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Gallantry in Action pdf Gallantry in Action , ebook Gallantry in Action , epub Gallantry in Action , doc Gallantry in Action , e-pub Gallantry in Action , Gallantry in Action 244a0cd9b96 When The Royal Flying Corps And The Royal Naval Air Service Merged On April , To Form The Royal Air Force, The New Command Needed To Have Its Own Gallantry Medals To Distinguish Itself From The Army And The Royal Navy Thus The New Distinguished Flying Cross Came Into Being Not That This New Award Along With The Distinguished Flying Medal For Non Commissioned Personnel Came Into Immediate Use, But As Progressed, Awards That Earlier Might Have Produced The Military Cross Or Distinguished Service Cross, Became The Distinguished Flying Cross By The End Of WWI A Large Number Of DFCs And First Bars Had Been Awarded, But Only Three Second Bars Had Been Promulgated For First War Actions Before WWII Erupted, Only Four Second Bars Had Been Awarded, For Actions Largely In What We Would Now Call The Middle East By The End Of The WWII, Awards Of The DFC And First Bars Had Multiplied Greatly, But Only Fifty Second Bars Had Been Awarded And Gazetted , Making Fifty Seven In All Between And To This Can Be Added Three , Awarded Post WWII, Between , Making A Grand Total Of Sixty Still A Significantly Small Number Of Members Of This Pretty Exclusive Club Within The Covers Of This Book Recorded For The First Time Together Are The Mini Biographies Of All Those Sixty Along With The Citations That Accompanied Their Awards, Or In Some Cases The Recommendations For Them Also Recorded Are Citations For Other Decorations Such As The Distinguished Service Order, Et Al The Recommendations Were Often Longer Than The Actual Citations Themselves, And During Periods Of Large Numbers Of All Types Of Awards, These Citations Did Not Make It Into The London Gazette, Recording Name Of The Recipient Only As The Reader Will Discover, The Range Of Airmen Who Received The DFC And Two Bars, Cover Most Of The Ambit Of WWII Operations, Be They Fighter Pilots, Bomber Pilots, Night Fighter Aircrew, Aircrew Navigators, Engineers, Etc, Or Reconnaissance Pilots Each Has Interesting Stories, Proving, If Proof Be Needed, Their Gallantry In Action

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