with Ms.Noble book The mystery was not that interesting and honestly it did not stir any emotion in my bored soul The heroine O.M.G the heroine Never in my whole life was I pissed by character Phillipa is the most annoying, self centered, dumb chit I have ever read about Not to mention that my thirteen years ago sister has realistic vision about the world then her and she still watches Winx, for Christ sake I read all the reviews, I know you guys seem to warm up to her after the first 150 pages or so, but come on The fact that her first husband died leaving her with his debts does not excuse her for being a self absorbed bitch Period The hero I do not feel anything about the guy In fact I don t even remember his name He was not an alpha male sadly , still he did show some strength of character So, congratulation Mr X for being one of the few things that did not made me want to bang my head against the wall for hours.

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    4.5 Stars Kate Noble s contribution to A Grosvenor Square Christmas was one of the highlights of that anthology, and having enjoyed The Last First Kiss so much I resolved to try her full length fiction immediately The widowed Phillippa Benning is a if not the leading light of the ton Having quickly married and then just as quickly widowed and now in control of her fortune Phillippa is determined to revel in the freedom afforded her as a widow of means She s sure she ll eventually remarrybut not before she enjoys the latest Season and all the opportunities it affords for romantic liasons to the hilt She s determined to add the recently arrived, very handsome and eligible, Marquis of Broughton as a romantic conquest, but her calculated plans to win Broughton are interrupted when she accidentally overhears talk of a deliciously different sort the identity of the infamous Blue Raven, the British spy whose work in the recently concluded fight against Napoleon and the French captivated English imaginations If she could reveal the Blue Raven s identity at her annual ball, her status as queen of the ton would be undisputed, her social triumphs legendary But the Raven has one mission to fulfill, and when danger crosses Phillippa s path she finds that it s not only her life that s in peril but her heart, and to the last man she ever expected to win it.Mr Marcus Worth, third son of a minor baron, has found his work in the War Department extraordinarily unfulfilling since the cessation of hostilities with France But when he uncovers fantastic rumors of a leak in the department and the resurrection of the Blue Raven s most infamous opponent, a maniacal killer long thought dead, it may just be time to resurrect a legend He didn t count on Phillippa Benning overhearing his plans, much less needing her cooperation to facilitate his entr e to the Season s most exclusive and targeted social events Beneath Phillippa s sparkling social reputation, Marcus discovers a whip smart, funny woman whose assistance proves of an asset than he d ever dreamed But as they come ever closer to uncovering a traitorous plot, will he have the courage to reveal the truth about his identity before his deception loses him any chance at a future with Phillippa forever PeopleI LOVED THIS BOOK While Noble s second novel, this is the first in her Blue Raven sequence, and I took the chance on starting here and I m SO glad I did This book is everything I love about historicals witty banter, pulse pounding romance, and SPIES Revealed is a heady blend of Austen esque relationships and the intrigue, flair, and romance of Barness Orczy s The Scarlet Pimpernel I was rather afraid I d be in for a stereotypical romance heavy on the love scenes and light on the character development but after falling in love with Noble s short fiction I m happy to see Revealed prove my instincts right This is an author who takes her tagline of deeply romantic historicals seriously, and in the best possible fashion I was a bit concerned upon starting this novel that I d never come to really like its leading lady Phillippa Benning is strongly reminiscent of another slightly officious heroine Jane Austen s Emma And while I love me some Emma, at first blush Phillippa lacked that character s biggest redeeming quality while Emma is generally well meaning and desirous of helping others, Phillippa is most concerned with advancing her social standing and doesn t care who she cuts or hurts on the way to achieving that aim But as the story progresses, I quickly warmed to Noble s characterization, as it is revealed that Phillippa s society persona is a deliberate mask Yes, she loves the trappings of wealth and revels in social intrigue her unabashed material side becomes rather endearing , but her ice queen persona masks a woman deeply afraid of revealing her true self, afraid of the commitment and risk of rejection that such honesty invites.And that is precisely why an unassuming third son of a minor baron is this social butterfly s perfect match When telling a friend about this book, I described Marcus as a sort of geeky, Regency era James Bond and does it get any better than that I think not wink I loved the slow burning development of their relationship, how the two become first unlikely allies, then friends, and how he actually sees her as than just the queen of the ton His good humor softens her acerbic reputation, and her faith in a legend makes him than a bureaucratic paper pusher, but a man capable of changing the fate of an empire They are SO PERFECT and I will never, ever cease to swoon when I read the words it s just me never has such a simple phrase meant so much SO MUCH BOOK LOVE HERE, PEOPLE.I adore a good spy story as much as a romance, and Revealed was an unexpectedly welcome, fantastic blend of the two Noble has a wonderful grasp of the period s manners and s, and with a healthy dash of derring do thanks to the Black Raven legend, I was quickly lost completely and utterly captivated by Marcus and Phillippa s story I adored Noble s fully realized characters, carefully crafted romance and appreciated the fact that she actually develops a relationship between her leads, as they don t consummate the relationship until nearly three quarters of the way through the book , and the warmth and humor with which she brings her story to life She deftly balancing the suspense and political intrigue of the time with two people learning a potent lesson about the oft times deceptive nature of appearances, and the reward of looking to the heart beneath the mask of social artifice Peopled with a host of entertaining supporting players, particularly Totty and Lady Jane, Phillippa s avowed nemesis turned frenemy, and Marcus s deliciously angst ridden brother, Byrne, I cannot wait to dive into the second volume of this series The Summer of You I ve rarely been so happy to discover an author s backlist Revealed is entertaining escapism at its finest, with a swoon worthy hero and a romance I adored the perfect read to start the new year

