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Travel summary Travel , series Travel , book Travel , pdf Travel , Travel 211898d8cc We Live, Eat, Sleep And Dream Travel It S Become A Booming Industry, A Top Conversation Topic, And, Frankly, An Obsession But Are We Really Free To Roam The World As We Wish What Does God Say About Travel Shouldn T We Instead Be Doing Evangelism Where Is The Clear Missionary Purpose In All This Peter Grier Knows All Too Well What It Is To Have Caught The Wanderlust Bug He Skillfully Interweaves His, And Others , Travelling Experiences As He Applies The Bible S Teaching On This Vital Subject Marvel With Him At The Generosity Of Our Creator God Who Has Given Us This Amazing World And Learn How To Make The Most Of Your Travels

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    Summary A travelogue with a difference, exploring travel from a Christian perspective and how God may work in and through our lives as we travel.Never has travel to anywhere in the globe been so readily available In conversations with graduate students, it is not uncommon to hear of people traveling to southeast Asia, central Africa, central or South America, the South Pacific, you name it Nor is it at all unusual to encounter travelers from all these countries in one s own Students and young adults, often unencumbered with jobs and families and able to travel cheaply without concerns for amenities often make the most of these years What nearly all will tell you is that travel changes you exposes you to incredible beauties, diverse cultures, and underneath, our common humanity.What Peter Grier has done in this book is share something of his own travelogue, and how he has reflected as a Christian on his travels, and indeed the role of travel in the Christian narrative He explores the goodness of travel and the goodness of God s world while recounting travels to the Arctic Circle Alongside travels to China, he reflects on life east of Eden our finite and broken humanity, how we also are beautiful ruins Negotiations in a Middle East market lead to discussions of the difference between honor shame and innocence guilt cultures and help us see how the biblical story speaks to people from both A pair of chapters look at travels in the Old Testament, where people experienced the faithfulness of God, and the New Testament, where travel was connected to the mission of God A risky journey to Columbia prompts reflections on dying into the Jesus life The final chapter thinks about the better destination for which we are destined, the identity as one of God s beloved that this implies, and the freedom to enjoy travel, or not, without wanderlust or a drivenness for experience.The mix of travel stories, reflections, and biblical reflections help the reader connect to their own travel experiences and musings about life Each chapter ends with some reflection questions and a prayer that is worth the price of admission The book lives well in a tension between the goodness of travel and our desire for home and community and nurtures a contentment whether we may travel or not It helps us listen for God s invitations in our travel.The book includes two helpful appendices with travel tips The first deals with ethical questions like money, photography, environmental sustainability and culture The second is simply a list of top ten travel tips with everything from a packing list to the encouragements to find out and join in on what God is doing locally at your destination He also provides a helpful bibliography of recommended reading.Are you a travel lover Thinking of some summer or gap year travel Get this along with whatever travel guides you are buying Sometimes we leave our faith journey behind when we travel Peter s book suggests how both our faith and our travel may be immeasurably enriched when one puts the two together ________________________________Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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    Peter is a wonderful servant of God, who happens to love travelling The book is neither a theological discourse nor a bible study Rather, it is a gentle set of reflections on travelling in tandem with God s heart, as stated in the title Peter has done an excellent job in writing the book in a style that is easy to read and speaks to the heart He challenges the reader gently and honestly, while wrestling with different ideas through his writing The book seeks to break the reader away from two extreme views that he believes are wrong first that any travel is too selfish unless it is explicitly for missions, and secondly that travel should be only for selfish pleasure or relaxation And then once these extreme views are abandoned, Peter hopes to encourage us to think about how we can travel with our eyes open in obedience to God s leading even as we can praise God for the beauty of his creation.

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    A long time, almost ten years, ago, I met the author of this book Peter was a welcoming presence at University in Nottingham, despite having travelled from his native Northern Ireland to the mainland When I first met him, he struck me as someone thoughtful, perhaps with a book in him, though I couldn t have guessed what that book would be about I was delighted, then, to recently receive a review copy of Travel In Tandem with God s Heart , by the very same Peter Grier This is a book that seeks to do something that no other book I m aware of has done to date to positively and prayerfully engage with the idea of travelling from a Christian perspective Part biblical theology, part personal reflection, Travel is a fascinating first book.https www.thomascreedy.co.uk book r

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    I really wanted to love this book I, too, love travel and God And indeed, I did love many parts of it The first quarter of the book was an interesting perspective on God throughout the author s travels I enjoyed the memoir aspects of this book However, the historical portions felt disjointed and out of place I read on a Kindle, so perhaps part of that had to do with formatting issues, but it still felt like a fairly abrupt switch That being said, it was well researched and well written Definitely a good read for those who are okay with both history and memoir.

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