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The Valley of the Immortals quotes The Valley of the Immortals , litcharts The Valley of the Immortals , symbolism The Valley of the Immortals , summary shmoop The Valley of the Immortals , The Valley of the Immortals e0adfa09 World War Three Is Over Basam Damdu Has Been Defeated England Can Breathe And Begin The Rebuilding Process Or So It Thinks In China, Unfortunately, Mao S Communists Keep Bowling Over Chiang Kai Shek S Troops, And Are Threatening Hong Kong And General Xi Lee, A Ruthless Warlord, Has Dreams Of Becoming The New Qin Shi Huang First Emperor Of China When A Relic Of That Very Emperor Is Discovered By An Acquaintance Of Mortimer, Things Take A Turn For The Worst

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    It is always a pleasure to get back into the world of Blake and Mortimer These thrillers, often political, also combine a scifi aspect, as is the case here, especially in relation to technology As it happens, the narrative follows directly the events of the very first story arc Le Secret de l Espadon 1 , which is why I wouldn t recommend this volume as a first step in this great series For that, try La Marque jaune and also one of my previous reviews where I introduce these characters and their creator, the brilliant E.P Jacobs.Yves Sente is a great scenarist and puts together a promising thriller It is even fascinating due to its connection to the Espadon trilogy And yes, I really was tempted to re read those before diving in this one As for Berserik and Van Dongen s art, it is beautifully in accordance with the original style, keeping up with the characteristics of la ligne claire It is always hard however to give an opinion when you only half of the story Indeed, this is only the first tome of this story arc, but you can be sure I ll be getting it as soon as it available.

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    Another Christmas present that is a welcome and long overdue comic starring Blake and Mortimer in their already 25th adventure comic The negative part is perhaps that this one concerns a part 1, so here is me wondering when we ll get part 2 But that is undoubtedly another Christmas to come.First off another great new Blake and Mortimer comic this time made by the combined talents of Belgian and Dutch talent Of course no Blake and Mortimer would be without a shedload of text balloons that reads like a novel, while the comic itself was never drawn itself even by Jacobs with a lot of action the drawing style is very clear and has not changed at all It is a very clear and crisp way of drawing with a lot of attention to detail The only really action panels is the bit with the Swordfish planes and the spitfires Like all BM comics there is a lot of emphasis on the story but the fun is in the pictures as well and this book would have undoubtedly would have gotten a 5 stars if it only is not a first part of a story which makes us waiting for another year for its finish The inheritors of the Jacobs legacy of Blake and Mortimer have so far given the original series a load of credit, this one starts right after the first three installments of Jacobs himself While Jacobs has written and drawn 12 comics the continuation authors have now surpassed him as this is the 25 comic in the series now the newer series counts 13 I am sure Jacobs himself would have been than pleased with the direction and steady course of the series without him The amounts of sells of this comic still today shows that Blake and Mortimer still have plenty of fans even if this series started long ago in a different century when after the Nazi threat the next threat was considered Communist and the Yellow menace which is not PC today be still being very much used by some current politicians especially of the orange variety These books follow the world of Jacobs in which the British Empire still rules and it offers us still great scifi esque stories that are very well constructed.This series should be read from the Jacobs written and drawn books onward to get the charm and the story as best I am so really looking forward to the next Christmas when I get the next one.

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    Tenho d vidas que os her is da banda desenhada devam sobreviver aos seus autores As hist rias de Blake Mortimer come am a ser confusas, incoerentes e com v rias contradi es entre si Pese esse facto, este primeiro volume da nova aventura n o desmerece o passado dos dois personagens de E P Jacobs.

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    The action follows directly from the end of the Espadon book And never actually stops It s fascinating to see how Sent weaves the real world events with the imaginary ones in Blake and Mortimer s timeline.Great plot, perfect artwork.The worst thing of it all is that we have to wait for part 2

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    Aussi chiant qu un Alix

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    Een ongelooflijke prestatie bijna vijftig jaar nadat de bedenker van de reeks er zelf mee is opgehouden, weten zijn opvolgers nog steeds even dodelijke saaie, volstrekt niet te volgen, met overbodige teksten overladen verhalen te verzinnen en die in exact dezelfde fraaie, keurig uitgevoerde, extreem statische tekenstijl te gieten, in pagina na bomvolle, grafisch weinig avontuurlijke pagina Knap werk van de Nederlandse tekenaars om zich in dat keurslijf te dwingen, ze volgen Jacobs tekenstijl volgens mij ook beter na dan sommige voorgangers Maar aan het verhaal is geen touw vast te knopen En alle pretenties van realisme worden spontaan aan diggelen gegooid doordat iemand zich nota bene in de hitte van Hongkong als een totaal ander mens, met een totaal ander uiterlijk kan voordoen met behulp van een rubbermasker En nee, dat is geen spoiler, want probeer jij maar eens uit te vogelen welke van de personages een rubbermasker op heeft Dat is niet te zien, nietwaar Want met een rubbermasker op, kan ieder n ineens sprekend op een ander lijken Geen kunst.

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    Mais um cl ssico de Blake e Mortimer, bem desenhado e sempre actual Muito bom, aguarda se a continua o da hist ria.

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