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    I suppose this is romance, but there was no emotional draw for me Audiobook narrator was a bad fit.I was bored, I wanted to quit, but I hoped it would get better It did not But some readers loved this I wonder if reading the book would have made it better for me than listening to it Most of the book felt like meaningless chit chat, as if the author is describing a party Phillippa attends parties, plans parties, gossips, flirts with Philip, then gets upset when someone else flirts with Philip I wanted character development Friend Nora was a bore but she could have been made interesting A romance develops but I didn t feel anything I was not drawn in emotionally.Part of the plot was not supported with logic Marcus was a British spy Laurent was a French spy The war is over Marcus finds a paper which lists some society functions coming up He believes Laurent will attend those and do bad things His boss does not believe him So Marcus alone attends those events to investigate At the first event there are gun shots At the second event Laurent does something bad, Marcus chases him, gun shots, Marcus is shot Three problems 1 Marcus should carry a gun at these events He has no weapon and has to flee from the shooter What kind of spy goes after another spy without a weapon 2 When Marcus is shot, he wants to keep it a secret which I did not understand Everyone already knows about the big bad thing that happened But Marcus won t let anyone call a Doctor because he doesn t want the guests to know he was shot I did not understand 3 Why didn t Marcus take some gun carrying associates to help him AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR Alison Larkin would be ok for another type of book, but she did not fit 21 year old party girl Phillippa The narrator sounds like an elderly lady.DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Unabridged audiobook length 14 hrs and 5 mins Swearing language mild Sexual language mild Number of sex scenes 1 Setting around 1815 England Book copyright 2009 Genre regency romance.

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    Loved all the characters except Byrne WTF was his problem with Phillipa He acted like a douchebag even after he got to know her real character and insulted her at every turn It was unwarranted and I hate how there was no apology on his part for calling her a bitch She has never personally said or done anything to him, and if Marcus and Mariah don t have a problem with her, why should he He had to call her names, it only made him look cheap and vulgar And he s the hero of the next book Ugh.

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    After my reading slump I seem to have an embarrassment of riches in excellent books I have especially been impressed by the good romances.This was so exciting and funny And the couple was so genuine and so perfect for each other It was a really good build up Lots of wackiness ensues I love heroines who are strong and completely comfortable with themselves And she was definitely a sassy one Which made her a perfect foil for Marcus At first unassuming, he has a marvelous snarky and sweet sense of humor The supporting cast was also excellent so I will be continuing this series

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    When the fine ladies at Smart Bitches Trashy Books recently gave high marks to Kate Noble s The Summer of You, I went out to research this lady and leapt with great abandon upon Revealed, her second book, which you should definitely read if you wish to read The Summer of You, since the two are linked by common characters and events.I wasn t all that moved by her first book, Compromised But this one Now we re TALKING Our heroine du jour is Philippa Benning, who s cutting through the ton of London with singleminded determination, and who is delightfully snarky in all the ways that any longstanding fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will remember from the character Cordelia And, like Cordelia, Philippa at first seems to be focused upon fashion and social gatherings and men, yet eventually comes to prove that she s got quite a bit depth than that.And what brings it about Spies In particular, Marcus Worth, who s certain he s uncovered a plot by a French nobleman to carry out strikes on London society functions and who s inadvertantly discovered by Philippa, who becomes convinced that she s found the infamous Blue Raven She boldly offers Marcus a deal she ll get him the cred he needs to attend the threatened gatherings, if he ll let her finish off her own season by unveiling the Blue Raven and sealing her position as notorious queen of the ton.Folks, I cheerily ate this one up Marcus was a fantastic hero, the perfect sort of fellow for a spy physically forgettable at first glance, lean and brown haired and even wearing spectacles to read Yet give him the right fashionable haircut, and SURPRISE He s actually handsome Plus, we have bonus action scenes where Marcus gets shot, and OHNOEZ Philippa has to be the one to take the bullet out Okay, yeah, sure, it s cheesy, but this book hit all the flavors of cheese I happen to particularly adore There s great mileage with Philippa snarking at her chief rival who of course winds up being the protagonist of the next book Jane, and some fine mileage as well with the masculine version of same going on with Marcus and his brother Byrne who of course winds up being Jane s love interest in the next book One star off for resorting to the standard romance trope of Big Revelation to Make the Heroine Back Off Must Come Immediately After Smexxing but other than that, this was a delightful read all around Four stars.

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